What is Amazon’s marketing strategy?

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What is Amazon’s marketing strategy? Amazon has become much more than a Marketplace platform. In addition to being a leader in the eCommerce market, it is considered one of the best online sales sites in the world. This is a result of their successful marketing strategy. Like Amazon, other online businesses in the U.S. can apply a marketing plan to make themselves known and connect with their target audience.


Let’s see what Amazon’s marketing strategy involves.


What is Amazon’s strategy?


BluCactus - Huge companieAmazon relies on its 4p marketing mix. It is a marketing strategy that has had a lot of impacts and is an example for many large and small organizations.


Any company that wants to be part of the digital business can use this electronic sales giant as a reference.


Impressive growth has allowed Amazon to create umbrella brands such as Amazon Music Unlimited.


Amazon uses several strategies. Some are focused on traditional marketing and are part of the digital marketing strategy. However, they also cover other advertising formats.


What are the basic principles of Amazon’s strategy?


These are the basic principles that can explain Amazon’s marketing strategy:


BluCactus - Huge companieSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)


Just like companies in other sectors, Amazon also performs search engine optimization, especially in Google Chrome.


This allows them to consistently be in the top search results for various queries and keywords.


Using SEO, Amazon has the unique ability to be able to take customers from other companies and increase their commissions.


Web design focused on user experience


Amazon’s e-commerce platform is an excellent example of how a shopper can easily navigate to find the products they need. Its web design considers the user experience, ensuring customers feel satisfied every time they purchase on the website.


Likewise, Amazon is concerned with making constant updates on its design of product pages. They also frequently modify the registration and category pages. The brand also offers its help to companies that sell their products through its platform. The goal is for these companies to have the ideal profile to attract users’ attention and boost their sales.


BluCactus - What is Amazon's marketing strategy? - AmazonUser-generated conten


It’s worth noting that part of Amazon’s sales strategy incorporates outsourcing content creation. It can be said that much of its content is created by both sellers and buyers who use Amazon’s eCommerce platform.


Sellers create their own profiles and then update the products they sell. On the buyers’ side, each of them leaves their opinion based on their experience.


They can also upload photos, videos, and other types of content that allow interaction with other customers.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the best marketing practices, especially when the campaigns are well done. This is true for Amazon, as well.


Amazon and other companies can take advantage of personalized emails sent to customers who are already added to their databases. For Amazon, these email campaigns are reserved for making recommendations based on each user’s search history, purchase experience, and product reviews.


Email marketing is also a good tool for customer loyalty. Amazon sends personalized emails to each of its customers with specific information on shipments, payment confirmation, and delivery of their products.


BluCactus - What is Amazon's marketing strategy? - AmazonPay Per Click (PPC) Advertising


Amazon’s marketplace strategy has several sources of revenue, and one of the main sources is digital advertising.


Within this strategy, Amazon uses pay-per-click advertising.


In addition, the company allows many advertisers to promote their products directly on its platform.


These promotions are also carried out on Amazon Prime and Amazon Echo.


What is the mission of Amazon ambassadors?


BluCactus - What is Amazon's marketing strategy? - AmazonThe mission of Amazon brand ambassadors emerged as a necessity and has become a good resource for avoiding crisis. Since 2020, Amazon has used various personalities as ambassadors for its advertising campaigns. One of them was Ángel Martin, former presenter of the television program “I know what you did.” During the pandemic, he became a very viral character, and every month he recorded a video with the monthly premieres of Amazon Prime Video content.


However, at the end of last year, the company put aside its ambassador program, where the workers themselves were also paid to create content for social networks such as Twitter. Senior executives had felt that the scope of this program was not what they expected. However, it is essential to note that an ambassador program is usually suitable and successful for most companies in any sector.


What is Amazon’s marketing mix like?


BluCactus - Huge companieAs we mentioned at the beginning, Amazon focuses on the 4ps of the marketing mix, in which the following factors are highlighted:


  • Products

Amazon is unique in that the products it sells come from all categories. A consumer who purchases products from this e-commerce company will notice that there are millions of products to choose from. Many vendors from different sectors offer clothing, beauty items, household items, toys, office supplies, and much more.


  • Price

Amazon’s pricing policy aims to offer the most competitive prices on the market. Their prices compete with those of similar companies such as Alibaba and AliExpress. Likewise, neuromarketing is also part of Amazon’s promotion strategy, which is why discounts and psychological prices persuade many customers.


  • BluCactus - Huge companieDistribution

Amazon’s distribution has extended throughout the habitable world. Available through the web and also through a mobile app, Amazon has no competitor that can match its scale and reach. Also, the shipment speed for those subscribed to the Amazon Prime platform is impressive.


  • Promotion

Amazon promotions have been a good hook for buyers to make immediate purchases. Its pricing policy remains flexible because it is advantageous to adjust prices throughout the year. There are specific times when you can find many promotions and discounts on the prices of many products. Black Friday and Christmas are some of those dates.


Do you need a marketing strategy like Amazon’s?


BluCactus - Contact us - Ken Schreck - +1 469 206 5510Amazon’s marketing strategy focuses on different elements of online marketing. In this way, the company has built a robust and effective image, promoting its success.


If you need a marketing strategy for your business, BluCactus can help you.


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