Awesome WordPress Books Every Blogger Must Read


 Awesome WordPress Books Every Blogger Must Read. With 40% of the market share, WordPress is the most popular used CMS for making websites and blogs. However, many people, especially newbies, find it difficult to handle WordPress.


So, we have created a list of the 19 best WordPress books you must read to learn and hone your existing WordPress website creation skills. 


1. Professional WordPress: Design and Development


Blucactus-1-Professional-WordPress-Design-and-DevelopmentAre you looking forward to learning the advanced aspect of WordPress?


If yes, then this book is right for you.


It will teach you every aspect of WordPress at an advanced level. It is the most comprehensive guide which covers advanced topics like theme development, plug-ins, coding, and more. 


The book will also teach you how to manage the security and spam of your WordPress site.


So, if you are looking to increase your WordPress knowledge, then this book is for you.


2. WordPress All-in-One for Dummies


Blucactus-2-WordPress-All-in-One-for-DummiesWordPress All-In-One for Dummies is a WordPress book for beginners.


Dummies is a collection of 8 different books in one. Book 1 will guide you through the basic aspects of WordPress. The other 7 books will cover advanced topics like setting up WordPress, dashboard overview, SEO, and others.


The best book in this entire collection is Book 8. This book will teach you how to rank multiple websites with WordPress.


So, if you are eagerly waiting to rank your WordPress website, buy this book and read it.


3. WordPress Explained


Blucactus-3-WordPress-ExplainedWordPress can be difficult to understand for newbies and first-timers.


It costs a good amount of time and effort to understand and learn WordPress in and out. In fact, it took us 2-3 months to get familiar with WordPress. Hence, if you are looking to learn WordPress quickly, then buy this guide.


This WordPress book will help you understand the CMS without even working on it. Once you have completed reading this book, you will be able to make your dream WordPress site.


4. Professional WordPress Plugin Development


Blucactus-4-Professional-WordPress-Plugin-DevelopmentWordPress Books. Do you want to create an awesome WordPress plugin?


If your answer is yes, then you must read this WordPress book on plugin development.


The authors of this book have tried hard to give all the information you need to know about plugins. This book goes into detail about plugin creation and development.


It guides you to create front-end and back-end WordPress plugins.


It also teaches you coding standards, API settings, how to secure your plugins, and more.


We bet this WordPress plugin development book will help you make the best plugin of all time.


5. WordPress to Go By Sarah McHarry


Blucactus-5-WordPress-to-Go-By-Sarah-McHarryThis WordPress guide by Sarah McHarry will help you make a WordPress site from scratch.


This book requires no knowledge of coding, HTML, content management, and programming. The book is specially created for WordPress beginners who want to make a website.


In this book you will learn the following topics;


  • How to register a domain and hosting on WordPress.
  • How to install WordPress on your PC.
  • How to make a good-looking professional website.
  • Tips for creating custom post types and categories.
  • Learn about plugins, widgets, and more.


6. WordPress Complete – Sixth Edition


Blucactus-6-WordPress-Complete-Sixth-EditionThe sixth edition of WordPress Complete is more updated with better information and resources.


The sixth edition of the book aims to educate people about WordPress themes and plugins. It will also help you create your own plugins or themes.


The book comes with a handful of screenshots and examples which help in better understanding the concepts.




Karol Krol, the author of this book, is a professional WordPress developer and programmer.


Hence, it makes sense to buy this book.


7. Head First WordPress


Blucactus-7-Head-First-WordPressHead First WordPress will teach you how to make your blog or website look more appealing.


The book offers detailed instructions on installing and configuring basic settings of WordPress. It will also teach you how to manage comments, spam, tags, and categories.


It will also take you through WordPress plugins and templates.


However, if you want to get the most out of this book, you must have a basic knowledge of WordPress. You need to be familiar with things like CSS, HTML, FTP, hosting, and servers.


8. Building Web Apps with WordPress: WordPress as an Application Framework


Blucactus-8-Building-Web-Apps-with-WordPress-WordPress-as-an-Application-FrameworkWordPress is not only for creating websites and blogs, it can also be used for making web applications. So, if you want to make a web or mobile application or web services through WordPress, Read this book.


This book clearly explains how you can use WordPress to develop other web-based applications. It teaches you to make mobile apps for iOS and Android users.


By the end of this book, you will feel confident in making high-end mobile and web-based applications.


Important note; 


Buy this book if you are familiar with PHP programming, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


9. WordPress: The Missing Manual


Blucactus-9-WordPress-The-Missing-ManualWordPress The Missing Manual is unlike other WordPress books.


The core content of the book revolves around how to enhance and fine-tune any WordPress site. It tells you how you can add pictures, videos, podcasts, and multimedia to web pages.


The book lists down the best plugins and widgets which can enhance the look of your site.




The author explains things in a very easy and simple language. He assumes the readers don’t have prior knowledge of HTML and CSS.


In this book, you will also learn how to make professional-looking e-commerce websites.


10. 1-Hour WordPress 2019 By Dr. Andy Williams


Blucactus-10-1-Hour-WordPress-2019-By-Dr-Andy-WilliamsMaking a WordPress website is a tedious task.


It may take several weeks, or months, to make a professional-looking WordPress site.


But what if we said you can make a WordPress site within 1 hour?


Yes, it is possible.


Once you read this book by Dr. Andy Williams, you will be able to make a WordPress site within a few hours.


This book is written sequentially. It starts with WordPress Installation and configuration and then covers the other rituals of WordPress.


