What is Revlon’s marketing strategy?

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What is Revlon’s marketing strategy? Revlon, considered one of the top cosmetic companies, always keeps its audience on its toes with new and innovative beauty products and campaigns. However, its strong position in the market is not only due to its many successful products, it is also the result of a good marketing strategy.

In this post, we will explore what makes Revlon’s marketing strategy successful. So, let’s get started.

The history of Revlon


BluCactus - What is Revlon's marketing strategy? - Fashion ModelRevlon is an American multinational company founded by Charles Revson, Joseph Revson, and Charles Lachman in 1932. Headquartered in New York, the company entered the market just at the time of the Great Depression. 


With its wide range of products involving beauty, Revlon has managed to capture the attention of the international market. While its diverse product range and high-quality helped the company differentiate itself from the competition, these two characteristics do not show the whole picture. In fact, Revlon’s successful marketing strategy is what has allowed the company to reach different segments of the world market.


It’s also important to note that Revlon has long been facing strong competitors such as, Avon Products, L’Oreal, Shiseido, P&G, and Coty. So, its success is truly remarkable.


Revlon’s Marketing Strategy


BluCactus - What is Revlon marketing strategy? - Fashion ModelRevlon, like other international companies that belong to the cosmetics industry, functions based on a mix marketing plan. Now, let’s delve deeper into the details of Revlon’s marketing strategy:


Product Strategy


There is no doubt that Revlon is a global leader in cosmetics, hair color, fragrances, skincare and beauty care products. Moreover, each product of Revlon is specifically designed for personal use or professional application. Furthermore, the brand boasts some cult-favorites.


For instance, Revlon Colorstay collections boast essential eye products, including crayons, pencils, and eyeliner, among others. Likewise, the Revlon Illuminance collection boasts skin improving tints, foundations, and blushes. These diverse range of brands cater to various product categories, addressing the need for essentials like eyelash curlers, facial kits, mirrors, and other toiletries.


At the end of the 2023 festive season, Revlon welcomed 2024 with a new OOH campaign to promote its SuperLustrous lipsticks via Emotive, an independent creative agency brand. The campaign aims to empower and inspire women to explore different aspects of themselves via the iconic lipstick. All represented by a series of cheeky posters that evoke feelings of fun and festive. Check out the campaign down below:


Price Strategy


BluCactus - RevlonRevlon’s price strategy is determined based on an understanding of the competitors’ prices. Usually, Revlon’s cosmetics tend to have similar characteristics. However, prices vary due to the changes in the cosmetic industry.


Revlon’s products are tailored to suit both middle and upper class demographics. The brand’s pricing is determined based on each product’s unique features and characteristics, which reflects a meticulously crafted pricing strategy.


Distribution Strategy


BluCactus - What is Revlon marketing strategy? To this day, Revlon has a presence in more than one hundred countries. However, the United States is one of its main markets. In fact, 50% of their sales are made in the United States.


Indeed, the brand’ sales are mainly through merchandising stores and retail channels. And its distribution is done in bulk to pharmacies worldwide. This partly helps Revlon retain its consumer base, especially among the middle class.


Likewise, its products are sold in different channels. These include consumer, professional, and many more. Also, it is essential to mention the Revlon subsidiaries. Some of them are acquired companies, while others are adapted through a mechanism of recognized distributors in each country where this brand is present.


Promotion Strategy


BluCactus - What is Revlon marketing strategy? In the past, Revlon relied on television, print ads, brochures, banners, billboards, and more to establish a successful promotion strategy.


However, Revlon is now focused on promoting its products through modern methods. Recently, Revlon named Digital star and artist Nailea Devora and Netflix actress Madelyn Cline as new brand ambassadors.


The objective of this is to connect with the younger public by fostering a partnership with important public figures through different communication channels, including social media.


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Evidently, Revlon’s marketing strategy has long been based on catering to different market segments and successfully 
promoting its wide range of products in more than 100 countries. To achieve this substantial success, they have had the help of marketing specialists.


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