What is a Home Page? 

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Just like the front page of a newspaper or the entrance of a house, a home page is an essential tool that serves as the first impression you give to people. Learn What is a Home Page? 


A home page is the main page of a website. It represents the starting point to access all the information within it. There, you usually find a selection of the relevant content of a site. It includes elements such as a search bar, links to an “About” or “Contact” page, social media links, recent blog posts, among others. Therefore, you can think of it as an anchor point from which visitors can explore the rest of your site.


This is what is commonly known as the home page of a website. However, there is another important type of home page: a web browser’s start page or pages. A web browser can be configured to that the first page you see whenever you click on it be by default a welcome page. Usually, it shows a selection of the pages you had open when you closed the browser. Regardless of the pages that you had visited before that, this selection is considered the browser’s home page. 


What is a Home Page? 


On the other hand, there are also homepages of websites that gather a collection of links to other sites containing popular search queries. An excellent example of this is Startpagina (1), a website where you can find multiple pages related to trending topics, such as Health&Beauty, Electronics, Sports, Banking, Insurances, Real Estate, Fashion, etc..Startpagina, as most home pages, allows you not only to easily find what you are looking for but also to go back there if you get lost in their website.


Depending on the website’s owner objectives, a home page can also have different formats, for example, regarding language or the geographic location of the visitor.


In this way, home pages represent a great tool to improve the experience of the users of a website. Hence, you can also think of them as a “restart button”, a page that allows you to go back to the starting point of a website’s surfing.


Some great home pages that illustrate this function are: 


1. Linktotaal 


Linktotaal is an amazing website that leads you to other different sites where you can read articles on how to improve your lifestyle, web, and other incredible topics. They have several services, for example:



2. Startbewijs 


If you want to visit a site that shows you the best links to websites related to personal affairs solving or more professional topics, Startbewijs is the perfect option for you and your business.


Also, they have different and amazing services for example:



3. Favos 


Favos is a website in the Netherlands where you can find many links to different kinds of stores with incredible offers and other amazing topics where you can find information about almost everything. They have different services for example:



4. Linkplein  


Linkplein’s home page will lead you to a wide range of services pages, useful articles of all different topics, and online stores.


They managed different services for example:



5. Web Directory 


The business listing of Web Directory comprises eye-catching and convenient web pages where you can find high-quality products and services. You can find a large range of options and services for your own business.



6. LinkExplorer


LinkExplorer is an amazing website where you can find a lot of useful tools for different types of services or products you want o offer. Also is the main website to find out useful information about a large range of topics. For example:


7. Begincool 


Looking for inexpensive plane tickets, gifts, and tourist packages? Begincool has a varied listing of websites where you can find that and much more. 



8.  UW Pagina Marketing  


Boost your business success by taking action and hiring an innovative Marketing Agency. Check out this website to find the one that better suits your needs. They have different amazing services like the ones shown above:


9. Training -Startze 


Do you want to improve your bicycle tricks? Become an Internet geek? Learn how to properly manage your time? On Training Startze you can access dozens of websites of different training programs. Learn all of them now!



10. Startvista 


Find prices that suit your budget for the best entertainment services on Startvista. They have amazing services for example:


11. Zoekidee 


Zoekidee allows you to visit pages on any kind of topic, from beauty to work. Learn all the different courses they offer you.


12. Jouwbegin 


Do you need to rent a car or redesign your billing system? On Bedrijven-Jouwbegin you can find many solutions for your business. 


13. Internet Marketing Zibb


Know what Internet marketing strategies suit you best. This website includes plenty of content about how to develop an appropriate digital marketing campaign for your brand. 



14. Vinddirect 


Get a super fit body whether at home or at the gym with Vinddirect’s incredible workout routines. They have plenty of other services with great options for your business. For example:



15. Uitgeplotzen  


On this website, you can find Legal Advice, Insurance, Car Renting, Real Estate Renting, and Advertising Design services with the best price-quality ratio. Uitgeplotzen has a lot of different services for example: 



16. Start.be


Learn how to give first aid, fix your computer, or even dive with UXPagina’s courses. Don’t miss all the valuable information this site has to offer you.


17. Beginthier.nl 


On Beginthier you can learn how to calculate web positioning metrics, how to optimize your SEO content, and much more. 



18. Facilitair


Find the best marketing agencies in the Netherlands, among which is BluCactus, to hire top digital marketing services that help your business reach its highest potential. Also, this site helps you find the best courses for a wide range of options. For example:


19. Reclame Opzijnbest


Learn how to boost your website’s Google ranking with solid link building. Know here the hacks to getting backlinks.



20. Jouwlinkhier.nl


The main page of Jouwlinkhier.nl shows you a wide range of courses related to competitive fields that will certainly improve your career profile.


On this page, you can find Web Design, Languages, Photography, Photoshop, Hairdressing, Music,  Business courses, and more. For example:




21. Linkdirectory.be


Seeking the best agency to print your outdoor advertising? Check out Ads Pagina.



22. Vindjeviahier.nl


Take advantage of your free time to learn a new skill with these training programs. This home page gathers a rich list of short to medium-length training courses on different topics. 



23. Startnl


This home page offers an interesting selection of master’s programs related to Business Administration, Architecture, Health Sciences, Accountancy, Law, Psychology, IT, Communications, among other fields.



24. Startkabel: All services you need regarding e-commerce 


Startkabel’s home page is very user-friendly, as it leads you to websites with helpful information on how to improve your e-commerce.


25. Professional courses 


Keep being the best professional you can be by learning something new every time you have the chance. No matter your age or experience, investing your time in further training is always worthwhile. Take a look at these professional courses. 


26. Bedrijven 


If you are looking for business consultancy or outsourcing services, Bedrijven is the right website for you. 


27. Creative courses


Explore your creative side taking one of these arts and crafts courses. 



28. Vinddirect 


Get a super fit body whether at home or at the gym with Vinddirect’s incredible workout routines. 


29. Ik ga starten 


Ik ga starten gives you great tips to grow your business and also offers training programs on entrepreneurship. 


30. Online Marketing – UW Pagina 


Know all the technical nuances of online marketing on this website. 


31. Marketing -Besteoverzicht 


On this page, you can find everything about Marketing: from agencies to graduate programs.


32. Digitale Cursus Start 


Enroll in the perfect course for you here.


33. Online Marketing Start 


Read the most popular digital marketing magazines here. 


34. Online Advertising Start 


On this website, you’ll find the top innovative online advertising companies in the Netherlands.


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