Guest blogging a vital technique to grow your brand and gain visibility

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What is Guest Blogging? Everyone who has a blog dreams of having a lot of visibility on the web, and this is surely your case too. Guest blogging is essential for blog owners. Because of this, you should know its concept, its advantages, and how you can get the most out of it.


This tool uses many strategies, which you must learn to handle. First of all, this is a technique that you will like to know about. But above all, it is important to know what guest blogging is.


How is guest blogging defined?


BluCactus - guest blogging - important informationLink building has several techniques, and one of them is guest blogging. This technique works through SEO strategies, where you exchange content through guest writers. When you decide to use guest blogging, you post content on an author’s blog to get a link to another domain. This, in exchange for doing the same on their blog.


By doing this you will have a link outside your website. This, in turn, it’s a great strategy to publicize your website. Now, the key point to efficiently use guest blogging is finding the right domains for your brand to succeed.


The website where you are going to use this technique must be related to your theme. For this, you must ensure they master the same language that you use on your blog. This way, both the readers of the other blog and yours will understand the content. As a result, there will be no inconvenience to understand the article you have written.


Another fundamental point is the concordance that the guest blog has with its editorial line. Besides, you must be careful to not choose domains that Google penalized. Not only that but you must also ensure that they have good authority. This way, you can enjoy the benefits that this technique offers.


How can you take advantage of the benefits of guest blogging


BluCactus - guest blogging - important informationThrough guest blogging, both the guest author and the blog where the collaboration will be published can obtain benefits.


Authority is the most important benefit.


This is what will allow you to achieve the visibility you long hope to get for your blog or website.


Among the different benefits that guest blogging offers, you can see how everyone benefits from it.


Everyone wins with guest blogging. This includes the website where the guest publishes their content.


What are the advantages for the guest author?


BluCactus - guest blogging - important informationIf you get a request to write on a blog other than yours and about the subject of your interest, consider yourself very lucky. This could be a great start to professionally improve your blog, as you will gain many benefits:


You can increase your visibility 


If you are not a well-known author you no longer have to worry. This because having a guest post on a reputable blog can be a great start.


On the other hand, it’s of your interest to write a blog with a lot of hits. This way you can reach different users and position yourself as a potential author.


BluCactus - You can generate links for your blog You can generate links for your blog 


This is one of the best link building tactics you can use to generate successful links.


Professional relationships will improve 


To start having good relationships with other professionals, there will be nothing better than working with other sites. Also, it can help you to expand your knowledge on social media and gain recognition for your attributes.


What are the advantages for the blog?


BluCactus - Brand MarketThis practice is so effective that it can generate synergy in two directions. In other words, the guest author and the blog can benefit from the following advantages:


Increase in traffic


If you run a blog and want to find a guest blogger, you must ensure that the one you choose is an expert in your blog’s topic. This way you will showcase a more professional image.


Besides, this way you will be offering versatile content able to reach the audience. On the other hand, high-quality content can grab the attention of people by making them interested in that blog. As a result, they will choose you over the competition.


BluCactus - guest blogging - important informationEarning more links


Just as the author can earn links for their collaboration, the blog that has been chosen for publication will also benefit from the greater number of links. When the guest has a lot of authority, the benefits are likely to be more relevant.


The highest number of subscribers 


To achieve greater visibility you need to have relevant content that achieves a better positioning of the blog. When your content is eye-catching, it’s easier to gain subscribers who may be guest bloggers or other contacts.


BluCactus - SEO efficiency SEO efficiency 


SEO cannot be missing from any blog or website. Because of this, it’s vital that you offer high-quality content, and make the corresponding updates from time to time. Also, you must add efficient links to achieve organic positioning.


Better performance of inbound marketing 


People who have already used guest blogging have noticed that having a guest writer has increased traffic. Also, they have been able to gain more subscribers and improve SEO. Thus, Internet sites achieve greater visibility because their objectives can be enhanced and fulfilled.


What is Guest blogging for?


Guest blogging has become an excellent technique as it allows you to blog for third parties to gain more visibility. The truth is that this technique is very useful and can get a lot out of it.


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It’s important to make it clear that you can earn a lot from your website or blog by using guest blogging, as you can power your site in many ways:


What can you do through guest blogging?




