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What is a brand? One of the most important elements of any company or a new project is the brand. This is something that allows consumers and people in general to see a company a certain way. As a result, everyone must be able to identify at once. Besides, if you do it right, it will allow you to stand out from the competition.


In this blog, we will explain all the basic elements that you should know about a brand. Besides, you will also learn how to forge your own brand. This way, your business will achieve success.


The brand


BluCactus - definition of a brandIn the world of marketing, new elements emerge every day. Once they show up a business must work on them to boost sales and their positioning. One of these crucial factors that people shouldn’t ignore is the brand.


A brand is a set of terms, symbols, or designs that identify a product or offer information about a company. Because of this, you can use it as a marketing strategy to highlight your company’s values.


It also helps to create a better image within the minds of individuals. Although you can use this in companies and products, you can also use it to create a personal brand.


A brand allows you to position yourself as an industry expert in the consumer’s mind. Thanks to a good branding strategy, or branding as many know it, you can sell a product or service for its tangible and emotional attributes.


On the other hand, branding is a way to offer an original element among other similar-looking products. As a result, a brand allows you to build your business identity. However, this isn’t all. It also creates an emotional bond with your loyal clients and people interested in you.


Elements of a brand


A brand and branding aren’t just visual elements. Each brand strategy has different elements that are vital when creating a basis for the aspects of a product or service. Here we’ll show you the most important elements of a brand:


BluCactus - definition of a brandBrand compass


The brand compass summarizes all the most salient aspects of the brand.


This part of the branding strategy includes many of the elements you have within your sector. For example, the research phases of the competencies, markets, and your positioning in the market.


Like a real compass, it shows you where your business is going and why. All brand compasses are made up of five parts representing your entire strategy’s foundations. These components are the purpose of the product or the company, vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives.


Company culture


BluCactus - social mediaThe culture of the company is something that has been talked about a lot for some years. This is the spirit, inspiration, and motivation that unites all team members within a company to promote a brand and make it stand out.


These cultures are based on the most important values ​​of the entire brand that, later, are the identifying elements of products and the organization throughout the world.


Once the brand’s values ​​are established, the corporate culture begins to rise.


This will lead to an alignment both internal to the organization, employees who know and understand what the purposes, values, and mission of the brand are; as external by consumers.


Marked personality


BluCactus - keys of sucessThe brand’s personality comprises all its emotions, feelings, behaviors, and attitudes. You should think of your brand in the same way as if it were a person. Then you can ask yourself: How does my brand act? What is its way of speaking? What are its tastes? How does it behave on the internet?


This personality must be as unique as that of a person. It must bring together every individual aspect of a company or business all in one place.


Thanks to it, loyal clients can easily identify the brand as it stands out from others in the world. An example of this is Apple’s brand personality. This brand easily stands out from other tech-focused companies. As a result, everyone can recognize Apple products from the competition.


Brand architecture


BluCactus - elements of a brandBuilding a brand is the same as creating the foundations of a building.


To achieve this, you need some kind of architecture. In this case, the brand architecture brings together every brand element.


For example, the name of the business or products, its representative color, its colors, and every visual element associated with it.


Each of these factors isn’t chosen at random. On the contrary, they are very well thought out previously researched elements. This way, they are the most suitable to use with your potential clients.


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherThese elements have a very important communication factor. Because of this, they must be worked on and selected with caution.


Brand architecture systems are commonly classified as monolithic, endorsed, or pluralistic:


  • Monolithic: It’s these master brands that create small sub-brands within themselves. They are all linked to the same center. An example of this can be the Nestlé Company since other brands and products emerge from it.
  • Supported and pluralistic: they are brands with diverse relationships with each product division they offer.

Name and slogan


BluCactus - What is a brand - personalityThe name and the slogan of a brand are the most tangible elements that we can have of it. With them, you can make yourself present in the minds of your clients.


Both of these elements are full of meaning and implications that unite your entire brand’s narrative. They have the values that showcase your company’s mission and vision. As a result, they are a very important element in marketing.


