The perfect way to make easy money: Affiliate marketing.

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When we talk about sales we immediately think of the word “Marketing”, and today, selling through networks has become very common. Let’s start by explaining what is affiliate marketing?


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingAffiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission promoting the products of others.


They can be from companies or bloggers.


The basis is simple:


If you are a blogger, you will have built your community, which follows and supports you with each new content you publish.


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingReaders in that community trust you, so if they see you promoting a product they will be interested in it.


If someone decides on buying it, you will earn a commission on the sale.


It’s very simple, right?

  • You test a product or service that you like and find that it fits your audience.
  • Promote that product or service through your blog with email marketing, articles, or social media posts.
  • Earn a commission for every purchase made from your affiliate link.

Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing




BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingWhenever you talk about affiliate marketing, people think about the commission money, but there are many other benefits:

  • You don’t have to spend time creating products.
  • It doesn’t support customers, as this is done by the company that markets that product.
  • Affiliate marketing allows the company to grow at zero risks with an external sales force.

In general, an affiliate system is much more efficient than advertising. This is because only successes are rewarded.


Clicking on an ad has no value. What matters is that the customer makes the purchase. It’s performance marketing, not a traditional branding or promotion theme.




BluCactus - disadvantagesNot everything is rosy and affiliate marketing is no exception:

  • The clients you get for your affiliates are not your clients.

You can’t resend purchase emails, get them to buy something else, and build a lasting relationship through the product sold.

  • The number of affiliate promotions you can do per year is limited as it may upset your audience.
  • It’s not just to place an affiliate link on any site and that’s it.

BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingYou have to work almost as much as if you were promoting your product.


As mentioned before, it’s useless for people to click on the product ad if they don’t buy it later.


You have to motivate the purchase and this is usually more difficult than asking someone to click on an Adsense banner and that’s it.


Next, we will explain the principles of affiliate marketing


The relevance


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingYou must recommend products that are important to your audience. If your blog is about starting a business and you promote a product such as a diet or an online war game, it won’t arouse any interest from your audience.


The risk is double if you don’t segment their offers. You won’t sell anything and will also lose readers. It’s a double for you.


The relevance of the products you promote is essential to your business. Never promote products that have nothing to do with the needs of your audience.


What is affiliate marketing? Credibility


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingCredibility is a huge issue. You can only recommend products or services that have already been used.


The current market is very changing. Because of this, we recommend you be careful when offering services and products. You must always adapt to the offer.


You can’t promote products you don’t know about. This doesn’t add value and help, but rather tries to cheat to earn money.


Reputation is your most valuable asset and we assure you that you don’t want to lose it for a fee.


Your own experience


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingWhen closing sales and working on affiliate marketing, you should never tell anyone to “buy the product” or “the service” because you recommend it.


What is this worth?


If you have not tried the product and / or service yourself, how do you know if it’s really how you present it?


The best thing is that you focus on presenting the product how you use it, that adds value to your business. Working with explanatory video tutorials is much more feasible and efficient at the affiliate marketing level.


Don’t be afraid to identify the limits of a product or service: express very clearly who the product you are promoting is for and who it’s not. This helps the person to identify if that product will be able to help them.


Not all that glitters is gold


BluCactus - computer with important informationForget about animated and flash banners or intrusive pop-ups for promoting affiliate marketing products.


Also, don’t use plugins that automatically transform keywords into affiliate links.


Remember that relevance is key. Nobody better than a human being to optimize the natural introduction of an affiliate link in a post.


The effort pays off, and if you do, your conversion results will go up very high.


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingDon’t go overboard with the number of links you add to your post.


A link at the top, some in the middle and another at the end, is more than enough.


In this way, you will preserve your readers from becoming annoyed. This is because if there are too many links, it will show a certain lack of consideration. It would also seem that you don’t want to develop a long-term relationship but to only sell.


Besides all this, you will also save yourself the trouble with Google.


What is affiliate marketing? Conflict of interest


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingWhat is a conflict of interest? They are those decisions of an individual and the integrity of actions tends to be duly influenced by a secondary interest.


For example, a person who works with a pharmaceutical laboratory to launch a new drug that is related to the exposed topic.


You can use this strategy. Reveal your conflicts of interest, be transparent and honest.


Besides, it’s essential that if you are promoting an affiliate product or making paid advertising of a product you notify it. For the sake of your readers and your own, don’t break the rule.

  BluCactus - time

Take your time


You can try to close a sale after the arrival of a new visitor.


As well as give them free content for a couple of weeks and submit your offer when you have already developed a relationship of trust with the reader.


Use an auto-response system, you won’t regret it, on the contrary, be patient before closing a sale.

  BluCactus - mailing list

What is affiliate marketing? Create a mailing list


While auto-responding is wonderful because you work alone, it won’t do you any good if you only have 100 subscribers.


You need at least 1,000. If you have 1,000 and you want to multiply your income, you will need 10,000.


At this point, we recommend creating a list of your subscribers and weekly send your newsletter with a product or service of your company.


Choosing the right niche


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingIf you haven’t launched your project yet, the first thing you need to do is choose the market in which you want to specialize.


