Community Manager, The heroe of your brand: Who are they? What do they do? And why are they so essential?

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For the past five years, the expression “community manager” (CM) has resonated on the internet. In addition, we’ve had the impression that it’s some job related to social media management. To better understand this occupation, we will explain in detail what a community manager is and what it does.


BluCactus - Community manager - person working hardWhat is a community manager?


It’s the professional responsible for building and managing the online community of a person, group, or company by managing their identity and image.


It’s in charge of maintaining stable relationships with clients or fans.



Who can be it?


BluCactus - Community manager - analyticalThe head of an internet community is a multifunctional professional who brings together various capabilities and skills. Some people gain them on their own or they speed up the process by completing some training programs to become a community manager.


However, even if the profiles of some people are suitable for this position, they must prepare thoroughly if they want to become professional community managers.


A good profile to become a professional community manager is that of someone who already enjoys using social media and is very empathetic, creative, and resourceful. Because of this, CMs are very good at establishing relationships on the internet.


BluCactus - Community manager - woman workingThey must complement this with the following knowledge:


  • Design of strategies
  • Community management
  • Evaluation and management of processes and projects
  • Crisis management
  • Customer Support
  • Tools 2.0
  • Copywriting
  • Web Analytics



How much does a community manager charge?


BluCactus - Community manager - creative This occupation is among the most prominent professions.


This is because more and more users demand and consume information on digital networks.


A community manager, on average, earns around 55.000 USD a year depending on their rank and the size of the company that hired them.


BluCactus considers this professional to be a manager. Therefore, it’s not a handler of social media, but a strategist in using them.


What does a CM do?


BluCactus - curiousSometimes we confuse a manager of Twitter or Facebook with a person in charge of an online community, and this isn’t the case.


A community manager handles the voice of the company on the Internet and determines the public image of the brand and its identity.


They require the following skills and technical knowledge:



BluCactus -content editionContent editing: blogging


Blogging is a common practice among different bloggers. This is carried out with the participation of a foreign blogger.


Likewise, this practice is an inbound marketing tool that helps spread information of interest to all our users.


Among the many ways that exist to enrich a blog, blogging is one of them.


Lean Change Management


BluCactus - lean change Change Management is the application of a structured process and a set of tools to lead the human side of change and achieve the desired results.


It can be used specifically for:

  • Facilitate individual change.
  • Create a common language for change.
  • Empower company managers and managers


BluCactus- hootsuiteIts main tools

  • Hootsuite: This instrument is one of the most essential for this occupation. With this tool, the community manager can manage the profiles of the main networks from different accounts. It allows them to schedule publications, monitor a keyword or hashtag, and to set up work teams with different users, among other actions.

Its only drawback is that it doesn’t handle Facebook. Therefore, the posts of a fan page cannot be programmed.


Here, they have to directly program them.


BluCactus - blogsterappIn addition to this, Facebook Business is a fundamental tool to manage different Facebook Ad accounts or fan pages.

  • Blogsterapp: The community manager uses this tool to optimize time. With this app, they won’t have to worry about spending hours each week scheduling thousands of tweets on Hootsuite. This tool will automatically program the content of your blog. It will publish itself where the client needs it, be it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

They can establish different tweets for the same entry.


BluCactus - Community manager - tweetbinderThe Twitter account will always be active, followers will increase and visits to the blog will increase. Its only drawback is that it only has a 15-day free trial.

  • Tweet Binder: If the community manager manages the social media of an event, this would be the ideal tool to monitor hashtags. With it, they will know how many tweets have been published, what has been the scope, the impact, who are the most active users, and the most influential, among other data.
  • Google Analytics: It allows us to know the profile of those who visit the client’s website, how much traffic is generated by social media, and if this traffic is translated into conversions.
  • Easypromos: It’s the perfect tool to manage contests on Facebook or Twitter.


Other useful tools

  • BluCactus - Community manager - trendsmapCoolTabs: Within this platform, there are endless applications to customize a fan page. Out of all of them, one that allows you to create raffles on Instagram stands out.
  • Twitter audit: allows you to know how many fake followers exist on a Twitter account.
  • TrendsMaps: This makes it easy to know in real-time what is happening in the city, what are the most popular hashtags, and what are the trends on Twitter.
  • Metricool: It represents a very complete tool to program Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and, at the same time, create reports quickly.
  • Canva: If there isn’t a designer or someone with Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign knowledge within the CM team, the community manager can try this tool. This application allows you to create your own and professional posts in a simple and intuitive way.
  • BluCactus - Community manager - It’s one of the most striking link shorteners. One of its qualities is that it’s not necessary to register to use it, but if you create an account, it offers you statistics of the shortened links and allows you to customize the URL. Another shortener that can also be recommended is Google’s
  • Piliapp: This app gives you icons for Facebook and Twitter. With Pilliapp you can make posts or tweets more fun.
  • XoviSuite: It’s an SEO application widely used by those responsible for an online community. Among its tools, Social Signals stands out, which gives you a quick and complete overview of the effect of a link on the main social media platform.

