What is a Presentation?

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Remember the last time you went for a presentation. How you were anxious, stressed, and your slides weren’t well-organized. Remember when you were a student listening to your classmates’ presentations. You were so impressed and asked yourself why I didn’t do that. And as you settled down on my page, you seemed that you wanted to learn from your past mistakes.


So, I am going to tell you here what is a presentation and what should PowerPoint slideshow be like to have a great one.


So first, what is a presentation?


Blucactus - Defining a presentationIt’s a formal talk we tend to exhibit a topic from one perspective. It should be direct, clear, attractive and memorable. This show could be against at least one person.


The main objective is to raise awareness about a specific matter. We could tell a presentation to the oral talk or even the prepared material, such as PP, PDF, and so on.


A good presentation visualizes any abstract idea and makes the audience to be captivated to listen more. A bad one causes the audience puzzled, not caring about what said. So, the audience looks at its watches, and they start to ask each other why we get stuck here.


Things your PowerPoint presentation should include


Before we go through how to create PowerPoint slides and elements should be listed in your slideshow. Check out our free templates that will help you create a good one. Then, let’s get started to write down your promising show.


1.- Research as much as you can for your presentation


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If we needed to find an answer to “what is a presentation?” it would be all about research. But first, you need to have a general title or headline to your topic. Make it simple, precise, and controversial. For example: if you are going to talk about climate change, think to make the name of your display something like “how will the climate change hurt us?”

  • First: Extract all relevant points you could cover. Make a list and start to research for every single point.
  • Second: Refer to any statistics or actual numbers to prove your perspective and don’t forget to mention the source.
  • Third: Tweak your points and make it more questionable and debatable.
  • Fourth: Write what you should heighten in the introduction.

BluCactus - Using Custom Slides2.- Use custom slides


Okay, you almost prepared your points, your highlights, any proven stories, the introduction, and the conclusion.


You also knew what skills you could have to hook your audience for the first time. But, you need something more professional. Not just about using PowerPoint poured it with your content. Hence, you can choose from PowerPoint templates or download our collection I mentioned above.


But, if you’d like to seem unique, create uniqueness. It’s simple. Meanwhile, design your custom sides and you can choose colors, layouts, backgrounds, borders, fonts, and so on. Most importantly, you should make sure that the tone of design still works out with your topic, audience, and the event place.

3.- Graphics, images, and diagrams are always work


BluCactus - computerWe still stuck to find the best answer to “what is a presentation?” It would never be a text slide. Don’t write just blocks of paragraphs, even if you don’t have enough time to add visual images.


Your audience would be distracted, and you couldn’t keep their eyes with you. Instead, use graphics to illustrate your ideas. But be careful when you design infographics, it should be readability and prominent.


Also, you can draw on some quotes reinforcing your idea rather than pointing out your opinion.


And, in the case of statistics, the best way to present recent surveys is designed diagrams. People couldn’t concentrate if you just brought up numbers in your slides.

4.- Keep it consistent and simple, What is a presentation?


Now, we get to the most essential part when you design your templates, which is consistency. Use one font’s size to text and another for headers. The background should come to one simple pattern.


The scheme of your design should align with the fonts. Besides, when you combine images, make sure that the size of these images is appropriate and not out of focus.

BluCactus - Video presentation5.- Use video if it’s possible in your presentation


Everyone knows the power of using video to explain an idea. It’s more effective and persuasive.


But your video mustn’t exceed sixty seconds to keep your audience on track. Another thing, you should consider related to inserting videos, is that you couldn’t show up a separate video. As you will spend more time to close PP, search for your video, and then open it. Alternatively, you can insert your video inside PowerPoint as a part of your slides.

6.- Take care of the transition and sound effects


You could discover a couple of admirable transitions from fade-ins, fade-outs, to checkerboards. Remember that a slow transition and too many sound effects could distract listeners and you are going to seem less professional.


Thus, your message is to gain trust from everyone who sits before you. So, rely on each tool that only services your purpose.

BluCactus - Person exposing7.- Talk about your experience


If you have any personal experience in a selective field, don’t hesitate to inform your audience. It will promote your show. Also, you can include some personal photos to support your narrative. That will help you seem more friendly and relaxed.


However, it depends on the listeners and the topic. Of course, if you are going to show it ahead of foreign delegation, it wouldn’t be a great idea.

  BluCactus - girl in computer

Conclusion on what is a presentation?


If you have a sooner slideshow, don’t delay until the last moment. Start creating your own by our free template. But if you look for optimized something, then in BluCactus we can help you, contact us now. We will help you win your deal, and wow your audience; even you don’t know the answer to “what is a presentation?” We will create a compelling presentation for you.


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