20 best fashion photographers in the world in 2024! Photography has become one of the most important elements in the fashion industry. That’s why fashion firms tend to hire photography artists. After all, who better than them to showcase the art that is their collections to the public. However, not just anyone can do this. So, they look for the most prestigious photographers to get only the best results. They look for high-quality, and detailed works in tune with their brand’s importance.

When looking for the best photographers, fashion firms can determine who’s the best and who isn’t. For this, they take a look at the portfolio of countless prospects. From this process, they’re able to identify who can add the most value to their brand. Next, we’ll show you who are the 20 best photographers in 2024. But we won’t stop here, it’s not enough to tell who is the best. We also need to tell HOW they became the best. This way, you can learn from the best or know how to identify the best.

In fact, every photographer on this list has become very important on platforms such as Instagram. In other words, many of them now have thousands of followers. This is thanks to their dedication and the quality of their portraits.

These are the 20 most important fashion photographers in 2024!

Here are the 20 best fashion photographers in the world in 2024:

1. Nick Knight

If you are wondering who are the best fashion photographers in the world in 2024. Let’s start the long list.

At 61, this photographer is still one of the most important in the fashion world. In fact, with his 40 years of experience, he has worked with some of the most important firms in the world. Among them are Jil Sander and Tom Ford. However, this doesn’t stop here as he’s also the creator of David Bowie’s “Black Tie, White noise” album cover.

This photographer has stood out from others for his creativity and truly artistic photographs. And in the fashion world, all his snapshots are attractive because they have their own language.

2. Lina Tesch

When it comes to the popularity game of the 20 best fashion photographers in the world in 2024, we must mention Lina Tesch. Because she has gained the public’s attention both online and offline. On Instagram, for example, she’s very famous and has around 300,000 followers who keep up with her work.

As you can imagine, this photographer only offers the highest quality photos. Because of this, people love her work and wait for her next project. Her images can hook the user from the first glance. This is due to her dramatic, and at the same time, powerful approach. And also showcase a lot of her style and elegance. Due to her success, she has got the chance to work with brands such as: Dior, Puma, and many others.

Lina loves fashion. So that is why her work can convey so much style to her followers. She’s so loved in the industry that other photographers often call her to have her as their model.

3. A. Rrajani

A true photographer is passionate about their work, as is the case of A. Rrajani. A photographer from India who started in this field at the early age of 16. And after 21 years of experience, the journey of this professional photographer has been very broad. And that is why, in his country, he is highly acclaimed. So, he is rightfully among the 20 best fashion photographers in the world in 2024.

Indian celebrities such as Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Sonu Sood have posed for his camera. Also, people consider him an expert in fashion photography. This is because he has created portfolios for models, beauty pageants, commercials, and editorials. 

4 bungalows, Andheri (west) Mumbai is one of the best locations in India. And right in that location, he has his 1200 sq ft professional photography studio. This space proves to be very popular with celebrities and important clients who need a portfolio with quality photographs. 

In order to show his professionalism in each of his works, he has a very attractive website to which people interested in contacting and contracting his services can access.

4. Sebastian Faena

This 29 years old Argentinian photographer is at the same level as older and more experienced photographers. And that is why he is among the 20 best fashion photographers in the world in 2024. Today, he is based in New York. And he has been called one of the most relevant photographers of the last decade.

His pictures manage to reflect many kinds of stories and experiences. This is thanks to his cinematic approach to photography. After all, the art of film is yet another one of his passions.

5. Ellen Von Unwerth

Besides being a photographer, Ellen is also a director. This fact has allowed her to become an important figure within the fashion world. On the other hand, her creativity when it comes to female eroticism has led her down the road to success.

Just by looking at her works, one can see her impeccable and brilliant abilities.

6. Paul Bellaart

What makes this artist stand out is his affinity for capturing humanity at its best. In his portfolio, you can find many monochrome snapshots. However, you’ll be able to see some of them in color.

