BluCactus - What is a logo?

Essentially, a logo is a symbol that lets people know this service, product, or any output is yours. It contains images, texts, shapes, or a combination of all.

But this doesn’t mean that any combinations of shapes or letters are considered to be professional logo design.

For this reason, BluCactus knows the difference to have a logo and to have a unique one. How a good logo can enhance your company, and establish a relationship between you and your customers, and how a bad one can break and spoil your brand image.

If you are starting a new business, maybe you think about location, the services you intend to offer, and your budget. When it comes to the logo, you don’t allocate more time to have a good one. You say to yourself “what´s a logo!? it doesn’t matter,” but it should!

What is a logo?

Consequently, in BluCactus, we appreciate your time. We know all these critical factors that keep you up all night and haunt your mind. From coffee logo design, fashion logo design, to car showroom logo design, we will go for them. So, keep your head up. You are in the right place. BluCactus will create your stunning, rememberable business logo.


No matter if you are in Amsterdam, Dallas, or another faraway place in the world, we will help you appeal to the entirety of the market and all of its requirements. Inherently, our digital marketing agency can translate your objectives into visual and in it creating a reflection of your character and features to stick in your customer’s mind.


With our professional team, BluCactus understands “What´s a logo?”  and you shouldn’t adopt any designer. As your business logo is not a random mark, it will stand with you throughout time. We will help your brand to have an innovative logo, and that can’t happen without asking the right questions of what your customer’s needs are. So, our reputable design agency is canny enough to realize the market needs because of our endless experience in this area.


 Why do you need it?


What is a logo?In simple words, it is a symbol that connects our minds to the business in question, without needing to search for the brand name.


We intuitively recognize that this shape is for this brand. Your logo is a straight communication with your customers that embodies your ideas, values, and mission.


Creating a distinct business logo design may create an extra budget to hire a designer or contacting a graphic design agency. But you should know that’s worth it. Why?


  • Convey your identity and show your story.
  • Help your customers recognize your brand once seeing your symbol.
  • Make your brand catchy and grab attention.
  • Create an impressive first impression of your business.
  • Help you find your loyal customers. (for example, people now feel loyalty to the logo of Starbucks and Costa, more than belonging to the taste of the coffee they serve).
  • Help you stand out in the competitive market.
  • Translate all your mission and values to a visual objective.


How does a logo look like?


We can divide it into 7 types. BluCactus is competent to do all these, and will also help you to decide which one is good enough for your business.


1. Monogram

The monogram consists of letters only such: CNN, ZARA, IBM. These logos are, even if they are simple, memorable, and effective.


It doesn’t mean you should go directly for a monogram to get simplicity, but BluCactus will cope best with it.


When we can use: if your business name is too long, and you need everyone to remember it, consider using an abbreviation


(for example, referring the first letters of all words in the company name) to make your brand name easier.


2. What is a logo? Wordmark

The perfect example of a wordmark logo is Google, VISA, and Coca-Cola. It comes when you have a unique and succinct name.


So, when the company name integrates with distinct typography, this mark becomes a notable landmark.


It’s immensely important to choose the right typography. For example, designing wordmark for fashion tend to use elegant, and cozy fonts, while going for an official body always adhere to a traditional font.


When we can use: If your business name is short enough that you can use all it in the logo, or if your brand has already owned an outstanding name, it would be an exceptional idea to let your brand stick in customers’ minds.


3. Pictorial mark

It’s the most common to us once we hear “what is a logo”, as it depends on an icon graphic such:


Apple, Twitter, Volkswagen.


Behind this sample model, a symbolic meaning resides. They want to establish the core of their business, and they win it.


When we can use: It works when you want a deep meaning, and think beyond the stereotyped image of your business.

4. Abstract logo

It’s similar to pictorial, but the main component is related to abstract geometric figures and shapes.


Pepsi and Adidas are an excellent example of it.


When we can use: if you want to use outlined colors with a catchy shape, without mentioning a complicated notion, the abstract figure will be our choice.


5. Mascot

Mascot logo tends to get inspiration from a funny character and it the perfect way to create a spokesperson to your business.


The best application to this idea is Michelin and KFC’s Colonel.


When we can use it: it works for a company that wants to attribute a concept for families and children.


Though, put on your consideration, this type of logo can not come across to all your marketing forms such as business cards.


6.  What is a logo? Combination

A combination logo brings together at least two of all the above. The icon and the letters come side by side to create a finalized image.


Here are examples of this combination; Doritos, Burger King, and Lacoste. Indeed, the tremendous benefit of this logo is your audience starts to link your business name and your visual identity.


When we can use: we always suggest using this combination, especially in the case of setting up your new industry. Your business needs to bear in your customers’ minds.


7. Emblem logo

An emblem logo usually consists of a traditional icon that will leave an impressive impact.


This symbol is a go-to choice for historical universities, authoritative firms, and car companies, as it adds prestige and reputation to the business.


When we can use: although it seems to be epic and mystery, we can still employ it to your cutting edge startup.


