Affiliate marketing made easy: A complete guide towards success

Blucactus - What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has become a great opportunity to earn money online. This is because as days pass by, through the Internet users can share different stories. In them, they can share their experiences when monetizing through this medium.


Believe it or not, a lot of people are making huge amounts of money online each month right now. The good news is that you can do it too. All you have to do is follow some very effective strategies. These will allow you to monetize through the administration of websites. Facebook pages and blogs have also become a very useful means of generating considerable income without much effort.


That’s why you must know all the details of affiliate marketing to get the most out of it through your website.


What is affiliate marketing?


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingAffiliate marketing is part of those marketing strategies that you can carry out to make a website or other means profitable.


Unlike other strategies, this one works as a monetization tool.


The way it works is through a pay-for-results scheme.


Both large-scale and smaller brands can publicize their products and services thanks to this powerful tool.




Parts that make up affiliate marketing


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingThree elements make up this model of payments for results.


  • The advertiser: Who is the owner of the product or service, or the brand.
  • The affiliate: The administrator of the website, fans page, or blog.
  • The platform: It is the space where the offer interacts with the demand. The offer would be the advertising space.




How does monetization work in affiliate marketing?


BluCactus - advantagesThe mechanics to carry out affiliate marketing can be very successful as long as you properly use strategies. To use this tool, you must first be a member of the affiliate program to monetize.


To start using the monetization system, you must choose the website, brand, or service you want to sponsor. This system will provide you with a unique affiliate code, which you can then use to refer your followers to your brand or products.


Besides, you can also use this unique code to track conversations that take place on your affiliate ID. But these aren’t the only functionalities of this code since it also serves to inspect the status of your commissions.


When a customer is referred to your site and enters through a link, they get registered as if it practically belongs to them. Interesting, right?


Now, everything is not as easy as it seems, since if you want to have exclusive clients for yourself, you must first know perfectly the demands of your following public. For this reason, you need to define your niche before starting to use affiliate marketing.


How to get good results through affiliate marketing?


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingKnowing your audience and defining your niche are fundamental keys to achieving success through affiliate marketing. In this way, when you start promoting your brand you will be sure that what you offer to your followers will incline their attention to your brand or product.


When advertisers choose an affiliate, it’s because they find a close relationship between the site, the brand, and the target audience. In the same way, advertisers also take into account quality content when investing in a site.


Once you decide to join, you should already have all the essential elements in place to be profitable. The site, the brand, or the product that you recommend, really has to be of quality. Since it is the only way in which you will satisfy the user who becomes a customer. As a result, you must understand that you should only recommend what is of excellent quality.


The client is demanding in itself, as a result, if your content doesn’t satisfy them, you will have problems in your community. This is because there won’t have the same trust in your brand.


Types of affiliate programs


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingAffiliate marketing has several programs that handle different forms of monetization: 


Pay per click


Through this program, you will be able to get a payment. The said payment will go according to the number of visitors who are redirected to the website.


Or, on the other hand, it will also consider those who click on the link you place on your chosen platform. It can be a website, a fanpage, or a blog.


BluCactus - timePay per conversion


This affiliate program comes into operation when the merchant pays the commission that is the product of a sale. To receive payment per conversion, the purchase process must first be completed and carried out by the referred customer.


Payment by form 


When the people who have been referred by you complete the form with their data on the destination site, you will receive your commission.


Who is affiliate marketing for?


BluCactus -market sizeAffiliate marketing is a perfect fit for the advertiser whose main objective is to generate traffic to their website.


Besides, it’s very useful to create satisfactory sales, thanks to the fact that the customer database can be expanded more easily.


On the other hand, the affiliate may also have the opportunity to achieve this same objective on social media.


Once all the affiliate marketing tools are used correctly, you can get a lot out of the content created:


  • BluCactus -collectiveVisibility
  • Higher traffic
  • Participation
  • Shares


This marketing strategy is 100% effective so that all the traffic that is redirected to a website is of quality.


