What is Inbound Marketing? 

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Have you ever heard of this topic? What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing has been part of Digital Marketing for years and is still one of its biggest trends. It is due to the great change that we are experiencing within the market. Nowadays, users escape from brands although brands are desperate to connect with them.


It is no coincidence that figures from studies such as Meaningful Brands have been emphasizing the slump in brand perception by users for years. Interesting, right? In reality, a lot of users wouldn’t care if brands stopped advertising or if they disappeared.


A study reveals that the user would not be surprised if 77% of brands ceased to exist. However, Inbound Marketing is one of the lessons that this situation has taught us. This marketing technique is about providing the user with assistance and affection primarily. Here’s a little more about it:


What do we mean?


BluCactus - What is Inbound Marketing? - professional people working with dataInbound Marketing is defined by making the user find you instead of looking for him.


Is it clear? We will explain it in a simpler way. Inbound Marketing is:


1) A philosophy, because the user buys and behaves drastically different today than he did 10 years ago.

2) A methodology, since specific processes are implemented.

3) Finally, a toolbox, because we have different tools at our disposal to do it: SEO, Social Media, Contents, PR, Social Ads, etc.


Inbound Marketing is composed of content published on different channels, such as blogs, social media, and mailing in order to achieve the lowest possible user acquisition cost.


BluCactus - What is Inbound Marketing? - professional people working with dataIt is a medium to long-term process, it allows us to know the user better, give them valuable content, and help them understand their needs. Hence, Inbound Marketing is a strategy to make the user a prescriber of our product and /or service.


Since, in the end, Inbound Marketing focuses on helping users, not causing interruptions. And when you help, the result is always good, sooner or later.


Do not give up! It may be a little complicated to see, but it is not difficult when you know what it is about, consider that for your users you have to be the one who understands users and can satisfy their needs through your products and/or services.


How does Inbound Marketing work? 


Since the main thing in an Inbound Marketing strategy is content, we will talk about mastered topics to develop a magnificent content marketing strategy. The two most important pillars of Inbound Marketing are buyer personas or “target customers” and the purchase cycle.

  • Design your buyer personas: 

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A buyer persona is the idealized or fictional representation of your target customer.


What does this mean? What is Inbound Marketing? 


It’s an archetype that includes the behavior and characteristics (personality, objectives, demographic data, motivations) inherent to the ideal user or client of your products and /or services.


We previously talked about the usefulness of buyer personas in online marketing. These fictional figures are of great help when preparing any strategy, either of content, social media, or any other method.


Do you understand a little more?


This work tool can allow you to better understand your customers and their needs, to give them the content they want or what is always more convenient for them.


For example, if our user is a fellow and is looking for training, we will give him actionable tips that allow him to learn and practice what he is reading.


On the other hand, if the user is a social media manager at an agency, the content that we will provide him will include information on the latest market trends and how to apply them. We may also assist him in improving his work performance.


What is Inbound Marketing?  The purchase cycle or Buyer’s Journey


BluCactus - What is Inbound Marketing? - professional people working with dataIt is essential to understand that our user goes through different stages from the time he visits us until we build the customer’s loyalty. We will reveal how to achieve the latter. Do not misunderstand us: 


The key to Inbound Marketing is to make the potential client be satisfied with the quality and value of your products and services. To reach the end of the sales process, it is ideal to understand the user will need a different type, format, and content density. That’s why the variety of content is so important. 


When you start a Digital Marketing venture it is important that you can subtly perform these types of actions that we are indicating. We highlight the following line of action so that you can understand a little better what this strategy is about. 

Blucactus - woman with a cellphone on her hand  

Your website attracts a person, over time he becomes a frequent visitor and this makes him a lead, creating an emotional link to the website. In other words, this user benefits from the service you offer to become a customer and progressively falls in love with the results, which leads him to recommend your brand.


Therefore, for faithful users, it is essential to provide them with useful and attractive content, to keep them active on the website without getting bored and, in addition, consuming information of interest to them.


Another point to clarify is that it is impossible to understand Inbound Marketing without the two aforementioned pillars. Analytics, attraction, and qualification of leads are key at all times.


What is the use of creating good content without attracting visits?


Web traffic is essential for the success of your business!

You need to attract the most traffic possible and, above all, the most qualified possible. This is achieved if you fully understand what your users are looking for, understand their search purpose, and know exactly what their problems and/or needs are.


What is Inbound Marketing?  Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing


blucactus - two men standing up with a magnetThis whole thing of taking the user through the whole purchase cycle is just giving them the right content at the right time. It includes strategies to guide the user to find what they need when they need it.


Do you know how to do it?


Due to the automation of Inbound tools such as Hubspot or even small ones like Mailchimp it is possible, for example, to send automatic emails without having a large suite.


The important thing is to understand how the process works and never betray the user. On the contrary, we will only send information that the customer has claimed to be interested in. 


For example, never invite the customer to a webinar if he hasn’t previously mentioned that he’s interested. If we do the opposite, we will lose this user.




Because we weren’t granted permission to enter such space and thus the user will get tired and won’t come back to our website.



