What is SEO Positioning?

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What is SEO positioning? On many occasions, we have heard or perhaps read at some point what SEO is. We have the idea of ​​believing that it’s what can organically increase the views on your website.


BluCactus - What is SEO Positioning? - computer with important informationAnyone who wants to place their store or business on the web, must have a good SEO by law, but why is SEO so important on websites?


Why does it work so well?


First of all, it’s very important to have it on the web today, because many people can find you through this means, either through a social media platform, some advertising or through your website.


And, it’s very normal to talk about these terms with people. If you are still not sure about what it’s, we will explain it below:


Where does SEO come from?


BluCactus - What is SEO Positioning? - technical changesWe have talked about SEO, but where does this term come from? Over the years, everything has evolved including search engines.


As the years have passed, the algorithms on which they work have been modified. Thanks to that, now, being in the first place of the search results has been made a battle.


The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and was used for the first time in 1997 when people started optimizing keywords on websites.


The following year, Google was born, and together with Larry Page and Sergey Brin, along with this birth, Page Rank was also created.


What is page rank? What is SEO Positioning? 


BluCactus - What is SEO Positioning? - questionsPage Rank is the ranking used to measure the “authority” or “influence” of a website. This means the value that a site has concerning another.


This ranking was public for a long time through many tools. In 2016, Google hid it and now only they can see it. Amazing! Isn’t it?


Ever since then, Google, and other search engines, now organize websites based on a ranking of results.


On the other hand, in 1998, Jeffrey Brewer created the prototype of advertising based on PPC. This we know as Pay Per Click, which is a very big advance when it comes to digital marketing.


What is SEO positioning?


BluCactus - What is SEO Positioning? - companiesPreviously, we mentioned what SEO stands for, which is search engine optimization.


Said optimization is a set of methods that are applied to a website, to increase the position and visibility in the results pages of the main browsers.


The definition is simple, the concern is when to do this optimization in a good way.


In summary, we can define SEO as the process focused on placing a certain website within the first positions of the search results that come after a query from any user.


Types of SEO


BluCactus - people workingWithin SEO positioning, there are two types of SEO:


on-page and off-page


It’s defined as the set of actions focused on improving the position of your website in Google that can be carried out both inside and outside your website.


For this reason, we have to distinguish one from the other.


Next, we will explain what each of them consists of.


SEO on-page


BluCactus - people workingWhat is SEO Positioning? On-page SEO refers to the set of techniques applied to the website that we want to position.


For example, some factors when optimizing the on-page SEO of a website are:


  • Improving the speed and optimization of your website
  • Image optimization
  • Creation of quality content
  • Good web user experience
  • Good structure of HTML tags (H1, H2, H3…)

SEO off-page


BluCactus - people workingMeanwhile, off-page SEO is the other set of methods that we carry out outside of our website. However, it also helps to improve the position of your page in search engines.


For example, some of these techniques are:



Link Building means is an SEO strategy based on getting external links to our website, blog, online store. All this to increase search engine positioning.


Why should we do SEO?


BluCactus - What is SEO Positioning? - computer with important informationWe already agreed that SEO is very very important when having our page, blog, or online store.


There are many reasons why to do this positioning.


But we will list the most important ones below:


  • Visibility: Visibility is the main reason why we do SEO and it’s very simple! By increasing the visibility of your website, you will be exposing your brand or product to the public. Magnificent! Don’t you think


  • BluCactus - people workingWeb traffic: When you increase the visibility within your website, you increase the number of people who enter your website daily, which explains the greater chances of attracting new customers.


  • Beat your competition: If you do SEO, you will be one step ahead of your competition. This is because your potential client is more likely to find you before your competition.


  • You increase your sales: We know that your main objective is to increase your sales. So, once you expose your website, more people will know what you are doing, what you offer, and the number of qualified leads that may be interested in your business. This, in turn, translates into a significant increase in your sales and brand recognition.

BluCactus - What is SEO Positioning? - metricsWhat is SEO Positioning? What do leads mean?


It refers to those contacts who have left us their data.


Through one of our landing pages in exchange for content of interest to them.


On the other hand, a landing page is a page where targeted traffic is sent, with a specific objective.




Techniques for doing SEO


BluCactus - people workingWhat is SEO Positioning? Here are some techniques for you to do good SEO:


  • The user experienceThis is one of the most important factors and you can achieve it over time. If your visitors have a good experience on your website, they spend time on it, convert and repeat. That is your users like the content they see and interact with it. Remember that Google takes all of this into account.
  • Web optimization. Having an optimized website is key to improving speed and loading times. Also, it directly influences the point we saw earlier, the user experience.
  • Authority of the pageIt mainly refers to the popularity of your page. If your website and the content you create adds value, users share it and link you naturally, Google knows what interests them and takes it into account when positioning it.


How to improve your search engine rankings?


BluCactus - What is SEO Positioning? - computer with important informationHere are some methods that are necessary to give your page a boost and improve its search engine rankings:


  • What is SEO Positioning? Create quality content 


Content has always been known to be King, and it’s. Creating content is not an easy job, much less quality work. That’s why is essential whether you want to improve your on-page SEO or your off-page SEO.


Having original and interesting content allows you to have many visits and to be read. This, in turn, makes users spend time on your website and interact with it. Besides, it will also help you to share this content on social media.


  • BluCactus - link buildingChoose a good hosting


To achieve a good optimization for the loading times of a website, a good hosting platform is essential to achieve this.


We recommend that, if you have a corporate website, a blog with many visits, or an e-commerce, a plan of Professional Hosting may be the best choice for you.


If you do not know much about the subject: We invite you to read our blog about choosing good hosting.


  • What is SEO Positioning? Optimize images


BluCactus - What is SEO Positioning? - types of contentImages are an essential part of your website.


They are the element that gets the most attention from your visits.


Besides, they help to digest the content better and are a good way to add value to your website. However, you need to know how to optimize them.


Alt and title tags are necessary for Google to interpret them, so never forget to place them on your website.


  • BluCactus - people workingMake good use of keywords


People use keywords to search for information. It’s key to create remarkable content for those terms.


Recognize and add correctly in the tags (H1, H2…) of your website.


Remember that you have to add them in a completely natural way.


An abusive or inconsistent use, Google can detect it and penalize your website.


Conclusion of What is SEO Positioning?


BluCactus - What is SEO Positioning? - computer with important informationSo, as you can see, the optimization of your website can be really easy and can get you the best results.


It will allow you to get exposure and increase your sales.


In today’s competitive world, where there are thousands of websites for every area.


Being in the first place of results should be one of your main priorities.


However, if you don’t know much about this, we invite you to hire our team of specialists.


BluCactus - What is content marketing - professional person working

Here at BluCactus, we have a team of experts in SEO that will gladly help you to position your website.


Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here for you!


Your success is our success


Remember that if you have any questions you can leave them in the comments below.


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