The future of marketing: Digital marketing and everything you need to know to reach the success of your business

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What is digital marketing? And their types, also known as Online Marketing is the set of strategies and techniques that are used to sell products or services in media and internet channels.


Currently, Digital Marketing is one of the main tools that companies use to communicate with the public in a direct, personalized way, and at the right time.


The definition of Digital Marketing


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationPhilip Kotler is considered to be the father of Marketing, and he defines it as follows:


“It’s the social process from which people and groups of people satisfy desires and/or needs with the creation, offer, and free negotiation of products and/or services of value with others.”


However, the way to do make this happen can change almost daily. This is thanks to the technological advances that can make things change from one moment to another.


This way, it’s impossible to talk about marketing while ignoring the fact that more than half of the world has access to the internet. Likewise, experts estimate that by 2021 there will be 2.3 billion digital consumers.


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - seoThis explains why Digital Marketing is the perfect way to advertise your company or brand through the internet.


The use of digital channels like social media, websites, search engines, and others, help companies to gain visibility.


This, in turn, helps them solve the issues and desires of their current and potential customers.


Likewise, there are a lot of different organizations and establishments that use digital marketing for their campaigns. Some of these can be companies, universities, NGOs, associations, churches, among others.


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationIf we want to correctly use digital Marketing, we must consider different factors. Some of these are cultural, psychological, geographical, and legal. These factors can directly influence the way people buy or sell a product or service.


Digital Marketing can benefit from different strategies, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Inbound Marketing, and Content Marketing. This is thanks to the great flow of communication that the Internet can provide.


We must consider Digital Marketing as an important tool. Especially if we want to increase our network, strengthen our brand, and make better sales.


How Online Marketing was born


BluCactus - marketing onlineDigital Marketing was born between 1990 and 1994, a fact that coincided with the launch of “Archie”, the first search engine.


At first, it was based on Web 1.0, which was unidirectional, that is, it did not distance itself from traditional offline media.


Previously, the Internet did not allow users to actively interact with web pages.


However, it did allow people to find information through a simple search engine.


BluCactus -people working together

To give you an idea, it was like a library where you go in and find what you need, but could not alter the content.


In this first moment, thanks to the internet and the web, the term “Digital Marketing” was created.


However, it was still very similar to traditional marketing, since the communications were one-sided.


Likewise, the company was the only one able to carry this out on an institutional site.


BluCactus - woman working on her phone

Thus, the consumer could only receive the content without any close interaction between both parties.


In 1993, Internet users became more involved with companies that advertised on the web, as the first clickable advertisements emerged at that time.


However, it was not until 2000 that Digital Marketing started to became what we know today.





Main concepts of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a universe with its own terms. Before we begin, we are going to explain each of those main concepts:




BluCactus -people working togetherUnlike traditional strategies, Digital Marketing works with the concept of people.


Likewise, this consists of the creation of semi-fictitious profiles.


These profiles are then based on real consumers that frequent our brand. Thus, this can help us build our idea of the perfect buyer for our product or service.


This way it’s possible to create more segmented actions and direct them to the right people.


This in turn can help us save more time and money.


BluCactus - leadWhat is Digital Marketing? Lead


Leads are business opportunities.


They are the contacts that, through an Inbound Marketing strategy, leave their key information.


Likewise, this can then allow you to identify potential customers.


Thanks to this you will be able to provide the relevant content until they are ready to buy.


Sales funnel or Pipeline


BluCactus - funnelThis concept represents the stages that a user goes through before becoming a customer of a company.


The sales funnel is usually divided into three stages:


  • Attraction: It’s when the user begins to reflect on the problem they have and begins to search for information on the Internet to clarify their doubts.
  • Consideration: At this point, the potential customer already knows what problem they have, but they want to find the best solution to solve it and they still don’t know if this will be a product or service.
  • Decision: The solution is already defined and it’s up to the user to choose which company will deliver the best product or service for their needs.


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationWhat is Digital Marketing? Landing Page


They are those lead capture pages, and their focus is on collecting information from users.


The idea is that these landing pages offer valuable content.