When you use guest blogging, you make your brand known.


This way, the audience will have a very relevant option from you, considering that you are an expert on a certain subject. This process would be an indirect benefit, but very beneficial for your brand.


BluCactus - guest blogging - important informationTraffic 


When it’s published on a page outside of you, it will create traffic to your site. If you, for example, publish on a blog that has a large number of subscribers and with well-known authors on social media, your exposure will increase to be visible on the web.




This technique allows you to achieve an interrelation with many people or elements that make life in the digital environment. Thus, connecting with companies, influencers and bloggers can become a great opportunity for you. Thank to this, you can create synergy by establishing a relationship with a recognized company. However, you must ensure that it relates to yours.


BluCactus - SEOSEO


One way or another, a website will never be known if it doesn’t use SEO strategies.


When you post on third-party sites, you can get a lot of benefits by placing links that you consider important.


And if that were not enough, you can place a direct link as an author.


However, Google carries out some tactics to discover when this practice is abused.


How to guest blog efficiently?


There are a few guidelines to know how to effectively guest blog, and not die trying:


Choose a blog that suits your theme 


This could be the most important point when guest blogging. If you make a bad choice, your brand won’t be projected correctly. So first of all, you must not choose a poor quality site. When you make the wrong choice, the downsides of that site could be reflected in your brand.


BluCactus - Choose a blog that suits your theme When choosing a blog for guest blogging, consider the following factors:


  • Relevance 


Relevance has to be directed primarily to your site since your goal is to reach an audience interested in your topic.


Thus, to link with the public interested in your sector, you must link a site that manages or is related to the same niche as you.


  • Authority 


BluCactus - guest blogging - important informationYou may get a blog that isn’t related to your sector but has good authority.


You can take this opportunity by writing a post adapted to the message and theme of it.


  • Reputation 


Before uploading a blog post, you should do a thorough review of it.


This way you will ensure that there are no negative features that could cause problems on your site.


  • BluCactus - guest blogging - important informationEnough content 


If your goal is to build visibility on your site, you must avoid posting on blogs with few posts.


Also, don’t guest blog on sites that are over-advertised, with spammy comments, and with poor content.






Make contact with the blogger 


At this point, you must also be very careful so that the process is carried out in the best way. In general, contact with a blogger is made by email, and the message must show interest. Also, you must let the blogger know that you have sufficient knowledge of the site, and that’s why you want to post on it.


Thus, you must subscribe, read the posts, and be aware of the movements that the blog owner makes on social media. For example, their publications or other content that they share. This is the most feasible way to send an accurate and custom message.


BluCactus - guest blogging - important informationIf you send the same message to all bloggers, you will surely make a mistake, because each site has its own characteristics.


Here, you can see an example of a consistent message to be sent to a blogger:


“Hi, Brenda:


My name is Emma and I have followed you for a long time. Your blog is very interesting to me, especially the space you use to talk about the importance of makeup for women.


I was wondering if you would like to delve further into this topic because in my company we run makeup courses for young people, and it seems to be an excellent opportunity for the two of us to do a collaboration in post format where interesting tips related to this sector can be added.


Thank you for your attention, and I await your prompt response to specify the details. “


Take care of the content of the post 


BluCactus - guest blogging - important informationTo be a good blogger you must prove it by making quality content, as it will become your cover letter. When making a post:


  • Use the correct extension


The minimum is 300 words, however, some posts need more words so that they can be useful for the user.


  • Give meaning to the message


The message should not be exclusively directed to the link, since the objective must be that the link fits naturally.


  • BluCactus - important dataMake use of SEO 


You must apply some SEO strategies in your post.


Also, it’s important that you don’t make excessive use of keywords and include headings.


Besides, you should also include a proposed meta – title – description, as well as the optimization of the images.


  • Don’t forget to make a good adaptation 


To make the collaboration worthwhile, maintain your style and editorial line so that you can attract the expected benefits.


What not to do for guest blogging


BluCactus - important dataThere are still many doubts about whether it is good or bad for SEO to write as a guest on a blog. This will depend on several factors, such as the type of post you are going to make and how natural the link you are going to use is. Besides, you must also take into account the type of topic related to the blogs that you intend to link.