When you, for example, have a website or platform where you want to apply affiliate marketing, if you use it correctly, you will have a lot to gain.


Many platforms can be used to monetize and obtain a good return. That’s why platforms such as Facebook are used to monetize through their pages.


What to do to monetize on Facebook pages?


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingAlthough there is no perfect formula to ensure success, you, as the owner of a website, have to go through a “trial and error” process. This way, you can discover which strategies may and may not work for you. In this sense, Facebook has become one of the most used social media platforms to be able to monetize through its pages.


The monetization model used on Facebook is very effective and you can get a lot out of it if you follow the corresponding steps to do so:


  • You must know how to choose which will be the most suitable product for your audience.


You must upload a product post, and of course, you cannot miss the link to it.


  • Measure how many likes the product gets in a few minutes. When a product or a link contains over 50 likes in just 5 minutes, it means that it’s working correctly.
  • Then you have to wait for the results of the conversions.
  • If you find that your strategy with the product you have chosen is succeeding, it is best to stick with it. Otherwise, you should try another product.

How to make affiliate marketing work on Facebook pages?


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingWhen working on social media to increase traffic, the rules are generally the same.


And you must apply them if you want to monetize through affiliate marketing.


In the case of Facebook, one of the most important rules is to keep the audience active through concrete actions.


In such a way, that when showing a new product, there is a lot of interaction as a result of the impressions.



Also, there may be a greater chance of achieving sales.


How does it create traffic? 


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingThere are very effective strategies to generate traffic, however, contests are very effective because through them prizes can be awarded to followers. On the other hand, uploading posts in a row is also a good option. In fact, many of the people who use Facebook pages to monetize can upload between 8 to 24 posts in just one day.


If you want to make a posting on your Facebook page an easy task there are many options on the web that you can use to automate posts.


This way, a whole day can be dedicated to uploading all the posts for a month, and then the automation program will ensure that they are published on the page on the scheduled date.


BluCactus - computer with important informationPosted content should not disturb your audience 


Facebook has a great advantage, and it’s that it allows you to see through the Insights page the posts that are marked as spam or the number of people who hide a post. This way, you can see the amount of negative feedback you are getting from the audience.


It allows you to make easy money online


Affiliate marketing is one of the best options to generate money very quickly. And to achieve this, you must use the best strategies you can employ online. The main idea is not that you design a product by yourself, but to encourage the customer to buy that product that you have referred, and then you will get your commission.


Why is it easy to earn money online?


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingHere are some of the reasons why you can make money online through affiliate marketing without making our life hard.


It’s free 


You won’t need to pay a monthly or annual fee to belong to an affiliate program.






BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingYou don’t need a location 


The cost of production isn’t high, since you won’t need a physical space to sell your products.


As a result, you also do not need to hire employees who you have to pay to run your business.







BluCactus - for exampleIt should be well recommended 


Before a user decides to become a brand’s client, they will first listen to other people’s opinions and recommendations about it.


If these are positive, then the client will buy without any issues.


In this sense, if you want to get good recommendations, you must create useful content.




BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingForget shipping 


You no longer have to think about where the right place to store your products is, and how you can package them for shipment. The sponsor is the one who will be in charge of carrying out this entire process.


There will be no complaints


To earn money online you don’t need to be aware of requests for assistance from customers, much less complaints.



BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingFew hours of work


There are several types of affiliate programs, and depending on which one you choose, you won’t have to spend all day in front of your desktop computer to generate income.








Tips to get good results through affiliate marketing


BluCactus - computerThere are a wide variety of marketing strategies, and affiliate marketing is one of them. This monetization tool works by paying for results, and it’s an easy-to-understand model. That’s why today’s affiliate marketing strategies are one of the easiest ways to get money online.


The process is very simple, because you only need to get a client to your sponsor, and after the client makes their purchase through your referral, you will get a commission.