  BluCactus - What is Inbound Marketing? - professional people working with data

Why do we make content if it won’t be read? Why creating content if we don’t know our audience? It is important to ask and understand these questions. Before starting a website, we have to be very clear about our long-term goals and our daily goals.


Analytics in Inbound Marketing is present throughout the user conversion process and is what helps us understand the profitability of our strategy. For example, which campaigns work best and what we can do to better help our users.


The two key metrics that you should never lose sight of are the CAC and the LTV. CAC means customer acquisition costs. The other metric, LTV, refers to the lifetime value of the customer.


If you don’t keep an eye on these two metrics, you won’t know the return on investment you’re generating. Now that you know exactly what Inbound Marketing is about, what are you waiting for to put it into practice?


How is traditional Marketing different from Inbound Marketing? What differentiates Marketing as we know it from Inbound Marketing?


BluCactus - What is Inbound Marketing? - computer with information on it and dataTraditional Marketing is the one that has been traditionally done throughout these years by brands, mainly using mass and offline media, being highly harsh in their campaigns to get sales.


While Inbound Marketing is the one that tries to understand what the customer wants and offer it in an appropriate format, either through information about the product and/or service, through the purchase experience or the final contracting of the service.


Do you already understand what it is about?


Find out what are the most important differences between Marketing approaches:

  • Type of communication and relationship with customers

BluCactus - What is Inbound Marketing? - professional people working with data  

Outbound Marketing exercises a type of one-way communication, where the brand is the sender and the customer is the receiver.


Inbound Marketing implements two-way communication, where customers can transfer their feedback to brands.


Your opinions, doubts, and comments can be a repository of information to improve both the product or service, as well as the shopping and conversion experience of our customers.


What is Inbound Marketing? Focus and objectives

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Traditional Marketing has a uniquely commercial approach, focusing on promoting products and/or services using techniques that can be annoying for users. Their messages are universal and focus on getting customers in bulk.


Inbound marketing, even when its ultimate goal is also sales, is focused on the customer, and in turn empowers the user with information, providing him everything he needs in a personalized way when required.


Likewise, we try to create a relationship with him throughout the customer loyalty cycle.

BluCactus - What is Inbound Marketing? - computer with information on it and data

Different strategies 


Traditional Marketing uses push strategies, is impersonal, and presents a little value to users except for the product and/or service differential vis-à-vis its direct competitors.


Inbound marketing aims to attract the customer, so it seeks to inform, educate, and entertain, thus providing added value to users.

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Metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)


Direct measurement of results isn’t allowed in Traditional Marketing, so extrapolation methods are often used and KPIs may not be very specific.


Inbound marketing uses digital media, for the most part, allowing the measurement of results and the establishment of defined KPIs.

BluCactus - men with information on his hand and data  



In Traditional Marketing, the minimum investment in traditional channels is usually high, so the cost per lead is very expensive.


So the cost per lead is lower and the actions to be taken are more affordable for brands.


How can the Inbound Marketing strategy be implemented in business?


blucactus - data with animated informationThe Inbound Marketing methodology refers to identifying what the customer needs and delivering it to them in the ideal format for their enjoyment.


One way to understand it is to imagine it as a magnet and this what it seeks is to attract the attention of your potential users to make them know you and ultimately buy your products, but acting in a way that does not bother, without insisting. But, the question is, how do you know what your future user wants? Well, the first task is to define the ideal buyer persona or customer profile.


In summary, the buyer persona is one of the fundamental parts of Inbound Marketing. To improve your strategy, the first thing you should do is a detailed description of the potential customers of your company.


For example, age, hobbies, purchasing power, search preferences, consumption habits, user behavior, etc. This with the aim that the company forms a real image of its possible segments of buyers.


An Inbound Marketing strategy begins to be defined, which joins a set of actions, to reach the target audience through attraction marketing.


What is the value of Inbound Marketing? 


BluCactus - computer with information on it and dataIf you have a company already created, it is possible that you already have a corporate website, if, on the contrary, you are enlightening yourself before formalizing your idea and turning it into a company, the ideal is for you to be clear about what products or services you want to offer.


Next, create your website.


If you represent the first aforementioned case, maybe you already have the page but it is not focused on the conversion of your clients. Another common factor is that you may already have your company’s social media accounts, right? But merely for commercial messages.


You may not have created a blog yet and you don’t want to invest time and money in attracting readers with interesting articles. So what would be the main problem?


The problem is that your company may be left behind in the digital age. For this reason, although implementing the Inbound Marketing methodology requires great effort, you will get great rewards. If you want customers to consume more and recommend you, then you have to put them at the center of your strategy.


Inbound Marketing is thought of and designed to generate contacts that can later become new clients. Therefore, if you’re looking to turn around your business results profitably, then Inbound Marketing is the best option for your business.


As a conclusion:


BluCactus - contact usKnowing how to implement an Inbound Marketing strategy can become a trial and error process at first.


At first, everything is practical. However, once you manage to implement it 100%, and you really know how to do it, you will start to get results.


To know and learn more about how each of the stages of the Inbound Marketing methodology works and how we can help you in generating organic and scalable demand.


We can help you with everything you need for your company or future venture. 


At BluCactus, your success is our success, which is why we accompany you in this great process. To find out more about us, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, among other social media. Contact us now and achieve the success you want!


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