Or material to get users to leave their contact information and become leads.




BluCactus - seoSEO


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of your site so that it’s understood by search engines.


They are actions that contribute to improving the positioning potential of your pages and content.


Likewise, this helps you to meet the main requirements of search platforms such as Google and Bing.




BluCactus - ctaWhat is Digital Marketing? CTA


Calls to Action or CTAs are the calls that lead to action, forgive the repetition.


This means that when a user visits a website.


They must comply with them to continue in the flow of their sales funnel and arrive at the time of purchase prepared for consumption.



BluCactus - conversionConversion


It’s the term used to represent the process of attracting users to your contact base and getting them to the bottom of the sales funnel.


The goal of conversion optimization is to discover where isn’t being used correctly within a blog or website.


The best way to do this is to analyze data and run tests that indicate areas for improvement.


What is Digital Marketing? User experience (UX)


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationDay-by-day, the user gains more power in the consumer journey, both in terms of content and in the interactions they make with brands.


That is why this concept has been so popular in companies’ strategies.


From performance to visual design, we must structure our web pages to create a pleasant browsing experience.


This, in turn, will interest the user and make them stay longer on our website.


BluCactus - practicalA report from Toptal showed that 88% of visitors won’t interact again with a website that has given them a bad experience.


In other words, if your page takes a long time to load because it has a lot of spam ads, you will be missing real opportunities to convert your users into business opportunities.


User experience is directly related to factors such as:


  • page interactivity
  • Information architecture
  • page loading speed
  • Web design
  • diversity of content manager resources
  • Choosing a good hosting service.

BluCactus - segmentationSegmentation


This is one of the most important and efficient tools available in Marketing.


This allows you to convey a message to a certain audience with very specific characteristics.


Likewise, it allows you to customize campaigns and provides an approach to impact those potential consumers who have interests related to the brand.



BluCactus - costWhat is Digital Marketing? Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)


CAC stands for Customer Acquisition Cost.


This is numerical data indicates the amount of money that a company has to invest to obtain a new customer.


This data is present in almost any area of ​​the company’s marketing team.


Likewise, the costs are accumulated from the moment a user enters through the funnel, is nurtured, and made the purchase, to make this possible.


BluCactus - crmCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)


Regarding companies, this is very important, especially since the increase in the popularity of Marketing 3.0.


This is the improvement of their relationship and service with the customer.


CRM, or customer relationship management, is software designed to manage and control those aspects that are related to customer service.


Likewise, it also focuses on potential customers to ensure their satisfaction and stimulate loyalty.


The benefits of Digital Marketing.


If you want to manage contact details, marketing is the perfect option for you as it can save you a lot of time. Besides, you can manage it from anywhere in the world.


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationLikewise, it can also offer you specific data to create solutions aiming to fulfill your customer’s needs.


What is Digital Marketing? Content Management System (CMS)


The CMS or content management system is a necessary tool for those who have a web page. It doesn’t matter whether they use it as a blog or an online store. This is useful to manage, organize, and have full control of its publications and content.


A CMS allows you to perform various tasks, from a single platform to simplify life.


BluCactus - optimizationThe main benefits are:


  • Develop a website and keep it updated
  • Add new content
  • Apply SEO optimization techniques
  • Optimization of images, keywords, and more, All this to generate organic traffic
  • Create multiple projects with different purposes, either a blog or a virtual store at the same time
  • Increase page loading speed
  • Reduce costs for updating and maintaining the website


All this contributes and favors the user experience, and at the same time provides various resources for the effectiveness of their strategies.


WordPress is the platform that calmly leads the CMS market worldwide. However, we also have CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, Blogger (from Google), and Wix.




BluCactus - the engagementEngagement in Online Marketing can be interpreted as the level of identification and emotional connection that customers and prospects have with a product or service.


We can measure this according to the times or places where there is an interaction between users and the company.


Engagement serves to:


  • Determine the quality of interaction between the brand and the audience.
  • Understand what products or content your customers like to see.
  • Measure the level of identification they feel with some materials.
  • Get feedback from users about the brand.

