What is data security, and why is it key in companies?

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What is data security, and why is it key in companies? If you have an online business, you know how important it’s to provide your clients with a space where they feel comfortable sharing sensitive and private information. That’s why many websites use different safety software to help customers feel more confident.


Today, we’ll explain why the key to a successful company is data security. Here, you will learn how to achieve it so that your customers feel more comfortable with your business.


What is data security?


First, you must understand exactly what data security is. When we speak of it, we mean the practice and systems used to protect your clients’ digital information. This way, they will be safe against unauthorized access, theft, or corruption. This encompasses the most important aspects, from the physical security of the hardware to the logical security of the applications and software.


These pieces tend to store the information of companies, records of the members of the company, some detail of the clients, contact information, loyalty schemes, transactions among others. That’s why you must use some type of system to protect this data from fraud, scams, or identity theft.


Elements of data security


Some elements of data security that will allow us to guard the back of an identity thief or fraud are the following:


BluCactus - data securityAuthentication


This, together with the authorization, is one of the most recommended ways to increase the tracking of your clients’ data in case someone tries to breach its security.


Thanks to authentication technology, we can protect this valuable information for customers with the help of passwords, security PINs, Tokens, magnetic cards, or security questions that can only be answered by a customer once they log in.


BluCactus - data securityBackup and recovery


Even if most people don’t think about it, you must prioritize making a backup of all your company and customer data in case of system failure, disaster, or data breach. In this case, we recommend making frequent and regular backup copies to back up access.




Encrypted data software allows us to improve our data thanks to the use of an algorithm and encryption key. These will turn a normal text into an encrypted text. This is like having a password that if you don’t know, you won’t be able to understand.


BluCactus - data securityData masking


Data masking software helps us hide letters and numbers with proxy characters.


This means that although the data is still there, it has a kind of mask that covers it and makes it impossible to see.


This type of software changes the data to its original form in an authorized form by users only if they agree with it.




With the help of tokenization, we can replace confidential data with random characters that cannot be reversed by an algorithm.


Data and token values ​​are stored in a protected database lookup table, unlike the ciphers that are generated and unchecked by a mathematical algorithm.


This is used in different systems as a replacement for real data. This way, companies can later store it on another separate platform, which gives greater security to you as companies and your customers.


Deletions and erasure


If some data is no longer useful or no one will use it, you can delete it so that it’s impossible to recover it again.


Another way that you can also delete data is to write over it. For example, if your goal is to update some type of information about your customers or your company.





What is the importance of data security in companies?


We already talked a bit about what data security is and what this means. Now we’ll talk about its importance within your company and the benefits it can give you.


  • Integrity and precision


This allows you to have a better image before your customers. Besides, it will help you ensure that no errors will happen in terms of their data. This includes all those users who have an account on your page or carry out a transaction on your website.


  • Business continuity


For the world we live in today, where most organizations operate digitally, it’s essential to have this type of data security system. If your company wakes up one day and all the data of the company or a particular team.


Is erased by human error, which can mean a catastrophe in the future operation of the purchase.


That’s why having a data security system and special software where we can trust the basis of our business is crucial. Only in this way can we maintain the routine and accessibility of future projects and jobs.


  • BluCactus - data securityZero data breaches


All companies share the responsibility of what data from their clients and staff will they keep safe.


If a data breach happens, this can have highly negative consequences for your company.


In fact, it can go from losing your clients’ trust to legal matters such as lawsuits from users.



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