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What is retargeting and how does it work? If you are part of the marketing world, you may have heard this term. Have you ever been chased by an advertisement while browsing the internet? Just when you’re looking to go on a trip and do a Google search are all the banners reminding you haven’t bought your plane ticket yet? All these cases have something in common, it’s retargeting. 


What is retargeting?


BluCactus - retargetingRetargeting, also called remarketing, comprises placing a cookie within the browser of a user. We do this when a user has visited a web page where they saw something that interested them but didn’t buy.


So, when they visit other pages, they will see the advertisement for the product they liked. This implies “chasing” the user who was about to buy on a website, so they make the purchase after.


For example, if they search for hotels for less than $50 per night on a website, once they leave it, they will be “chased” with ads about hotels that don’t go over that price.


BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobOn the other hand, if they search for luxury hotels, we can use a cookie to target them with ads for luxury hotels that they may haven’t seen and that may interest them.


So, we aim this advertising formula at virtual stores.


This is because 97% of visitors from these stores buy nothing at first. Besides, on average, users visit a store five times before they buy anything.


This method can pay off if you’re running an active campaign. Likewise, we recommend including one or more pixels on your website. This way you can little by little generate a segmented database of users. This can be beneficial for you in the future.


Pixels and retargeting


BluCactus - Retargeting - computer with important information on itWe can use these pixels not only to display advertising campaigns but to also develop campaigns to attract traffic on social networks. For example, you can drive traffic to your social platforms by suggesting a post to a user who does not follow your page on Facebook but has recently visited your blog.


Likewise, we can use this in online stores to chase a user who left the page in the last step of the purchase. This way, if they already left their email, a discount could be sent to them to complete the purchase.


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What is the difference between retargeting and normal display ads?


BluCactus - display adsWith this method, advertisers can only impact users who have visited a certain website.


Thus, this advertising is more effective.


This is because the ad impressions don’t disappear.


This is what makes it different from traditional display advertising where it shows the ads to everyone.




What is the retargeting process like?


BluCactus - retargetingFirst things first, the user visits a virtual store then, a cookie records the products they clicked on.


After, when they leave the store and reach a website that is part of this method system, the cookie recognizes them which will then show the product to them again. Finally, if the user clicks on the advertising banner, they will be redirected to the virtual store.


Besides, you not only can apply this too failed purchases, but you can also use it when a user has bought a product on our page.


So, in future browsing, you can offer them something they could also like related to their previous purchase. Thus, this is a good way to take advantage of the knowledge that you have of their tastes.


What is its function?


BluCactus - functionWe can buy ad impressions of users who have already visited the advertiser’s website through real-time bidding.


This real-time auction shows the advertiser’s ad that offers the highest range for a certain user profile.


Businesses and agencies that want to use this method as part of their marketing activities can choose from several providers.


On the other hand, this method platforms like AdRoll offer a server that can send ads and real-time bidding algorithms.


BluCactus - personalization It does this to place the ads.


This way, it’s possible to impact users in a personalized way through social media and mobile apps.


Besides, customers from Google AdWords can also create their own retargeting campaigns.


On the other hand, Facebook doesn’t fall behind on this. They also offer the option of creating retargeting campaigns for large companies.


BluCactus - Retargeting - computer with important information on itThat’s not all! You can also use this method in reverse.


For example, through retargeting in Google AdWords you can segment users.


Then, you can include or exclude the results that come from this in your campaigns.


So, this makes it possible to exclude existing customers from campaigns that seek to attract new clients or signing up for a service.


This exclusion saves advertises the unnecessary costs of paying for leads or customers they already had. Thus, this filtering process reduces the diffusion losses.


BluCactus - siteTypes of retargeting


Site retargeting


Here, when a user visits a website, a cookie is inserted in their browser to show them advertisements from that company while browsing the Internet.






BluCactus - dynamicWhat is Retargeting? Retargeting dynamic


This is a variant of site retargeting that is only used in e-commerce.


Besides, this method allows you to automatize the creation of ads when the volume of products is very large.




BluCactus - social

Social retargeting


This directly depends on the cookies introduced by the retargeting site.


The only difference is that instead of showing ads on conventional platforms, it will do it on Facebook or Twitter.





BluCactus - email retargetingWhat is Retargeting? Email retargeting


This works to improve the conversion rates of the newsletter, email marketing campaigns, and offers.


It uses the same process as that of the retargeting site.


This is because, here, we insert a cookie within the browser to start showings ads.



BluCactus - crm

CRM retargeting


It comprises comparing the email lists you own with cookies available on the platform.


Then, it uses the database of consumers and users with whom you had or have a relationship.


This is because you probably already have the emails of many users who also have a cookie from your platform in their own browser. Thus, these users could start receiving ads even if they haven’t visited your website in a while.


BluCactus - search

What is Retargeting? Search retargeting


It comprises sending ads to users based on the searches they carry out in search engines.






What is the difference between remarketing and retargeting?


BluCactus - remarketingWe often use these terms synonymously, but they are not exactly the same.


Retargeting: This term refers to showing ads to your users on other sites in an ad network after they leave your site.


Generally, this process involves the use of “cookies”.


Remarketing: It comprises collecting contact information from potential customers to then send those advertising campaigns by email.



Advantages and disadvantages of retargeting


BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobHere are some advantages and disadvantages of this method. 




Within the main benefits of this method, we can create a greater impact with campaigns of this type compared to other more conventional ones.


Why? This is due because of the greater and efficient segmentation that this offers us.


BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their job

Likewise, thanks to this, we can target former visitors that have a purchase intent.


