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Today, any growing company or average entrepreneur wants to create a bond with their customers. This is because, by doing this, they can increase their sales in the market. To do this, some strategies are simple but at the same time very effective. Thus, they allow us to achieve our sales goals and gain the trust of customers. Learn the 11 ways to build customer trust.


Now, before we mention these strategies, we recommend that you consider the type of customers you have. Not only that but also take into account the product you offer to the market and know if it meets the needs of your clients.


11 ways to build customer trust fast and easy


Next, we’ll tell you the ways to win the trust of customers and increase sales:


1. Use influencer marketing to publicize the value of your products


BluCactus - dataInfluencer marketing has become popular this year and it seems is here to stay. So, because of this, it’s necessary to take advantage of it. Besides, almost 60% of commercial departments intend to increase their influencer marketing budgets in the next 12 months. We know this thanks to the findings of the American Advertising Weekly Adweek.


As we know, influence is the ability to persuade others to adopt your own point of view. Obviously, you believe in your product, so you want others to believe in it too.


To increase the way you persuade others in this way, you must turn to your emotions. Influence can increase the perceived value of your product. Thus, this makes it one of the most effective sales strategies today.


You may not have noticed, but influencers tend to sell more products. Not because they created the best product, but because they have built credibility over the years.


11 ways to build customer trust. People trust their opinions


BluCactus - influenceIn the world of inbound marketing, people trust Brian Halligan. This is because Brian is the Co-Founder of Hubspot and created the inbound marketing concept. As you may or may not know, this revolutionized online marketing. Not only that, but Halligan has also built his reputation on the advice he gives to other entrepreneurs.


For an advertising campaign to match the results gotten by these types of influence tactics, we recommend investing in them. This is because it increases the cost of the acquisition of leads.


When selling online, becoming popular shouldn’t be the last thing you do. In reality, you must focus time and effort on building your influence.


In the book we mentioned before, we can see the influence of persuasion psychology. The author, Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D., identifies in it the 6 factors that lead people to do something that they wouldn’t have done normally.


You can increase your level of influence through the creation of useful content. This, while building real relationships with influencers and readers.


You must overcome your first hurdle in building your brand authority to influence people. This, in the case that you have a starting business and haven’t created a content marketing strategy.


What should you do?


BluCactus -computer with dataEven if it’s an already known brand in the market, do you really want to keep believing that the best way to influence someone is through advertising?


If by asking yourself “what is effective advertising for my business?” you don’t think about content, you need to rethink the question.


Macallan convinced 32 people to do influencer marketing for the company. The result of this? An increase in brand exposure and influence over an audience of over 150,000 people. 11 ways to build customer trust. Thus, as you can see, you need to devote enough time to creating content and building friendships.


Not only that, but you must also respond to comments, answer questions. Besides, once in a while, you can also reward your readers and give them exclusive benefits for following you. After all of this, you will see the best results.


However, building your brand online is another thing you should do if you are looking to build a loyal audience and become a benchmark on social media.


2. You must start by selling yourself before selling a product.


BluCactus -computer with dataIf you didn’t know, you are a product. And, like any product or service, you have to know how to communicate the value it represents to be successful. 11 ways to build customer trust. Until that happens, you will find it difficult to sell your products or services.


Email marketing is one of the most effective methods for the creation of leads. This is only followed by websites or landing pages and content marketing.


Selling yourself is not a hopeless challenge, it’s just one more type of product strategy. Besides, there are many opportunities in today’s world of online marketing. But, like many opportunities, they are also followed by a lot of competition.


In a sea of ​​writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, consultants, speakers, etc., how can you stand out from the crowd? Easy: become passionate about your product.


BluCactus -happy womanWhen you are selling, you should not be worried about money. Your responsibility is to educate others and convey the core message of your brand.


For example, Alicorp is a brand that understood this. Thus, they decided to no longer limit themselves to just selling their products for food preparation. On the contrary, it’s now also being sold as a brand that helps consumers. Learning how to sell yourself first is critical to success.


Do your best to connect and communicate your core brand values ​​to potential customers. It doesn’t matter what product you’re offering or what your selling points are.


3. Use your product features to build interest, 11 ways to build customer trust.


BluCactus - computerOne of the most effective sales and credibility strategies is to use profits to build needs. Sell ​​the benefits, not the features. Most executives and companies sell their products and services with a focus on features, but this isn’t enough.


Harvard Business School ran a research study and found that products of all kinds are sold because of their benefits. But believe it or not, the benefits that drive sales aren’t always visible from the customer’s perspective.


So, you must focus on highlighting the benefits as well as the features of your product. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling through email, e-commerce, and Google AdWords, or social media.


BluCactus -ipodStart by highlighting the strongest competitive advantages of your product, those that can calm your customers, transmit serenity, and relieve their concerns.


Sell ​​using strategies for the product is based on its benefits. 11 ways to build customer trust. This means that you are being transparent with your customers. And, that’s exactly what they want. When people are looking for a solution to meet their needs, what they want to find is a future that appeals to them.