A profitable niche for you will be one that meets these 4 pillars:


A topic that you are passionate about 


Generally, people think that an Internet business only consists of opening a page, choosing 3 products, and starting to sell.


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingHowever, ask yourself this:


where do I think customers are going to come from?


If you are just starting and your budget is limited, you won’t be able to invest in advertising on Facebook Ads or Adwords.


To get clients you have to develop a content strategy.


BluCactus - simpleYou can write to attract your ideal readers and future clients.


And that implies the following:

  • Find new ideas for posts.
  • Answer comments.

What is affiliate marketing? Solve the need for a collective 


BluCactus -collectiveA market is nothing more than a group of people who have a common need. These people have a problem, but not the solution.


This is what we know as the pain factor.


The key to the sale has always been and will be to detect what the problems of an audience are so that you can offer a solution.


Don’t ever sell a product that you’re not sure it will improve by 100% of people daily lives. Doing so will kill your credibility and all your selling power.


Size of the market


BluCactus -market sizeThe bigger a market, the more selling options there are, as well as the more competition.


If you are a beginner there is no point in fighting against large companies. What you should do is a segment within your market, to get an idea and put several examples of market sizes.


For example:

  • Weight loss diets: 27,100 searches per month (market).
  • Cleansing diet: 8,100 visits per month (niche).
  • Diets to gain weight: 2,400 visits per month (micro-niche).

When you start, the important thing is that you focus on the last two. That way, you will already know in which to segment your niche as well as the products or services that you offer.


What is affiliate marketing? We don’t want to invent new markets 


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingA very typical mistake when starting an Internet business is finding an innovative product. A product that no one knows about, but that you believe is going to change the world.


And thinking about that fantasy is a waste of time.


A new product implies that there is no market for that product.


As a consequence, you won’t have clients who have that need or are aware that they have that problem.


BluCactus - computerThis means that there is no current demand.


So, you would have to invest a new budget that you don’t have in advertising for customers.


We recommend that you keep it simple and don’t try to open up new markets.


Unless you are part of a multinational, if not, it’s a waste of time.


What you have to do is attack a market that is developing.


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingChoose the product


If you have already decided which niche you are going to work, it’s time to evaluate which products you are going to sell.


In general, most people choose products for which they will charge more commission.


And the truth is, not a good idea.


You have to sell products that are useful to the consumer.


What is affiliate marketing? Expensive Product VS Cheap Product 


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingWhen making a profit from the sale of products, you have these possible strategies to follow:

  • Product with a low price and sell many units.
  • Product with a high price and sell fewer units.

We recommend option number two for a matter of numbers.


Imagine you are selling a $200 product with a 50% commission per sale.


With 100 visits and a 1% conversion, you would get $100.


BluCactus -computer with important informationBut, with a product of $10 and with the same level of commission, the following would happen:


With those same 100 visits, even if the conversion increased to 10%, you would get $50.


These calculations would not make sense if you choose the products without knowing the importance of your audience.


In that case, it won’t matter if they are cheap or expensive, you won’t sell anything.


A product that can be written about


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingYour customer attraction system is based on the content you can create by talking about the product.


If you choose an article that you can only write 10 posts about, you will be limited when it comes to getting visibility.


Do a little Google analysis to review the content that is already written.


It will only take about 5 minutes to realize the route that the product may take.


What is affiliate marketing? What is being seen?


BluCactus - for exampleRemember the aforementioned.


Your goal has to be to go through those already developed markets.


And within this, you have to opt for the products that you know are already working.


To find out you have 3 options:


BluCactus - computer with important informationAmazon


Amazon is one of the great e-commerce companies and one of the most recognized affiliate platform in the world.


To find out which are the best-selling items, you can easily find out.


You just have to enter the option “all departments”, and there, click on “best sellers.”


BluCactus - computer with important informationWhat is affiliate marketing? ClickBank


ClickBank is another of the largest and most well-known affiliate platforms that exist.


This is because it gives the option of marketing products of different themes.


To see all the articles, just skip through the categories.


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingWhat makes a product interesting?




Severity is ClickBank’s statistic that tells you how many affiliates have sold that product in the last 3 months. This data is important for the following:

  • It’s an item that has already been sold.
  • The level of competition that may exist.

Be sure to research your niche at ClickBank, as it will allow you to have a global vision of everything that is sold in your sector and what works.



  BluCactus -udemy

It’s an e-learning platform that shows that the Internet market is in full swing.


Like the previous ones, you will be able to see which the most demanded topics in your niche are.


Just go into its categories and you will see the “Most popular paid courses in …”


Even the stars will see the number of votes that you have obtained.


This, in turn, will show the demand. If you’re thinking of creating an info-product, Udemy helps find ideas.


Conclusion of What is affiliate marketing?


BluCactus -What is affiliate marketing - professional person workingFinally, affiliate marketing doesn’t teach how we must know how to exercise its principles to carry out an adequate strategy and achieve the goal of your business.


In this post, we explain that affiliate marketing is not only about making money in large quantities or just selling. This is a type of marketing that goes beyond what you think and that helps improve investment.


If you are interested in exercising this type of marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us, you can do it through a comment, or do it on our social media.


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