What is the zero moment of truth (ZMOT) in Google searches?

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What is the zero moment of truth (ZMOT) in Google searches? There are many moments vital for any client to choose the product or service they want to purchase. These moments are well-founded within inbound marketing or even the sales funnel. However, there’s one step just as important as those mentioned in these diagrams.


Today, we’re talking about the “Zero Moment of Truth” or ZMOT within Google Searches.


What is ZMOT or Zero Moment of Truth?


BluCactus - zero moment of truth - important dataThe Zero Moment of Truth, or ZMOT, is the exact moment where a client, consumer, or user decides to buy a product or service.


This may seem a bit more ambiguous than it is. In short, this is when someone has a need and starts to look for a solution for it on the internet. In this case, we don’t mean that they’re going to any particular brand. It just consists of a client having a problem they want to solve, and for this, they make a query from any device.


Here, people are likely to ask simple questions. For example, “what is the best shampoo brand for damaged hair?”, or just “shampoo for damaged hair”. Another important factor during this moment of truth is asking for references, reviews, and opinions of people. For this, most people go to the internet looking for people who have tried the product or service. This way, they can easily find out if they’re making the right choice or not.


The ZMOT is a new model or purchase pattern that we all make, in many cases without knowing it, and it was identified by the most important search engines 8 years ago. Once Google discovered this behavior, it let the world know that the way people shop online had completely changed.


What is the impact of ZMOT?


BluCactus - zero moment of truth - important dataThis new purchasing phenomenon has allowed consumers to play an active role in marketing processes. As a result, brands had to leave behind their linear communication and promotion practices. Now, companies no longer just offer products, advertisements and you simply receive them and capture them. The change that this behavior meant was the opportunity for buyers to decide and make their own inquiries for the products they wish to purchase.


The purchase models went from having three crucial moments (the stimulus, the purchase decision, and the experience) to receiving better information about the quality, price, uses, and benefits among other decisive factors. As a result, the client is now able to know the product that best fits their requirements, which then leads to their decision.


Once this is made and the products bought, the customer may want to share their opinion with a community of people who have already experienced the same product or with those who are doing their own research.


How to use the ZMOT to attract new users?


BluCactus - zero moment of truth - important dataIf you want to know some of the best ways in which your business, no matter its industry, can stand out, keep reading. Next, we’ll show you some elements within your website and communication channels you must take into account.


Practice SEO


One of the most important steps is to work on the optimization of your content. This includes both your website and digital platforms. Only in this way will you have more possibilities to climb in the first entries of search engines. Besides, you must work on your strategic use of keywords. This way, your business will be a lot easier to discover by new clients.


BluCactus - zero moment of truth - important dataAnswer frequently asked questions


Study your target audience very well and answer those important concerns they may have.


By doing this, the client will be able to see how you’re better than the competition.


After all, you’re the only one who can answer their questions better than anyone else.


Besides, this will also show them that you know what they want and need. 


Tips for applying the ZMOT


We know you want to grab the attention of consumers right from the moment of truth. For this, you must offer them what they’re looking for and show them how you can solve their concerns. Now, we’ll offer you some tips so that you can start using some strategies. In other words, start to take advantage of the ZMOT in your business. 


You must be present at the important moments


BluCactus - important dataThis is where we can say that the condominium and the information have all the power. Much of the success comes from being present in all those moments when a potential client needs you. Otherwise, if you are not, someone else is. Don’t wait for customers to come to you, on the contrary, you must be there at all times.


How do I know when and where to be? It’s very simple: you have to review the statistics of your communication channels. Use each of these figures to know the percentage of people who search for you from their mobile devices, where your customers are from, and what are keywords they used to find you. Also, use the search engine to discover who your competition is and how often they come first in the search engines.


BluCactus - important dataExplain something interesting, relevant, or interactive


All your content is vital.


It’s not just about offering people the right answer to their problems, it’s about going one step further and knowing what element is going to be the difference between what you give them and the competition.


Give them fun and interesting content with which they can interact.


Remember that in the digital world the most important thing is how people respond to the content you publish.


Measure your impact


BluCactus - important dataWhat is not measured, cannot be known or understood. This is something commonly said among marketing and advertising specialists around the world. If you’ve been working for the first time with a better understanding of how ZMOT works, it’s time for you to review the numbers and advanced key performance indicators for businesses, such as awareness, consideration, purchase intent, testing, and replay consideration and buys.


All this information is of great importance for marketing, advertising, content, and sales strategies. The numbers do not lie and these are the ones that will help you understand if your efforts have been of any use or if you have to rethink a new tactic to improve conversions in your business.


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