What is Clinique’s marketing strategy?

BluCactus - What is Clinique's marketing strategy?

What is Clinique’s marketing strategy? Founded in New York City in 1968 by Evelyn Lauder, Clinique is a pioneer in the beauty industry, developing dermatologist-tested skincare products. Clinique’s missions is evident; to offer safe formulas. So the clients can achieve satisfactory results through simple routines.


However, in the ever-changing realm of the beauty industry, Cliniquye has strong competitors. Today, let’s delve into Clinique’s marketing strategy and discover how they differ themselves from the competition. 


Clinique’s target audience


BluCactus - What is Clinique's marketing strategy?Clinique’s target market is mainly consists of women aged between 22 to 34 years old.


However, Clinique also offers products for males through its ”Clinique for men” line, which includes moisturizers, facial cleansers, post-shave soothers, shaving creams, and more.


Moreover, Clinique’s primary mission is to maintain the beauty of men and women. Therefore, the brand’s products are tailored to preserve youth and attractiveness by highlighting the feminine sensuality and independence.


Clinique´s marketing strategy


Now, let’s delve deeper into Clinique’s marketing strategy:


Product Strategy


BluCactus - What is Clinique's marketing strategy?

With the collaboration of a Vogue beauty editor, Carol Phillips and Estée Lauder’s daughter-in-law, Evelyn Lauder, Clinique was established way back in 1968, premiering as the world’s first dermatologically-tested and allergy-tested brand. Now, this brand is renowned for its supreme quality, fragrance free skincare lines, and  carefully formulated makeup products.


Currently, Clinique is known all across the globe, existing in approximately 140 countries. But, how did the brand achieve so much success?


Clinique promotes its products in various platforms including the Metaverse, even launching a digital lab inspired by physical stores. It is also important to note that Emilia Clarke, The Game of Thrones actress and Clinique’s global brand ambassador can also be considered a part of Clinique’s continuous success. Emilia states that the brand is her go-to. The actress inspires millions with her simple Clinique routine that she adores, generating millions in revenue for the brand.


So, now that we know a little bit more about Clinique, let’s explore one of their latest campaigns to understand their marketing approach:

Clinique Queen Me Campaign


Launched in February 2023 for Black History Month in collaboration with Blacktag, the ‘‘Queen me” campaign celebrates diversity, black beauty and culture. The campaign honors black women, beauty, and power, embracing even the flaws. What does beauty mean to you? Take a look at the video down below:



With this campaign, it is evident that Clinique truly aims to connect with the public, promoting authenticity and committing to their brand mission. A recipe for success.

Price strategy


BluCactus - What is Clinique's marketing strategy?Clinique caters to the upper class of society, specifically to individuals who believe in the power of quality regardless of price. Therefore, Clinique is a high-end brand with high-end prices.


This strategy is known as prestige pricing, fostering a strong relationship between quality and price. By emploting this strategy, the brand brings value to their name, which convinces its clientele to invest in their products and not the competition. 


Ultimately differentiating itself from the competition.



Distribution Strategy


BluCactus - What is Clinique's marketing strategy?


While the brand boasts numerous physical stores with trained consultants always on duty, they are also innovative that keep up with the necessities of the modern world. Did you know that Clinique was actually one of the first beauty brands to establish an online store? You heard that right! The brand anticipated the power of e-commerce beforehand and utilized it, ultimately boosting brand sales.


You can find Clinique products in luxury stores, as well as retail stores, and of course, online.


Advertising and promotion strategy


BluCactus - Beauty brandsNow, let’s talk about the brand’s advertising and promotion strategy. Typically, the brand holds sweepstakes and contests to promote and attract new customers.  For example, recently, Clinique Canada offered a sweepstake for the National Lipstick Day 2023, and Clinique UK held a competition, dubbed ”Game Face,” offering a prize consisting of a club support package worth £10K. 


Furthermore, the brand offers gifts to their customers occasionally, including coupons and gift bags. there are occasions when the brand offers gifts to its customers. And, as mentioned, the brand leverages the power of social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, X, Tiktok, and Youtube to reach potential customers and promote its products. 



What do you think of Clinique’s marketing strategy?


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Clinique’s diverse marketing strategy enabled the brand to reach higher levels of success in the market.


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