BluCactus -people working together

What is Digital Marketing? Loyalty


We can gain the loyalty of customers through certain actions and strategies.


The aim of these actions is to get the customer to return to our products.


And services once they have already bought them.




BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationThis loyalty offers multiple benefits, in addition to increasing the company’s sales:


  • Retain clients.
  • Lower customer acquisition costs.
  • Obtain more resources to cover expenses or generate new business opportunities.
  • Become an authority in the area.
  • Get data from loyal customers to be more competitive.
  • Users become ambassadors and propagators of the brand.


All this is possible due to the strategy and loyalty programs.


In addition to offering quality products and services, seek to reward customers and give them unconditional support.


Growth hacking


BluCactus - grothw hackingWe can interpret Growth Hacking as follows: “Learning growth habits”.


This is becoming a very necessary concept for Digital Marketing in general. Likewise, this aims at finding ways to develop a business.


This is more of a group mentality rather than a specific strategy or practice.


However, to apply it correctly you have to pay attention to 3 main points:


  • Creativity.
  • Automation.
  • Experimentation with data analysis.

What is Digital Marketing? KPIs


BluCactus - kpiKPI stands for Key Performance Indicators and they are the metrics of different actions and areas. These are used to know how effective a digital marketing strategy or action can be.


Likewise, it’s very common to think every metric is a KPI, but they aren’t. Thus, KPIs are the leading indicators for your business and objectives.


There are different types of KPIs, according to their level of importance, these are:


  • Primary: they measure leads, CAC, conversion rate, total revenue, and traffic.
  • Secondary: measures the cost of each lead in the different stages of the sales funnel, subscribers to a blog, recurring visitors, cost per visitor, and subscribers to a newsletter.
  • Practical: It measures bounce rate, page views, Pagerank, most searched keywords, and most-read content.

Link Building


BluCactus - link buildingLink Building is a set of techniques and practices that are used to generate links on external websites.


Its objective is to contribute to the SEO positioning of a site within search engines.


In fact, the links that direct traffic to your website are known as backlinks.


Each of them serves to tell search engines that your site or content has valuable material regarding a keyword.


This favors rising positions in the Google search results.


What is Digital Marketing? ROI


BluCactus - roiThe return on investment is a mathematical formula that allows us to see the profitability of a strategy, action, campaign, or any investment of resources.


This calculation is very easy to do, the only thing necessary to perform this operation and to know the percentage of return on investment is: (Profit ($) – Investment ($) / Total investment) x 100%.


However, ROI is used to calculate the profitability of many things, for example:


  • Social media (sales or clients)
  • Specific content
  • A website (visits, customers, conversions, among others).

Responsive Design


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationResponsive Design is the website’s ability to adapt to users regardless of the device they are using.


This means that no matter the screen size or characteristics of the device, the user must be able to see it without any issues.


The possibilities of Responsive Design allow you to be available to:


BluCactus -people working togetherWhat is Digital Marketing? Virality


This is the ability that a publication on the internet has to be shared and receive a lot of visits in a short period.


Likewise, we must highlight that the power of virality is infinite because it can reach thousands to billions of people really quickly.


Thus, this can allow you to reach a higher level of exposure for your brand or product.



BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationNutrition Flow


It’s a Marketing automation process where a user’s action is a trigger for a flow of email messages.


Likewise, the aim of this is to help the visitor walk through the sales funnel.






What is Digital Marketing? Interactivity


BluCactus -interactivityThis is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is becoming more popular and traditional marketing is falling behind.


This type of marketing no longer focuses on the product but, instead, it focuses on the user experience.


This means that consumers can interact, comment, and influence other people with just a few clicks. This, in turn, increases the level of engagement between our brand and the public needs.


Consequently, it’s becoming more necessary to talk to the audience. We can clearly see this if we look at the growth of interactive content.


Types of Marketing


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationIt can be difficult to find the correct strategy by analyzing multiple marketing campaigns.


This is because you may want to find the best of each of them to include it on your own campaigns.


Thus, at BluCactus, we care about your stability.


All we want is for your website to achieve its objectives and for you to obtain the best benefits.


