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What is it and how to reduce the bounce rate? When you think of this term, the first thing that comes to mind is that you get kicked off a page. However, what this means is:


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingThis is the percentage of users who enter a website and leave shortly after entering without leaving a trace.


This means that they leave without browsing or clicking anywhere else on the web.


In other words, the bounce rate represents the percentage of all the users who enter and exit your website without clicking on other pages on the site.


So if you work hard to increase your website’s search rankings and you want to get the most out of it, you should reduce a high bounce rate.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingAlso, if this rate is high, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your strategy: you are not attracting the right audience to the site, or those who visit it don’t have a good user experience.


Besides, when the bounce rate is high, it can mean that you don’t have an attractive and well-organized landing page.


However, if you experience issues related to this topic on your website, we recommend that you contact a specialized marketing agency such as BluCactus.


With our advice, you will solve this problem.


How to reduce the bounce rate

  • Improve the readability of your content


BluCactus - contentOne reason your target audience may leave your site is lack of readability. This is because the user experience begins when your content is readable. In fact, when the user sees a long piece of text, in a way they get scared and decide to not read it. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid them.


Another factor that does not help is bad formatting. This produces a high bounce rate since customers won’t get to know the merits of the content.


Because of this, the first thing to improve is the headline, so it’s large and energetic. Then use subheadings to make the article easier to read.


We will now give you the following tips to help you rewrite your content and make it more readable:


  • Use bullets to explain benefits or important points.
  • Use a variety of graphics, images, screenshots, and quotes from industry experts, as appropriate.
  • Sometimes enter keywords in bold.
  • Write lots of questions in your content to invite readers to participate, rather than just reading.
  • End your content with a closing caption.


  • What is a bounce rate? Limit or rule out pop-ups


BluCactus - windowsDid you know that most users find minor pop-ups annoying?


However, their use is debated among website owners and advertisers.


This is because they consider that these windows could work, for example, to grow your email list quickly. 


However, if you want to develop a long-term site that generates a lot of organic visitors, consider limiting or avoiding pop-ups altogether.


  • Create a compelling call to action


BluCactus - bounce rate - ctaAfter attracting visitors with your titles and generating interest with your content, don’t lose your site visitors with a weak call to action.


Thus, make sure it’s convincing and convinces the user to click on a button that directs them to another page of interest on your website. For this, optimize the call to action (CTA) by considering each of its elements. This is because even something as small as changing the text on a button can make a big difference. Besides, an optimized CTA could improve your lead conversion rate.


An example of an effective call to action is Sprout Social, a social media management software company, which encourages users to take advantage of a free trial period of their software. This way, they get user acceptance without generating an immediate purchase.


Besides, great calls to action will improve the usability of your website and your customers will be happy to stay on your site.


  • Introduce the narration into your content


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingTelling good stories can captivate the minds of your target audience. Besides, your potential customers are more likely to remember and respond to good stories.


Thus, good storytelling can bring your content to life. To achieve this, use eye-catching elements and consider how people read your content. These are, mostly, giving a quick glance at a page looking for something that stands out. It could be a caption, a keyword, a technical term, or an image.


Additionally, storytelling helps your content to engage users dynamically and emotionally. As a result, they will start to trust you more.


Now you may be wondering:


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingHow could I incorporate storytelling into my content, if my goal is to build a loyal audience that reads my posts and responds to my offers?


The answer is: make your customers the heroes. You can do this by putting your customers first and providing beneficial quality content for them to share. Sharing content demonstrates a level of trust, which then improves the user experience.


On the other hand, a reference for web storytelling is Copyblogger Media, a million-dollar company that tells a lot of great marketing stories.


Likewise,, a podcast about digital marketing, is thriving on good storytelling.


  • Keep your blog updated with the right content


BluCactus -content updatedDoing this will ensure you generate the best ROI. According to HubSpot, companies that regularly update their blogs with new content generate more leads than those that don’t. However, it is useful to differentiate between powerful content and correct content.


At first, it may bring out a “surprise” reaction from your readers, but it may not solve their problems. Instead, the right content will surprise and give practical advice. This in turn will produce the best results for them.


Before Google added mobile adaptation as a ranking factor, the bounce rates on mobile devices were about 60%. However, now that sites are correctly displayed on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, the bounce rate has dropped. Added to this, if you are new to blogging, a simple WordPress theme with the right plugins will be your hero. This is because the theme would be updated often and keep your blog adaptable.


So your job is to keep visitors active by adding content, which will then create momentum and help build trust. Therefore, you will be able to generate more income from your regular visitors because you gained their trust.


  • Enter high-value keywords in your content


BluCactus - keywordsThe use of keywords can define the success of a content marketing campaign. However, what are these words?


First, we should mention that we can divide this into two main categories: informational keywords or commercial keywords.


The first type is used to create awareness, while commercial keywords show a strong desire for the specific product and directly result in sales.


Besides, a strong desire contributes to a good bounce rate metric.


