The risky tool of the moment: What is clickbait and why should you be careful with it when promoting your business

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What is Clickbait and Why Should You Be Careful Using It to Promote Your Business? If you are in the world of marketing, you must have heard or read about this term before. If you don’t know, we’ll tell you. Clickbait comprises a manipulation technique that uses the user’s “curiosity” for profit. Next, we’ll explain this term.


What is clickbait?


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingThis is a term that has a bad reputation due to its misleading techniques.


Besides, people use it as an offensive way to describe content that aims to create advertising revenue.


For this, it puts at risk its quality and accuracy.


What’s more, is that this technique depends on the use of dramatic headlines to attract attention and a higher proportion of clicks.


It also encourages the sharing of this content on social media.


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingClickbait headlines aim to profit from the curiosity of users.


It does this by giving enough information about the content to make the reader curious.


However, not enough to satisfy their curiosity without clicking on it.


So, in short, clickbait is a technique that consists of manipulating the user through their curiosity.


This, to make them click on a specific article or post. Thus, by doing all of this, it gains advertising revenue.


Clickbait techniques


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingWe have already talked about what clickbait is. Now we will explain the techniques of use:


  1. Using language that evokes suspense: Have you ever wondered why you like mystery movies? The entire mystery movie is based on the uncertainty of discovering who the culprit is. It’s an impeccable, simple technique, but, above all, effective.
  2. The use of demonstrative pronouns to wake up curiosity


This point works through the creation of mystery. If you use demonstrative pronouns, you will arouse curiosity in people. This is for the simple reason that we use these pronouns to talk about the subject without mentioning it. Thus, this makes the user wonder what’s behind that pronoun.


BluCactus - computer with important informationWhat is clickbait?, Listings


Article listings is another clickbait technique. Remember that this list should contain the topics that interest your readers the most.


You can also integrate it into the newsletters. Examples of these lists can be “5 ways to earn money online”, “These are the 7 best digital marketing techniques”.


We must mention that odd numbers tend to attract more readers and increase clicks.


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person working

Action Verbs


Let’s go with an example:


“look”, “listen”, “read”.


Is another of the keys that gives rise to curiosity.





BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingWhat is clickbait?, Prolepsis


It’s when you write a headline and start with the finale and challenge the reader to verify it.


It is a smart strategy and the reader may be interested in clicking it and seeing the rest of the story.






BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingAdd a personal touch to the headline


It is vital to empathize and create a connection with the user.


The best way to do this is by speaking in the first person and addressing the audience in the second person, using the “you”.





How can we use clickbait with transparency?


BluCactus - articlesHere, the smartest action is to maintain a transparent relationship with the user who visits your blog or page.


The technique is good, but can you use it to get benefits without disregarding this principle of sincerity? Of course! Here are some techniques for you:


What is clickbait?, Connect the articles with photographs within your site.


Linking articles within your website or blog is an effective SEO technique. This is because it creates a logical interlinking sequence. Thus, the user spends more time on the site. We also know this technique as pure clickbait.


BluCactus - computer with important informationUse humor to connect emotionally with your audience.


The user is already used to clichéd clickbait headlines and many will want to dodge them.


A good way to make sure they don’t do this is to use humor to connect with them.





BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingWhat is clickbait?, Don’t go overboard with the headlines


At this point, we recommend being moderate.


Imagine that you are tired of reading the following sequences on the Internet:


  • The definitive guide to […]
  • The definitive list of […]
  • The most important mistakes […]
  • The reasons why […]
  • The definitive tutorial […]


In the end, everyone uses the same thing and says the same. As a result, its content is devalued and makes it common and unoriginal.


Don’t forget to connect emotionally with your audience and be original.


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingDiversify your content


Writing about the same topics or placing similar headlines will cause users to lose interest in the content you offer.


The diversity of content with a striking headline will make users want to read the information you share.






What is clickbait? Advantages that clickbaiting brings us


BluCactus - visitsGenerate visits.


Headlines written through the use of good techniques are more attractive than others. This is why users go to them more often than not. Besides, users can share them on social media.


Increase the visibility of your brand.


When your website increases the number of visits and your content is shared on social media, your brand can get more exposure.


Disadvantages that clickbaiting can create


BluCactus - computer with important informationYellow headlines.


The truth is that it’s easy to find these types of headlines that don’t add value to the user and that somehow end up deceiving people.


