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Capturing the attention and interest of a potential investor or client is the main objective of what a Pitch Deck is. A Pitch Deck is a communication tool that gives your audience an overview of your company and helps you attract investors. It is a brief presentation that is designed for your potential investors to know more about your company and your business plan.


This allows us to highlight each of the advantages that your company’s services can provide. Currently, this tool stands out by its effectiveness and the degree of professionalism that it is capable of printing on any business entity. Its use within work and business environments is in the midst of notable consolidation and growth.


The Pitch Decks understood as an information platform, is not a completely new tool, in other words, its commercial appearance, which occurred in the workplace of the United States of America, was initially focused on improving the process of offering services by new companies.


For this reason, the BluCactus agency in Dallas brings you this new and particular professional service. A service where you can count on a team prepared in each of the details of the creation process of what a Pitch Deck is. In this blog, we provide information regarding this product.


What is a Pitch Deck?: Main characteristics and advantages of this highly effective sales tool.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck? - presentations in paper and graphs with blue colorIn general, every Pitch Deck design must have a minimum length of between 10 and 20 slides, in other words, this is enough space to display an overview of any brand or company.


The existence of various types of Pitch Deck can be explained as the result of the many occasions and audiences in front of which they must be presented. Thus, they are perfect to give presentations for Demo Days, that is, meetings, where the information the prospect receives, is issued orally.


On the other hand, the concept of what a Pitch Deck is is an important part of email marketing campaigns. An area that requires more informative designs and with a higher text load than usual. This implies that all sales-oriented slide designs must be self-explanatory.


Tracking slides are the third important element within the Pitch Deck types, in other words companies use this type of platform through social networks.


What are the basic and fundamental elements that make up a Pitch Deck presentation? What is a Pitch Deck?


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck - presentations in power point with blue colorDue to this wide range of uses, the basic structure of Pitch Decks is usually also very varied. In other words, this has allowed various proposals for methodological unification to have emerged among these sectors, mainly having numerous brands from the United States as main authors.


At a commercial level, at least five different proposals can be identified for the general model of what a Pitch Deck is. An important part of these proposals is the model made by companies like 500 Startup, Sequoia Capital, and NexTView Ventures.


For explanatory purposes only, in this article, experts from Dallas’ BluCactus agency mention the model proposed by Guy Kawasaki. Expert renowned for his collaborations with the companies Google and Apple, in other words, his proposal is based on a set of 10 slides, where each one of the features small amounts of text.


This is the methodological proposal with the least number of slides available. The author maintains the general approach of presenting the concept of what a Pitch Deck is as an instrument for solving problems.


1.- Title Slide:

BluCactus - a profesional woman in a suit


Initially, the author places a slide to present the basic data.


It contains information such as the company’s name, address, email, and contact information.


The author’s 10-20-30 rule development stands out.


These figures correspond to the maximum number of slides (10), the total duration of the presentation (20 min.), and font size (30).


2.- What is a Pitch Deck? Problem and Opportunity:

BluCactus - What is a pitch deck? - a team of profesionals in a meeting room


A problem is a need your company wants to solve through its services offer.


It is an essential part of what a Pitch Deck is since the viewer will be able to understand the importance of your initiative.


Deploying this element adequately guarantees you more clients or investors for your business.

BluCactus - a profesional men in a suit

3.- Value Proposition:


This section corresponds to the methodology capable of highlighting the particularities of the company or the business.


This is the stage where the viewer receives information related to the qualities of your brand’s products or services.



BluCactus - What is a pitch deck? - a team of profesionals in a meeting room4.- What is a Pitch Deck? Underlying Magic:


It directly coincides with the elaboration process of products, or in the case of services, in other words, the way in which they have been created.


Generally, this section of what a Pitch Deck is describes the qualities of these elements.


Therefore, the general value of your company.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck? - a team of profesionals in a meeting room5.- Business Model:


This is the most commercial element of what a Pitch Deck is.


Here, you must make sure potential partners and investors feel identified with your business’ methodologies to establish a plan that allows a collective benefit.


Is defined by the ratio between the invested resource and the profit to be obtained.


BluCactus - a profesional men in a suit6.- What is a Pitch Deck? Launch Plan:


This slide must bring together all the approaches associated with the process of attracting the user or client.


Each launch plan must be approached objectively and sequentially.


Related with the intentions and potentialities of the company.


BluCactus - a profesional men in a suit7.- Competitive Analysis:


There, we identify the companies that serve the target audience in a similar way.


That we do and that have comparable marketing strategies.


This allows us to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of our company.


