Why is SEO so important to my Website?

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Why is SEO so important to my Website? Keep in mind that the better positioned a website is in the search engines, the greater the chances that the user will click on the link and the more visits you will receive. 


To give you an idea, imagine that you want to buy a case for your iPad. The first thing you do is to search the Internet for “iPad cases”. Where do you click? I am sure that you directly access the first results offered by the search engine. What’s more, if these results do not convince you, chances are you will modify your search for something like “buy iPad case”, instead of going directly to the second or third page of results.


Do you understand now why is it so important that your website appears in the first positions? SEO positioning is one of the main strategies to increase traffic to your website. The more visits you get, the more chances you’ll have of getting new clients and increasing sales.


Why is SEO or web positioning important? Why is SEO so important to my Website?


Understanding what SEO is and implementing a good strategy is essential for the future of your brand. Do you think we exaggerate? Take a look at these reasons:


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1.- Multiply your visibility. 


Imagine that you manage to position your website for a term with 500,000 monthly searches.


If the first result that appears in the search engines takes 20% of the clicks.


You would be obtaining 100,000 organic monthly visits.


They don’t imply any additional cost.


2.- Why is SEO so important to my Website? Improve your website.


BluCactus - Why is SEO so important to my website? - google search with the logo of blucactusWell done, web positioning techniques not only improve your page for search engines but also users themselves.


And improving user experience means improving your results.


It is a long term investment. Optimizing your website has some initial costs.


If you manage to position your website in the first positions, you will have a fantastic source of quality traffic at no cost. 


3.- Make your website profitable. 


BluCactus - Why is SEO so important to my website? - paper with the logo of blucactusHave you made a valuable investment in money, time and resources to build a website that represents your brand?


The logical thing is to have as many users as possible visit it to take advantage of that investment.


Why is SEO so important to my Website? Increase your impact on social networks.


Web positioning creates synergies with social media. The reason is that links shared on social media make use of the titles and descriptions that you will have optimized as part of your positioning strategy.

4.- Why is SEO so important to my Website? Build trust and credibility. 


BluCactus - Why is SEO so important to my website? - hands shaking in front of a compuerDomain authority and relevance are the two key factors of SEO.


Therefore, when your website appears among the first search results, users know that it is a site that contains the information they are looking for and that has been approved by many users.


In short, it gives them the confidence they need to become clients.


It can be measured and optimized. It’s possible to evaluate the results of all the techniques and factors that intervene in your SEO to see which ones are giving the best results and correct them, if necessary.


7 techniques to do SEO and improve your search engine positioning



It’s important to know what major search engines such as Google consider when analyzing and positioning a website.


1.- The user experience


It’s one of the most important factors and it has become more relevant over time.


If your visitors have a good experience on your website, they spend more time on it, become engaged and come back.


In other words, when your users like the content they see and interact with it, Google takes this into account.



2.- Why is SEO so important to my Website? Web optimization. 


Having an optimized website is key to improving speed and loading times.


Also, this directly influences the point we previously referred to, the user experience. 


3.- Domain authority 


BluCactus-Why-is-SEO-so-important-for-my-website-Domain-authorityMainly, it refers to the notoriety or popularity of your web page.


If your website and the content you create additional value, users spontaneously share it, Google gets to know it is interesting and takes it into account when positioning it.


Now that you know what are the fundamental pillars of Google, it’s time to get to work on your business (on and off your website).


Here are some techniques that are essential to give your page a boost and improve its search engine positioning.


BluCactus-Create-quality-content.4.- Why is SEO so important to my Website? Create quality content


For a long time, it was claimed that content is king and it is. Creating quality content is essential whether you want to improve your on-page SEO or your off-page SEO.


Having original and interesting content will help your visitors read you, spend time on your website and interact with it.


Plus, it will also help you share this content on social media and get quality backlinks to your website.



5.- Choose a good hosting


If we are talking about optimization or improving the loading times of a website, a good hosting platform is essential to achieve it.


For example, if you have a corporate website, a blog with many visits or e-commerce, a professional hosting plan may be the best option for you.


On the other hand, if you have a more advanced project with a high volume of traffic, a VPS with SSDs will significantly improve the performance of your site and Google will appreciate it.


BluCactus-Optimize-images6.- Why is SEO so important to my Website? Optimize images


Images are a fundamental element of your website.


They catch the attention of your visitors, make your content easy to digest, and are a good way to add value to your website, but you need to know how to optimize them.


Alt and title tags are a must for Google to interpret them, so never forget them!


BluCactus-Why-is-SEO-so-important-for-my-website-11-Make-good-use-of-keywords7.- Make good use of keywords


Why is SEO so important to my Website? Knowing what keywords people use to search for information is key for creating relevant content related to those terms.


Identify and add them correctly to the tags of your website.


Of course, you have to include them naturally.


Google can detect an abusive or inconsistent use of them and penalize your website.


BluCactus-Why-is-SEO-so-important-for-my-website-12-Conclusion Conclusion


Why is SEO so important to my Website? As we have seen, having a web-optimized for search engines will help you maintain a good position in the Google SERPs and earn clicks on your page.


At the end of the day, SEO is the main organic traffic channel of a website.


BluCactus can help you with your positioning strategy. ¡Contact us!



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