According to BufferApp, “People don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves”. Thus, consumers are willing to spend money on products that will make their lives better.


Before the iPod was invented, there were many MP3 and MP4 players on the market. But the iPod focused on selling the profit: 1,000 songs in your pocket.


What is the difference between a benefit and a feature?


BluCactus -computer with dataThe benefits are what you or your potential customers can make with the product. On the other hand, they can also be what features the product has and what it can do.


They may be similar, but they are very different things. For example:


“Get in shape without leaving home with an elliptical machine” would be the benefit.


“Timer, intensity settings, heart rate indicator” are the features.


Customers identify a need and then look for possible solutions. Then they test them until they make a decision. And finally, they buy it or not. Then how can you increase your sales this way? 11 ways to build customer trust.  For best results, focus 70% of your marketing strategy on the benefits of your products and another 30% on their features.


BluCactus -computer with dataDon’t forget that people buy products based on their emotions. However, they also try to justify their purchases. Thus, getting an emotion out of them is the answer!


When you create interest using the features of your product and create a strong desire using the benefits, your future customers will find what they need to feel confident before making the purchase.


Keep in mind that benefits are the things that can be done with a product, while features are what the product can do. For example:


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingUber is a transportation platform. Helps you get a car in real-time.


But it all started with its value proposition based on the benefits of the platform: the best way to get wherever you go.


Your responsibility is to study your product and know its characteristics, benefits, and advantages over that of your competitor.


This is the only way you will be able to design strategies so that the product works. Besides, this also represents a plus in customer service.


4. Sell results with a clear image, 11 ways to build customer trust


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingAre you selling the results of your product? If you’re not doing it consistently, chances are you’re struggling to acquire leads and increase revenue.


One of the secrets to increasing sales is understanding that it’s much better to sell the results of a product, rather than the product itself. This creates credibility and trust when the customer decides to buy something. Selling the result is to give a clear picture of where your customer could be in a future scenario, representing the problem you have solved.


When you show your product results and show people how easily they can use it, you will build their interest in what you offer. In other words, the product is not the point, so don’t make it the focus of your messages. On the contrary, it’s better that you focus on the results that it offers.


5. Grab attention by sharing the benefits without using your product name


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingFor example, if your product can cut 5 hours of work a week, start with that!


That is your competitive advantage. If your service helps people lose 10 kilos in 60 days, focus your communication on that benefit.


Show the before and after results


Fitness instructors know how to use the “before” and “after” method by using photos and videos to inspire the use of their product. The same applies to makeup products. You can easily find campaigns that include before and after pictures of their clients or products.


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust - dataTo use the strategy of selling the results of a product, and not the product itself, you have to use visual elements that allow your customers to see themselves getting the results they want. Don’t only describe what the final result will look like, show it with pictures.


In many specializations, before selling a product, first, you need to acquire leads, nurture them and convince them to buy.


You can use traditional marketing strategies or inbound marketing, but keep in mind that with inbound, you will reduce acquisition cost per lead by 60%.


6. Build credibility based on trust and experience


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -profesional person workingIncreasing sales and making more money also depends on credibility.


You can build credibility in many ways, including top-notch customer support.


Customers want to reach a sales force that can help them solve problems quickly.


They also interact with real people and access information to solve any problem on their own. Trust + experience = credibility.


You cannot be successful in business if you lack credibility. The best brands can boast of their products, as they have become known and credible over the years.


BluCactus - computer with dataThat is why at first it can be a bit difficult for a new salesperson.


Customers are sometimes afraid to trust you and your product. After all, you could take their money and disappear.


Good customer service is the hallmark of your company’s credibility and credibility is built from the beginning. The viral effect of poor customer service is alarming.


More people share negative experiences than those who offer good experiences. 89% of customers who had a bad shopping experience stopped doing business with that company.


How to build my credibility online?


Here are some ways to do it:


  • Answer the questions correctly


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust - computer with important informationAccording to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer, a survey on trust and credibility.


Trust and transparency are as important to corporate reputation as the quality of your products and services.


Customers are beginning to see the world more in terms of true and false.


Thus, the wrong answers can damage your reputation.


When people ask questions and you don’t know the correct answer, don’t be afraid to say so. Offer to do some research and put you back in touch with them.


  • Don’t lie to them


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingWhatever you do, don’t answer openly about something you’re not sure about.


The more you answer the questions correctly, the more people will trust you.


  • Produce valuable content regularly


There is no easy way out of content creation: either do it yourself or hire a specialist knowledgeable about your business.


Publishing new content is the foundation of content marketing strategies.


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person working

Doing so helps people achieve their goals more easily while increasing their level of credibility.


Don’t just create generic content.


Focus on creating personalized content that is relevant to your audience and aligned with your business goals.


