How does plagiarism affect SERP? 5 Best ways to avoid it


How does plagiarism affect SERP? 5 Best ways to avoid it. Are you willing to get a higher position in SERPs?


First of all, you need to know some basics about SERPs. This term stands for Search Engine Result Page, which displays results you searched on any search engine.


As we all know, there is high competition and there are many bloggers or writers dedicated to writing on the same topic.


So, how can you have priority?


There are some points from which a search engine determines whether you deserve a priority or not and we are going to discuss these points below.


When we talk about these points, it is not wrong to say that plagiarism is one of them. In fact, we can say that it is at the top of the list.


Effects of plagiarism


There are many effects of plagiarism: either you are going to write a blog or you are a student and preparing your assignments.


In this guide, we have concluded some noticeable effects of plagiarism and we list these effects below.


1. Professional reputation


Blucactus-Effects-of-plagiarismStealing will always destroy your reputation, but how does it relate to plagiarism?


As we all know, plagiarism refers to the text copied as it is from any source and we can surely consider it as stealing of content.


Then how can stealing help you grow?


If you are willing to rank higher on the search engine results page, then you must avoid plagiarized text in your content.


2. Search engine optimization


Most bloggers and writers already know about optimization, it is a process of making anything better and more presentable.


Search engine optimization helps you to get ranked higher on SERPs and there are some factors to avoid while doing the SEO of your site.


We are specifically talking about plagiarism. You cannot make your optimization strong while using plagiarized content.


3. Increase spam score


Blucactus-Effects-of-plagiarism-2When you use duplicated content, you’ll surely increase the spam score of your website, which means you will lose your audience.


If you are willing to get benefitted from your website, then you need to reduce the spam score of your website because people will see the DA, PA, and spam score.


So, it is pretty clear you need to avoid duplication in your content, but how can we do it?


We are going to discuss the steps below so, if you want to make your content plagiarism-free, then have a look below.


How to avoid plagiarism?


When you get plagiarism in your content or while you are writing something, there are some useful tips or steps to avoid the stealing of text.


What are these steps? We list these steps down and we can say that these are very easy to follow.


1. Write in your words


Blucactus-How-to-avoid-plagiarismThis is the basic step to avoid plagiarism, and it is quite obvious when you are writing your content. Then, how can you get plagiarism like this?


You cannot write everything on your own or in your words. You must research things and write them down.


There are some statements that you cannot change. What can we do or how can we eliminate plagiarism?


You can search and read content from more than one website and then you can surely write your content. Keep in mind that writing unique content doesn’t mean you don’t need to search for anything; you must do high research but write in your own words.


2. Go for the paraphrasing tool


Blucactus-How-to-avoid-plagiarism-2The best option to attain uniqueness in your content is to use a paraphrasing tool, as it is specifically designed to do this job.


A paraphrasing tool or a paraphraser just replaces the words with their synonyms and definitely, your content will become unique.


You can do it on your own, but attaining accuracy can be difficult, so you surely need to use a tool.


The best thing is, there are several paraphrasing tools available on the internet and you can use any of them.


But make sure that a paraphraser fulfills your requirement whether the tool is free or paid. The best way is to specify your requirements first.


By specifying the requirements, you can easily pick any of the paraphrasing tools that will fulfill them.


3. Use quotations


Blucactus- woman using a laptopAfter rephrasing, the easiest approach to make your content unique is to insert inverted commas.


As we have mentioned above, sometimes, you just need to add statements that can be famous sayings or quotes.


Writing them between the inverted commas can make you free from plagiarism but, how is it possible?


When you are going to check the duplication of your content, a good plagiarism checker ignores the quotations, as it is a clear sign that you have copied something.


We can say that using quotations or inverted commas is a way to give credit to the original writer or author.


And there is no difficulty in using quotations and, as we have mentioned above, you just need to use them specifically when it is compulsory to add a copied statement or to remove plagiarism.


4. Cite the sources


It is mostly used in assignments and other official documents, but when it comes to blogging or the internet, it can still be very useful.


You can easily generate citations online and there are many types of citations, you can use any of them and make your content unique.


There is no rocket science in citing the sources as there are many websites available on the internet that can perform this task.


By using citations, you will not be charged for using plagiarized content and that’s something great.


5. Use plagiarism checkers


Blucactus-How-to-avoid-plagiarism-3A plagiarism checker does not help you in removing plagiarism from your content, it can just highlight the plagiarized lines.


Then why are we writing it in this guide?


We cannot remove plagiarism unless we highlight it. And, to highlight plagiarism, the best way is to use a plagiarism checker.


There are many plagiarism checkers available and these checkers are considered a good choice.


Same as paraphrasing tools, you can specify your requirements first and then you can choose the suitable plagiarism checker.


You can also download the plagiarism checking apps if you are willing to use your phone and most of the plagiarism checking apps are free of cost.


But if you need to pay for a tool that will fulfill your requirements, then you must pay for it and make your content unique.




Blucactus - Ken Schreck - ContactThere are many things that are needed to focus on. Some of them are meant to be avoided and some of them are meant to be used.


So, when we talk about the most important things that are needed to avoid plagiarism, we are always first.


And that’s why we have shortlisted some steps and discussed them in detail above. Make sure to follow these steps to avoid plagiarism in your content.


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