Design tools


BluCactus - Community manager - pixelmatrolPixelmator Pro:


They call it the sister of the Mac Pixelmator. However, Pixelmator Pro is a more advanced photo editor, with artificial intelligence and that competes with the Adobe suite and specifically with Photoshop. It’s compatible with Photoshop image formats so you can work with these designs.




It’s a free program that allows you to modify images. That way the CM can give them a more attractive or different look. It has different functions such as:


  • A viewer to have all the images in a folder
  • An image editor and batch editor
  • Screenshot
  • Create animated GIFs
  • Filters and frames
  • Over 100 templates for our projects
  • Speech balloons and geometric figures.

BluCactus - Community manager - colorzillaColorZilla:


It’s a free extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows the CM to know the exact color that a website uses. It should never be missing. In addition, it’s very easy to use and its main option is “Pick Color From Page”,


which involves clicking on the area that the CM wants and it displays a bar that shows the exact color of that area. It interprets its format as a “dropper” that offers all the information necessary to make a design by placing it on any selection of a website.

BluCactus - Community manager - powtoon



This is an editor in which the person in charge of an online community can create animation videos in the style of “cartoons”.


The CM can then create a story from a basic template to more complex ones, depending on the topic and the customer’s business sector.


Its free version is worth it because it’s very complete.



BluCactus - content curationContent curation and coolhunting


  1. Content curation: it’s a strategy that comprises the analysis, tracking, and compilation of information on a certain topic, sector, or area.
  2. CoolHunting: This is an innovative discipline to detect how combining certain social changes can mean new needs for consumers.



BluCactus - storytelling

Storytelling and transmedia narrative


  1. Storytelling: it comprises connecting with users through a message that is being transmitted, either by voice, in writing, or through a story.
  2. Transmedia narrative: it’s defined as a story that unfolds through multiple media and communication platforms.



Important aspects of managing social media


BluCactus - data

Strengthen communities


This may be a constant work task since it involves responding to the messages and comments of each user.


The ideal is to be in constant interaction with the public so that they feel listened to.


BluCactus - monitoringMonitoring and active listening


This point has a lot to do with the previous one. If the account shows constant interaction and movement, it will grow.


For this reason, they monitor their activity. The results are minimal after three months, but with a constant review, the CM can analyze and observe what are the weaknesses and strengths of each step that is taken.


BluCactus - what is a cmMeasurement and reporting


At this point, you can measure the interaction of the public with each publication and analyze whether there is receptivity or rejection of our actions.


The CM’s report to the company as stipulated in the contract. Meetings should be held on a monthly basis.


This is where a report of their work is delivered, this being the endorsement of the work done.


BluCactus - person holding a phoneDeep knowledge of social media


Today there are different specialties for each social media platform, be it Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


In fact, there are multiple courses and workshops in which the CM can train in depth.


Let’s not forget that each platform is handled differently, as not all people use networks in the same way. The interaction is different, among other aspects.


Main online platforms and two important types of social media


BluCactus - who can become a cmMain virtual communities: Facebook and Instagram


Most users have a Facebook and Instagram account and the most important thing is that they have a basic idea of ​​how to use it.


This is because their sole aim is to stay connected and entertain themselves.


Therefore, the CM should have extensive knowledge of these two platforms.


BluCactus - linkedinB2B social media: LinkedIn


When we refer to B2B, we mean Business-to-Business.


This term comes from the business between companies, such as relationships between them and suppliers. As we know, LinkedIn is a simple platform used to create “Your CV” and to be able to find a job.


Besides, people aren’t the only ones that use it to be part of a company or project, as there are also profiles of large companies such as L’Oreal or Netflix, companies involved in very different areas. However, the aim of both is to expand and engage with the public.


BluCactus - social mediaSocial image networks: Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat


In these networks, image and content reign. So don’t even think about posting meaningless photos. Innovation and reinventing themselves are factors that are gaining space on the networks daily.


We previously mentioned Instagram as one of the most popular platforms, but it’s also one of the most visual. The good use of an image, or a good video with YouTube and Snapchat, can give you the desired attention from the public. Therefore, the CM must know what the best content format for the user is. With an excellent strategy and market segmentation, we can achieve a lot.


BluCactus - on pageNeurocopywriting and SEO on-page

  • Neurocopywriting: It’s the persuasive writing, present in the digital medium oriented toward a specific aim. It considers neuromarketing and neuro-sales techniques to achieve it. Remember that you don’t sell to people, but their minds. A good text transmits the desired message that, without a doubt, will attract the target audience.
  • SEO on-Page: Refers to the optimizations you can perform on your page. On-page SEO is everything we see outside our website and how it’s optimized is the result. The person in charge of an online community must do their work consistently since everything that appears outside of the page is their responsibility.


