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What is and how to make a landing page? You might think that the only way to attract customers is through the use of social media, blogs, and SEO positioning. Likewise, you could also think that all of this is what a digital marketing strategy is. In addition, a lot of professionals don’t know how to turn a casual visitor into a customer. Because of this, in this article, we will tell you all you need to know to carry out this process.


Many companies lose a lot of money and resources because they don’t know how to carry out this process. They try too hard to attract visitors to their website or Facebook page. Because of this, very few visitors turn into customers. The reason for this is that these companies don’t correctly use these pages.


Therefore, in this blog, we will first explain what landing pages are and why they can make a big difference in the results obtained through digital marketing.


What is a landing page?


BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computerThis is a page within a website.


This is designed and developed to turn visitors into leads or sales prospects through a certain offer.


This page usually has a simple design with a few links.


It also includes some basic information about the offer, and a form to carry out the conversion.




Now, what is a conversion?


This is the process of making the person who visits a website to perform a certain action.


BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computerThis action often has a measurable value for a business. In short, the conversion is the process we carry out to turn a visitor into a business opportunity.


On the other hand, there are two types of conversion on a website:


  • Direct: When the visitor responds to an offer of a product or service by purchasing. Examples of this can be buying a product in e-commerce or booking a service.
  • Hint: This is when the user exchanges some personal data, such as for example, their email in exchange for a content offer or a free service. This type of conversion is much more subtle and, although it doesn’t generate immediate results, it retains those people who could buy for the first time in the future. Furthermore, it’s ideal for building a good contact base.


Why is a landing page important?


BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computerThis type of page is important for the results. For example, an important metric on any website is the conversion rate. This is the formula to calculate it:


Conversion rate = Number of conversions / Number of page visitors


This type of page, if well designed, allows you to obtain a much higher conversion rate than that of a normal website. In fact, a landing page could increase the conversion rate 5 or 10 times more.


Let’s use an example for this: Imagine that you invest a certain amount of money into Google Adwords. As a result, out of every 100 visitors, only one of them performs the desired action, which is buying your product. This, as a result, generates an overall conversion rate of 1%.


BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computerIn contrast, if you correctly optimize your landing page, you could generate up to 3 conversions for every 100 visits. Thus, you will get an overall conversion rate of 3%.


This gives you two options: You could cut your ad spending by 66% and generate the same sales result, or increase your investment in Google Adwords by 200% to get the same effect on your sales.


Knowing how to develop and optimize this page is one factor that can give you more results for your business in the short term.


Likewise, this page can help you convert users into end customers. This is the importance of creating a landing page that truly works.


How does a landing page work?


BluCactus - ipad with informationWe will explain this to you with an example, so it’s easy to understand. First, the user accesses a post written on your blog or website about how to make a content marketing strategy.


Next, they decide to expand the information. For this, they click on a call to action button that will redirect them to your landing page. This page is related to an eBook on “the perfect content marketing strategy


This page will then ask the user to submit their contact information to download the eBook. Lastly, it will redirect them to a thank you page with the download link. This will turn them into a valuable lead.


Therefore, we can save this information to open up the opportunity of being able to contact them in the future. This will also allow us to personalize their experience. Thus, we can influence their purchase decision.


Types of landing page


Almost all of its types depend on its design tool, but the vast majority of them could be categorized into two large groups:


Landing pages that we find within our website


This is found within normal navigation on your website, either by clicking on a CTA.

BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computer


Accessing one of your categories or at the end of a post.


Usually, its design follows the aesthetics of the main website.


Besides, the user can access this page by navigating or through a related search in a search engine.


Thus, you must optimize your website.


Also, remember that these pages are well positioned in search engines like Google and are key to obtaining good results.


Landing pages as microsites, What is and how to make a landing page?


These are created with the sole purpose of attracting leads. They are located outside our main website. Due to this, it’s even more important that they contain all the necessary information to seduce a user into giving us their data.


BluCactus - microsites

Likewise, the page must contain a CTA where the user’s data will be collected. Also, because they aren’t found on the main website, it can be difficult to access them unless they do an exact search in a search engine.


On the other hand, to direct traffic to these types of pages, strategies of paid media are usually used, which involve an extra investment.


No matter what option you choose, you must remember that your landing page must provide all the necessary information.


This way your users will want to give you their data, and thus become those leads that you want so much. However, we must mention that according to the RGDP, it’s essential for your leads to approve receiving commercial information. This must be clearly reflected on your landing page.


