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What is a brand? We know that a brand is how the public sees a company, organization, or individual. This is more than just a name, term, design, or symbol. So, in short, a brand is an idea that we get from a product or business.


Brands live in the minds of people. This means that it remains the minds of whoever experiences them. These people can be employees, investors, the media, and, perhaps most importantly, customers. Thus, a brand is a perception.


Brand definition


BluCactus - definition of a brandIt’s one of the most important strategic factors of a company. This is because day by day its role becomes more important.


We live in a stage where Marketing works alongside perceptions. This is so the brand can stand out against the product.


To have a good position in the minds of our consumers and opinion leaders, our brand must enjoy the best and highest recognition.


This also includes good positioning in our market and sector.



BluCactus - definition of a brandAccording to the American Marketing Association, a brand is a name, a term, a sign, a symbol, a design, or a combination of any of them that a company uses to identify its products and services.


Thus, this allows them to stand out from the competition.


But, it isn’t only an insignificant name and a symbol as this has become a strategic tool within the current economic environment.


This is because it has gone from marketing products to selling sensations and solutions.


BluCactus - social mediaThe reason for this is that it not only sells the final attributes of the product, but also the intangible and emotional ones.


As days pass, products become more similar to each other to the point of not standing out from the rest.


Because of this, consumers are finding it more difficult to distinguish their attributes.


A brand is also the main characteristic of a product, a guarantee that places it on a higher plane.


It does this by building a true identity and emotional relationship with consumers.


BluCactus - keys of sucessElements of a brand


The brand itself consists of a lot of different elements that make it what it is.


Some of these fundamental elements can be a brand compass, company culture, name, and tagline.


Likewise, it can also include elements such as identity, voice and messages, website, and brand architecture.



BluCactus - elements of a brandBrand compass


The Brand Compass is a summary of the most fundamental truths about branding.


So, it’s the result of the work done in the brand strategy phase as it includes research and positioning.


A brand compass shows the direction your brand is heading and why.


It’s made up of five parts: purpose, vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives.


Company culture


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherCompany culture is the spirit of collective purpose and inspiration that drives your brand.


The strongest company culture is based on a brand’s core values. These are the principles that define how your brand relates to the world and why.


This is the foundation of company culture which results in internal brand adjustment.


This is the ideal state in which a brand’s employees deeply understand it.


Thus, it motivates them to act as ambassadors.


Marked personality


BluCactus - What is a brand - personalityThe personality of a brand consists of a unique set of elements like its vision of thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns.


This includes the brand’s own unique traits that make it what it is.


In this case, for example, it makes Apple the sleek and minimalist author, or REI the pioneer and badass nature lover.


The personality of a brand is the reason why its loyal customers can identify it from the wide range of brands present in the market.


Likewise, this is also the basis from which customers can create a personal connection with it.


Brand architecture


BluCactus - brandingBrand architecture is the coordinated system of names, colors, symbols, and visual language that defines a brand.


It’s also highly intentional and intuitive as this is based on customer experience research.


Brand architecture systems are commonly classified as monolithic, endorsed, or pluralistic:


  • Monolithic comprises a single master brand and multiple sub-brands.
  • Supported and pluralistic comprise brands with diverse relationships with the divisions they oversee over.


Name and motto


BluCactus - What is a brand - name and mottoThis is what the world sees from the brand as these are the most visible elements.


They have the responsibility of having meaning. This can be either essential or as a result of a narrative.


It’s very important for the creation of the brand’s name and tagline. For this, you have to do in-depth market research, brainstorm, refine, and do a test. This process is designed to ensure that these nicknames are not only meaningful but that they’re available to be used.


The creation of names and slogans is extremely important. The reason for this is because a strong name can convey the brand’s unique value propositions. Thus, this allows it to stand out from the competition as well as leaving a strong impression on the customer.


Brand identity


BluCactus - logoThe identity of your brand goes beyond your logo. It includes the visual aspect of the brand.


Thus, this is the main support for your strategy as well as the positioning of it.


Likewise, an effective strategy will incorporate all the characteristics of your brand.


This includes the personality, promise, and purpose of it.


The identity of a brand is its trademark in the world. Thus, this is an aesthetic symbol full of meaning that has the power to communicate the essence of your brand.


It visually does this to the people of the world.


Brand voice and messages


BluCactus - What is a brand - messages and brandA brand’s voice and message are critical to a brand’s commitment to the world.


These convey the purpose, promise, and personality of your brand.


Therefore, the voice and message of your brand help to humanize it in the eyes of the people.


This allows them to create a connection with it and then become customers.


Whenever your brand’s voice is heard, whether it’s through collateral, ad scripts, or website copy, your customers should be able to recognize you right away, like an old friend on the other end of the phone.


Brand website


BluCactus - What is a brand - website of the brandYour website is the most complete and centralized manifestation of your brand.


A good website brings your brand to life with attractive content and design. Today, websites are no longer limited to a desktop experience.


