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What is Mobile Gaming? Learn how it influences digital marketing. For many years, our mobile devices have come with games installed for leisure moments without the need to detach ourselves from the phone and without going to a computer or console. The snake game is one of the first to be incorporated into a device.


Thus, the first cell phone games in history were born, which were changing and evolving depending on the brands, phone models, and technological advances over time.


Today mobile gaming is among the 3 trends with the highest consumption and use worldwide. Being an industry in constant growth and rise.


In addition, more and more people are downloading and joining this trend of mobile games. So we can already speak of the existence of a massive community and that we can take into account as an essential and transcendental audience in the reception of digital marketing campaigns.


Another detail is that thanks to the arrival of 4G and soon 5G, many desktop games will choose either to migrate to mobile phones or quickly release a version for them and serve this sector.


Definition of mobile gaming


As we mentioned before, mobile gaming is designed and developed to be used and played on phones and mobile devices.


This is the fastest-growing sector in the video game industry today.


And is that, in the year 2021.


About 2.7 billion players were registered.



Requirements that a device must have to support mobile gaming


In addition to an excellent internet connection, mobile devices must also have a series of characteristics that make the game “run” optimally, such as power, among others that we are going to know:




It is mentioned first since it is one of the main factors when a game works correctly on a device. So, it must have a good mix between the processor and the RAM. If you are about to acquire a new phone and focus on gaming, these are the things you should pay special attention to first.




To the extent that we demand more power from the device, the battery will run out much faster. Therefore, you can select a fast-charging battery to avoid spending so much time without playing. But remember, we don´t recommend you play while the phone is charging.




Ideally, it is an operating system that allows you to manage notifications, among others, effectively. Thus, the gaming experience is much better without receiving messages or emails that annoyingly burst on the screen.


Screen and Sound


Although these details do not affect the game and its performance as such, they will make a difference in your personal experience when playing. Since to be able to appreciate the colors and graphics, among others. As well as high-quality sound quality, the mobile team must have good support from both.


Influence of mobile gaming on digital marketing


We have mentioned in other posts how today, the mobile phone is practically an extension of the human body. And how you can do everything through it.


Well, with the mobile gaming revolution, we spend much more time in front of device screens.


Let’s briefly reference the fact that most mobile games are free. And there may be pro versions that differ from the free ones because they do not contain advertising.


However, approximately 93% of the applications downloaded in the App Store and Google Play are free. And they show advertising from time to time.


Having a marked preference for obtaining a game for free, even with the implications of having to watch an advertisement every time a game ends, illustrates why brands and companies are interested in showing their ads in this field.


To put another example of why users also prefer the free versions, many games offer rewards. And the completion of tasks in record time if you what the ads provided by the game. In which we often see advertising for other games.




Only in 2021, the consumption of mobile games will increase globally by 63% and an expense of more than 120 billion dollars.


Meaning 20% ​​more compared to 2020 and 50% more with regards to consoles, PC, Mac, and other mobile devices.


As the figures indicate, the mobile gamers community currently represents the second largest audience in digital consumption after social media.


Therefore, it represents a beautiful sector to launch communication strategies in a group that will receive the information effectively.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Because this group of fans and players is so numerous, we see that they respond positively to the fact of receiving and observing the advertisements that the game offers or imposes. It is one of the best means of digital advertising. Since these also have a higher rate of attention and the receiver prefers to watch the videos this way than any other.


Due to the growth that the world of mobile gaming will continue to experience and its consolidation, the incursion of brands in this digital medium must be almost mandatory.


To have greater visibility and a considerable reach in an audience that you already know. You are willing to receive the advertisements in a good way.


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