Additionally, some of his images have the atmosphere as their central point. In contrast, there are others where the focus is on different parts of the human body. Following this same line, he captures portraits where you can see moments between family and friends.

These kinds of details have amazed the fashion industry and made him stand out. Thanks to it, he has worked with well-known brands such as Marie Claire, Levi’s, and many more.

7. Tommy ton

This Canadian artist excels in the trend called street style. And we can see this in his photographs. In fact, his work has led him to work with some of the most important celebrities and influencers around the world. They all have taken part in allowing him to launch the full extent of his creativity. In this digital world, his work is necessary. And that is why he is among the 20 best fashion photographers in the world in 2024.

This photographer takes into account current trends and the most striking styles. This way, he is able to showcase his content to his loyal fashion followers.

8. Mario Testino

Mario Testino has always had his objectives clear from the beginning, and that’s offering high-quality works. Today, Testino is one of the biggest names in fashion when it comes to photography. And rightfully, a part of 20 best fashion photographers in the world in 2024.

His name is one of the most sought-after by the world’s most important fashion houses. Besides this, he has also worked with the most important celebrities. For the most important fashionistas in the industry, it is a pleasure to have the presence of this artist.

9. Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

In the field of fashion, this Dutch duo has given a lot to talk about and will continue to do so. All because of their high-quality projects. Among their different works, there exists a combination between the classic and the contemporary. As a result, their photographs are unique and stand out among the work done by others.

One of the main characteristics of this duo’s photographs is elegance with extravagance. Besides, in their photographs, you can also see the beautiful and the strange. All at the same time. That’s why renowned fashion firms such as Valentino and Louis Vuitton haven’t hesitated for a second to hire them to showcase their newest fashion collections

10. Julia Hetta

Some compare the works of this artist with those of Rembrandt’s. Even if most photographers use artificial light in their images, Julia prefers to take advantage of nature for most of her works. That’s why her portraits end up with an unusual style. But manage to fit into the fashion world.

Hetta considers herself as having a romantic personality. And she prefers to add this characteristic to her portfolio. Because of this, she tends to display different textures alongside the soft lighting that accompanies her modeling team.

You can see this photographer’s unique style showcased in major brands such as Alexander McQueen. And also in renowned magazines such as British Vogue.

11. Cass Bird

Bird’s fashion photos reflect a lot of elegance, and many styles to bring more diversity to her snapshots. As a result, in her photographs, you can see women, men, and children. And with diversity, she creates high-quality work. This is all in effort to make everyone comfortable. For this, she creates a good harmony between the team and models. The result? Some of the best images within the fashion world.

Her work is so impeccable that apart from photography, she has produced videos for Dior, Revlon, Vogue, and other important firms. 

Her photographs have the power to show sensitivity and vulnerability. These qualities are achieved with the models that manage to convey ideas. Moreover, she succeeds through her storytelling technique. On the other hand, her list of clients is very long. Some names part of it would be: Calvin Klein, Zara, and American Eagle. Nonetheless, brands aren’t the only ones who hire her services. Actors and models are also part of her list of clients. So that is why she stands out in our list of 20 best fashion photographers in the world in 2024.

12. Mario Sorrenti

The 80s could be considered Mario’s golden age. However today, he still offers the highest quality with his works. In his images, femininity is enhanced and boundaries are broken. As a result, he’s able to exceed the viewers’ expectations.

So, when talking about the most influential people in fashion, the name of Sorrenti must be mentioned.

13. Emily Soto

New York City has many photography artists, and one of the most important is Emily Soto. Elegance and subtlety are words that perfectly describe the works of this artist through her images.

Besides, in her works, anyone can see her minimalist style and clean aesthetic. And delicacy is another characteristic that doesn’t go unnoticed in her works. This is what has allowed her to achieve her fame within the fashion world. 