When it comes to personalized content, a study found that “61% of consumers feel better and are more likely to buy from a company that offers it.


That is why more businesses are focusing on this.


  • Offer solve relevant problems 


If you have unique abilities, offer to solve issues relevant to your target audience. For example, if you are a ceramics salesman, you could offer help to your readers in choosing the right flooring for their new apartment.


  • Build long-term relationships


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingHelp people for free. Alejandro Meza mentions in an article in Forbes some tips to build key relationships.


  1. Instead of scheduling a meeting with a client in the morning, schedule a lunch.
  2. Meet outside of office hours for coffee.
  3. Find out the activities and interests of your key relationship.
  4. Extend the invitation to their wife or children.
  5. Make the relationship grow.


It’s possible to build credibility by showing your clients’ success stories. If you don’t have any authority in the marketplace, it can be difficult to gain people’s trust.


7. Sales is a “give and give” relationship


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingWhen you are selling a product in an on/offline market, “giving” should be a way of adding value. For example, you could give 25% credit to customers who subscribe to your online sales channel, as Lineo does.


If you are the author of a book, you could give out the first two chapters of your book for free. Giving is what we do daily, and it’s the only way to build a sales relationship with potential customers. For example, over $10,000 is invested in creating content, and instead of being sold, it’s delivered for free.


This type of strategy is based on the idea in which your customers are your best salespeople. But, before they can recommend your product to others, you need to decide to give and give. That is how a relationship is built between you and your clients in today’s world.


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingWhen you establish a relationship from the beginning with a future customer, it’s easier to sell them anything. The best salespeople give the most.


Contrary to what many people think, the relationship with customers is not a “give and take”. If you want to build a relationship with your customers and retain current ones, you must find a way to offer the highest possible value and make it more than they expect to pay for it.


To give your potential customers a more complete experience, you can use online marketing strategies, such as creating high-quality content frequently. Businesses that invest in a blog generate 126% more leads than one that doesn’t.


8. How to adapt your sales strategy in times of coronavirus


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingAt times like the ones we are currently experiencing, sales plans have been interrupted as a result of the covid-19 crisis. 11 ways to build customer trust. Thus, it’s necessary to rethink the strategy to continue achieving the objectives set.


Each member who is in charge of the sale or customer service must be trained to give that added value to each of the customers and understand the situation we are all in: There are two ways of looking at this type of situation. It’s a stage to survive, adapt, or grow.


From this point on, you should set short-term goals that include daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Creativity is free, use it, and get the most out of it. Measure sales processes with a CRM, and follow the inbound sales methodology. This is the automation of marketing and sales, to capture better leads and thus achieve more sales.


9. Strengthen the remote work of a sales team


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingContextualizing the current situation, it has also been shown that teleworking is possible and surely there will be companies that bet on this modality. To do this, you need to improve the productivity of the sales team.


How to do it?


One of the keys is to use online communication tools, such as Slack, Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams. They not only work for chatting between salespeople, but also for communicating with future customers.


The best way to keep track of the activities of each sales team’s member and the same prospect is the use of a CRM. 11 ways to build customer trust. This is because the same salesperson will have a better organization of their work. You can also automate tasks and stop wasting time on complementary activities.


Not only that but you can also include weekly meetings. This, of course, while taking into account the situation that each employee lives in and motivating your team even in this situation.


10. Resume old contacts, 11 ways to build customer trust


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingYou always have an infinite network of contacts that you don’t take full advantage of. Perhaps there are people you knew 10 years ago, former schoolmates or neighbors. Whatever it was, recover those relationships.


You would be surprised by the number of people you have met throughout your life and who have now become your potential client. On the other hand, perhaps they aren’t your potential client directly, but you have a contact or know someone whom you can surely help. This is nothing new as the world moves by relationships, by contacts.


Many times, out of shyness, out of stagnation, out of comfort or, simply, because we don’t leave our comfort zone, we hide behind a screen, behind a counter and don’t take care of relationships. This is a strategy that can work very well if you put your mind to it. Pick up old contacts, foster, and maintain a closer bond. Today, a simple “Hello!” can change the future of everything, even your business.


11. Don’t leave out those people who are upset with your competition


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingThere are tons of potential customers out there who are upset or unhappy with your competition. Why not do something special for them?


Today it’s very easy to detect them. With the help of the internet, you can do almost anything.


There are forums, company pages, and social media, where you can see those who aren’t entirely happy with the competition.


You can even detect why they are unhappy and offer something that meets their true needs or solves their problems.


Summary of 11 ways to build customer trust


BluCactus - ways to build customer trust -professional person workingToday, there are many easy and no-complexity ways to increase your sales and in turn, create a better relationship with your customers.


A better relationship equals credibility, and more sales equal creating excitement in prospects for your company.


Even with the current situation of covid-19, keep being motivated, and keep looking for more potential clients.


It’s in times of crisis that more opportunities are created. Also, take into account giving, be humble with your customers, and with your business.


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