Afterward, we make reference to the competitive strategies we’re going to apply to defeat our competitors.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck? - a team of profesionals in a meeting room8.- What is a Pitch Deck? Team:


We identify the human resources that conform to the company, as well as the personnel that is in charge of implementing marketing strategies.


This element of the model is important to define what a Pitch Deck is.


The investor’s interest will always be encouraged by the professionalism and reliability that the work team offers him.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck - presentations in power point with blue color

9.- Key financial projections and metrics:


The resulting database will represent graphically the companies.


In their financial growth evolution in relation to the arrival of prospects.




BluCactus - What is a pitch deck - presentations in paper and graphs with blue color10.- What is a Pitch Deck? Current Status, achievements, schedules, and use of funds:


Its function is to provide a closure to the entire system of what is a Pitch Deck.


There, we emphasize three important aspects.


First, the current state of products understood as their adaptability to the changes to be implemented. Second, we describe the milestones.


Finally, we should include investment strategies for financial resources. 


BluCactus agency shows you the importance of custom Pitch Deck design services.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck - presentations in paper and graphs with blue colorFor the creation of this type of product, it is possible to contract the services of a digital marketing agency such as BluCactus in Dallas, Texas. Without a doubt, the best option that brands and entrepreneurs have today. 


What is a Pitch Deck? A scarcely replicable feature through the use of templates, in other words, to allow the entrepreneur to obtain fast results, these types of digital tools must be designed by experts. 


This situation is aggravated by not having previous experience in the layout of what is a Pitch Deck. Therefore the elaboration of this type of product comprises a set of activities that demand a lot of time and energy because to solve this situation, our agency has made this new service module available to you.


A set of plans and strategies to facilitate the construction of this support through which your company will obtain the objective set out in its project.


How do the professional design services that the BluCactus Agency offers work?


BluCactus - a profesional men in a suitWhether you own a start-up company or a large corporation, BluCactus in Dallas, USA, has all the services you need. We have a service module for start-ups and SMEs through the implementation of intensive workshops or workgroups.


A system through which a set of advisers and designers of the agency will meet with members of your organization, in other words, the purpose of this meeting is to provide advice to formally present the content of what a Pitch Deck is


For any kind of company, our team offers a first plan divided into two consultancies. The first modality is punctual advice: we assist the entrepreneur on previously built projects, improving the quality of everything that is a Pitch Deck.


The second modality is ongoing consulting, where our team will guide you through the entire Pitch Deck creation process. The second plan consists of the slides correction service, to refine the details of your Pitch Deck.


3 characteristics of Blue Cactus’ Pitch Deck models that make them highly demanded products. What is a Pitch Deck?



Due to the level of experience of our designers, our products have guaranteed quality. Because this applies to the variants in the development of what is a Pitch Deck. Considering its use within the online and offline marketTo achieve this, our experts work based on three basic criteria:


  • Optimized Designs:BluCactus - a computer with an alarm clock


Each of our products has a maximum duration of 3 minutes.


This only represents one of the traits that determine their final effectiveness.


On the other hand, we reduce the use of text blocks in favor of graphic elements.


  • What is a Pitch Deck? Models Exported in PDF:

BluCactus - a computer with a pdf


The use of software, therefore, our design department adjusts the concept of what a Pitch Deck is to each need, according to the occasion.


This is due to the fact that this format allows greater informative stability for the slides.


Which avoids possible errors and flaws at the time of their presentation.



BluCactus - What is a pitch deck - presentations in power point with blue color

  • Models adjusted to the occasion:


In order to satisfy the demand for information from all our customers.


we provide fully customized Pitch Deck models.


Our products have in common an average length of 10 slides.



Final Notes: BluCactus Marketing Agency, your best ally for the design of Pitch Deck.


We know that each brand or company has the ability to create a unique and unrepeatable quality seal. A reality that for every entrepreneur understands a path that is not usually devoid of difficulties because the BluCactus graphic design agency team provides you with all the tools and services of what a Pitch Deck is so that your management process be completely efficient.


BluCactus - conclusionWhat is a Pitch Deck? A process through which each difficulty and challenge will become opportunities for development and learning in both personal and business scopes.


As we previously explained, our team has excellent plans and service structures. Strategies designed with your quality and well-being in mind. In addition, our professionals open the doors to explore new work options within what is a Pitch Deck.


Innovation has been precisely the key that has led the BluCactus Pitch Deck Design Agency, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Dallas, United States, to gain prestige in the global market.


We know how to adequately satisfy the needs of all our clients. That’s why we are glad to please a large list of clients in dynamic cities like Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas because we offer high impact solutions for your brand or company, so don’t hesitate any longer!


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