What Is Givenchy’s Marketing Strategy?

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What is Givenchy’s marketing strategy? Luxury brands such as Givenchy master the intricate art of leveraging digital marketing to maintain brand position in this bustling industry. This renowned French fashion house, founded in 1952 by the dedicated haute couture designer Hubert de Givenchy, still ranks as a top-grade brand across diverse markets, including beauty and accessories.


Givenchy is a prime example of what success looks like in the realm of designer beauty and fashion, along with other powerhouses such as Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, and more.


In this post, we will unveil the key points of Givenchy’s marketing strategy, guiding you on some simple yet effective strategies you can implement for your own fashion business in the US. So, let’s get started.


Givenchy’s Luxury Marketing Strategy


BluCactus - ModelGivenchy aims to captivate a target audience that consists of women aged between 22 to 45 years old. However, the brand’s distinctive style allows it to appeal to a diverse age demographic. 


As a high-end designer brand, Givenchy’s marketing strategy is truly dedicated to communicating a very clear message from an artistic point of view, maintaining its unique position in the luxury market effortlessly.  


For this, the marketing tactics of the brand include print, digital, and outdoor advertising. Additionally, the brand also fosters a strong connection with its target audience through social networks such as Instagram, X, Tiktok, and even Youtube.  


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Strategic Email Marketing 


Givenchy leverages a strategic and stable marketing strategy with a considerably low spam rate. With eye-catching subject lines and appropriate subject lengths, Givenchy ensures to be a step ahead of the competition at all times.




                        Givenchy’s Local and Global Market


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Givenchy is an iconic haute couture brand often sported by the upper class and celebrities alike. The brand owes its highly regarded success not only to immaculate threads and heavenly perfumes, but also to its admirable marketing and commercial strategies, which have been consistently implemented for decades.  


Currently owned by luxury conglomerate LVMH, Givenchy boasts a presence across the globe, including Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East. The market share of the luxury brand is divided as follows:


  • Europe: 42%.
  • Asia: 18%.
  • America: 14%.
  • Middle East: 7%.


Evidently, the French fashion powerhouse continues to hold a great influence in the fashion industry to this day, boasting an even larger than life following of dedicated fashion insiders.


Givenchy’s Pricing Strategy


BluCactus - What is Givenchy's marketing strategy? - Fashion ModelsConsidered within the designer price category, Givenchy designs with a premium price tag attached to its iconic ready-to-wear threads. However, this is no surprise, as the brand crafts articles using quality fabrics and handmade stitching.


Whether you’d like to visit the brand’s homonymous boutiques, high-end stores built in the most influential spots of major cities, or its official website, Givenchy offers to option to purchase whatever you want, whenever you want without any hassle. This makes the brand reachable and convenient. 


Always true to its roots and history, the brand is also supported in its journey to keep traditions alive while experimenting with modern elements by the LVMH. This not only adds a specific competitive edge to the deeply rooted brand, but it also ensures faultless catering to those loyal to their favorites.


Givenchy’s Business Model


Up next, let’s uncover the key strategies that craft Givenchy’s immaculate business model:


BluCactus - What is Givenchy's marketing strategy? - Fashion ModelsDecentralized Structure


At decentralized organizations, most decisions are made autonomously by the head of each department for quick response. However, just like other fashion brands, Givenchy boasts its own creative and marketing director.


However, in 2024, Givenchy’s creative director, Matthew M. Williams, is expected to step down, likely carving the path for another renowned designer to kick off a brand new era for the French fashion house. 

Vertical Integration


While the luxury conlomerate LVHM controls most of the brand’s value chains, production, and distribution, Givenchy still remains devoted to its history and deep roots in France. Therefore, most of the brand’s luxury products are still manufactured in its place of origin. 


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Givenchy’s Promotion Strategy


Similarly to many other fashion houses of high caliber, Givenchy releases seasonal haute-couture, ready-to-wear, and capsule collections. However, captivating the audience through mesmerizing catwalks and tip-top designs from the hands of creatively skilled designers is not the only thing Givenchy is good at.

The luxury brand also collaborates with other renowned brands and franchises. For example, last year in 2023, Givenchy accomplished a successful collaboration with its ‘‘The Disney x Givenchy” campaign, celebrating 100 years with Disney with a remarkable capsule collection. Shortly after, the luxury French house also marked another head-turning campaign with the ”BSTROY x Givenchy” campaign, entering the realm of streetwear and contemporary art to expand the brand’s horizon.


Most recently, Givenchy joined forces with Tiffany & Co., celebrating the renowned jewelry house’s high jewelry collection by enhancing the brand’s timeless elegance with Givenchy’s phenomenal haute couture and ready-to-wear collection. The exclusive premier was held at The Landmark in New York City, showcasing an immaculate blend of craftsmanship and innovation.


Catch a small sight of Givenchy’s campaign with Tiffany & Co. down below:

As is apparent, Givenchy has mastered the art of promoting its presence through various effective strategies. However, we acknowledge that a brand of this caliber possesses ample resources to do so. Even if you lack riches of a luxury brand, you can still be inspired to incorporate some key elements leveraged by the French fashion house to succeed in your own path.

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