What is Reddit and what is this platform about?

BluCactus - What is Reddit and what is this platform about?

What is Reddit events without being overwhelmed. Besides, they can also enjoy fun content, all in one place. An important factor of social media is the possibility of giving your opinion on different topics. That’s why day by day, more and more platforms are incorporating forums into their functions.


Today, we’ll talk about one of the platforms that became popular for having this dynamic for all its users, allowing a high level of interaction with its audience.


What is Reddit?


Reddit is an online page that has spaces for social news forums, with content selected and promoted by the members of the network themselves through voting.


Reddit is a contraction of the English phrase “I already read it”.


Although most of the platform is in English, some sections are in Spanish and other languages.


Reddit is free if you want to join. However, today some features on the page are restricted to members who are part of Reddit Gold accounts, a paid version of the platform.


What is Reddit for?


This web page network has many functions when it comes to marketing and advertising campaigns for your brand.


It is an excellent communication channel in which you can build a new community, increase the visibility of your business and easily promote your products and services.


Its audience is characterized by dealing with many in-depth topics where they have the space to share opinions and start interesting conversations without being interrupted with brand promotions that can be annoying and very intrusive for users.


How does Reddit work?


BluCactus - What is Reddit and what is this platform about?This platform uses the formats of the new forum and voting space where the contents are selected and disseminated by users.


Once this happens, users vote and share them with other users to find out if they’re for or against said dispute.


If a post gets a lot of votes, Reddit raises its rating and shows it to more users on the net.


If, on the contrary, it receives very few votes, Reddit gradually decreases its visibility until many no longer see it.


4 elements to understand Reddit


Reddit is a social network like no other and has different essential elements for you if you want to dabble in it. Below, we will discuss some of the 4 most important elements within Reddit that you should know. After this, you won’t feel lost once you open your account on the website.


  • Subreddits


These are subcategories within the platform are separated by specific topics such as marketing, books, music, sports, fashion, and thousands of others. These Subreddits are very popular on this network and have many members and views.


All users can create Subreddits, which will be monitored by volunteers and moderators within the platform. This ensures that the theme of the categories remains stable and consistent. Besides, it also makes sure that all users are discussing any kind of topic respectfully. In other words, that everyone is complying with the rules of the platform.


  • Votes for and against


BluCactus - What is Reddit and what is this platform about?This platform allows network users to vote for the content they like the most. They can vote if they feel comfortable with the content, want more about it, or if they’re in control of the content. The score that each publication obtains is averaged and then positioned between the main news or not.


Members of the website have the name of Redditors, and they can submit content for other users to vote. The goal? To offer quality content at the top of the home or main page of this platform.


It’s very simple if a post has a lot of interactions or votes, it stays in the main posts of the account. In contrast, if it doesn’t get enough interaction, it will go down in category until no one can see it.


  • Karma


This isn’t the karma that we all know.


On Reddit, this is the name of the reward that users receive once they interact with the community.


It allows you to obtain greater visibility among other users.


That is, if you post a comment or content of value to the community, you receive points. These can help you with the visibility and trust you have with other members for future publications.


  • BluCactus - What is Reddit and what is this platform about?Reddit Gold


We talked about this version of the platform at the beginning of the blog.


Reddit Gold is a premium version for those members who don’t want to see any type of ads on their main page.


It’s a good option for those users who just want to see more comments and topics per site. Something unique about this version is that you can gift this version to other users if they make a comment or post that you find very valuable.


5 tips for promoting yourself on Reddit


If you decided that you want to be part of this social network but you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Here we have some tips for you to join Reddit and be successful. Some of these tips are useful for any online platform and you can use them at any time.


  • BluCactus - What is Reddit and what is this platform about?Post original content and participate in a genuine way


You must not share the exact same content on all platforms. This shows a lack of originality and makes your readers think you don’t have anything to offer them. That’s why our main advice for Reddit and any other platform is to create real, relevant, and valuable content for the community you want to target.


  • Stay real


If you want to stand out within this platform, you must develop something in your brand or as a user that makes you unique and real. Users of this platform are used to many false accounts. Because of this, they will just ignore everything that tries to sell them a product or service.


  • Identify the community


When marketing on Reddit and any social network, you must use the knowledge you have about your audience. For this, you can segment your audiences to have better reach those members who may like your content.


  • Cure content


Optimize the content you have on your network. Any material that you share with community members must be of quality. Besides, it must have the keywords, terms, and quality information necessary to make Reddit members trust what you write. This way, when they read it, they’ll find it professional while still being entertaining and relevant to them.


  • Do market research


We know that audiences within Reddit are diverse, with a host of diverse interests and preferences.


That’s why a market study will always be an excellent idea when entering a new social network.


After all, it allows you to work on new aspects of your marketing campaign and ensure success among your competition.


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