The solution to all your problems: 9 reasons why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency

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If you’re wondering why it is so important to hire a digital marketing agency, you’ve come to the right place. Likewise, maybe you’re in a situation where you aren’t sure about hiring an agency. In this case, we are here to help you! Next, we will list 9 reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency.


First, we will refresh your knowledge.


What is a digital marketing agency?


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingThe main purpose of a digital marketing agency is to promote your business to attract clients.


Because of this, they implement a wide variety of marketing techniques and technologies. Likewise, they are made up of a team of professionals ready to create the perfect marketing strategy for your business.


In addition, some services that these agencies offer are Search Engine Optimization or SEO, and Search Engine Marketing or SEM.


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This last service, better known as SEM or SEA, includes paid advertising like Google Ads and influencers.


They can also offer services such as content automation, campaign marketing, eCommerce marketing, and Social Media Marketing, among others. Thus, the main reason why you should hire a marketing agency should be the wide variety of services they can offer.


In any digital marketing agency you can find the following services:


Reasons to hire a digital marketing agency


Without further ado, below we will explain the reasons for hiring a digital marketing agency.


  • Wide range of skills, Why hire a Digital Marketing Agency?


BluCactus - person coloringThe moment you hire a digital marketing agency, you’re opening up your brand to its wide range of services. Likewise, some of these could have been outside of the scope of your organization.


Graphic design is one of them. We know that high-quality images are crucial to maintain the engagement of our audience and a powerful brand.


However, most businesses don’t have the resources or demand to hire a full-time graphic designer.


The truth is that these agencies do work with marketing, advertising, and branding tasks. Hence the need for the services of a graphic designer and other professionals. Thus, they have the human capital that you need on your team.


  • Vast experience


BluCactus -depht and breathEven if marketing is just one aspect of your organization, for these agencies it’s their daily bread. In addition, the teams that make up these agencies can come from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Because of this, they bring to the table all sorts of experiences and knowledge.


This way, they can greatly improve the image of your brand.


As a whole, an agency can have decades of experience of which an internal marketing manager simply can’t provide. Thus, without a doubt, this is one of the main reasons you should hire a digital marketing agency.


  • Knowledge of current trends, Why hire a Digital Marketing Agency?


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingThese agencies are experts at multitasking. This is because they work in many areas like marketing and advertising.


Likewise, they can keep close to the consumer and different audiences. The agency can also track trends as well as consumer’s preferences and communication styles.


Because agencies spend a lot of time learning, they have far more opportunities. They can experiment and analyze the impact of new tactics, formats, and positioning.


Likewise, this means that in each project they can learn and improve, which makes them an effective service. Thus, you will be able to use the most current and compelling messages with your audience.


  • Less investment in office resources


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingWorking with a marketing agency allows you to have fewer in-house marketers in your team.


This means fewer desks, computers, and even office space. However, if the agency team visits your office, they can charge you for travel time or mileage.


On the other hand, you can communicate with the agency through video calls like Skype or Zoom.


Therefore, you won’t face space limitations. Besides, the use of video calls can offer many opportunities for face-to-face conversations.


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingThis results in fewer mixed messages that can come from emails.


Likewise, don’t forget that technology has advanced a lot and will continue to do so.


This means that you now can optimize your time better than before.


Time is no longer wasted going from one place to another if we can see each other through a screen and solve all the unforeseen events.


Therefore, the time factor is another reason to hire a digital marketing agency.


  • Agility during the transition, Why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency?


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingThe scope, direction, and delivery of a project or campaign can change once it becomes a reality. This can be due to changing consumer preferences or platform variables. Additionally, this can also happen because of a change in internal corporate preferences.


Because of this, you may often need to adjust marketing tactics. Thus, it can be necessary to implement different strategies as your campaign unfolds.


Likewise, agency team members tend to work together using their combined experience. They do this to integrate different marketing methods. This allows them to accordingly respond to the needs of your company in real-time.


  • Built-in agency incentives. Why hire a Digital Marketing Agency


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingFor an agency, each project is a new line on their resume and each client they work with is a new potential reference.


So while you can expect agencies to work for their own interest, they will always seek the success of your project.


This commitment to the growth of your brand is what makes the choice of hiring a digital marketing agency so great.





  • Greater scalability in the market, Why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency?


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingIf an agency has a high number of qualified staff, it means that it has the ability to scale on its own.


So, if you have a small business that is growing day by day, these agencies can give you more time and staff.


In contrast, this couldn’t happen if you were to hire untrained staff.


Being able to accommodate the growth and development of a business is what defines this type of agency.


Don’t you think that this is one of the main reasons to hire a marketing agency?


  • New perspective


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingThere are always moments where a business needs an outside perspective. When things go wrong or the message doesn’t impact the audience, you may need the opinion of someone who understands it.


Attention: This is just another opinion that could help you regain your creative spark. However, you could also not like it at all and might dismiss it altogether.


In addition, you could simply ask for an outside perspective from an honest, qualified, and experienced marketing agency.


