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What is it and how to reduce the Bounce Rate? Have you ever heard of bounce rates on websites? These bounce rates can increase or decrease depending on what you do with your website. But first, you must know what exactly the Bounce Rate is.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingThis is the percentage of users who enter a website and leave shortly after entering without leaving a trace. This means that they leave without browsing or clicking anywhere else on the website.


These percentages are normal for all websites. However, the idea is that this isn’t too high. Otherwise, it will harm your website’s perception in front of the competition. In other words, the bounce rate is a term commonly used in the analysis of visitor traffic to Internet websites.


In short, a bounce happens when an online user leaves the website after viewing a single web page, within a few seconds.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingIf you work hard enough to increase the search positioning of your website and you want to make the most of it, you should avoid a high bounce rate. If you have it, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your strategy.


For example, you aren’t attracting the right audience to the site, or those who visit it don’t have a good user experience. Besides, when the bounce rate is high, it can mean that you don’t have an attractive and well-organized landing page.


However, if you experience issues related to this topic on your website, we recommend that you contact a specialized marketing agency such as BluCactus. With our advice, you will solve this problem.


How does the bounce rate affect my website?


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingBounce rate is a Google Analytics parameter used to measure the amount of interest an online site has. This parameter is based on the circulation you have as a visitor.


This means that the fewer people bounce off the website, the more interesting it is. You have to be very careful with the bounce rate. Otherwise, Google will favor other websites similar to yours which have a lower bounce rate.


Something that you must have in mind is the normal bounce rate percentages on different websites. If you have a website, the idea is that your bounce rate is between 20% and 40%, according to Google Analytics. The lower your bounce rate, the better the performance of your site.


How can you measure your bounce rate?


BluCactus - googleTo measure the bounce rate of your website you must use a formula. This comprises the division of rebounding visits and total visits. On the other hand, Google Analytics is responsible for measuring this automatically in the report, which is found in the “Landing pages” and “All pages”. However, these figures may be different from each other because they take into account different factors.


Besides, Google Analytics offers you the possibility of applying filters to see the behavior among users. It can be in categories such as your age group and gender. This is done to know the behaviors of your audience.


If you don’t trust this tool or prefer to verify it, this formula is efficient to do the calculations you need.


Reasons behind a high bounce rate


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingMany factors play a role in what can be a high or low bounce rate. Here we explain some of the most common and harmful:


Slow loading


If your website takes a long time to load, this can lead to a rise in your bounce rate.


This is because users will leave before they even enter. Besides, this is one of the factors that most affect the SEO of your site. Find a way to fix these problems to reduce your bounce rate.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingExternal links


An external link can be an advantage as long as you don’t overuse them.


For example, if there is an error with YouTube videos, this may be a reason for an increase in the bounce rate.


This is because they usually take you off the web you visit.


Using external links wisely can help you lower that rate.



BluCactus -content updatedLow-quality content


We know as users how annoying articles or advertisements that don’t add any relevant information to the page.


Many times these contents are very short and don’t attract visitors to want to stay.


Plan the things that you will publish on your page and take into account the content that attracts the most.


This way, you will lower your bounce rate.


BluCactus - windowsPop-ups, autoplay of videos and music


Pop-ups or those pages that are opened without our permission tend to be very invasive for users.


Also, Google as a search engine and metrics tool gives it a very bad score.


These surprise ads as well as videos and music cause visitors to leave the website before entering.





BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingFunctionality


This is very simple to solve but very important.


If your website users don’t consider the page easy to use or don’t understand where to go to find more of what they are looking for, this may be a major reason for increasing your bounce rate.






BluCactus - contentWeb design and usability


Another important point is that not all users do searches merely on their computer, in fact, the searches are largely done through mobile devices.


That’s why you must assure our users that the pages are suitable for these devices.


Otherwise, your website is very likely to have a high bounce rate.



How to reduce your bounce rate?