We are going to review the different types of Marketing that exist. We will do this while keeping in mind the permeability of each one of them.


Inbound Marketing:


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationThis is probably the most “general” and a specific type of Marketing based on its new conception.


The aim of this method is to attract clients and interact with them. We can do this to drive the growth of our company.


Likewise, this method lays the foundations to create a more versatile and humane way of doing business. This is because it’s a better way to market, sell, and help customers.


So, as we all know, what is positive for the customer is also positive for us. Thus, if you use this, you will allow your company to grow and your clients will want to recommend your services and products.


What is Digital Marketing? Content Marketing:


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationThis is vital to attract organic traffic, gain a better SEO positioning, and to make the customer fall in love with our brand.


Likewise, there are many variants to implement this, such as branded content.


This is when a brand generates content to publish it outside the media and, that way, get earned media.


Likewise, in this type of marketing, the relationship between the brand and the client is very important.


Thanks to this, new figures appear such as the content curator.


BluCactus - search engineSearch engine marketing:


Before the creation of a website, we must include this in our marketing strategy. By using this method, we are aiming at having a great positioning on search results. Thus, we can attract the highest potential traffic possible.


What is Digital Marketing? Permission Marketing:


It’s the relationship that we maintain with users based on the “permissions” they give us.


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationEmail Marketing:


This is a medium to promote, sell, and communicate with users through the use of email marketing services.


We often use this as a tool included in Inbound Marketing.


Likewise, if you want to achieve the success of your digital marketing strategy, we recommend that you use this method.


Thus, this is one of the most effective strategies regarding the return of investment.


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationWhat is Digital Marketing? Marketing Automation: 


They are the tools or technologies that allow us to have a relationship with the user based on their data.


Likewise, this data can include their email, telephone, and social media accounts, among other things.


You can combine all of this with their previous responses, purchases as well as the products they visited or bought.



Affiliate marketing:


BluCactus - affiliateThis consists of websites that partner with a company.


Then, the company, through its technology and commercial equipment, will sell the inventory based on the performance.


Likewise, they will also consider the advertiser’s goals such as achieving leads or sales.


Thus, the advertiser will be able to gain clicks or traffic for their own website.



What is Digital Marketing? Mobile Marketing:


BluCactus - mobileSince we live in a world where geolocation is a basic feature for most services, we must understand this.


This method offers us many features.



Some of them are:


  • The correct management of apps.
  • The creation of a relationship with our client.
  • Infinite possibilities of communication.
  • Multiple advertising opportunities.


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationInfluencer marketing, as part of the management of social media


This method works by looking for popular personalities or “influencers” that are related to our field or brand.


These influencers usually have a huge following, thus allowing us to reach a wide audience.


Likewise, we do this intending to create a lot of content to engage with this audience.



BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationWhat is Digital Marketing? Internal marketing:


This is a critical type of marketing as this lets us “control” the three audiences which are the B2B, B2C, and B2E.


Or business-to-employee.






Retail digital marketing:


BluCactus -retail

This is based on the analytics that we can capture in a physical store. We can do this through tools such as Wi-Fi or video analytics. This is the combination of the customer journey on the web and the store by capturing a record.


Likewise, it gives us the possibility of showing ads through digital banners based on the data we already have or on the one we can get right at that moment.


What is Digital Marketing? Blended Marketing


This method is the result of combining traditional Marketing with digital and the measurement of what happens on the web when an action is taken.


Marketing Tools


BluCactus - toolsAnother element that sets digital marketing apart from traditional, is its diverse set of tools that help us to manage and measure results.


Likewise, these tools will help us to filter the most important information and understand the development of a strategy.


Similarly, it can help us in generating reports and keeping track of the numbers.


However, to make this happen, we must know what our goals are as well as focus on the numbers that really matter.


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationTherefore, we are going to list some tools and their different uses.


This way, you will know exactly what and how to choose the best options for your equipment:


  • SEMrush: It’s a complete SEO and digital competition analysis tool.
  • Ahrefs: It’s specialized in link building. This platform allows you to find backlink opportunities and blog content.
  • Google Analytics: With this tool, you can fully analyze the behavior of users on your website. Is free.
  • Google Search Console: It’s a search engine platform that allows you to identify the frequency of the algorithm’s tracking on your website.