BluCactus - keywordsSome keywords are for “visiting” traffic. The user could look for those keywords, even if they aren’t related to the reading of each content that is sent to them.


However, other keywords are oriented to the true needs of the customer.


So, if the writer creates persuasive content by pointing out the keyword that relates to the customer’s need, it can attract an audience that will gladly read and share the content.


In this sense, if you want to improve your search engine performance, start introducing high-value keywords into your content. This way, your posts will be in a high-value traffic zone.


6.1. What are these keywords?


BluCactus -keywordsBy referring to high-value keywords, we mean keywords that involve deep content and that your users will spend more time reading.


Remember that the more time they spend on your site, the more likely they will read more and trust you more. This will cut your bounce rate in half or even more. However, you can still register an exit rate for visitors who don’t buy at first but aren’t bouncing.


Continuing with the definition of a high-value keyword, according to LinchPinSEO, this type of word is at the intersection of four important metrics:


  • Traffic value
  • Conversion value
  • User value
  • Brand value


So high-value keywords are powerful, they improve traffic, engagement, conversion rate, authority, and your online reputation.


6.2. How to find the right keywords and reduce your bounce rate

Step 1:


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingGo to Google’s keyword planner. For this, make sure you are logged in with your Gmail account.


Then insert your main keyword plus a qualifier into the search box and click “Get Ideas.”


In this hypothetical case, we will use the topic of website design.


The high-value keywords in the list are:


  • freelance web designers
  • web design prices


BluCactus - pricesNext, select freelance web designers, the search engine will be mainly looking at a list of freelance web designers. Also, if you are working with web design and want to attract clients who are related to that topic, you should understand the buyer cycle.


People searching for these keywords aren’t ready to buy yet. This is because they are only trying to figure out what the best service or deal is before making a purchase decision.


Another argument why “freelance web designers” is a high-value keyword is that you could create multiple pages that show these designers, their rates, and their hours and terms of work. This would help reduce the bounce rate.


Step 2:


BluCactus - googleLook for high-value keywords used to understand the various product models of a brand.


This may work best in SEO e-commerce, but you can also use keywords for products in your industry.


Using the keyword planner, enter the words that define a product and its brand to find its variations.






BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingFor example, Nike training shoes. Next, the planner will return these results:


  • cheap Nike training shoes
  • Nike baseball training shoes
  • new Nike training shoes


In this regard, you can enter these high-value keywords in your titles to get lots of organic clicks and shared posts on social media.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person working



Here are some examples of original, eligible, and beneficial titles:


  • 20 inexpensive Nike training shoes under $ 70
  • The 9 Best Nike Baseball Training Shoes You Should See
  • New Nike Training Shoes With Style: Where To Buy Them


Finally, we recommend that you keep the following tips in mind when looking for high-value traffic:


  • Write the best content you can. Feel free to write it in depth and make it emotionally relevant to your clients.
  • Don’t saturate your content with keywords as they could penalize you.
  • Enter keywords that do not limit the user’s intent.
  • You can target your keywords to attract visitors from other searches.


  • Attract the right users


BluCactus - usersA higher bounce rate happens when you receive a visitor who isn’t interested in your content. This is a targeting problem that could be related to your strategy.


To reverse this situation there is nothing as powerful as publishing personalized content suitable for your market. Besides, we recommend using a content strategy that takes into account each stage of the buying cycle for this purpose.


However, the common mistake many content marketers make is attributing a high bounce rate to a lack of quality content.


Besides this, we should mention that in the world of Internet marketing, what people consider being high quality are long articles with over 2000 words. This is because they tend to address all the questions or concerns of the target audience.


  • BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person working

    Convey credibility


This is the ability to inspire confidence in other people.


Also, like reputation, credibility is not what you say about yourself, but how other people perceive you.


Likewise, credibility is also important if you want to lower your bounce rate. Here are some recommendations in this regard.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person working


A trusted website does the following:


  • It makes the public trust your content.
  • Convey credibility with your personal information
  • Eliminate the buying dilemma (“should I buy this?”)


Usually, when consumers shop online they feel safe when buying.


From brands like Apple and Amazon because these brands are credible in their opinion.



Conclusion of What is a bounce rate?


BluCactus - conclusionIn this blog, we have shown you several ways to reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate. If you have decided to read this blog today, it’s because you want to improve your conversion rate. Remember that without high-quality content, even if you manage to cut your bounce rate in half, the risk of it increasing again is high.


Also, don’t forget to draw up a strategy and editorial calendar. Then stick to your work methodology and be consistent.


Perhaps some strategies could produce fairly quick results, but this is not what you should expect.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingAs you satisfy your users, they will share your content, which will then improve your search traffic, the number of visits, inbound links, and lead generation.


On the other hand, if you manage a consolidated company or one with little experience in the market, our digital marketing services will be useful.


We may assist you in solving your bounce rate or conversion issues. Contact us, create and innovate with BluCactus. We are just one click away.


If you have any doubts or questions, we invite you to express them in the comments section.


Finally, we encourage you to subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive our articles and news about the world of digital marketing.


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