What is Rexona’s Marketing Strategy?

Blucactus - What is Rexona's Marketing Strategy?

What is Rexona’s Marketing Strategy? Rexona is an Australian deodorant brand founded in 1928 and manufactured by Unilever. Many deodorant brands exist, but Rexona has succeeded due to its business strategy.


Now, if you have a brand in the United States, it is likely that Rexona’s marketing strategy will inspire you to create an action plan that brings you closer to your target audience. Today, all brands are guided by a marketing strategy, especially when making a living in the digital area.


About Rexona


Blucactus - Woman using hygiene productsAustralian pharmacist Samuel Fuller Sheffer along with his wife, Alice Sheffer, were the ones who developed the formula for Rexona. However, it was in 1969 that the product became known in the consumer market. This brand is dedicated to producing deodorants and antiperspirants and has a presence in various parts of the world.


By 1930, Rexona got taken over by Lever Bros. It was under the Unilever brand through the merger of Lever Bros with Dutch Margarine Unie. Between 1960 to 1980, this brand continued its global expansion, making it a well-established brand of antiperspirant products. Today, it is a brand mainly engaged in the production of soap in India and was introduced in the market in 1947 to compete with the Hamam brand, which belonged to Tata Sons.


What is Rexona’s Marketing Mix?


Blucactus - Woman using hygiene productsAs we have already mentioned, Rexona has followed a marketing mix for a long time.  Let’s break it down below:


Product Strategy


Rexona is a leading brand in the world when we talk about skincare. It is available in creams, deodorants, sprays, soaps, roll-ons, sticks, and sachets. In the case of India, for example, it is marketed only as soap and roll-on antiperspirant.


This way, it has an extensive portfolio of products to comply with its motto, “Rexona, it won’t let you down.” Thus, they have acquired the commitment to clinically protect people who sweat excessively, such as athletes, against foul body odor.


But this is not all, since some of its products also help control armpit stains. Rexona is a constantly innovating brand, especially when offering intelligent capsule products to protect the wearer on the go.


Blucactus - Woman using Rexona products - Rexona Marketing Strategy

Price Strategy


Rexona’s products are generally moderately priced, especially in India, where soap is cheap.


However, the brand also usually offers special offers and discounts.


For example, through a raffle, you can win a special offer of a prize package of a specified value by purchasing a ticket to a sporting event.


Distribution Strategy


Blucactus - man using Rexona productsRexona products are spread all over the world. Additionally, it is one of the best-established brands of antiperspirant products. Likewise, Rexona gets known in different ways depending on the country: Sure in the United Kingdom, Degree in the United States and Canada, Rexona in Japan and South Korea, and Shield in South Africa.


Its production strategy is in step with technological progress, which is why it has a website dedicated to its name. Inside the website, its products are available to all customers and designed for more than 35 countries. Likewise, it offers personalized products according to a particular region.


Promotion Strategy


Blucactus - Woman using hygiene products - Rexona Marketing StrategyFor the promotion of its products, Rexona makes use of both traditional and unconventional ways to launch its products. By 1920, the brand launched its first advertising campaign through competitions such as Rexona Baby and Miss Rexona.


Likewise, this brand has sports athletes as ambassadors and an alliance with the Lotus F1 Team to sponsor the Formula 1 team “Williams Martini Racing.” However, as with Olympic athletes, Rexona has also become known for awarding and supporting athletes.


As for his ads, it is no secret to anyone that they are usually very eccentric and funny, which is why he makes his message reach his audience effectively. Moreover, it has been possible to see in some of its advertisements how its models perform complicated feats with their arms to demonstrate the protection capacity of its products, especially the Rexona Roll-on.


Ads have also shown people doing various acrobatics, strengthening the protection offered by this brand on their bodies. Furthermore, it has a “trust academy” tab dedicated exclusively to this purpose. The goal is for people to build their confidence through personal development, body language, and other traits.


Do You Need a Marketing Strategy for Your Business?


Blucactus - Woman using Rexona products - Rexona Marketing StrategyAmong the brand’s strengths, we can mention that it is the only one in the antiperspirant category to exceed the global sales threshold of 1,000 million dollars. Consequently, Rexona has been experiencing considerable growth in all the markets where it has sold its products in the last ten years. Notably, many of its achievements have been thanks to its marketing strategy.


Rexona’s marketing strategy has become very practical and inspiring for many brands wanting to grow. As a business owner, you need a business plan to reach your target audience to sell your products and generate more income. BluCactus can help you achieve your goals through a personalized marketing strategy that fits your goals. We will inform you of all our available services if you contact us immediately.


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