Here’s why you must carry out an SEO auditory


Here’s why you must carry out an SEO auditory. Learn about the importance of an SEO audit. You may have heard about positioning before, but did you know how vital it is for your blog? After all, this is the only way to be more relevant than the competition. That’s why SEO plays a fundamental role when it comes to this. As a result, today many companies offer their service to perform an SEO audit.


Now, you may be confused and may want to ask questions such as What is an SEO audit? Or, is it really that important to invest in an SEO audit?


Short answer, yes, it is worth it. Long answer, an SEO audit will be the best tool you can count on to know if you’re making the best choices. This way, you will ensure the best position on Google’s search results.


What is an SEO audit?


Blucactus-What-is-an-SEO-auditYou must know what an SEO audit is so that you can understand its importance. When we talk about this tool, we are referring to a diagnosis to determine what is right or wrong on your website or blog.


Besides, through an SEO audit, you can get both the indications and parameters that your website must meet. Once you get this information, you can discover what your faults are and start to fix them.


A good idea may be to hire the services of a marketing agency. After all, most of them have an SEO team ready to carry out a qualified audit of your website. On the other hand, they may also offer you a good SEO strategy to fix any mistakes in your site.


Why carry out an SEO audit?


Blucactus-Why-carry-out-an-SEO-auditThe indexing of your website and the improvement of your page’s ranking on Google depends on an SEO audit. Of course, this won’t happen overnight and needs a lot of effort for the best results. Besides, optimization is very important for your website or blog. After all, it’s the content you often share.


In the same way, most companies don’t know how to correctly optimize their sites or don’t pay enough attention to it. This is normal and often happens in the business world. However, this will happen until the owner of a website or blog becomes aware of it. Only then will they realize the importance of optimization and therefore an SEO audit.


Through an SEO audit, you’ll be able to find those errors that aren’t allowing your website to get good positioning. However, there is one piece of advice we should give you when discovering flaws on your website. You must not start making changes to your site without knowing what you’re doing. Otherwise, you will be only making it worse.


Instead, you should seek out an SEO audits specialized team. They will figure out the status of the following elements that make up your site:


  • The number of internal and external links.
  • Duplicate content.
  • The keywords with which you attract traffic to your site.
  • The status of the loading speed.


These are some of the elements that you can review and analyze in the structure of your site, and for this process, you need to carry out an SEO audit.


What is the purpose of an SEO audit?


Blucactus-What-is-the-objective-of-the-SEO-auditThrough an SEO audit, you can review and analyze all the elements that make up your website, especially the main elements for optimizing visibility.


This way, you can provide your site with ease of use and increased conversions.


So, an SEO audit is more than a luxury or an option, it’s really a necessary service.



What are the best tools to do a web audit?


We have great news for you! There’s a lot of tools you can use to facilitate this process:




Blucactus-SEMrushThis tool turns out to be very effective in tracking keywords and movements on your social media.


It also has a functionality where you can carry out an automatic SEO audit to obtain reports with information related to your competition and monitor the reputation of your brand.


On your website, you can have access to all the functionalities of this tool to test them and determine if it’s the right choice for you.




Blucactus-SistrixIf it’s a question of favorite tools for SEO auditing, this is one of the most sought-after by users.


The reason is that it offers many free functionalities even though it’s paid. Through the free features, you can have access to a SERPs generator, visibility index, Google updates, rich snippet generator, etc.


Also, in this application, there is an option known as SISTRIX Smart and through it, you can see data related to keywords, competition, links, and much more. Google’s history is another of the functionalities that you can access through this application that offers a free 14-day trial.




Blucactus-mozIn general, this is one of the most used tools to do an SEO audit. However, you must pay to enjoy its features, although some are limited because they are free. Through MOZ options, you can analyze keywords, links, web performance, or other relevant factors on your site.


SEO tools are the place where you can find this option, and if you want to use its best features, you will find them in its pro version of All-in-One Website SEO, for a use of 30 days.


Moz also has a very cool tool called Moz local for local businesses. Similarly, this option is very advantageous for you to do your SEO audit and do an analysis of all the important tasks related to keywords, page optimization, competitors, visibility, and much more.


Screaming frog


Blucactus-Screaming-FrogTo know the diagnosis of the status of your website or blog, you can use this application. In itself, this tool is very efficient since through it you can track images, links, page titles, directives, meta descriptions, or other elements. Also, you can do a free analysis of the URLs just by going directly to your site.


To use Screaming Frog, you only need to install the application and enter the URL you want to analyze.


The analysis time will depend on the size of your website, and you will get so much information that you can do the much-needed optimization of your site and get positive results.