That’s why it’s so important that if you want to get good results you must:


  • Know your audience very well
  • Define your site’s niche
  • Recommend a quality product
  • Monitor negative feedback so you don’t disturb the audience

3 Steps to Take to Get Successful Affiliate Marketing Results 


  • BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingYou must follow the above-mentioned actions to get good results. Besides, you can expand them to your social media. This way, you can also get good traffic, shares, more participation, and commissions.
  • Because there are several affiliate programs, you must know that each of them handles different types of remuneration: Pay per click, pay per conversion, pay-per-form.
  • As the administrator of a page, you must set yourself the goal of keeping it constantly active to capture the most impressions every time you promote any product.


You must entertain your audience so that they don’t get bored with the site. As a result, you must upload content that in addition to selling, is educational for the user. You must set yourself among your objectives to maximize your presence on social media so that your community remains active.


Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingAdvantages of affiliate marketing


  • Coverage can be increased to new advertising spaces
  • The model used for the acquisition cost is very profitable
  • You can attract new customers
  • Make a big impact on the web
  • No pay per clicks (CPC)
  • No pay per impression (CPM)




BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingDownsides of affiliate marketing


  • You must watch the spaces approved to ensure that the brand interests them.
  • Brands that have a little margin on the sale, can have some complications at the beginning.
  • There are times when you cannot control the impressions of the ad, because it will depend on the traffic that the advertiser has.





Spaces to promote through affiliate marketing


The platforms that you will see below have specialized in specific niches, and in general, they handle the same basic affiliate services:


BluCactus - computer with important informationAmazon 


Amazon has become a platform that has one of the best affiliate programs.


Through this option, bloggers, content creators, and publishers can have the opportunity to increase their traffic.


The advantage of Amazon is that you can share millions of products with your audience through personalized tools. You can also earn up to 12% in affiliate commissions.



BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingSharesale


On this site a wide variety of sectors are available, to which you can access.


Thanks to this, it’s a great space for promoting products that are not yours, but from your website.


Affiliate programs are great on this site, as you will find solutions for online stores, tools for social media, and much more.




BluCactus -udemyUdemy


In this affiliate program, you can promote products, as long as they are useful. The content on this site is exclusive and the commission rates are very competitive. Affiliates can have an account, links, and a help center especially for them.


This is a great option to monetize without being in front of a computer 24 hours a day, and you can choose from thousands of courses. As a result, you can use links that you can then promote on your website. Creative banners are also an incredible option for your website, and to earn money for purchases you only need to promote them through them and their tracking links.


BluCactus - computer with important informationClickBank


This platform has over 20 years of experience in affiliate programs, and there are currently 6 million clients who trust this affiliate market. At ClickBank, instead of promoting products, they promote info-products such as software, online books, and courses.


The commissions in this affiliate program are very tentative and can be up to 70% for each sale.


On the other hand, some users complain that the reporting dashboard is very straightforward. However, it’s still an excellent site where you can join for free.



BluCactus -computer with important informationAliexpress


If you want to generate very high commissions, this platform becomes a very feasible option.


In this space, you can have a great variety of products in your catalog, with a conversion rate that varies between 25% and 35%.


When products are inexpensive, there will likely be poor commissions on sales. In this sense, once you get a commission, this platform can take up to 40 days to receive it.



Want to try affiliate marketing to monetize online?


BluCactus - disadvantagesAs you can see, to monetize through affiliate marketing you have several platform options. Before choosing any of them, you must first look at both your tastes and your needs. It does not matter if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about which affiliate program is best for you, because in this post we explained what it was and how it works.


If you want to be very successful in this industry, you must apply the strategies that make up affiliate marketing. Once you do this, you can be sure that you will get good results. Knowing the world of SEO will also help you a lot, because you will achieve greater visibility in search engines, and your sales will increase significantly.


Once you generate a lot of sales, the more money you will have in your pocket. Thus, you will find that making proper use of affiliate marketing pays off.


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