How to do a Digital Marketing plan


BluCactus - planningMaking an investment in Digital Marketing can be something that saves the numbers of your business.


However, you could be making a huge mistake if you execute this without having set a strategic plan.


Therefore, there are a series of stages that you must consider when planning a Digital Marketing strategy for your company.


These will guarantee the best result of every action.



BluCactus - current statuesMake a current status report


Before anything else, keep in mind that to determine where you want to go, you must know where you are.


Therefore, by using the current status report, you will be able to see your main strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.


Thanks to this, you can effectively determine your objectives and proceed to the next steps.



What is Digital Marketing? Do a target audience study


BluCactus -targetAt first glance, many owners of small businesses want to invest in Digital Marketing. However, they don’t think it’s necessary to perform a public study.


This is because they think they know everything about their audience.


The fact is, you need to know your target audience in depth.


This will give you an insight that could make a difference in your results.


BluCactus - primariesLikewise, this study serves to find new important information about your target audience as well as to confirm those that you think you have.


Thanks to this, you won’t only be able to adapt the solutions that you offer but you can also plan all your digital marketing actions.


Likewise, you can do this while thinking of the people in your company, thus, creating more appropriate strategies for the public.


Lastly, all of this will produce the content that will lead your target audience through the buying process. For this, you will need to create content based on the characteristics and behaviors of people.


Determine your goals


BluCactus -people working togetherOnce you identify your target audience and their current challenges, you must determine your goals. Likewise, you must establish some kind of goal that will let you know if your plan was successful.


For example, if your website doesn’t get a lot of traffic, you can establish an increase in traffic as a goal for your website.


Then, to achieve this increase, you can set specific objectives.


For instance, the creation and publication of content at least once a week or the promotion of your website on social media. This will allow you to have an idea of what you have to do for your business.


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationOn the other hand, if you already have some kind of presence, but are having a hard time generating leads, your goal can be the generation of a lot of leads.


For this, you can offer educational materials on landing pages. This way, they will provide their contact information to download the material which, in turn, can convert them into leads.


Besides, you can also create other situations on your website to stimulate the generation of leads.


Some of these can be the creation of newsletters for which your visitors have to register.


BluCactus - men happyWhat is Digital Marketing? List the resources necessary to achieve your goals


After being very clear about the objectives, it’s time to trace the necessary path for you to achieve them all, right?


To do this, you must specify all the tasks that you have to do to achieve your objective.


This includes all the necessary resources for the tasks to be completed, be it money, labor, among others.


After having all that written down, you will be quite clear about the right path to achieve all the objectives.


BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationCreate a schedule


Keeping a schedule is important so there is as little delay as possible.


It’s also a good exercise to estimate how much time and effort you will spend on each task.


Also, you should carry out regular monitoring of the schedule, as it can be quite useful to achieve a healthy consistency for your entire plan.



BluCactus - What is Digital marketing? - a computer with important informationWhat is Digital Marketing? Certify all your actions and monitor them


So that the actions can have the result 100% monitored. You must evaluate them and determine if the result is positive or negative.


After completing each important task, you should evaluate the resulting numbers.


This will allow you to identify your improvements and where you’re lacking. Thus, this will help you to correct where it’s needed.


Also, look at the hit points for future replication.




BluCactus - summaryIn today’s world, every business must be integrated into web platforms to generate more business opportunities, positioning, and customer loyalty. This way, they can impact the market in a profitable and sustained manner.


In any country in the world, there is access to the Internet that is growing every day. It’s important to invest in Digital Marketing because every day more people join the Internet and use it frequently.


Many companies seek to achieve higher sales levels, cover a greater market share, but they generate Marketing strategies in the wrong media.


BluCactus -summary

Today people are on the Internet and young people are on social media. For this reason, Digital Marketing helps you decide what your best strategy is.


At BluCactus we have the experience of specialists in Digital Marketing.


They are at your disposal to help you with your business. Don’t wait any longer and contact us!


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