How to clearly present the content of a landing page


BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computerFor good presentation practice you need:


  • Write clearly and concisely.


It’s about trying to speak the same language as our users without reducing our linguistic register.


Too much so that their level of expectation doesn’t drop.





BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computer


  • Explain the value and importance of the offer.


What is and how to make a landing page?



The most important thing is to offer value by focusing.


At all times,


On how the user can benefit from your content.




  • Use listings to make information easy to understand.


BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computer

This helps to focus the user’s attention on the most important points.




It’s about giving relevance to the benefits of our content.








  • Define the appropriate number of fields for the form.


BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computer


What is and how to make a landing page?


Don’t make the mistake of asking the user for a huge amount of information.


As this could push you back.


The idea is to build a long-term relationship, for this.


We will have more opportunities to exchange information in the future.


BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computer



  • Eliminate the main menu and all other links that may distract the visitor.


Aiming to focus attention on the offer.


Anything that doesn’t add value should be eliminated to prevent the lead from leaving the page.




BluCactus - buttoms to share

  • Include multimedia information that captures the user’s attention.


What is and how to make a landing page?


A good video or image can improve the user’s visual experience.





  • Add buttons to share content on social media.


If the user considers the content to be of interest. They will surely want to share it through social media.


Then, this action can be facilitated using the “share” buttons located at the end of the offer.



  • BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computerAdd relevant testimonials. What is and how to make a landing page?


A good evaluation of the content by other users. It Will help to convince those who visit us.



  • Show awards or recognitions.


Don’t pass up the opportunity to show off your awards for a good job.


The user will value it.



How to develop an effective landing page?


Below, we will show you some basic tips for your landing page to work effectively.


BluCactus - Landing page - professional person working in a computerTitle and subtitle, What is and how to make a landing page?


They are generally the most viewed elements on the page, at least 4 times larger than the rest of the content.


This means that they must transmit, clearly and directly, the value proposition of their offer so that when a visitor arrives at your page they think: “Maybe it’s what I need. I’m going to read the rest of the page”.


Likewise, it’s very important not to be generic and to present the offer and its value proposition in a clear, specific, and concise way.




The presence of forms is very common on these pages. In them, the visitor, in exchange for their offer, will enter their personal and contact information.


BluCactus - form

As for the optimization of conversion rates, it’s in the form where we can often find the quick wins. These are minor improvements that can be obtained quickly and that can provide visible results in the short term.


Here are two good tips for choosing form fields for a landing page:


  1. Just ask for useful information for your company. Some data that will really be used for some contact with the lead or to qualify contacts concerning sales.
  2. The form must be consistent with the offer and the size of the page. For example, in the case of a direct offer such as a request for a quote or a free test, the page should convince the visitor to fill in the required fields, especially if the form had many fields.


Calls to action, What is and how to make a landing page?



They represent what you expect the visitor to do on your website.


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For example, if what you’re offering is an eBook, the call to action might be “Download eBook”.


Instead, if your offer were a conversation with a specialist, the call would be “Talk to a specialist”. Therefore, use terms that are directly related to what you want the user to do.


In addition, use the CTA to reinforce your value proposition and so that the visitor feels motivated to choose your company’s offer.


On the other hand, if you offer something simple like an eBook or a webinar, the CTA and form must appear the moment the page loads. In contrast, don’t locate the offer in the first part of the website if it’s something complex that needs to have a lot of information.




BluCactus - professional person working in a computerThere’s a saying that goes “an image is worth a thousand words” and this is even truer on a landing page. This is because a good image can reflect the value proposition of the offers and thus, contribute to the conversion.


In contrast, a generic image or that contradicts the purpose of the offer can harm it.


Some tips for a good image are:


  • Avoid displaying “stock images” as they can negatively influence conversion.
  • Provide a sample of those products that allow you to do so. You could show some tabs of some software or parts of the eBook or webinar to convey credibility about the offer.


Summary of What is and how to make a landing page?



These pages are fundamental in the conversion process of users who visit your website or blog. Therefore, its optimization is key for you to get leads.


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Likewise, they allow you to refine your strategy. This way, you can generate more purchase possibilities, which means more sales for you. Thus, this makes it a crucial element for content marketing.


However, let us remember that the bases of all success are knowledge and practice.


Therefore, we recommend that you put into practice what you have learned here. This way, you will be able to generate value for your company through landing pages that really convert.


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