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In this blog we will talk about WooCommerce and Shopify, and which one is best for your online store. WordPress is an incredible platform used by many SEO specialists, and it’s very easy to use for beginners. Although while Shopify has improved its platform to create online stores, WooCommerce hasn’t lagged in terms of innovation.


Therefore, if you are developing or perhaps you want to ​​create an online store. The aforementioned comparison will be useful to know the qualities of both e-commerce platforms. This way, we want to help you decide on which platform you want to create your online store.


So why is Shopify believed to have improved in the past two years?


BluCactus - sites of ecommerce openBecause many large companies have preferred Shopify to sell their products. This is because, at the beginning of this platform, many young people advertised Shopify on social media. Therefore, this platform achieved great popularity thanks to the reviews made by several young people about their experience with it.


You may have seen an advertising video on YouTube about this. This is because these young people generated profits by motivating other people to do the same. However, this audience was in the U.S.


In this article, we will explore the functions of these tools and what makes them better than the other. Let’s begin!


WooCommerce and Shopify, What’s WooCommerce?


WooCommerce vs ShopifyWe know WooCommerce for being a WordPress plugin that allows you to implement a functional online store on a website. This plugin includes everything you need to sell online. Such as the store pages, the cart, the user’s account, the purchase processes, and the most used payment methods in the world (bank transfers, PayPal, and Stripe). These purchasing methods have a system in which you can configure different taxes and shipping costs by area.


It also offers the opportunity to offer an unlimited number of products for sale, being able to add their price, descriptions, and variety, among other aspects. Therefore, WooCommerce is one of the most versatile options that exist to create an online store.


The WooThemes Company created the plugin in 2011, and they didn’t think it would become an innovation in e-commerce.


Is WooCommerce successful?


WooCommerce vs Shopify - successfulYes, such was the success of WooCommerce, that Automatic, the company in charge of WordPress, bought WooThemes in 2015 for about 30 million dollars.


Surprising! Right?


Since its launch, WooCommerce hasn’t stopped growing and has also increased the number of users who use it to create their virtual businesses. Did you know that WooCommerce has been downloaded over 32 million times today and has over 3 million active installations?


Another fact is that WooCommerce makes up around 30% of online stores worldwide. What are you waiting for to make yours?


What are the advantages of using WooCommerce?


WooCommerce vs Shopify - shopify with a computer and important informationNext, we will tell you what are the key advantages of using WooCommerce to create an online store.


One of them is the practical functionality of the WordPress platform, which facilitates managing your virtual store. Experts point out that its interface is simple to use and has creative features, which users love.


If you already know what WordPress is and have experience using it. It won’t be hard to find the plugin options for you. If you don’t have the experience, it may be easy for you to learn how to use it. However, we recommend that you don’t saturate yourself with information and, instead, take your time to learn.


Another of the significant advantages that WooCommerce offers, is that you can customize your online store in a thousand and one ways because of the plugins it has. You can create as many pages as you need and even have a blog next to your store. Thus, you can allow your users to know a little more about your store and your products.


One benefit of this wonderful interface is the ability to create receipts every time a customer places an order. You can implement this function by installing WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips.


What can I do with WooCommerce?


WooCommerce vs Shopify - shopify with a computer and important informationWe already know you can create an online store with this plugin. But is that the only thing you can do?


Certainly not, we can do much more. Below, you will find a list of some uses you can give it. We can carry some of them with the default WooCommerce functions and for others, it’s necessary to use some other extension.

  • Sell physical products to any part of the world.
  • Create a membership site and hide web content from users who haven’t purchased a product.
  • Sell downloadable digital products.
  • Show buttons to add a product to the cart on any page of the web.
  • Sell affiliate products to other stores.
  • Create events and sell tickets on the web.
  • Sell subscriptions and charge customers.

WooCommerce and Shopify, What’s Shopify?


WooCommerce vs Shopify - shopify with a computer and important informationShopify is an e-commerce engine that allows you to create an online store without technical knowledge, without having to worry about plugins, versions, and server updates. Therefore, if you are one of those who don’t have any experience in handling this platform, perhaps Shopify may be for you.


The name of these types of online services is SaaS, short for Software as a Service. A SaaS allows users to enjoy cloud-based applications over the Internet. However, we recommend not getting intimidated by technological concepts and focus on your key goal: to get customers. Shopify gives you the ability to sell online in record time using the best designs.


Shopify’s Advantages


Next, we will mention what are the advantages that this trading platform offers you.


Full control over design:


Shopify has hundreds of templates that you can configure yourself or do it with the help of its network of certified design experts.


Possibility of accepting payments and currencies from all over the world:


Through this platform, you can accept payments from anywhere in the world. Being through PayPal, credit cards, or bitcoins, among other payment methods.


