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Benchmarking: Everything you must know about it in one place. Having a company consists of a lot of organization, teamwork, and good management of different areas. To know if any process in your business is running correctly, you have to carry out studies, tests, and analyses. Besides, you have to put each essential department to the test. This way, you’ll be able to improve your team’s effectiveness and productivity. Thus, achieving better results in both sales numbers and conversions.


Today, we will explain one of the best ways to find alternatives to improve these results. Then, we’ll show you how to increase the productivity of your company in a short time.


What is benchmarking?


To start, benchmarking is a form of business management. Its main objective is to find new ways to improve practices inside and outside the company. For this, it compares other techniques and processes. This is done to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of your business.


In other words, it’s about verifying what your competition does, what are the processes in which they best excel and then taking them, adapting to the areas of your company that need it the most and thus improving processes.


This optimization method is easily applicable to any business process, approach, function, or product. After all, its main focus is to improve measures of quality, costs, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.


Characteristics of benchmarking


To better understand this process, here we list some of its most outstanding characteristics.


Has clear objectives


This type of management method is well known for its objectivity.


Besides, its rules and objectives are stipulated by what is best for the organization.


Analyze trends


Benchmarking is always analyzing market trends as a guide to improve your company’s processes, otherwise, the work will be more tedious and won’t offer the best results.


It moves towards good practices


One of the most important elements for successful benchmarking is that feedback is used to redirect your objectives towards best practices and identify all the various opportunities for improvement.


Benchmarking objectives


Improving productivity and competitiveness aren’t the only goals of benchmarking. Here we will give you a list of some of the best known and most important.


  • It helps to improve the efficiency of the organization’s internal and external processes.
  • Increases motivation, treatment, environment, and actions in the company, both for workers and customers.
  • It sends you to the forefront of your competition’s labor trends, allowing you to apply those that have the best results and adapt them to your business.
  • With the help of benchmarking, you will be able to become a more competitive being and to structure in a clearer way your objectives, behaviors, and strategies to be one step ahead of the competition.

The 4 stages of benchmarking


BluCactus - BenchmarkingBenchmarking is an excellent way to improve productivity and processes in a company, both internally and externally. To achieve successful benchmarking, you must carry some steps. Below, we will make a list of the 4 benchmarking stages to achieve your goals and stay ahead of the curve.


  • Plan


As with any other project, the first step to start doing some kind of analysis or improvement is planning. We should take a few minutes to be honest and discover what are the aspects that we want to compare or better, which is the competition with which we would like to see ourselves reflected and which areas of the business need more support than others.


This may seem like a very logical point, but any job needs to happen in the best possible way. Once we have a clear plan, we can move on to performing major failure analyses within business processes.


  • BluCactus - BenchmarkingMake


Now it’s only a matter of searching, finding out, and beginning to answer the questions. Also, at this point, you must select the companies most similar to yours in terms of business model to be able to compare yourself with them. Collect all the data you need and submit it for comparison along with your data.


  • Control


You must keep a check on the two most important factors that you will put in comparison: the performance gaps between both businesses and the facilitators of the process. Once you have this information, it will be much easier to see what you can improve between your business and that of the competition. Don’t stop taking specific notes on what works for your competition. This way, you can implement it on your own in the future.


  • Act


BluCactus - BenchmarkingFinally, and the part that this is all about, is that we must begin the adaptation process. Here we can already have a better idea about the elements that we are going to improve. So, it’s time to work on a plan where the previously identified facilitators begin to implement these improvements. You must also keep track of all the changes to really evaluate if the performance and productivity of your business are improving.


It’s also crucial that you remember that this is process takes time and you won’t see changes from one day to the next.


However, this is the best way your organization can progressively achieve good productivity results.


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