14. Patrick Demarchelier

Patrick is well known in the world of fashion. He has been working in this industry since the ’90s. Since then, his work has been so impeccable that it was impossible for him to not attract the attention of important people like Lady Di. Besides, thanks to his high-quality photographs, he has managed to keep himself at the top no matter how much time passed.

In the fashion sector, there are many recognized firms. And this photographer has had the opportunity to collaborate with most of them. In fact, he has been the architect of a wide variety of relevant campaigns, capturing the faces and beauty of the sought-after celebrities. 

15. Steven Meisel

If we had to mention the most controversial artists in fashion, the name of Steven Meisel would steal the limelight. Although this industry is very broad, and there are many photographers, Meisel has managed to stay in the first place.

The personality of this photography artist is very irreverent as are his photographs, where a lot of fun is captured. Unquestionably, his photographs reflect a lot of talent since his snapshots are capable of reflecting many elements, especially those that are in trend.

16. Giampaolo Segura

Giampaolo is another photography artist who is an indisputable reference in the fashion world. With over 20 years of experience, he has earned the trust of the most important firms. Thus, managed to make it in our list of 20 best fashion photographers in the world in 2024.

One of the words that best define this artist is authenticity. Since, before starting any project, he first gets to know his team and everything necessary to take quality snapshots. For example, he likes to know what kind of clothes their models will wear.

Thanks to this familiarity, he can take attractive photos and achieve his goals. Besides, his style is timeless when compared with the newest trends. As for the artists he has worked with, Katy Perry is one of them.

17.  Bruce weber

At 73 years of age, Weber is still one of the most important photographers in the world. Due to this success, he managed to work with many important clients such as Revlon and Calvin Klein. Besides, this photography artist stands out from others with  his style. Generally, all his snapshots are black and white and of the highest quality.

On Instagram, he has over half a million followers. And is still in the center of public attention. You can often see Weber showcase his work in collaboration with the most famous models in the fashion industry. 

18. Lara jade

At 14 years old, this artist discovered her gift for photography. From that moment and onwards, she started to post snapshots of other people, as well as self-portraits. These photographs quickly caught the public’s attention. As a result, she rose to fame really fast and remained at the top.

Although this artist is very versatile, she loves self-portraits and photographs related to the world of fashion. As a result, she had the opportunity to turn her passion into her career and has been very successful so far.

Many celebrities, such as Zara Larsson and Gemma Chan, have hired her services. Besides them, brands like Avon and Monsoon have decided to hire her for some of their campaigns.

19. Mert and Marcus

Mert and Marcus are a duo of photographers who tend to collaborate on their fashion shoots. In each of their snapshots, beauty, femininity, and of course, fashion is reflected. They have also become a source of inspiration for other photographic artists who also have a preference for taking fashion portraits.

Through their work together, they have been able to collaborate with famous brands such as Vogue, Givenchy, and Dior.

20. Zhang Jingna

Zhang has been in the photography world since she was only 19. And little by little, she became one of the most influential artists in the photographic scene. Besides, thanks to her position in the fashion industry, she has worked with renowned companies like Harper’s BAZAAR.

As a result, this photographer is very important right now. That’s why her name showed up on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Asia. On the other hand, in her portfolio, you can also see many renowned models in portraits inspired by magical elements.

20 best fashion photographers in the world have high-quality portfolios

For a photographer’s portfolio to attract the attention of the world’s most recognized brands, it must convey quality and professionalism. Therefore, these are the 20 most important fashion photographers in the world in 2024.

As time passes, fashion photography becomes more important. Because it is an essential element in the industry. Through photography, you can show trends in clothing, accessories, makeup, and much more.

All these fashion photographers have a presence on social media platforms like Instagram. On their networks, they’re able to showcase different types of works and styles. So, if you want to get inspired, you can!

Take a look at their pictures and learn how to improve your photography skills. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get inspired and start to create high-quality snapshots. At BluCactus Fashion Photography Agency, we can also help you by assessing you with the best tools to become a professional fashion photographer.

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