In this blog, we want to show you the best ways to reduce your bounce rate to the minimum possible. Here we explain how to achieve it:


  • Improve the readability of your content 


BluCactus - pricesAs we said before, one of the best-known reasons why your visitors leave your website quickly is due to the lack of readability that exists in your content.


If your content isn’t easy for your audience to understand, they won’t read it. If the written material that you publish on your website or your blog is not made for your target audience, they will go looking for the same information elsewhere.


Our main advice is that you discover very well how your audience communicates to make the content easier to understand. Also, use elements that are attractive to them. You can use audiovisual elements, animations, or infographics so that your visitors stay on your website.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingHowever, the content isn’t the only thing that can be hard to read, the page itself can suffer from this. A bad format on the website can confuse the user and achieve a much faster bounce than with poorly readable content. Be very careful what you post and always remember to keep that content directed only at your audience.


Besides, we provide the following tips to help you rewrite your content and make it more readable:


  • Use bullets to explain what are the most important benefits or elements to highlight.
  • You can add keywords or phrases in bold to make them stand out
  • Write questions to interact with the reader and not be a passive element in reading.
  • Close the content with a conclusion or summary.


  • Limit or discard pop-ups 


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingIt is well known to everyone how annoying ads and pop-ups can be, as mentioned earlier on the blog.


However, there is a debate among website owners as to whether it is good to use them or not.


This is because you can grow your email list quickly.







  • Create a compelling call to action


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingOnce you have an attractive title and have generated interest throughout the content of your publication, there is a just as important element that you should also add. This element is called “Call to Action” and it’s what will make your website visitors not want to miss your next content.


You have to make it sound persuasive and generate a need for that future material that cannot be missed.


There are many ways to optimize the call to action. One of them is with the help of SEO tools to improve the keywords that persuaded our client. You can also add a button that is attractive enough for your visitors to invite them to subscribe to your newsletter, blog or simply to learn more about your website.


  • Introduce the storytelling into your content 


BluCactus - keywordsStorytelling has become an element of great importance for your target audience. Thanks to storytelling you can reach your audience in a way that makes us unforgettable for them and all through good stories.


A good narrative can put a new spin on the content you already have on your blog or website. To do this, use eye-catching elements to attract people to read your content. You can use a bold subtitle, start a question or make use of an attractive audiovisual element.


Good storytelling can bring your content to life. To achieve this, use eye-catching elements and consider how people read your content. These, for the most part, are giving a glance at a page looking for something that stands out. It could be a caption, a keyword, a technical term, or an image.


  •  How can you use storytelling


BluCactus - conclusionOnce we have all these points clear, you may ask yourself: How can I incorporate elements into my digital content that build a loyal community that reads my publications and responds to my offers?


Achieving this is easier than you think. The first step is to turn your followers into the protagonists of your brand. You must create content that is relevant to them, this will make them share them with other people. When sharing content, you can say that the user or follower trusts you enough. Besides, it can also translate as a great experience for them.


Add to your content ways to tell stories. Storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience. You can make this type of content in the most creative way you can think of. Create a podcast of your company, make stories on social media, or a few short videos that explain your story. If you implement these elements you will be able to create a community loyal to your content that they are willing to see more and more.


  • Keep your blog updated with the correct content 


BluCactus - bounce rate - ctaIf you have a blog but the contents are not very new and not at all updated, this will not ensure the best ROI. Those companies that stay current are more likely to attract new potential customers. Thus, the first step you must take is to really know which content is relevant and is correct for your blog.


Good content that is consistent with the requirements of your audience will provide great added value to their lives, which will encourage them to visit your blog again to learn more. Today, there are many platforms to create your own blog that will facilitate your work when starting to create content for your company.


Remember that your ultimate goal is to keep your readers as active as possible with new content that is fun, entertaining, and educational. This will build trust among your visitors and end up generating more income from that part.