Thus, we can highlight the following advantages:


  • What is Retargeting? Better target audience conversion The users who visit the website and are interested in their products or services are potential clients who could buy later. It doesn’t matter whether they do this directly or through a search engine. So, by using this method as a strategy, you will be able to achieve the conversion of that user.
  • Loyalty Thanks to this method, you can keep old customers. For example, if you sell mobile phones, you could send ads to customers interested in add-ons for BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobtheir smartphones.
  • What is Retargeting? Reimpact
  • A lot of users consult the information of a product through different pages. They do this to compare the prices of it in various sites. Thus, this method allows you to impact them again and, that way, influence their buying decision in favor of your brand.
  • Greater visibility and more clicks We relate this point to the previous one. This technique reminds users of their interest in a product, thus awakening their need or concern and causing them to click on the ads and return to your website.
  • What is Retargeting? Personalization Here, you can take advantage of the information you already have from your users. This way you can offer them only the ads are of their interest and then redirect them to your website.


BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their job



In general terms, this type of advertising has two possible disadvantages and they are the following:


  • Excessive persecution of the client The action of being constantly chasing after the user can become annoying and invasive for them. Thus, this can harm the reputation of the advertiser. This way, users can think of the advertiser’s brand as something negative.
  • What is Retargeting? The appearance of ads after a purchase A lot of times, even after having bought the product, the user keeps seeing the same add over and over again. This is not good at all, since it can not only be annoying to the customer but we can also be wasting our BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobinvestment. Despite its downsides, this method is, without a doubt, essential to win back potential customers and build loyalty. However, to achieve effective retargeting, we must have a good strategy based on certain objectives. Besides, we also must do an exhaustive analysis of all the data that we got from the visits of our users. This is an innovative technique, but there are many more that can help you attract more customers to your business. Do you need to know them? So, we invite you to subscribe to our daily newsletter where you will also learn about the different marketing innovations that could improve the results of your company.





Why is retargeting important?


BluCactus - importanceIt would be ideal if customers always make a purchase on their first visit to your site, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. This is where this method comes in. It can help you remind the customer of your product while they browse the Internet.


Likewise, it doesn’t matter whether they are doing this on social media or their favorite news site. Besides, with this method, you can segment your audience based on their traits and behaviors. This way, you could direct them to your website through a relevant advertising experience that allows you to increase your sales.


So it doesn’t matter which segment you choose, you are targeting a group of people who have already shown an interest in your brand by visiting your site.


What is Retargeting? When should we implement retargeting?


BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobYou must know that this method is a long-term strategy for companies that already have a following. So, if your website gets at least 100 monthly visitors, Google retargeting ads are, without a doubt, for you.


However, while this is a wonderful strategy, it isn’t good to always use it. Because of this, we recommend the following so you can execute it properly and, that way, get the best results.


Promote your best-selling products


Retargeting ads are a simple and effective way to showcase your best-selling products and promote the items your current customers love the most. Thus, in short, this strategy can help you convert your users to customers and increase the ROI of your ads.


BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their job

What is Retargeting? Present new collections


People who show an interest in your site are a great audience to consider when launching a new collection of products.


In this way, your ads will attract their attention wherever they are online, redirecting them to your store so they can see your news. We can do this with display campaigns using Google AdWords or through a Facebook retargeting campaign.


Keep your inventory moving


BluCactus - inventoryAs an online marketer, we bet that you have dealt with the slow inventory at some point. However, this method allows you to show the products you have left in your store to potential clients. We must also mention that this a perfect effortless low-budget option that you shouldn’t pass up.


What is Retargeting? Create brand awareness


Most people need to know enough about a product or service before buying it. So retargeting ads keep your brand on the minds of your potential customers who aren’t ready to buy when they first visit your site.


Results of carrying out this strategy


BluCactus - spamWe cannot deny that the results of this method are truly amazing and effective.


With a banner campaign, only one in 100 potential buyers will click on your ad, but with this method, this number increases to up to five times. Besides, this method is a very profitable tool as well as an essential complement in new customer buying campaigns.


However, like in any investment, there are also minor risks that you have to keep in mind. Because of this, you must determine the duration and number of impressions that your campaign gets per day.



BluCactus - Retargeting - computer with important information on itOtherwise, your ads could be extremely “heavy”. There’s another aspect that you must consider, and it’s the fact that a lot of people don’t agree with the privacy policies and the use of cookies.


Nonetheless, the companies that offer this service can charge based on the number of clicks. This can be an ideal alternative for online stores. Besides, they will be able to control their campaign expenses by keeping in mind the number of clicks they receive.


Because of this, Google AdWords or Facebook Exchange are two popular platforms that offer this method. Likewise, this can be done with the help of campaign management experts. Another example of a company that uses this method is the giant Amazon. They use this to remind users about those products that they saw and liked or that are related to any of their purchases.


Conclusion of What is Retargeting?


BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobSo, as you have seen, this method consists of, as its name implies, targeting Internet users. We can do this both on computers and mobile devices, with personalized ads that can be adapted to the activities and needs of our users. Thus, this kind of publicity will grab their attention as it’s of interest to them.


The aim of this strategy is to recover those users who were about to buy a product, but for some reason or another, they didn’t. Thus, it allows you to motivate them so they buy said product or another. Besides, with this method, you will be able to increase your conversion rate.


However, advertisers should be cautious when using this method. For this, they must show ads with a limited frequency to the user so they don’t annoy them. Because of this, BluCactus has experts in web development that will help you optimize your retargeting. This way you will significantly increase your sales. Contact Us!


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