They travel with us, on our mobile devices, and to all corners of the world.


Websites remain one of the most important and profitable ways to bring a global brand experience to your target audience.


Now that the various components that make up a brand have been analyzed, it’s time to see how, and more importantly, why those components exist.


Corporate identity and corporate image


BluCactus - What is a brand - brandingThe difference between one and the other is that the first sends the message and the second receives it.


After a company goes through a thoughtful process of analysis, development, and study of the set of values ​​and beliefs that make up the personality of the company.


They secure the design of the corporate identity in a manual.


All this is illustrated in a logo-symbol in a specific typeface and in the image or graphic resources that accompany it.


BluCactus - What is a brand - want to transmit

To prepare the corporate identity manual, you must consider the following:


What do you want to convey?


Before anything, you must determine what are the values ​​with which you want people to identify our company.


For this, you first must analyze factors such as the sector in which you work, the competition, the strengths that customers value, and more.


How are you going to transmit it?


BluCactus - light bulbThe first and most important thing that you have to do is choosing the name and symbols that will accompany the brand.


You should remember that it will represent the company while it’s operating. Because of this, it must last over time.


The logo or name is perhaps the most important thing.


The reason for this is that this is the element that will make the company stand out from the others.


BluCactus - What is a brand - zaraWe recommend that you make it short, simple, easy to pronounce, and with good sound.


Likewise, it has to provide large doses of association and evocation.


The image of the brand is the value that the market understands. This is created as an added result of all the messages that the company sends.


If you want to get a good positioning as well as a positive image, you must control all the messages that are delivered through the company and its products.


BluCactus - men thinking It doesn’t matter whether these messages are consistent with each other or not.


They must communicate an idea that comes from the strategic objectives of your company.


Getting the notoriety and recognition that you want, depends a lot on the correct planning of both elements. In other words, you must avoid being another one from the bunch.


Thus, you can place your brand within the brands known and preferred by consumers.


Today, Google is, according to the Millward Brown report (2014), the most recognized and valued brand in the market with a value of over 158,843 million dollars.


Prestigious brand: What do you need?


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherWe know that to build a powerful brand, you not only have to have a good product and creative capacity, but you have to meet the following requirements:


  • Create a name that is easy to memorize, yet contagious.
  • Achieve a high level of visual identity.
  • Emit emotions and sensations that symbolize what the market expects from the brand.
  • Take into account the adaptability of all elements of the company and different markets.
  • Highlight a single idea of ​​the product or the company in all areas of communication.
  • Avoid extending a complicated advertising campaign that makes it difficult for the consumer to memorize the brand.
  • Organize an efficient business system and customer service department.
  • Reach a good position on social networks and the internet.

BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherAdvantages of creating a strong and consolidated brand:


  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Reduce marketing costs, since the brand can be known.
  • Easier to sell products to distribution, since consumers expect to find that brand.
  • Allow increasing prices above the competition because consumers perceive the brand of higher quality.
  • The company can grow more easily because the brand name has great credibility.
  • The brand offers defense against price competition.


Keys to achieving the success of the brand


Next, we will explain the keys to achieving brand success:


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherProvide values ​​according to consumer expectations: 


We often associate product quality with technical processes, engineering, or the best raw materials.


However, in today’s world, consumers’ expectations go far beyond product quality.


Design, for example, has become essential, not only from a practical point of view but also for its aesthetics and original values.


BluCactus - audiencesStay highlighted by each of the audiences at all times:


Companies should keep on working on the distribution of their products and brands.


Advertising just one product and aiming it at a very broad target, or targeting different audiences in the same way, are things that are no longer used.


Increase the number of companies with a wide variety of products and that works in their division so that the offer is personalized in detail.


BluCactus - What is a brand - perception of valueMaximize the perception of value: 


Price makes us think differently about the value of a product.


Likewise, it often happens that the consumer thinks that between two similar brands, the one with the highest price is the best, thus, justifying the difference in price.


However, there are other ways for the customer to perceive a product better than the competition.


Insist on differentiating:


BluCactus - What is a brand - person thinkingBe unique and honest.


Strategic and creative positioning is important for the success of a brand.


Besides, you must always be alert to ensure that the positioning is built up, this implies compliance with the consumer: promise made, promise kept.


In a society full of misleading advertisements, the value of honesty is truly appreciated, especially by the consumer.


For example, Apple, although having placed second in the ranking, is a clear example, since it has fans instead of loyal customers.


BluCactus - red heartBalancing Consistency:


Work on being mindful but flexible at the same time.


In a time of constant change and flow of new offers, it’s essential to show the consistency of the brand.


Of course, you have to be up to date with trends, but remember that you must remain faithful to the brand.


Brand architecture optimization:


BluCactus - What is a brand - brandsCompanies constantly review their brand architecture.


Because of this, it’s important to create a way to optimize brands that belong to the same company.


This way we can ensure the harmony between the different brands that are linked by union, purchase, creation, or division.