The book has over 250 screenshots which make things easier to understand.


11. WordPress 5 Complete: Build Beautiful and Feature-rich Websites from Scratch, 7th Edition


Blucactus-11-WordPress-5-Complete-Build-Beautiful-and-Feature-rich-Websites-from-Scratch-7th-EditionBacked by images, tons of examples, and screenshots, this WordPress book covers everything about WordPress such as posts, pages, themes, plugins, and more.


It covers the latest information about WordPress 5.0 and all its features and add-ons.


This book will also teach you how to create well-optimized content for your WordPress site.


What will you learn in this book;


  • WordPress plugins, themes, and more.
  • Creating and structuring web pages.
  • Uploading multimedia content.
  • WordPress for blogging and more.


12. Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress


Blucactus-12-Teach-Yourself-VISUALLY-WordPressWordPress is best suitable for creating a blog website. So, if you are looking forward to creating your own blog on WordPress, then this book is waiting for you.


This book will show you how to build a stunning blog on WordPress in a step-by-step process.


There are also some tips and tricks mentioned in this book that will help you in creating an award-winning blog.


Also, the author of the book has done a great job by including tons of screenshots, images, and examples.


What will you learn in this book;


  • How to buy domain and hosting.
  • Setting up a WordPress admin panel.
  • Mobile blogging solutions.
  • Themes, plugins, editing, and more.


13. WordPress in Easy Steps Darryl Bartlett


Blucactus-13-Darryl-Bartlett bookThis WordPress guide is especially for those who are from non-technical backgrounds but want to build a business or blogging site on WordPress.


The goal of this book is simple: It will show you how to create stunning websites using WordPress, without learning any programming language or coding.


What will you learn in this book;


  • Setting up WordPress.
  • Getting familiar with the dashboard.
  • Adding media and rich files.
  • Tools and settings.
  • WordPress tricks and more.


14. WordPress Websites For Business By Michael Cordova


Blucactus-14-WordPress-Websites-For-Business-By-Michael-CordovaYou already have a WordPress website, but are struggling to optimize it? Then buy this amazing book by Michael Cordova.


This book contains checklists, resources, tips, and tricks that you can easily implement to optimize the performance of your site. It also talks about WordPress plugins that will help you in increasing the speed of your site.




If you implement all the strategies and advice mentioned in this book, you’ll get more leads and sales for your business.


What will you learn in this book;


  • Important WordPress capabilities.
  • Tips for migrating websites.
  • Creating a child theme.
  • Site optimization and more.


15. WordPress for Beginners Tim Barnes


Blucactus-15-Tim-Barnes book for beginnersAs the name says, this is a beginner’s guide on WordPress.


This guide will assist any amateur blogger or webmaster in creating WordPress sites from scratch. It covers topics like buying a domain and hosting, installing WordPress & themes, basic settings, and more.


After reading this book, you’ll surely be able to create a stunning WordPress site.


What will you learn in this book;


  • Basics of WordPress.
  • How to install free themes.
  • Free Vs premium themes.
  • Basics of plugins and more.


16. WordPress Bible


Blucactus-16 amazon bookWordPress Bible covers the basics as well as advanced aspects of WordPress. So, if you want to master the art of creating WordPress websites, this guide is for you.


The book not only talks about creating WordPress websites but also about blogging, marketing, and social media.


It also features chapters on WordPress security and tips on how to secure your website from hackers and spammers.


What will you learn in this book;


  • Getting started with WordPress.
  • History of WordPress.
  • Configuring WordPress.
  • Themes and plugins.
  • WordPress SEO and more.


17. Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog


Blucactus-17-Smashing-WordPress-Beyond-the-BlogSmashing WordPress is yet another WordPress book that will help you in cracking the code about WordPress.


In this guide, you’ll learn how to use WordPress for creating websites, photo galleries, blogs, forums, e-commerce sites, and much more. You’ll also learn advanced topics like using custom post types and taxonomies.




This book also covers how to create content with the LOOP.


What will you learn in this book;


  • Integrating WordPress with social web.
  • Creating WordPress themes.
  • Integrating theme options and theme customizer.
  • Adding custom headers, backgrounds, and more.


18. WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook


Blucactus-18-Cookbook bookPlugins are an important part of WordPress sites. In fact, plugins can either make or break your WordPress website.


So, if you are looking forward to creating an awesome WordPress Plugin, then you must buy this book.


In this book, you’ll learn plugin framework basics and how to create stunning WordPress plugins. You’ll also learn how to design an admin panel, how to design posts with custom fields, and more.


What will you learn in this book;


  • WordPress plugin development.
  • How to make custom post types.
  • Leveraging JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX scripts.


19. WordPress Web Design for Dummies


WordPress Books. If you know the basics of WordPress and want to learn the advanced aspect of it, then this guide is for you.


In this book, you’ll learn how to create dynamic, customized, and attractive websites on WordPress without burning much of your money. It will also teach you how to enhance your site by adding custom CSS and HTML.


What will you learn in this book;


  • Foundation of WordPress.
  • Installing WordPress on the server.
  • Understanding WordPress requirements.
  • Managing content with WordPress and more.


Conclusion of  Awesome WordPress Books Every Blogger Must Read:


Blucactus - Contact usWordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. You can use it for blogging, website creation, making your online store, or starting a business website.


However, newbies find WordPress intimidating and they may not understand the look and feel of WordPress in the first go.


Therefore, they can think of buying any of these 19 books on WordPress. Each of the books contains various information about the CMS like plugins, themes, development, blog website creation, and so on. 


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