  • Enter high-value keywords in your content 


BluCactus -bounce rate - KEYWORDWe know the importance of the use of keywords in the world of digital marketing. These are the ones that can mark the success or failure of any advertising or media campaign. That’s why knowing which are the high-value words in the content they distribute is so important.


Keywords are divided into two main categories: informational and commercial. While the first type of words is used to generate awareness, the second type of words generates a strong desire for the product or service you are looking to sell.


These keywords, in most cases, end up being the main engine to achieve traffic on your blog or your website. They are not necessarily words that are related to the content. As a result, other words are more related to the blog or the site itself.


6.1. What are these keywords?


BluCactus -bounce rate - keywordsWhen we talk about keywords we refer to those that imply a deeper message and that will be the one that your readers spend the most time reviewing in your web design. This is very simple, the more time they spend on your blog or online page, the more confident they will feel with you and read more than you post. All of this means that bounce rates will be much lower.


Keywords can be analyzed according to these four types of importance metrics:


  • Traffic value.
  • Of conversation.
  • User value.
  • Of the brand.


You shouldn’t underestimate the power of keywords because they are what will allow you to have the traffic you need. In addition to the fact that the help of the keywords will attract new people who are looking for your content, products, or services


6.2. How to find the right keywords and reduce the bounce rate?


BluCactus - usersStep 1


The first step is to identify and plan your keywords.


To achieve these you can use special tools that facilitate and optimize the process. One of them is to create a Gmail account.


Once created, insert your primary key plus a qualifier into the search box. Then, in the search button, give them a like on the “get Ideas” click.



Step 2


BluCactus -bounce rate - peopleFrom that list, look for the most used keywords to know which ones suit the product or service you want to sell best.


These words are ideal to put to work the e-commerce that you want to start. With the help of tools SEO, we can then measure which are the words that work best.


Another tool that you can use to get ideas of what words to use is the Google Console.


This digital tool from Google is also ideal to know which are the words that will attract organic clicks.



BluCactus -bounce rate - googleAs the last recommendation, we offer you some ideal tips when it comes to knowing how to get more traffic from visits to your online page:


  • Write the best content possible. Not only do you look for informational content, but you also offer something emotionally relevant to customers who may want something with your business.
  • Do not saturate the content of your online site with keywords as you may be penalized for it.
  • Enter keywords that do not limit the user’s intent.
  • Target keywords to generate new visits to other searches or pages.



  • Attract the right users


BluCactus -bounce rate - peopleIf you create content that isn’t made for your ideal audience, you are more prone to increasing your bounce rate. Because of this, creating digital content to target everyone is a very common mistake of beginners. By this, we mean that the idea is to work on content aimed at that person that you think maybe your target customer.


So that this doesn’t happen to your website, you must know who your target audience is. This way you will be able to publish specialized content just for them.


However, you must be very careful with the content you share as it may attract or drive away potential customers to your website. That’s why you must study who your ideal client is and identify which market you are going to target in the future.


  • Convey credibility


BluCactus -bounce rate - peopleThis is a point that we have touched throughout the blog.


You already know that you must make quality content and offer your clients good online services.


Only in this way will you give the feeling of being a reliable company.


This will not only be something that you can see in the metrics, but your customers will also be able to attest to it and continue to share your content.




BluCactus -bounce rate - menHere are some tips to help your website feel more trustworthy:


  • Offer content that is backed by experts.
  • Ensure that your visitor’s data won’t be shared by anything or anyone else.
  • Invite the visitor to make purchases and thus eliminate their doubts.


Another recommendation to make yourself more trustworthy in the eyes of your visitors is to offer a space where they can ask questions calmly. The orientation of your company when making the purchase can be an added value of great importance for your client. The best thing is to ensure support when purchasing from the hand of your team. That way if there is a doubt you can encourage the visitor to finish the purchase process.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus -bounce rate - womanBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world.


Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches.


Besides, our group of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes.


This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content.


BluCactus - contact usOur focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in Dallas, TX, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level.


Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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