The harmony between brands and products can dramatically lower costs and help deliver a common message to the consumer.


Using common elements for manufacturing, distribution, sales, promotion, and even advertising, it can also save costs.


The workers must understand and assume the brand strategy:


BluCactus - What is a brand - people thinking togetherEach member of the company represents the brand and because of this, it has to be the center of the organization.


From there begins the intense link that must exist between the values ​​of the brand and the members of the company.


Likewise, these members need to feel involved and part of the team.


For this, is important that we establish some sort of stable and informative communication between us and our workers.


Likewise, this plan must be capable of receiving ideas and proposals. Thus, this will allow them to express themselves and feel heard.


BluCactus - What is a brand - person thinkingManaging brands as a long-term safe value:


Long-term brand management means that we must analyze the value drivers and then, measure them.


This implies that we must keep up to date with the new technologies, markets, forms, and trends.


Thus, in short, this means measuring and handling.



Integrate the consumer in the development of brands:


BluCactus - What is a brand - person thinkingAsking the consumer about their needs is another of the current marketing trends, and it’s one of the most used within social media.


The integration of the consumer is gaining an increasingly important role:


Needs change as do people’s preferences.


For example, Zara employees pay attention to what they value or lack in their audience when they see and try on their clothes.


They do this because they consider that this information is very valuable. Thus, they use it to design products according to consumer needs.


BluCactus - men thinkingSupporting brand-friendly social concerns adds value: 


Companies must be smart when responding to ethical values.


The reason for this that becoming the protection of social concerns is, without a doubt, an added value and a category for the brand.





Why do we value brands positively?


BluCactus - What is a brand - positively brandsThe brands that do not stand out are those that in exchange for an economic value provide us with relevant social or personal value.


Brands were born many years ago.


The Church claims it was the first.


The Phoenicians also claim this since they marked their wine jars.


Brands contribute to the well-being of society and the quality of life of people.


What is the most important thing to feel happy?


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherIt really is enjoying the little things in life. If we asked questions, such as:


What would you like to spend more time on?


Usually, the answer would be to learn things, expand knowledge and skills.


Perhaps having a healthier life, or maybe being able to better organize the day-to-day.



BluCactus - lightbulbThe answer can be as simple as the concept of family.


Likewise, being able to save money to cover financial needs as well as being kind to each other has become very important for our society.


Therefore, the brand is valued as follows:


  • It functionally serves us that is if the product or service itself responds as expected.
  • It positively affects our personal well-being.
  • If at a social or collective level it contributes favorably.

But who has the privilege of meeting those requirements?


BluCactus - woman thinkingOver 130,000 people were surveyed to answer this question and the result was: Google


So, there are brands that focus on the product and its economic value.


However, some brands have to provide real value to people and society.


We believe that the future will belong to companies and brands that understand the current situation as a way to do new marketing and provide a new generation of value.


Said value has to be a real and transparent value.


Thus, it must be close to the needs of society and people beyond a short-term economic and business return.


Do you mean that our relevant brands cannot make money?


BluCactus - What is a brand - relevant brandsNot at all. In fact, those brands that generate relevant value for people are also doing it for their investors, we can even say that they do it ever more than average.


Likewise, today’s market is understanding that supporting our society and thus, people in an honest way, can create a lot of value as well as business.


Saying that it’s the end of brands no longer makes sense. We believe that, on the contrary, that your role today is more important than ever.


Now, it’s not worth continuing to do the same, it’s not worth turning your head and pretending nothing has happened, it’s not worth not accepting that most of them are irrelevant. Let us not forget that we are not living in a stage of change but in a change of stage.


Distributor’s brand


BluCactus - What is a brand - mercadonaThis phenomenon began to disappear during the eighties due to the creation of the white label.


However, it seems that during the last few years it has been earning an important role within the market.


This can be thanks to establishments like Walmart and its brands “Sam’s choice” and “Great Value”.


The positive growth of distribution brands is one of the keys to the vertical competition between those who produce the products and the supermarket itself.


Thus, if we market a product under the name of the establishment, we can get a high competitive quality-price ratio.




BluCactus - summaryWe told you that the word “Brand” is quite a recent concept. Because of this, its definition, components, limits, history, and results have not been established as of yet.


There are still several authors who contribute that the Theory of Social Identity, key in identification, has had little application within the marketing area.


We know that a brand is an essential part of any company.


The reason for this is that it gives recognition to the company or business.


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working together Thus, we recommend that you have an easy to remember and contagious name.


Likewise, you must remember to be persistent during the creation of a good brand strategy. This is an important step for these companies that seek to become market leaders. For this reason, it’s not a simple process.


When you think of large companies such as Google and Walmart, you know that each of them got where they are because they had a unique proposition. Likewise, they were able to provide spectacular experiences and thus, knew how to communicate them.


That is what will make your brand stand out from the other prominent brands today. Likewise, we mentioned key tips so that you can carry out your brand project in the best way.


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