What Social Media Strategies Will Sell your Skincare Brand?

Blucactus - What Social Media Strategies Will Sell your Skincare Brand?

What Social Media Strategies Will Sell your Skincare Brand? Skincare lines are becoming increasingly popular as makeup and beauty no longer hold the spotlight alone. As an established beauty guru such as yourself, you only want the very best for your skincare brand. While so many cosmetic businesses compete for the spotlight, you know yours is worth the hype, and it deserves the attention! You might need help with how to get it out there. As your skincare brand takes off, you want to see immediate #nofilter success, and we want to see you get there! You do not have to keep relying on the one in the mirror for assistance. Let us give your business the boost you have been wanting. 


Having Trouble Finding Content? Your Followers Have a Few Ideas


Blucactus- woman using beauty productsYour brand’s social media content can maximize your money-making assets. Content has the power to optimize your business’s present and future success. As your brand lies within an insanely prominent industry, it’s easy to get stuck or overthink your next social media move, but less is more, and we’ll tell you why! Looking for a Clean and Refreshing Take on Digital Marketing? Subscribe to our Newsletter!


You may not realize it, but your next excellent move is just before you. It is already your biggest fan! Your next marketing strategy should encompass user-generated content. Your loyal followers are already obsessed with you and will be proud to show it. Letting them choose your next posts increases engagement with your target audience and prime real estate for product promotion. While customers love seeing what’s in the spotlight, they also love being in the spotlight! An attractive social media campaign encourages follower participation, and if it results in content you can use, it becomes profitable participation. You do not need any over-the-top, extensive, and pricey ads. A simple repost displaying a customer’s glowing product review will sell your brand. It showcases genuine care for your audience while convincing them to care for you. See, we told you less is more. 


What is the Best Social Media Platform for Beauty Products? 


Blucactus- woman using skincare productsTechnically, there is no correct answer here, as cosmetic brands and the beauty and skincare audience use many social media platforms. People’s opinions vary, and therefore, their choice of media varies.


However, the stats do not lie. Instagram is the most popular platform for the owner and the consumer sharing your industry. While it may not always be someone’s endless choice, it is where they look first.


Instagram hosts account for many major brands within your industry, small and local businesses, and even new ones. It’s also where many influencers like to try and advertise their favorite products. While Instagram is a top contender, remember that the more social media presence you have, the wider an audience you will reach! 


We Cannot Wait Any Longer! Give Us a Show and Tell!


Blucactus- woman using beauty productsWhile user-generated content is a fool-proof plan, you must rely on something other than that content 24/7. It’s time for you to deliver what the skincare-savvy people are craving. You’ve guessed it. It’s time for you to show and tell! Now the days of presenting your favorite things in front of your friends and classmates have been long gone, but the initial foundation of showing and telling lives on and should be your next social media strategy. 


Beauty and skincare businesses must cater to the needs of their ideal and current audience. Many people no longer enjoy reading about a product before buying it. They would much rather see it in action.


Brands that create and share video tutorials educate the customer and encourage them to try it for themselves. How-To stories and infographics that explain a process, item, or result, can also provoke the same reaction.


Blucactus- woman using skincare productsWith the cosmetic industry constantly evolving, it is hard to expect your audience to keep up with the latest trends, tools, and products. That’s why show-and-tell content is never outdated and consistently compelling. Another route you can take with this strategy is showcasing before-and-after photos.


This showcase can also fall within the user-generated content we previously discussed. However, it’s always a fan favorite from your audience or brand.


People love seeing the successful results of a skincare product they were first hesitant or willing to buy. Displaying a prominently enhanced and shining comparison can sell your skincare brand very well


How Do I Promote My Beauty Business on Instagram? 


Blucactus- woman using skincare productsInstagram is prime real estate for business promotion. Any activity on your brand’s Instagram account can promote your company. You can post product releases, demos, how-to’s, and content showcasing the team and values behind the name.


Participating in monthly and yearly trends within the cosmetic industry can also boost traffic to your business’s profile. Utilizing hashtags, hosting giveaways, and partnering with other companies can spark interest in your skincare brand.


Instagram also offers businesses the option to participate in paid advertisements, which, for a cost, can increase customer engagement and the number of views your profile gets.  


Sharing Clean Ingredients = Appreciated Transparency 


Blucactus- woman using beauty productsWe live in an age in which people are constantly concerned with what they put in and on their bodies. The cosmetic industry is no longer just about what looks and feels the best or what is the most trendy and unique.


Skincare customers need to rest assured that the products they use are of the best quality, specifically within the components that compile the product. Promoting your company’s usage of clean ingredients portrays an honest, transparent, and caring persona. It highlights the values behind your brand and speaks to those who value a pure and simple skincare routine. 


Promoting natural, non-toxic ingredients is as simple as other strategies we’ve already discussed. Customers want to hear all about your products from the business directly, and social media is the perfect platform for educating your audience. Your skincare brand’s online presence should consistently reiterate good health and positive vibes. 


What Skincare Products Are Most in Demand?


Blucactus- woman using skincare productsOver the last year, simple face moisturizers and lotions have been bought more frequently than most other products.


Skincare has come a long way over just this past decade, and while many cosmetic brands have been creating and launching new products and innovative solutions, the classic skincare staples continue to top them.


With goals of ultimate hydration and silky smooth skin, it is no wonder these items are consistently needed.


One can argue that what is in demand largely depends on what’s trending for that year. However, trends briskly come and go. It is the foundation of a skincare routine that stays. 


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