As long as you follow all the techniques to create a good guest post, and link to blogs that can truly add value to your content, you don’t have to worry.


As a result, there will be problems with SEO in case you make uncontrolled use of your strategies. This is because Google will quickly notice it and consider that you are misusing guest blogging. Thanks to this, Google may even decide to penalize you.


So what not to do for guest blogging? 


BluCactus - important dataOnce you send a guest blog post, you will face a great responsibility. This is because your cover letter will be your company and it’s up to you if you get good results or not.


That’s why, when wanting to write on a blog as a guest, you must comply with the instructions provided by the blog owner. Otherwise, you won’t be carrying out this process correctly.


If you send a message to a blog it’s because you are interested. Thus, after your collaboration is approved it isn’t convenient to suddenly disappear. Remember that both you and your business can look bad to the blog owner you contacted earlier.


Nor is it correct that you propose the same topics that have been written for other blogs because it will be very obvious. Besides, the blog owner is very likely to request to read your past works to determine your quality.


BluCactus - important data

Don’t fall into irresponsibility


Blog owners often give some guidelines to the invited authors where the dates for the planning of the articles are.


Once you know both the delivery and publication dates, don’t wait to write the post 2 or 3 days before the due date, as the content will probably not fit.


For you to write with true dedication, the blogs will notify you in advance of the scheduled dates, so you should not leave the writing until the last minute.



When guest blogging, you must represent well your brand


BluCactus - important dataWhen you want to use guest blogging, you should know that this practice isn’t just about leaving a link on a blog as a guest. It’s a moment that you should make the most of so that the audience you are going to reach is interested in the content that is being published.


The person in charge of the blog where you are going to write must also keep a good image of you and your brand. That’s why you must show that you are a professional when writing posts and that you can add value to their brand.


Your brand will get a bad reputation if you do the following:



When you give a responsible brand image, it’s likely the owner of the blog will later recommend you to other acquaintances.


What advice do marketing experts give to achieve good guest blogging?


To write quality guest blogging you must follow the advice of the experts. This way you will avoid making irreparable mistakes. There are some basic steps that you definitely cannot ignore to achieve good results:


BluCactus - important dataRead the blog that you want to write for 


This could be the most important step in guest blogging. First of all, you need to know what type of content is on a blog before you want to contribute as a guest author. When you send an email to a blog to collaborate and don’t know what its theme is, you will not be able to offer quality content.


Make interesting proposals


When you know what the blog you want to write for is about, you can come up with an attention-grabbing post. If you contact the blog owner and ask them what topic they want you to write about, you won’t sound like a professional on the subject. The blog owner must feel like you want to write for their website.


BluCactus - guest blogging - important informationStand out when writing a quality post 


When you use guest blogging, it’s common for you to write on a blog that has a lot of authority on the web. For this reason, you should create an eye-catching item that stands out.


If you don’t, you will be wasting your time because the blog owner won’t be interested in you.


The idea is that you create a post that captures the attention of both the blog owner and the public. It is very gratifying to know that a person when reading an article positively remembers you, and even recommends reading your post to other users.


BluCactus -Have no errors in grammar or spelling Have no errors in grammar or spelling 


To create good content you need to take care of your grammar and spelling.


For many authors, the message that the blog conveys is more important than having a misspelled word. However, if you have spelling mistakes and errors in grammar, people can misunderstand the content.


That’s why before submitting your post, you should check it as many times as necessary to check the spelling. When you submit a misspelled article, the blog owner may think you have written without interest and may create a bad image as a writer.


When do you start guest blogging?


BluCactus - CompetitorsYou have to be very strict with yourself to guest blog, as it’s not just guest blogging. It’s to place your brand as a cover letter, and it will depend on your post that the image you create in the blog owner and the public, is positive or negative.


In fact, blog owners are very demanding and it’s not convenient for them to have an inexperienced author as a contributor. Thus, you must strive to create quality texts if you want to use this technique to create traffic on your site.


As you use guest blogging, you will realize the details to include and ignore when creating a blog post as a contributor. In the meantime, follow these tips that will help you achieve your goals through this incredible practice.


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