In the same way that a brand’s visual elements are chosen, these also go through a process. To create the name and slogan of your brand, you must first carry out in-depth research work. This way, you will determine which elements are the most important for consumers. This research process features brainstorming meetings.


A name and slogan convey different value propositions unique to every brand. This also includes its attributes and added values. Thus, this is a vital element to stand out from the competition.


BluCactus - brandingBrand identity


Some believe that we just mean a company logo when discussing brand identity. However, this element goes far beyond a symbol part of a visual strategy.


A brand’s logo is one of the key supports that allow your business to position itself in the market. In it, you must include each visually non-tangible element to advertise your business’s personality, proposal, objectives, and purposes.


This aesthetic symbol full of meanings has the power to communicate the essence of your brand just by looking at it. Because of this, it must be so unique so that your customers can easily recognize it.


Brand voice and message


BluCactus - What is a brand - name and mottoHere we begin to consider how your brand communicates with users. The message and voice of your brand are elements that will allow you to convey the personality and objectives of your business. Thus, they will allow you to grab your clients’ attention. Thanks to this, you will be much closer to potential consumers and turn them into your brand followers.


Your brand’s voice and message are elements you will use almost everywhere.


For example, in your advertising and marketing campaigns, social media, your website’s content, and video posts. Your main goal with them is to allow your customers to recognize you easily. In their minds, there shouldn’t be any doubt about who made these materials.


Brand website


BluCactus - logoA brand’s website is a company’s most important visual and informational element. This is even more important when we take a look at the digital world we live in. Besides, today many brands have decided to increase their presence on the web, and you shouldn’t be the exception. A good website is what really helps a brand come to life with shared content or attractive designs.


The best thing about websites is that they allow you to reach many people. It doesn’t matter where they are in the world. You can easily communicate with them and let them know about you. On the other hand, if you really want to take advantage of this tool, you must optimize it for different devices. Today, almost all users use their smartphones to browse the Internet. Thus, optimizing your website will allow more users to visit it and recommend it to others.


These websites are excellent marketing strategies because they offer a full custom brand experience. Besides, they are fully customizable, so you can make them look and behave in whichever way you want.


Corporate identity and corporate image


BluCactus - What is a brand - messages and brandFor some people, it can be very easy to confuse the term Corporate Identity with the corporate image of a brand. However, you must know they aren’t the same. However, they are terms that may that intertwine in some areas.


In short, the corporate identity is what sends all your messages, while the corporate image is the receiver of these messages.


The corporate identity is used to create corporate, brand, or branding manuals. For this, it considers all a company’s intangible elements. These elements show up thanks to a process of analysis, development, and studies of each brand’s values and beliefs.


These elements are reflected in the logo that you previously created. A logo can be a set of fonts, an image, or a symbol that accompanies the brand as a standing-out element.


What are brands trying to convey?


BluCactus - What is a brand - website of the brandTo carry out a truly successful branding campaign, you must begin to find ways to convey your brand’s values and how you identify them.


You also find out what are emotions you want to convey to your consumers when they buy your products or services.


On the other hand, to convey emotions, you have to know your public and market.


This means that research work is very important for your clients and the competition you work with.


Steps to starting your Brand strategy


  • BluCactus - What is a brand - brandingThe first step to start working on your brand strategy is to choose the name and the slogan. This will be the main identification element for the rest of your brand. You must consider that you shouldn’t change the name over time. This is because it can cause confusion with your customers or generate rejection for it.
  • Once you choose the name and the slogan, the next step is to design a logo corresponding to this same name. The logo must be clean, easily recognizable, and adapted to your brand’s values.
  • After choosing these elements, find out what is the tone, voice, and personality of your business. Branding works under a lot of research and studies to know what suits your clients the best. That’s why to discover these elements. You must first know who your audience is.


Suppose you want to get a positive perception of the messages you give to your customers. In that case, you must communicate consistently and express your goals and attributes in everything you post.


Everything you need to create a successful brand


BluCactus - What is a brand - want to transmitBuilding a successful brand isn’t just about developing an attractive product or clever idea. You must do the work if you want to create a powerful brand that won’t allow people to forget it.


