What Is AliExpress’ World Famous Marketing Strategy?

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What Is AliExpress’ World Famous Marketing Strategy? Is there anyone among us who has not heard of AliExpress? Very doubtful. This Chinese e-commerce site has gained great visibility in recent times despite not being as well-advertised as other e-commerce platforms like Amazon. So, how did AliExpress manage to reach a world-recognized success? 


Renowned for its diverse product offerings at affordable prices, AliExpress quickly rose to fame, venturing outside the borders of China. Today, we’ll delve into AliExpress’ marketing mix that consistently elevates the world-famous site. So, let’s get started. 

What Is AliExpress?


BluCactus - PlataformEstablished in 2010 as a retail channel for the AliBaba Group, AliExpress is an online sales platform.


However, it’s important to note that AliBaba Group was established way back in 1999, achieving enduring success, specifically in B2B e-commerce.  


As a well-thought out platform, AliExpress quickly beat its competitors to the top of the success ladder, becoming a popular application with a long-standing success. In fact, after the first two years of its establishment, the Asian giant had more than a million clients across the globe. Now, it boasts a solid presence in over 190 countries, demonstrating its well-grounded triumph within various sectors. 

What Is AliExpress’ Substantial Marketing Mix?


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AliExpress’ marketing mix includes several key components that add to its enduring success, such as:



One of the most important advantages of AliExpress is its budget-friendly solutions. Compared to its competitors, AliExpress provides its users a wider variety at very affordable prices. 


This makes the platform challenging to match for its competitors, as AliExpress is a leader in B2C product services. 

Diverse Catalogs


As mentioned, AliExpress boasts diverse product catalogs, along with different distributors, enabling its consumers to access everything they are looking for with just one click.  


From electronics to clothing, cosmetics, toys, furniture, and more, AliExpress boasts a myriad of options to its global audience. Leveraging this strategy with a small list of distributors that you can then expand is a great tactic if you have an online sales platform. 

Responsive Web Design

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With an adaptable and flexible web design, AliExpress offers a responsive and seamless shopping experience. Its website adjusts not only languages locally but also currency, thus standing out from its competitors.

Contribution to New Consumption Habits

Aliexpress often opts for discount festivities, inviting its users to shop more. 


For instance, one of the best-known festivities on AliExpress is the “single day”. On this day, all shopping records are broken as it is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself.

Loyalty Systems

This platform has developed a discount coupon system for users to continue accessing its app and shopping from it. Some of these coupons are given away by the platform, while others are issued by sellers or associated with specific events.


Additionally, there is an affiliate program for sellers that offer affiliate products on Aliexpress, thus enjoying higher commission rates. This strategy not only attracts more vendors, but also helps Aliexpress maintain a competitive edge. 

BluCactus - What is the AliExpress marketing strategy? - Comercial plataform



AliExpress utilizes M-Commerce for making sales through mobile devices, such as Ipads and smartphones. This investment enhances AliExpress’ shopping experience while providing its consumers a convenient way to shop wherever and whenever. 

Improving Delivery Times

While AliExpress lacks in the department of fast-shipping, it consistently works on this disadvantage to provide consumers better delivery times. AliExpress targets delivering to its European consumers in just three days, especially if the items are bought from AliExpress’ European suppliers. However, suppliers located on other continents take about 10 days or more. Yet, it is common for packages to get delivered a bit late.  

Partnerships and Global Campaigns

As a global retail online marketplace, AliExpress has progressed into employing digital practices, such as advertising campaigns. For instance, AliExpress became a Worldwide Olympic TOP Partner ahead of the Olympic Games Paris in 2024. AliExpress’ new campaign titled, ‘’Find Your Sport,’’ demonstrates the empowering force of sports, encouraging consumers to engage with one to keep mobile and active. 


Furthermore, the company welcomed David Beckham as their brand new global ambassador. 

Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510In conclusion, AliExpress’s marketing strategy focuses on boosting visibility through promotions, spreading word-of-mouth, digital practices, and social media endorsements from users. 

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