What is Chanel’s brand identity? A brand identity is essential to any business. Because it is the characteristics and visual aspects that distinguish your product or services. And a good one connects you to the public, and the public to your brand. It also helps define why your product or service is different from others.

In the case of Coco Chanel, their brand identity – their mission, values, logo, product design and business ethics — is very fixed. This makes their brand consistent, which creates trust and loyalty in customers. A consistent brand identity is highly advantageous.

What Is Chanel´s Brand Identity?

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Coco Chanel has a very feminine and timeless style. Since its inception in France in 1910, it has merged the images it projects to consumers with the personality of its famous founder, Gabrielle Chanel.

Chanel is one of the most well-known brands in the entire world; its brand values independence, power, freedom and femininity. In order to create a well-known

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What Are the Values ​​of the Chanel Company?

Coco Chanel was a new century modern, hard-working woman. And has always been in her best thanks to her never-ending innovation. From her fashion sense to her traits as a woman related to money. She decided and knew since she was little that she wanted to make money and climb to the top. She was independent and determined.

To succeed, she learned to use her connections to make a name for herself in this great fashion industry. She created her style based on the comfort and simplicity of men’s English-style clothing.

After that, she achieved her influence by deciding what the 20th-century woman would be like. To then offer her a suitable wardrobe based on comfort and simplicity. She began with knitwear. And this gave birth to women’s sportswear with tailleurs. These illustrate the incorporation of women into the work world with uniforms. 

She created the feminine trousers, her petite robe noir that was destined to simplify the lives of women. And, she managed to convince women that less is more. Her mission was to be the ultimate luxury home, defining style and creating desire, now and forever. Her values ​​were humanity, uniqueness, and inclusion.

What Does the Chanel Symbol Mean?

BluCactus - Brand identityLet’s go back to 1913 and 1915. Coco Chanel expanded her business and moved to her first sewing house in Biarritz. There, she met her investors who, in 1918, helped her move to the address N 31 de la Rue Cambon. In 1921, she collaborated with the perfumer Ernest Beaux. And from there, she created the famous Chanel No. 5.

The meaning of Chanel’s logo

The years passed and Chanel continued to achieve success with each design. And it became clear she needed a logo for her brand. Something that represented its values ​​and elegance. So, in 1925, she created the monogram that we know to date. This is a design made by herself with an overlap of two C letters on their backs that are intertwined. 

They say that its meaning is easy to understand. However, that is not entirely true. However, Coco Chanel was linked to simplicity and sophistication, but also strength.

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The logo of the double C´s is metaphorically related to a broken chain that symbolizes the dependence of women from men. Other theories say the idea comes from the orphanage of the Chapel of Aubazine where she spent her youth. Also, from the emblem of Catherine de Medici. Others claim it´s her initial and that of his lover and partner Arthur Boy Capel.

Nevertheless, we cannot deny that this woman managed to create an empire that became a revolution, not only in design but in Parisian society.

At BluCactus, we can help you start creating your empire in the fashion world like Coco Chanel did. And we hope you dare to experiment with us. We can help you figure out your brand identity and link it with the values ​​that define you.

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