Google analytics


Blucactus-Google-AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is one of the most popular tools for conducting a free SEO audit. 


Through this option, you will be able to know the traffic you have gained or lost, as well as the keywords with the most use to attract a greater number of users.


In this tool you can find interesting functionalities to know how to optimize your site, so you can also decrease the rejection rate of your website or blog.





Blucactus-AhrefsThis application is paid although it has a trial period of 14 days to carry out your SEO audit.


Two weeks is enough to be able to enjoy various functionalities and do the analysis of keywords, rank tracking, and much more.


Ahrefs also allows you to monitor your website and analyze the status of its content so that you can make corresponding improvements if necessary.


Webmaster Tools


Blucactus-Webmaster-ToolsIf you are just starting with your website this could be a good tool to start an SEO audit. Through this application, you can find the basics of Google search, and for this, you will find several resources. Consequently, through Fetch Google you can check a URL, to solve performance problems as quickly as possible.


To ensure better results on your site, you can also use PageSpeed ​​Insights to observe the loading result of your site. Besides, you can use this resource from your desktop computer or mobile device.


To determine the status of your website, this tool has a score from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better. If you get 85 points you can relax because this means that your website is performing well.


How to audit a web page?


Blucactus-how-to-audit-a-web-pageInterested in conducting an audit on your website? We thought so, and for this reason, we will explain the step by step:


The most important pages of your website must be crawled and indexed


The most relevant URLs on your website must be able to be crawled and indexed, as this is the only way to appear in Google results. If you want to know if your pages are indexed, you can use several tools such as Google Search Console.


Check the loading speed and that your content is adapted for mobile devices


Blucactus-how-to-audit-a-web-page-2Today, most Internet users search through mobile devices.


That’s why your site must be optimized for this type of device.


Otherwise, Google will simply ignore it.


Similarly, make sure that your site doesn’t take more than 3 seconds to load since the user doesn’t like to wait and will leave the page without having seen the content.


Stay aware of the status of your content and have organic visibility


Blucactus-how-to-audit-a-web-page-3Search engines have a preference for sites that have everything necessary for a successful user experience. That’s why you must make an appraisal of the content you offer on your site. After all, it must answer the questions of your audience with relevant and easy-to-process information.


Its content should not only focus on the text since it must have images, infographics, videos, or other elements that can truly add value to the user.


Besides, search engines will take into account the structure of your content for the positioning of the pages in SERP. Not only are keywords necessary, but so is the way users search. Don’t forget that search results algorithms have had some changes when positioning different pages.


What is the best you can do? To achieve organic visibility, you must organize the content of your site. So, if your website is for marketing, you should only offer content exclusively related to its sub-themes.


Do an in-depth study of your website architecture


Blucactus-how-to-audit-a-web-page-4This point is more important than it seems. After all, the design of your website must be optimized for better crawling and indexing. For this, you must offer the best user experience possible. As a result, you must take this detail into account together with internal linking.


On the other hand, you should also focus on improving the structure of your internal links. To do this, you must check that your home page stays connected with your website’s most relevant pages. The same goes for your other business pages. Here, you must verify that they’re connected to the most important links.


Another detail that you should take care of is your URLs status. This code is a standard response given by a specific server. To get it, you can use tools such as Ahrefs.


The idea is to get a code of 200, which means that the process of your request is correct. When a page doesn’t exist, the code you will get is “404”. Now, depending on the case, it will be able to make a permanent or temporary redirect. By learning HTML status codes, your site’s SEO and user experience will improve significantly.


Analyze your competition


Blucactus-how-to-audit-a-web-page-5This is a well-known saying and it also applies when talking about marketing and SEO: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer”


With this, we want to say that you must analyze your competition to know what you are facing when planning your strategies. To collect this type of data, you must pay attention to the keywords that are positioning your competition, as well as the different themes that they are applying to their content.


Also, check out the type of link-building strategy and featured snippets that your competition has come up with. Tools like Majestic SEO can be very effective to study why your competition is getting a lot of clicks and how they are staying in a strategic position.


Check if you can attract the right audience


Blucactus-how-to-audit-a-web-page-6Your website may have a large number of visits, but are these visits from the right audience? This usually happens a lot, and when doing an analysis of the number of shares on the web, you can see that these are scarce.


When this happens, it may be because none of your users get to the pricing page. Or, they don’t ask any questions related to your products. If this happens, it’s because you’re not attracting the right audience for your site.


Because of this, your goal should be to correctly grab the attention of your target audience. This way, they will be able to carry out the actions you want them to as a brand owner.


Doing an SEO audit requires different steps to be effective, that is why using each of these points you will be able to discover each of the possible errors to correct them in time.


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