Later, once your business is well established, this agency could help you to predict trends. Likewise, it could also allow you to prepare for future growth opportunities with optimism and strategies.


  • Teamwork, Why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency?


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingLast but not least, marketing agencies can ensure productivity, fluency, and wits. Therefore, you could face problems of communication, clarity, and creativity if you decide to hire an alternative.


This can happen by hiring a group of people who don’t think that marketing comes first. Thus, this could harm your business more than help it.


However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to get involved in the process. No matter how good is an agency, you must involve yourself. The key to the effective work of an agency it’s the collaboration between them and the client.


Besides, as job prospects change, the experience, the priorities, and the corporate culture will remain the same to get stable and positive results. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your business is in good hands. What an excellent reason to hire a digital marketing agency!


Benefits of hiring an agency


BluCactus - benefits of hiring an agencyIt’s cheaper to hire an agency than a set of employees. This way you will be strategically saving money.


The hiring of a digital marketing agency focuses on the use of marketing tactics, which can bring you significant value. Gone are the days of exaggerated budgets within contracts and hidden fees.


The pricing dynamics have changed a lot from those days. Today, many companies are working on well-defined price structures and marketing retention agreements with lower fees.


However, we must say that a set standard doesn’t exist within the industry. The current rate in most markets for an experienced inbound marketing agency ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 for monthly expenses. You could think that this is a large number compared to the opportunity cost of DIY or the pure share of funds for in-house staffing.


BluCactus - benefits of hiring an agencyOn the other hand, some companies try to have in-house marketing staff by making the current employees take over social media and the creation of content. Nonetheless, it isn’t right to overload the current employees with so many tasks. This generates exhaustion and, in turn, decreases long term productivity.


Besides, with so many people invested in the same project, it could lead to inconsistency. This is because this casual approach doesn’t usually have a set strategy. Fortunately, marketing agencies can help you develop that same strategy. This way, they can ensure that you make the most out of your marketing efforts.


Afterward, you can implement this strategy with your employees depending on their availability and skill. Likewise, you can also hire a digital agency to manage it for you.


Other benefits that an agency can give you


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingBy hiring a marketing agency, you won’t need an extensive training program for your employees.


Likewise, you won’t need to pay them to go to a seminar or to pay a senior salesperson to train them. In fact, any renowned agency is ready to work with you.


Likewise, these companies have a track record of results, which can be understood as testimonies. Besides, they’re used to hiring new clients.


On the other hand, a single employee can only change jobs every few years.


BluCactus - seoHowever, it’s also true that new employees or agencies will need a little more time to adjust to the needs and intricacies of your business.


As an important fact, it’s possible to have a lasting relationship with an agency.


In contrast, you can invest time and money to train an employee, but after a few years, they could leave.


So when you hire a marketing agency, you can continue to work with them for many years.


Even if the team members change, the agency will update the new team members, not you.


Why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency? They’re up to date with the new marketing trends


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingWhat in-house marketer has time to keep up with the latest trends?


Typically, when working within a company and in a position, employees are so busy with their day-to-day tasks that there is no room to grow, change, and evolve.


Instead, most reputable digital marketing agencies take education seriously.


They take the time to stay on top of the latest trends, tools, technologies, and strategies to better serve you.


Likewise, they spend their own time learning how to use these new resources free of charge.


Reasons why hire a digital marketing agency: One last benefit an agency can bring you


You benefit from an outside perspective:


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people workingEmployees may find it difficult to express new ideas or raise concerns for fear of losing their jobs. They can choose to remain silent as to not anger their bosses.


Without a doubt, the saying “two heads are better than one” is true when it comes to marketing since innovation is part of the day to day today.


If you fall behind, even for a day, you have already lost.


A digital marketing agency can handle your business from the point of view of the consumer. Since they have years of experience, they know what works. Thus, everything is practical.


Why hire a Digital Marketing Agency? Summary


Without a doubt, hiring a digital marketing agency is the best choice you could make for your business. This is especially true if you want to increase the popularity of your business, its clients, visitors, and promotions among others. The aim of this agency is to boost your brand, website, sales, or any other marketing aspect that you want.


BluCactus - why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency - Professional people working

We talked about the difference between hiring an employee only team and a digital marketing agency. You must already know that the first option isn’t profitable. This is due to the lack of experience and knowledge it presents. Besides, if something goes wrong, you won’t have an endorsement.


In contrast, if you hire an agency, you will have at your disposal a team of experienced marketing professionals. Likewise, this team will be able to implement anything you want for your business. Your opinion will always be taken into account, even if you’re not an expert in this field.


Also, we mentioned the benefits of time, money, and growth that hiring an agency can give you. We recommend you to not be the first client of an agency. Thus, you must hire one that already has some kind of experience in the market. Remember that they must guarantee your growth and future plans with testimonials.


At BluCactus we have years of experience and you can quote your budget with us for free.


BluCactus - contact usIf you want to be the next recognized business, don’t hesitate to contact us.


We can put together a strategic plan that allows you to reach your full potential.


We’re an experienced digital marketing agency, don’t miss out on the incredible experience we provide.


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