These types of headlines aren’t well-received by users as they tend to reject them.


Thus, we recommend that you don’t use this technique.



BluCactus - computer with important information

What is clickbait?, Low user quality.


Creating headlines that deceive the user results in very low-quality traffic. This is because the content begins to have a high bounce rate and people don’t stay on the website for long.


It can create a bad brand image.


Producing a type of tabloid content that doesn’t add value can damage your brand. Besides, it can even be associated with poor quality or even lies.


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingFacebook or Google can give you a penalty


Facebook has devalued content of this type, and Google can give it less value.


This is because Pogo Sticking can increase a lot.


So, when you create content that doesn’t add value, you reduce the time spent on the web.


This, in turn, makes the bounce rate increase.



What is clickbait? Tricks for responsible clickbating


BluCactus - computer with important informationCreate provocative but real headlines.


This is the key to clickbating.


Always think about the contribution of value when creating expectations for the user. This is because this is where all strategies of this type fail.


Why? Because they create an expectation that later doesn’t satisfy the reader with its content.


Thus, if we don’t give the user what we told them we would, then the brand begins to lose credibility with the public.


BluCactus - listWhat is clickbait?, Make a list.


It has been proven that the user is fascinated by lists.


So, this is a good option to attract the user to our content.


In the same way, Google recognizes those contents that contain lists.


It does this through the example of the zero position of the SERPS.


This is because the enumerations help to organize the information and make it easier for people to read all the data.


BluCactus - computer with important informationEnter relevant data in the title.


It’s important to show the importance of the content in the headline. For example, if you talk about how you can increase your turnover by 50%, try to include this concept in the title of the article.


What is clickbait?, Learn how to use clickbait without fooling your audience.


To avoid disappointing your readers with content that ignores the headline and the emotions projected into it, learn the best practice without falling into falsehoods.


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingCreate an attractive and truthful headline.


Clickbait makes use of fake titles to just get a click.


However, a creative title that connects the user with interesting content can make a difference.


A title can surprise by being realistic and without exaggeration.


You can use templates to create the headlines. This will maintain a specific structure while only changing the word to fit the theme.


Other positive clickbait practices


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingBe brief.


A very long title will lose effectiveness and will not be shown in full.


BluCactus - computer with important informationWhat is clickbait?, Include numbers.


To explain better, we will mention an example:


“5 data from inbound marketing that will make you hallucinate.”


Using numbers in titles creates a higher level of attraction to users. This is because it provides specific information. Just make sure that you deliver what you promise to the public.


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person working



Include the date in the title if you are talking about a topic whose content may change over time.


This will help the reader understand that the content is fresh and important.




BluCactus - questionsWhat is clickbait?, Ask questions


Questions tend to attract people’s attention.




Because when questioned, it’s almost impossible for the public not to want to answer or think of an answer.


For example: Are you a coffee fanatic?


This study will blow your mind.


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingProvide valuable content


To provide the right information, think about what your audience wants and what they want to find.



Ask yourself if your heading corresponds to the text or content you deliver in exchange for a click.


We recommend that you avoid the use of ambiguities or decontextualize the information.


BluCactus - linksWhat is clickbait?, Include internal links


For an article to be serious and for the user to understand it, it must have research and links to articles or studies where the veracity of the information shared is verified.


This makes a good impression and draws the attention of the public.


Besides, it’s best to look for important data and that these are real.


For this, attach images, audios, or videos that not only illustrate and make reading easier but are useful to the visitor.


BluCactus - computer with important informationOffer information


One of the best things you can do is take advantage of some news as long as they apply to your area.


This is a good way to get attention.


Users are curious and what better way than to give them some new information.




BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingWhat is clickbait?, Add sharing options


If you’ve reached this point, it’s because you’re ready to post. Make sure your content has options so that the user can share it on their social media or applications.


Remember, if your users like that content, they will probably want to share it with someone else.


That’s why you have to make it easy for your readers with share buttons.


Conclusion on What is clickbait?


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingAs you have seen, in this article, we explained what clickbait is and why it has become a not so good technique.


As you know, this is because it has made a lot of noise on the internet through deception and false expectations.


However, you can transform the negative things of using this technique into positives.


For this, you only need to focus on things honestly and always adding value.


BluCactus - What is clickbait - person workingThis way, you can get your content to have a positive image, and most importantly, create the traffic you are looking for.


Would you like to use this technique?


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