How to improve your business’ NPS in 5 easy steps?

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How to improve your business’ NPS in 5 easy steps? The NPS is one of the most important indicators to include in your business. However, before applying it in your digital marketing strategy, you must know the meaning of its acronym.


What is the NPS?


BluCactus - dataNPS (Net Promoter Score) works as a formula with which you can measure the loyalty of your customers through the opinion they have towards your business. That is, you can determine what is their level of commitment towards your brand. So, if you ask a client: how much would you recommend my brand? Their answer will be evaluated by a score based on 1 to 10.


Of course, the question could vary depending on your objectives. However, it should have the same formulation to obtain the expected results. Therefore, by looking at the score of the question, you will discover how satisfied your customers are. That’s why many businesses focus on this indicator, giving it great importance.


Learn how to improve your business NPS through 5 easy steps


Now that you know the meaning of NPS, you may have noticed its importance. That’s why, through 5 very simple steps, we will explain how you can improve it. Besides, putting them into practice is easier than you can imagine and you will get very good results:


Follow up on your naysayers


BluCactus - dataGenerally, companies that aren’t aware of this point can run the risk of losing their potential customers. For this reason, you must keep track of the comments left by each user. This way, you can quickly discover negative comments and take instant action.


When a client makes a bad comment about a company, at the moment that impression will remain in their mind. Because of this, you should take the opportunity to make them change their mind before they lose credibility with you.


The idea is to turn your customers into your brand’s promoters. For this, you should contact the users considered as detractors at once. Besides, you may have already gotten their information from the moment they made a transaction in your company. If so, you can use their email or phone number to contact and speak with them.


What will be the topic of your conversation with your client? 


BluCactus - dataFirst, you should explain to them why you have decided to contact them. After this, you should pay attention to their perspective. Similarly, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that the faster you take the time to follow up with your naysayers, the easier it will be to fix the situation.


Each customer will likely have different reasons for leaving a negative review about your business. However, to change their thinking and improve the NPS of your business, you can apply the following points:


  • Offer to improve your products.
  • Explain that you can improve the service you offer so far.
  • Also, offer them an alternative solution to fit their needs.
  • Treat all your customers with respect, even if they left a negative review. It’s the only way to put those clients back in your favor.


Give incentives to your promoters


BluCactus - business' NPS - dataJust as you must give importance to your detractors, you must not forget to keep your promoters satisfied by making them feel special. In the same way, you must understand that what goes well in your company shouldn’t be neglected if you want it to keep it that way.


In fact, by neglecting your promoters, naysayers can take advantage of it to drive them away. Customers may even find that you pay more attention to your detractors and put you at a disadvantage as well.


If you don’t know how to handle this situation, you can seek the help of marketing experts, as their research has shown that it’s 25 times more expensive to attract a customer than to keep one. Also, to increase your retention rate by 5%, you can generate a 25% profit or much more. As you can see, retaining those clients considered as promoters is essential.


What incentives can you give your promoters?


BluCactus - business' NPS - dataFor the improvement of your NPS, giving incentives to your promoters will be a simple step with excellent benefits. A happy customer will refer your business to users who can become new customers, and in return, you can give the following rewards:



Also, you can allow customers to be the first to try some of your products for free.


Your business team must be aware of the importance of improving the NPS


BluCactus - business' NPS - dataThe importance of the NPS lies in generating a pleasant experience for the customer who trusts your business. That’s why your company’s team of professionals must be aware of how fundamental it is to keep all customers equally happy.


How to improve the NPS of your business? This question should be on the mind of the entire work team, especially those who offer customer service. Direct sales staff must also make a good impression when a customer first contacts the company.


Because each customer behaves differently, it is common for the staff in charge of connecting with them to become demotivated. That’s why you should encourage and guide them to include the NPS data assessment naturally.


How can you include this indicator in your daily tasks?


BluCactus - business' NPS - dataThese would be some of the most effective methods:


  • Each comment that appears from customers must be connected with the staff members who have already attended them. Believe it or not, customers will evaluate how efficient is the attention provided by your staff. That’s why they should improve their responses. On the other hand, for them to feel more motivated, a congratulation from you will never be too much.
  • The most relevant follow-up you should do is your front-line staff, that is, those who are in charge of making contact with customers. For them, you should ask what they receive from other departments for the improvement of the NPS. After all, all of them can be of great help in fulfilling this objective.
  • You must establish that management annually delivers the results of the NPS in your business. So, in case the reports aren’t satisfactory, you can cut the bonuses. This action will make staff work harder to achieve the goals set through this indicator. Similarly, you as a business owner must make your staff understand the importance of providing good customer service.


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Personalize the interaction with your customers


For the improvement of the NPS of your business, you must collect the comments and responses that will make customers feel taken into account.


One element that you should not forget as a business owner is that it is important for customers to feel that their opinion is valued and respected.


Therefore, you must analyze all comments so that the response can be personalized for each customer.


What actions can you apply to maintain a high NPS?


BluCactus - business' NPS - dataHere are some of the actions you can take to keep your NPS at a high level:


  • When asking for feedback, be sure to include the name of the addressee.
  • Apply a different method for each client, remember that each one will have different behavior. While some customers prefer an email, others may prefer a phone call or text message.
  • You shouldn’t automate your responses. In other words, your actual staff will need to submit the surveys.
  • Address each customer by name at the beginning of the text.
  • When responding to criticism, instead of asking generic questions, be precise with their complaint.


People appreciate when they notice that a company is addressing them directly, and when they are treated with respect. This way, they will be willing to answer your surveys and will feel better connected with your staff.


BluCactus - business' NPS - dataDon’t put passive customers aside


Just as you should pay attention to your business’s naysayers and promoters, you should also pay attention to passive customers.


In fact, these are likely the ones who make up the largest number of your customers, and by contacting them in the right way, you can improve the NPS of your business.


Passive customers are generally looking for alternatives, so you should strive to provide good service.


How can you contact your passive customers?


BluCactus - business' NPS - dataJust as we have explained how to contact your promoters and detractors, you must also know how to contact passive customers:


  • Do a continuous follow-up.
  • Try to ask direct questions, that is, ask your clients what they would like to see from you. For example, what they want you to include in your services, and what they don’t like about your business. In fact, you can make a list of questions to determine the behavior of passive customers.
  • Find out the reasons why they aren’t satisfied with your services.
  • Make an effort to attract customers as quickly as possible, so they don’t go looking for another product. Generally, you will have 6 months to contact them.


Passive customers aren’t loyal to any brand, so you have to make them become promoters of your company.

Through these 5 simple steps, you will achieve a high NPS in your business


BluCactus - dataThe love or interest you feel for your company is likely not felt by most of your customers. That’s why, for the improvement of your NPS, you must strive to get their comments.


Besides, the naysayers are more important than you might imagine, so you should continually analyze these opinions.


At BluCactus we can help you have a high NPS in your business to achieve more promoter clients than detractors. These are just some simple steps you can take in your business to improve the NPS, but there are still other actions that we can merge into your business to achieve this goal.


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