  • You must first achieve a high level of visual identity.
  • Convey emotions that help your market capture symbols that they expect from their favorite brands.
  • Take into account the level of adaptability of all brand elements.
  • Focus on a single idea or message that you want to highlight about your product or service.
  • Don’t make your ad campaigns too long, as it can make it harder for the consumer to remember you later.
  • Create an efficient commercial system and a department in charge of customer service.

Advantages of creating a brand


BluCactus - Advantages of creating a brandYou already know all the bases to make your brand successful.


However, do you know the benefits of creating a branding strategy for your business? Here we show you some of the advantages of creating a brand:


  • You become an easily distinct business.
  • You reduce advertising costs since people already know your brand.
  • Ease of sales on the products increases.
  • You can afford to raise prices a bit above the competition because consumers see you as a high-quality brand.
  • The company is highly trusted by its clients.
  • You are seen as an expert in your sector.
  • Better and higher positioning on social media.


Pillars that you must follow to create a brand


BluCactus - What is a brand - zaraNext, we will show you which elements you can’t ignore to create a brand are:


Remember to contribute values ​​that meet the expectations of your consumers


One of the most important values ​​or attributes for consumers is based on quality.


Today other values are just as important to many customers. For example, sustainability, animal abuse, or how friendly a brand can be.


Take into account contributing these values ​​to your clients.


BluCactus - men thinkingMaximize the perception of value:


Price stops the perception of added value.


That’s why you must justify the price you offer for that extra attribute that your competition brand doesn’t have.


Make these aspects really important so that consumers see your product as the best among the rest.





BluCactus - What is a brand - brandsInsist on differentiating


Don’t try to copy the personality of other brands. Customers can tell when a business isn’t being original.


Part of your branding strategy is to look for these elements.


This is because they make you stand out and give your brand more personality.




BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherBalance consistency:


During 2020, different changes around the world affected all economic sectors.


That’s why you must be flexible with how you do things in your brand. However, you must remain faithful to your values ​​and beliefs.






BluCactus - red heartBrand architecture optimization


You must often see if your brand architecture keeps delivering good results or not.


It is very common for brands to change their colors and symbols over the years.


They do this to adapt to new shopping trends and new values within their target audience.




BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherWorkers must understand and assume the brand strategy 


It’s best to start with branding strategies within the same organization or company.


If your employees understand your brand’s values, they acquire a greater sense of belonging with it. As a result, they become the first carriers of your business’s message and mission.


You must also use the internal communications of your company in each of the aspects of the brand. In this sense, you must consider this aspect as important as sending the message to external customers.


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherIntegrate the consumer in the development of brands


Your consumers aren’t passive agents who will wait for you as a brand to tell them what they need.


Current marketing and branding integrate the consumer as an active character in the decisions the brand makes regarding the company’s future.


Listen to their opinions, make them participate in dynamics, and try to understand each of their new needs through surveys or social media.



What makes us value a brand as positive or negative?


BluCactus - audiencesPeople often think that consumers value brands simply for their quality or price. Some believe that the lower your product or service price, the better users rate it. However, current marketing doesn’t work this way.


Today customers value a brand positively or negatively according to their values ​​and needs.


It’s about really knowing what aspects of your consumer need to be heard to satisfy them.


For some, these are the values ​​of sustainability and how practical the product is. That’s why each brand has a different value. Here are some other ways customers value brands:


  • BluCactus - What is a brand - perception of valueFunctionally: here, the customer will be able to answer whether the product or service met or not their expectations.
  • Whether or not it brings something good to our community: For many, the issue of buying environmentally friendly products is a fundamental factor when evaluating a product.
  • If at a social or collective level, it contributes favorably.


As you saw, brands aren’t just the visual aspects of a company. Without the help of a branding strategy, businesses would all be the same. As a result, it wouldn’t be easy to choose between one and the other unless we follow prices. Over the last 10 years, brands have come up with their key objectives to stand out from the competition. This also allowed them to figure out how to get noticed and create an attractive personality. Thanks to all of this, they now can create an almost unbreakable bond with their audience.


Branding means creating emotions, fostering ties, and uniting people with the same tastes, interests, and perceptions about a product or service.


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