Maximum security:


All Shopify online stores are PCI Level 1 certified and use 128-bit encryption to ensure secure credit card information.


BluCactus - sites of ecommerce openPCI standards correspond to a security standard that comprises a set of minimum requirements to protect the data of a user’s account. Therefore, it’s compatible with other national regulations that lead you to optimize the experience of your clients.


The number of Shopify stores grows every day


Do you know how many Shopify stores exist? Over 400 thousand businesses use Shopify as the engine of their electronic commerce. Unlike other SaaS e-commerce solutions such as Palbin or Xopie, Shopify has a network of consultants and agents specialized in e-commerce. 

They’re certified to provide technical support to any entrepreneur, retail, brand, or organization that wants to create, improve, or optimize their online store. Each Shopify certified Ecommerce consultant has a tab with reviews or customer comments that allow you to observe the quality of their services.


So which of both platforms is better, and why? Let’s keep testing their differences!


Who controls the data on each platform?


Because WooCommerce is self-hosted, it gives you more control over your e-commerce data.




There is not much we need to write here, with WooCommerce you are the owner of everything. This means that you can analyze your database and access the data you need.




WooCommerce vs Shopify - shopify with a computer and important informationWhile Shopify gives you access to all data, the backup remains on Shopify’s servers. You’re never in control of it. However, Shopify gives you many ways to access your data that are better than the options offered by other self-hosted platforms. With Shopify you can:


  • Export a CSV file of your products


A CSV file is a document displayed in an open and simple format to represent data in the form of a table in which commas separate the columns.

  • Back up your site with an app, but not with the primary Shopify interface.
  • Connect to your data through an API.


API stands for Application Programming Interface. Seen from a simple point of view, it’s what makes one app interact with another.


Differences between WooCommerce and Shopify prices


BluCactus - professional woman workingWe have mentioned how each of these platforms works and what advantages they can offer us. On one side, we have that WooCommerce is an open-source free software plugin. However, we recommend that you take into account the costs of maintaining an online store.


What’s a plugin?


They’re applications that allow you to add a group of specific features and functions to a website.


WordPress is also free, but you must remember factors such as hosting, the cost of a theme, the domain name, additional extensions, and the SSL certificate. Shopify focuses on providing you with a unique and immediate solution thanks to its service packages.


To enjoy the benefits of Shopify you only need to register. That way, you can create a virtual store that you always dreamed of having. Everything you need will be available from the get-go.


Here we summarize some favorable features of Shopify and WooCommerce:


Shopify is an e-commerce store running a top-level domain for as little as $29 / mo. The WooCommerce store is in the same price range of $29 a month (a modest price of $20 for hosting, domain, SSL plus additional features).


BluCactus - professional woman workingEven though WooCommerce software is free, implementing an actual e-commerce store costs the same as Shopify.


With WooCommerce, you also have additional extensions for SEO factors, unique payment methods, and more. These extensions cost between $49 and $79, which are an onetime payment.


It all comes down to the fact that WooCommerce is the cheapest solution. But it will require much more work to configure it, and you will have to be more careful not to exceed your budget. This is because each additional extension comes with a predetermined additional price. However, WooCommerce may provide more benefits.


Shopify has a much more conventional price structure. Its different packages offer users a distinctive range of features for each price range. These are:

  • Lite ($9 per month)
  • Basic Shopify ($29 per month)
  • Shopify ($79 per month)
  • Advanced Shopify ($299 per month).


Differences between WooCommerce and Shopify support


Every time, we are closer to discovering which platform is better. In this section, we will highlight the qualities of both platforms regarding technical support.


BluCactus - WooCommerce vs Shopify -diferrences between themShopify is famous for its top-quality customer service. Each customer can enjoy 24/7 access to a customer advisor via email, open chat, or phone call in case they have any issues. You also have access to an extensive knowledge base that covers some users’ common questions and solutions to their problems.


With WooCommerce you have the advantage that it’s a free WordPress plugin.


This means that you can get support through the WordPress forums. However, the WooCommerce team also allows you to create a user account at WooCommerce.com and get support on this website. Therefore, it’s also a reliable platform.


There are millions of blogs on the Internet that cover topics about how WooCommerce works. WooCommerce is ideal for people who need not speak to an advisor but prefer to do their research online.


Differences between transaction fees made in WooCommerce and Shopify


With payment processing, it’s not that simple. Determining which platform is best is challenging because both are very flexible and reliable in handling transactions.


BluCactus - professional woman workingShopify has Shopify Payments, a useful built-in service. The same goes for WooCommerce default payment options: PayPal and Stripe. Both platforms accept these payment methods, which facilitate the purchase process for users.


It’s also worth noting that the two platforms give you the option to either discard or remove your default card processors to add third-party alternatives. You not only work with a single predetermined type of transaction but with the ones that suit you best.