Especially, when it comes to the food and beverage industry, like Starbucks, the emblem logo is doing well. Don’t miss out and take a look at our favorite logos from our catalog.

10 Vital tips we follow to get a really good logo


BluCactus doesn’t go for anything without a specific strategy; we are aware of what is a logo and how the capability of visual identity can strengthen your authority. We have a track record of implementing a successful logo.


Here some of our power rules


1. Sketches are a must

Maybe it seems a little old fashion, but we believe in the unlimited power of holding a pen to paper for any productive designer. Some designers prefer using a vector program, such as Illustrator for example.


These messy drafts would help to get an effective logo eventually, and have an answer to “What is a logo?”


But be careful, you should think deeper. If you want to create a coffee logo design, you don’t need to go for outlining just a cup of coffee. What makes Starbucks, Starbucks is its dazzling logo.


Accordingly, we don’t get stuck on one idea; no we outline with more than 30 sketches and find out what we should consider and what we should skip. BluCactus appreciates this inspiration phase and spends more time in this initial step before moving on to completing the design process.

2. Bring balance

Designing is all about bringing balance between different elements. Our eyes are great at catching balance in these combinations or at observing when something is in the right position, and normally at first glance.


Therefore, we keep balance by realizing the weight of different components, such: graphics, and colors. Balance is the core of designing. If you break it, you will something, but I assure you it’s not designing work.


3. Consider size

It’s incredibly important to make sure that your logo goes well across all marketing materials, like when you use flyers, posters, brochure advertising or billboards, to electronic formats.


Our approach is testing it ourselves to land the best one that can adjust to all sizes.


4. What is a logo? Take advantage of color

BluCactus - What is a logo? - image

It’s about using optimal colors. Color has profound researches and confounding theory. Our designers can serve these theories to help you get your goals.  


For example, if you search for a fashion logo design to your men’s clothing store, your logo might be black or beige. You will never go for the answer to “what is a logo”, without interpreting the color benefits on your design.


Maybe you know the basic rules of using colors, like considering near colors on the color wheel and making sure what colors look in the black and white background.


But BluCactus is Okay with breaking rule to get a creative spot, as long as it still looks stunning. We can provoke such a polarizing effect to snatch eyes. Besides, we mix and generate compounding colors to inspire a new model of colors.


BluCactus - What is a logo? - image5. Design tone is appropriate to your industry

BluCactus believes that there’s a time and a place for everything. We couldn’t follow hard steps without understanding your industry and what you want your customers to know about you.


First, we will elicit all the information you are eager to muse in your brand. Then, we will come up with a strategy to meet your expectations.


Most importantly, make your logo look persuasive and appealing.


BluCactus - What is a logo? - image6. Typography does matter

The logo graphic is significant, nevertheless, finding and choosing the right font type and size is much more significant than you think, especially, when letters are the masterpiece on it.


BluCactus doesn’t ever depend on familiar fonts, as using the most common fonts makes the design seem clumsy.


We also get straight on only one font. Consideration of a custom font is one of our mindsets as it helps your identity to come off as surpassing.


BluCactus - What is a logo? - image7. Recognition is our goal for a logo

As we mentioned before, the logo is a prominent force when it comes to introducing you to the market.


So, we are aware to not deviate from this goal. Making you distinguished from your competitors is our mission. We aim to create a logo that can provide an answer when someone asks “What is a logo?”.


We want your customers to quickly be able to associate your logo with the services you provide as well with your company. A logo could be seen in different positions, so keep in mind, if it’s applicable to view from all angles.




Now that you have an answer to the question of ¨what is a logo?¨, why it is important to have a good business logo design and how BluCactus can help you. You can now go ahead and contact our team. creating a logo is a part of our dedicated work. We have a competent team that will set their time to meet your needs.


How does it work in BluCactus?


BluCactus - Two people talking to each other about Graphic Design in front of the BluCactus Logo1. Good communication

Our staff will communicate with you and let you introduce your business. If we don’t know “What is a logo? We will help you define it.


We listen carefully to all your needs and start aligning a strategy that well suits your project.


Then, we keep all the channels of communication open and share any updates with you.


2. Exploit all research tools and collect data

After studying your brand information, we define your market segment. Market research is one of our approaches to determine the best way to present your project to the market. Then, start the first part of the design.


3. Preliminary logo design

We offer what will achieve right now to the client to evaluate our works and decide which one they like best.


4. Taking feedback into consideration

According to customer satisfaction, we keep working on the project after taking notes and considering your suggestions. After that, we start designing the second one.


BluCactus - Two guys carrying the BluCactus Symbol into the BluCactus Logo to complete the Graphic Design5. Final Touch

Eventually, you choose the one you like. Subsequently, our team will deliver all the material you need for your corporate identity, including the vector version.


We will never leave you without the feeling of comfort and fulfillment. Likewise, we will listen to your aspirations carefully regardless of your location, whether you are in Amsterdam or Dallas or even Cairo.


Still feeling confused regarding what is a logo; okay contact us now. We’d love to hear from you!



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