What is Lancôme’s marketing strategy?

BluCactus - What is Lancôme's marketing strategy?

What is Lancôme’s marketing strategy? Lancôme is a top-notch cosmetics brand owned by L’Oreal. The brand was established by Armand Petitjean in 1935. And, his main objective was to expand luxury worldwide. Over the years, the brand has managed to highlight women’s beauty with sophistication.

Initially,  Lancôme was focused on perfume manufacturing. And later ventured into the skin care realm. The brand’s innovative approach to the manufacture of lipsticks and other beauty products achieved considerable success. Today, let’s discuss how Lancôme’s marketing strategy continues to maintain the brand’s success.

The History of Lancôme


To understand Lancôme’s marketing strategy better, it is essential to know some facts about the brand’s history.

Lancôme was acquired by L’Oreal in 1964. And from that moment on, it has maintained a position as a luxury brand selling high-end products. There is no discussing the brand’s success. Today the brand has stores all across the globe.

Furthermore, Lancôme continues to sustain its position with eauty products and perfumes with an high quality that characterizes the brand. Lancôme’s marketing strategy allowed this brand to establish a presence in more than 160 countries. Therefore, it is safe the say that they are among the best-known luxury cosmetics brands in the world.

What is Lancôme’s Marketing Strategy?



There are exciting reasons behind the success of the Lancôme brand.


In addition to being a recognized brand for its perfumes, it is now recognized for other product lines as well. As a result, they also have  a superior customer base compared to its competitors.


But what does Lancôme’s owe its success?


The company has achieved success by blending various strategy elements. And key factors contributing to this successful combination include:



BluCactus - What is Lancôme's marketing strategy?

Lancôme’s exclusive customer base


Lancôme is dedicated to serve a particular customer base. Its niche market is oriented towards the manufacture of luxury products. That is why the brand’s makeup or skin care products are exclusive. Its premium range of perfumes allows the brand to target specific segments.


Target customers for the premium category


The prices of their products are for premium customers. Therefore, the brand maintains a high price point. Of course, in exchange for their high costs, they offer quality products free of chemicals, and are healthy.


However, Lancôme also has products to aim for a segmentation that can afford average prices.


Lancôme’s product promotion


Lancôme’s advertising strategy is extraordinary. Promotions are mainly focused on products. To achieve this allure, the company creates fascinating and high-end advertisements. 


Target market


Lancôme’s target audience is not only older women. That is why their skin care products are also for millennials. This original product line is also recognized for its more intensive skin care products. And they maintain this line with anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing formulas.


Lancôme’s Campaign Strategy

Consequently, the brand campaign strategy is top-notch and focused on offering high-end products with creative campaigns. For instance, Lancôme’s Renergie line is a constant hit. Crafted with a trusted formula, the brand’s skincare line focuses on firmer, lifted skin, and offers anti-aging benefits. Besides its cosmetics and skincare launches, the brand also joins the fierce competition in the market by releasing seasonal or holiday collections. Let’s take a look at Lancome’s most recent campaign to understand this strategy better.


Lancôme x Louvre Limited Edition Collection 2023

To start the celebration season, Lancôme collaborated with Louvre to create 3 new collections inspired by 4 different statues. Blending the art with beauty, the brand promoted this collaboration through a reimagined packaging of Lancôme’s signature, ”living rose.” Completed with the geometric figure of the agora rose, the collection was launched with Amanda Seyfried as the representative for the 2023 Holiday season. The brand leveraged the seasonal celebrations to promote their signature products with poise. 


Wide presence


BluCactus - What is Lancôme's marketing strategy?

For the brand, establishing a noticeable presence is at the top of the to-do list. This commitment is evident as the company established cosmetic boutiques across many countries. All to ensure accessibility to their products for personal use. Additionally, the french powerhouse strategically leverages distribution channels to effectively market its products and campaigns. As a result, expanding its customer base significantly.


Standing out from the competition


There is no denying that in the beauty and cosmetics industry, there is a lot of competition against Lancôme. So, the company recognized the fact that being creative is the key to develop a strong marketing strategy. The brand is recognized all over the world, but the promotions need to be tailored for the target audiences. To tailor a specific customer approach, the brand offers consumers color tests to find out what matches their skin tones. Similarly, managers are trained to guide customers and are expected to have experience from beauty schools,  This characteristic indisputably differentiates them from the competition.


BluCactus - What is Lancôme's marketing strategy?

Lancôme’s online strategy


As we have mentioned, Lancôme is positioned in the market as a premium brand.


However, until now, they did not have a strategic online presence.


They also don’t handle e-commerce separately.


The company integrates the data of its users according to the ratings or reviews provided by the users.


What do you think of Lancôme’s marketing strategy?


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Lancôme’s marketing strategy works very well due to its successfull marketing strategy. The brand uses the internet as a tool to achieve greater success and brand objectives. They also promote products by sharing relative information, technological advances, and fashion trends.


This is a brand that has positioned itself in the beauty sector by offering a tailored luxury experience for customer satisfaction. Also, there is no doubt that the products of this company are of high quality. And, it is essential to note that they use natural ingredients to craft the luxury products offered in their lines.


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