WooCommerce boasts an extensive collection of third-party integrations options while Shopify maximizes the potential of your options through Shopify App Store.


Therefore, you will find a favorable payment solution in both Shopify and WooCommerce.


Other than that, the pay battle on both platforms comes down to their respective transaction fees. What do we mean by this? We mean that because of the fees that this entails, it can complicate transactions.


Although most payment lines apply the same transaction fees to Shopify and WooCommerce websites, the former often ends up being the more expensive alternative. The difference comes from the supplemental transaction fees Shopify offers for users who bypass the default value of their payment service.


In short, accepting card payments will cost you more on Shopify than with WooCommerce.


How secure is each platform?


A key element to build customer loyalty is to provide them with the greatest security in your virtual store. Let’s compare the security features of WooCommerce and Shopify.




BluCactus - sites of ecommerce open with securityIt doesn’t have any security measures included with the plugin. Since it runs on WordPress, most of the security rests with the actions you take to protect your customers.


For example, you would have to get your SSL certificate and ensure that your web hosting company has secure servers.


You can also configure security plug-ins, implement two-factor authentication, and other elements to protect your website.




BluCactus - sites of ecommerce open with securityIt covers security measures. So you don’t have to think about getting SSL or making sure your site isn’t a victim of hacking. However, you must create a strong password.


Shopify is PCI compliant from the get-go, while WooCommerce can be compliant if you use the right tools. You can also add security badges on both e-commerce platforms.


Shopify may be on par with WooCommerce in functionality, but that’s not the only thing to think about when searching for the best solution to establish e-commerce. When developing your idea of ​​a virtual store for your business, you must take into account the security factor.


If you look at any of the popular e-commerce platforms, they all have top-level security, so it should be a priority for any business owner. Remember that you will handle transactions with crucial details of customers and money. For this reason, make sure that the choice you make between WooCommerce vs Shopify is the one that allows you to protect and benefit your customers at the same time.


Shopify takes care of handling any security issues you have, giving you the advantage of being safe from hackers. WooCommerce works with WordPress and is self-hosted, so there is no security built into your service from day one. Therefore, when using WooCommerce, you must manage security on your own, with a hosting provider.


Do you still have doubts? Don’t worry!


WordPress is a self-hosted system. This means it has the same software that we can all download. However, hire a web hosting service, and a domain, to give your customers the best experience on your website.


WooCommerce’s and Shopify’s SSL implementation.


To offer a good level of security to your users, Shopify includes a free SSL certificate. SSL is a secure connection layer that provides you with the elements to protect your website and prevent hackers from manipulating your information.


BluCactus - sites of ecommerce open with dssIn Shopify, SSL is built-in so every time someone visits your website they will see a small padlock graphic next to their URL. The benefits of having this certificate are significant.


You get top-level security when processing your client’s personal information and payments. You get a significant boost to your store’s SEO, as Shopify’s SSL also lets you if you’re providing a secure browsing experience for your users.


WooCommerce provides us with its SSL as part of the features of WordPress, whose system is open-source.


The good news is that you can get an SSL certificate through a web host. Some hosting companies even offer this certificate for free.


Another security point to consider is compliance with PCI-DSS, a payment card data security standard that is an essential element of any virtual store. By implementing it, it will configure your website to accept all credit card payments following the latest regulations.


Shopify is PCI-DSS compliant and you don’t have to worry about configuring anything. You can process debit and credit card payments in no time. Conversely, you cannot automatically gain PCI-DSS compliance with WooCommerce. However, you can make your WooCommerce site compliant with this standard by following some basic steps.


In case you don’t know what is PCI-DSS. This stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or the Data Security Standard for the Payment Card Industry.


Reasons to choose WooCommerce instead of Shopify


BluCactus - sites of ecommerce openThe key reason for choosing WooCommerce instead of Shopify is the flexibility and control that this platform gives you. If you plan to sell products that go beyond the “simple”, whether in terms of variety, payment process, or price structure, chances are you appreciate WooCommerce flexibility.


Another reason is that Shopify’s prohibits the sale of some products. The reason being that some terms of this platform’s policy are outdated. This only leads you to depend on the decisions of your team to sell some products. Did you know that they have banned some cosmetic manufacturers from selling on this platform?


If you like to use WordPress and value its plugin system and technical support, then you can go for WooCommerce’s e-commerce solution.


Reasons to choose Shopify over WooCommerce


If you just want a simple and beginner-friendly e-commerce platform, Shopify is a suitable option for you. As long as you don’t plan to sell products that may complicate your sales process and that conform to this company’s policies, you won’t have a problem with Shopify. If you don’t want to waste time maintaining your virtual store or you just know little about technology, Shopify is also for you.


WooCommerce vs Shopify - contact usIn case you want to convey a more professional image and give your users an excellent experience on your website. We recommend WooCommerce.


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