What is Chanel’s marketing strategy?

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What Is Chanel’s Marketing Strategy? The French fashion, beauty, and perfume house Chanel is a highly-luxurious brand renowned for revolutionizing haute couture and ready-to-wear. It’s no surprise Chanel has achieved all its brand objectives time and time again. Through effective marketing strategies, the brand has fullfilled seemingly hard-to-achieve goals, becoming acclaimed in the luxury market.


Today, join us in our journey in discovering every aspect of Chanel’s successful marketing strategy. Suit up with your Chanel suit and let’s begin.

Decoding Chanel’s Value Proposition



Chanel climbed the ladder of success by taking advantage of every resource at its disposal, thus maintaining its visibility in the luxury market. Nowadays, external factors are often unpredictable and ever-changing, forcing all brands alike to analyze and quickly adapt. 


Working with exceptionally talented marketing professionals, Chanel ensures that brand objectives, customer satisfaction, and attention to detail is always at the forefront.


In 2023, Chanel ranked #3 among luxury brands online, securing a safe and admirable spot with a whopping revenue of $17.2 billion in corporate sales. Evidently, the brand not only attains its key objectives, but also improves and evolves over time by employing effective marketing strategies.


What Is Chanel’s Brand Message?


Focusing on quality, beauty, power, elegance, and intimacy, the giant French powerhouse provides an exclusive experience through a vast selection of premium products.


Chanel’s message emphasizes a woman’s elegance and beauty through meticulously crafted fine jewelry, tastefully stitched threads, and designs by the talented hands of upscale experts.


Executing the art of luxury with such poise, Chanel is a prime example of indulging in the finer things of life. Thus, effectively capturing its target audience’s wishes and needs.



                            Chanel’s Promotion Strategy


Social media 

Leveraging social media networks is a vital part of Chanel’s marketing strategy. For example, during the pandemic back in 2020, Chanel connected with the Belgian singer Angele for its ”Stay Home with Chanel” concert, where the brand hosted a concert through Instagram stories, encouraging its 50 million followers to stay home and safe.


This is only one incredible example of how the luxury brand connects with its audience by using social networks. To aid in promoting the #Stayathome hashtag, Chanel continued to contribute by creating a playlist of Chanel catwalk songs, dubbed ”The Sound of Chanel.” 





At the beginning of 2021, the luxury French fashion house expanded their reach through premiering a brand new podcast, known as ”Chanel Connects,” where several brand ambassadors and creatives from different industries meet to discuss content linked with the world of art and culture.

And, this excellent strategy soon proved to be successful in building a strong connection with Chanel’s loyal following.

Currently in 2024, Chanel airs the season 3 of said podcast in collaboration with renowned faces from the industry, such as Penelope Cruz, Carla Simon, Margaret Qualley, and more.

Check on of the recent episodes of ”Chanel Connects” down below:


Creative Campaigns

Staying in the competition and maintaining relevance in the ever-changing fashion and beauty industry is hard work. However, as a luxury brand of decades, Chanel executes the art of marketing skillfully. Apart from parading iconic pieces down the catwalk and releasing seasonal collections, Chanel is also a behemoth of a brand in the fine jewelry and beauty realms.


Most recently, the brand celebrated its brand new ”Coco Crush” campaign, a jewelry line introduced in 2015. This successful campaign, starring Jennie of BlackPink, introduced the new additions to the line, including diamond hoops and a minimalist pendant necklace, adorned with a heart-fluttering diamond. Check it out down below:


The brand also came together with Dazed for this exciting campaign, promoting it to new heights with Coco Crush x DAZED featuring Jamie XX, and other friends and ambassadors of the fashion powerhouse.

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