Know what sales enablement is and how to use it in your business

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Know what sales enablement is and how to use it in your business. The marketing world is constantly changing and adapting its activities and processes. That’s why keeping up with all the new systems can be quite an ordeal.


For any company, it’s important that, as it grows, the administrative, strategic, or planning processes are automated. This allows coordinators and other team members to handle the more manual work that needs to be given more attention.


In this blog, we will explain what sales enablement is, how you can use it in your business and why it is important that you take it into account in your company.


What is Sales Enablement?


BluCactus - Marketing symbolsSales enablement is a system that seeks to develop a scalable, repeatable sales process. As a result, this allows the creation of a model for the entire sales team to get the best results.


Its main function is to align the work of the marketing team with the sales team. This way, they’re able to find new ways to optimize a product, service or good from the commercial approach. In other words, this allows them to get the best out of everything.


Sales enablement isn’t all about unifying two sections, it also means working on the application of both team’s different tools. On the other hand, it also involves the creation and improvement of work processes and the training of talents.


BluCactus - sales enablement - men workingActions involved in sales enablement


Some actions or tasks in which the sales enablement is involved is in:


How to do Sales Enablement in practice?


All businesses go through different facets of sales enablement. These range from the first steps of analysis and discovery to the maturation of the processes. But if you still don’t know where your business is, don’t worry. We will give you some practices that you can start applying in your brand to work on the strategies and little by little discover in what facet you are.


First practice – Recruitment


BluCactus - sales enablement - men workingHow do you expect to know if your team is ideal for these tasks if you don’t really recruit the right talents? The first step you must take is to gather the right people on your team. For this, you must look for those who really meet the objectives and skills you want for your company.


One way to use sales enablement is to work in a less segmented selection process and have professional support to help you control the perfect candidate for each job role. This can be done by carrying out selection phases with diagnostic tests and from there, according to the results, indicating who is the best to fill the vacancy available in the company.


This will end up unleashing a team of talented people who will allow you to accelerate the processes within your company, improve the performance of the tasks and optimize the sale of the products much more.


Second Practice – Business Process


BluCactus - sales enablement - men workingOnce you have a team that meets the skills that you think add a lot of value to the company, it’s time to work on the creation and development of certain tactics to create an ideal process for your business.


Some companies have to create an entire organizational structure or task management in the sales team between SDRs and Reps.


For others, it’s necessary to be aware of the results of the same process that has been used to see if it can continue to be implemented. Once we know if this process has good results or needs adjustments, we can work on it.


Third Practice – Talent Training


BluCactus - sales enablement - men workingAll members, both new and old, of a company, must receive training to carry out their roles in the company. This goes for everyone. It doesn’t matter if they already have experience, are familiar with the company, or are new to the job.


Thanks to this training, you can easily explain to the team members what their tasks are and how to carry them out. Even better, you can teach them these activities step by step. This way, it will become their habit.


Once they understand their tasks, you can then offer them the best tools to carry them out. You can do this for all your company’s teams, from those who work in the software are, to those in charge of the visual aspects of the brand. By giving them tools to work with, you will make this process easier for everyone.


Fourth practice – Monitoring the results


BluCactus - Men workingNow that you have the equipment, the tools and you have started to work, it’s time to analyze the results of the work you did. After all, if you can’t measure the outcome of everything, you really don’t know if you’re doing it right or if there really was an improvement.


Also, at this point, you can find out if you made some mistakes or find where you should work as part of the sales enablement.


The whole team must have the same objectives.


This way, everyone will focus on the same goals, which will then lead to a continuous and well-done job.


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