7 Reasons why you should write a List Post

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Of course, we write our posts or articles with the intention of them being viral or at least to be read by our target audience. We need everyone to click through an article link. You have to know “what is a list post?”

Abstractly, our main goal is to drive traffic to a website, increase visitors and have sharable content. The internet doesn’t need more clutter because it already has enough of it, but the internet, and all of us, certainly need some glamorous content.

Here, a list post or listicle sparks as engaging content which many bloggers now depend on to create enchanting posts. So, to imitate their approach you need to know the answer to “what is a list post?”

BluCactus - List postSo, what is a list post?


A list post is a collection of tips, ideas or steps listed in numbers or bullets.

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Therefore, why should you consider writing a list post on your blog?

A listicle has multiple benefits. You shouldn’t miss it. Here are the most important reasons why your blog must contain list posts.

BluCactus - List Posts are eyes friendly1.- Our eyes like listed data

When we open any article, we rapidly search for headers to find out what the topic is going to review. You need to know that the internet user is in a hurry. He doesn’t have time to read every single word. We prefer to focus less while getting a piece of information.

The one-block article usually has less readability. It is difficult for someone in a hurry to find the information needed and can be quite frustrating. All people like organized items.

However, if you write a list post, the chance of reading your copy will be higher. It can stand out against chaos.

Besides, the article or blog that doesn’t divide into sections or points doesn’t seem to be professional. It´s like compiling different data from different sources and throwing them in your piece.

It could be like notes or diaries. But if you know what it is, you will look well prepared and in the know.

BluCactus - A list post is more clickable2.- A list post is more clickable

Imagine you needed to know the importance of exercising to keep your body fit. And you found these headlines on the Google search:

  • Practice Exercises to keep your body fit.
  • Why you should do daily exercises.
  • 10 reasons why you should know how to keep your body fit

I bet you will choose the last one. That’s because any list post seems to get all benefits together and you will get the point property.

People turn to headlines that are creative and uninformative. List-style headlines often provide that optimal balance of information and ambivalence, intriguing us just enough to click, according to Maria Konnikova, a Russian-American writer and psychologist.

3.- A list post is precise and fixed

This kind of article helps to make compound topics simpler in precise points. So, users are likely to choose it among the other articles.

For example: if you are searching for symptoms of stroke, you need to read simple words without mentioning complex medical information. A post like “10 Symptoms could tell you would suffer from imminent stroke” will be more precise than “Stroke signs and symptoms”

BluCactus - Post more understandable4.- Is more understandable

You should be in the place of a reader. Let’s say someone is looking for places he should go when he travels to Dallas. If he gets access to the first link and doesn’t find lists of places in order, he is going to leave the blog immediately. And remember it will hurt your ranking and traffic.

But if you find a blog copy that includes the best places in numbers, you will understand instantly that the first destination is clearly worth a visit.


5.- Helps your blog go viral

Eventually, all the above benefits will help your site increase traffic which helps your site to rank on Google. Also, when you share your content via social media platforms your piece will get more engagement, reactions, likes, retweets, and so on.

BluCactus - Helps your memory6.- You can write a long article without worrying

Indeed, Google likes long articles that define all aspects of particular topics. Even though, writing protracted articles is challenging as you might feel frustrated about how many people would read your article.

But, there is no need for feeling this frustration, as long as you write a list post and you know definitely what it is.

7.- Helps you remember

Remember when you were a student, you used to number every significant point in the lesson. It would help you memorize when you went to an exam. Your memory remembered that the answer to this question came in 10 points and you could survive and got at least 8 points.

So, if you want to have a memorable article, consider writing a list post.


How to get ideas for your list post?


BluCactus - Ideas for list postsOkay, you now realize “what is a list post, and what its the importance of creating it?”

Nonetheless, you still don’t know how to figure out suggestions to your copy that will hit.

Instead of wasting time to bring charming prospects, here you can get inspired to find ideas for your further topics

  • According to most prominent bloggers, you should allocate some hours weekly or monthly to pick up a set of ideas. So, when writing time comes, it would be more relaxed and a time saver.
  • Ask your followers about any controversial issue relevant to your industry. You will get more perceptions you can set up further blogs.

Or you can get into your followers’ accounts to see their interests, likes, and retweets. So, you can start an intense thought session to extract the lists’ ideas.

BluCactus - comments are a goldmineAn additional advantage, your copy will have a big break to be shareable as it matches your fans’ desires.

  • Comments are a goldmine. Watch the comments continuously. Comments are ideas generator. Also, be careful to reply to each comment. When you find an excellent suggestion comment that you can create a post for it, let the comment owner knows you benefit from his words.

Therefore, your followers will feel their self-worth and maybe they are going to share their ideas with you.

  • Observe what your competitors have said about a topic. Then, you can double and add more value.

For instance, you want to write about the advantages of water to the skin. You already noticed many articles analyzed this point. Now, you can write a text titled 24 incredible water impacts for your skin.


How to create a list post?


BluCactus - First steps to create a logo postCollect data and decide how many points

Well, you got a great idea to write about it. You searched profoundly compiled all the items you need to discuss. It’s time for organizing these messy concepts into listed points.

According to the Guardian, people in general, and the internet public in particular, like odd numbers. And when it comes to number 7, everyone finds it catchy and reassuring.

If you plan to create longer than 7 ways or tips, then round numbers like 10, 20, 100 also work great. Even the list that contains less than 5 makes you seem less educated and don’t have enough knowledge to take up.

Review one idea in every spot

Keep your bullets in logic order, and don’t show more than one aspect in an item.

For example: if you want to write about a healthy daily routine, start talking about food, drinking, sleeping, and then doing a workout. Bring the priority to things that are priorities to readers.

Note: you don’t need to be an expert to start writing. And you can create a unique original copy even everyone has already written it before. Just utilize your own words and integrate your personal story as possible as you can.

BluCactus - Seconds steps to create a list postAlways present positive prospects

Benefits, advantages, and good things always span our attention. People seek to find an answer to their queries, a solution to their issues, and steps to fix their problems.

Consequently, your headline should heighten this principle. No good is done by talking about the history of Volkswagen. Instead, talking about 6 lessons Volkswagen can teach us.

When you create a headline that tells your audience you will find a good thing inside, they will click through your link and maybe share it later.

Keep it consistent

Whatever you choose to use bullets or numbers while writing a list post, you must keep consistency. Do your best to get similar size subheads and similar numbers of paragraphs under each header.

The same font is also your approach to get consistency only if you need to empathize with a separate idea.


BluCactus - Contact us for a quoteConclusion

You probably know the right answer to “what is a list post?”

But you now need to try writing one. Select an impressive idea, break it into tiny fundamental points, make it easy and doable, and publish it anywhere.

If you aim to have viral content and serve your marketing objectives, please feel free to contact us.


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