Community manager skills


BluCactus - computerAmong its key qualities are:

  • Communicative: You shouldn’t only receive information but you should also retransmit it correctly. Many of the situations that become important topics on social media arise quickly, and the person in charge of monitoring the platforms must know those situations in real-time to react accordingly.
  • Passionate: You must have a lot of enthusiasm for what you do. Also, a person passionate about their work meets goals and will always be responsible.
  • Curious: Certifications, studies, and preparation are very important, but curiosity and a desire to learn must accompany all this. Curiosity will always get the CM very far.
  • BluCactus - creativeResearchers: It’s essential that we previously review, analyze, and verify all the information we use on the networks to certify its authenticity and avoid mistakes.
  • Creative: A true CM has a great imagination and must have the potential to exploit their ideas and communicate them correctly to the public.
  • Analytical: Creativity and fluency are important for social media, but a good analysis must accompany them to avoid problems.
  • Proactive: Anyone in charge of an online community doesn’t wait for orders, they know their job, and always has alternatives or options to avoid falling into monotony.
  • Flexible: Flexibility and trust between the company and the CM are key. Those responsible for an online community must have the empathy to solve problems and accept changes.


BluCactus - prescriberCommunity manager, Their daily tasks

  • Interact with users. This involves reviewing and responding to private messages, comments, mentions in forums, and blogs.
  • Encourage the conversation and engagement of users with publications.
  • Check that you have published the scheduled posts correctly.
  • Listen to what users say on the network about the topics that concern the company.


Its principal functions


BluCactus - tasksThe main function that this professional develops is the creation of attractive and quality content. The CM isn’t limited to creating and writing content only for social media; it’s also in charge of managing the company’s corporate blog.


Additionally, the social media expert must decide what the best time to post the content is. To do this, it has multiple tools that show what the best time of day is and what is the best day of the week for content acceptance. It also has tools to schedule the publication of content. Not only will content be scheduled for the most popular hours, but they must also make publications at other times since, otherwise, it will not be possible to reach all of our target audience.


The CM has to monitor all the publications and news of its business sector. This way they become the eyes of the company on the Internet. This allows them to identify opportunities, threats, and relevant content from the competition and sector.


BluCactus - men workingUsers dislike content that lacks knowledge, reflection, or values. Because of this, the community manager must provide content to satisfy these demands, even if they have to promote publications from other companies.


In short, the CM has to measure the number of votes in the publications, the number of “Likes”, “saved” or “shared”, the number of comments and visits to the profile.


Likewise, it’s vital that the community manager knows their target audience, not only their fans but also potential followers. This way, they will present their strategy and determine which actions will be more successful among the said public.


Other relevant functions


BluCactus - prescriberAnother fundamental function of the CM is to create stable and lasting relationships with fans to get them involved. Thus, you must put yourself in the situation of each user and understand that they aren’t in the networks to buy products but to enjoy themselves. The key to the success of a community manager is to become a friend of the user to gradually turn them into a loyal customer.


On the other hand, we cannot forget its function of identifying the prescribers.


Community manager What is a prescriber?


They are that follower who not only interacts with your publications but is also willing to defend your brand against criticism. Therefore, the CM must know these prescribers, their tastes, and motivations, to carry out specific actions aimed at strengthening their relationship.


BluCactus - piliappHowever, the CM not only has creative and innovative tasks, but it also has complicated functions. One of these functions is to stand up for the company during an online reputation crisis. This could be because of a failure of the community manager themselves, an unfortunate comment from a manager, or a defective product. Here, the answer doesn’t have to be prepared by the CM but may come from the bosses or supervisors of the company.


As you may have deduced from all the above, to be a good network expert you must know how to define, prepare, and execute strategies. Also, it’s necessary to know how to plan each detail carefully and expect the effects that each action will have.


Finally, we must remember that all these functions must have as their ultimate goal to achieve the highest number of conversions. These can be multiple and do not always have to materialize in sales. For example, one type of conversion may be to increase the number of affiliates to the brand.


What do you have to study to become a Community Manager?


BluCactus - graduationFor this professional to perform their role perfectly, they must possess a series of competencies and skills. Besides, currently, professional community managers are increasingly being sought. However, at the beginning of this profession, it was enough to have empathy and being familiar with the tone to be used in each social media platform. Now, you can first, train appropriately, either through a course or a workshop where you could win an award.


However, if you are serious about developing strategies and helping to build organizations within the digital world, you must work on the strategic approach. Additionally, you will probably have to get a master’s degree in community management. 


On the other hand, if you already know what a community manager is, the tactical possibilities in the field of marketing and communication, perhaps a postgraduate degree in this area will suffice.


If what you want is to quickly learn how the main tools and media work without delving into strategic concepts, a professional course may be enough for you.


Community manager, Summary


BluCactus - contact usAs you have already understood, to be a good CM you must have a set of competencies and skills. With the help of different tools and with a lot of practice, you can become an excellent community manager over time.


If, on the contrary, what you need is to hire a CM, you can contact us, we will gladly assist you and find the best option for you.


We’re BluCactus. We’re a marketing agency whose only purpose is to solve your problems.


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