A good branding plan is to have an effective slogan for your brand

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The slogan, logo, colors, and typography are important elements of branding in a company. Thus, we cannot ignore the importance of a slogan as part of your marketing strategy. Create an effective slogan for your brand with these tips.


A good slogan is crucial in determining the success of a company. Besides, having all the elements according to the brand will reflect good marketing.


A slogan works alongside the logo, to optimize brand recognition. As a result, if you want this to be effective for your brand, you must create it in such a way that it manages to impact the desired audience.


What is a slogan?


BluCactus - computer with important informationYou might have an idea about what is a slogan, but don’t really know the whole extent of it. Because of this, we will explain it better so that you understand its importance.


A slogan is a phrase that constitutes the essence of the brand. Surely you have heard that melody, that rhyme that is in your head when you hear the name of a brand or you meet them again after a while. Well, that’s the slogan.


For a slogan to be successful, it must comprise the characteristics that identify it. This is because it complements the image, name, and logo of your company or products.


Not only that, but your slogan will also build your corporate identity and generate a presence in the market. This, in turn, will help you communicate the central idea of ​​your business, advertising campaign, or corporate strategy.


That’s why in this post we will offer you several tips so that you can create an effective slogan for your brand. However, we must first take a look at the types of slogans.


Slogan types


There are two variants of this concept. And depending on the interest you have as a brand, you will define each one of them.


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The brand slogan:


This is created to accompany the brand at all times regardless of the product offered or the situation in which it is. This type of slogan supports the company logo, with the aim that people know how to quickly differentiate the benefits that the brand can offer them.


The campaign slogan:


You can use it to promote a temporary campaign. Thus, a special slogan is used for said campaign and product to be launched. There are cases where slogans leave such an important mark on the consumer that it effectively ends up becoming the brand slogan.


What does a slogan work for?


BluCactus - people workingSlogans are representation formats that quickly grab the consumer’s attention. They are easy to remember and understand. For this reason, slogans work as part of the advertising of a product or brand.


The goal is to leave the key message of the brand in the minds of consumers.


It’s a big step for your audience to remember the tagline, even if they don’t remember anything else about the ad.


Because of this, they will always keep the brand in mind even over time. So, as you can see, an effective slogan for your brand will achieve great goals.


Characteristics of a slogan


BluCactus - slogan for your brand - people workingWe are going to mention some elements that will help you to build an effective slogan for your brand. Thus, defining your company and attracting the attention of your consumers.


  • Easy to remember: a slogan is quickly recognized. They are attractive phrases that can have a great impact being present in advertisements, videos, posters, business cards, promotional products of brands among other communication channels.
  • They include a key benefit: Slogans make it clear how the service or product can help the public. Thus, they sell and focus on profits.
  • Distinguish the brand: when you are going to create a slogan think about what value you can offer and how the purchase of your product or services will help the consumer. What makes your product or brand different from the competition?
  • They convey positive feelings about the brand: avoid negative words in slogans. For this, we recommend to include in your advertising phrases that contain positive and optimistic words.


BluCactus - slogan for your brand - people workingRemember this! A slogan is created from a single element, defining the product. As a company or brand, you must own it and live it, that is, take it as such. In short, this is what will show that no one else is like you.


Keep in mind that by creating a slogan you will not sell a product as such but you will sell the brand value that makes you different.


A successful slogan can last for decades. However, you won’t know this at once. The only way to find out if it works is to wait until it’s received by the public and they determine so. Everything will depend on the time factor. What you do need to know is that when creating it, the consumer must be attracted to it.


How to create your slogan


BluCactus - people workingIt’s not easy to express an emotional and complex concept in just a few words.


Besides, it must also encompass the identity and culture of a company.


And this is not all, you must also take into account the characteristics that make up a slogan.


For example, it must be simple and make a great impression so that it can be remembered.



Tips to create an effective slogan for your brand


First: Let’s get to know the brand


BluCactus - purposeKnow your purpose.


The most important thing for a good start is knowing what you want to achieve with it.


A successful slogan seeks to describe your brand especially.


To start and find your goals, you need to ask yourself important questions.


For example, what is my business, what does my business do, what do I want to offer, what differentiates me from the competition, and what is my brand value?


BluCactus - people workingUnique description.


Don’t do imitations, don’t copy others.


If you plagiarize or something similar to another brand you will damage the reputation of your company.


As a result, the feedback will be negative and the damage will be very serious.


Your slogan must be completely original. This authenticity will make your company stand out from the competition.


Highlight the distinctive seal of your brand


BluCactus - computer with important informationWhat you write should define the perfection of your brand identity. As we mentioned, you must highlight the characteristics that distinguish your company from the others.


The competition will always exist, therefore, tools such as the slogan allow you to create a brand value to be able to stand out. Don’t miss the opportunity to use this strategy correctly.


Talking about the characteristics of your company will allow recipients to remember you easily and quickly. Identify them very well and you will be able to summarize in one or two words. Thus, creating an effective slogan for your brand.



BluCactus - people working

Know your audience


In any marketing strategy knowing your audience is vital.


Your slogan should be created especially for the audience you intend to reach.


So, you must adapt to them.


By understanding your potential customers, consumers, and audience, you will be able to deliver the right message and your slogan will be successful.


Second: it’s time to create


BluCactus - slogan for your brand - people workingMake lists of words and combine them


After you are clear about the first 4 points, it’s time to create the slogan. An excellent strategy is to write down all the words that reflect your brand. Prioritize adjectives, verbs, and nouns that have a connection to your goal.


Use adjectives


Start with the most common and simple ones that help describe your brand. For example, modern, traditional, light, deep, practical, simple, simple, easy, useful, among others. This will help you form a slogan that conveys the characteristics of your product or brand.


Verbs incite actions


Now the verbs, with them try to relate them to the action itself. Remember the actions that the customer is going to take or perform with your products. Also think about what they may feel, about their emotions.


BluCactus - slogan for your brand - people working

You can write down verbs related to the area or industry of your product or brand. If it is related to the food industry you could use “taste”, “eat”, and “appreciate”. In the fashion sector, verbs like try, feel, and shine are useful. There are other more general verbs like “enchant”, “recommend” and “approve”, which you can also write down.


Nouns are also important


And finally, put the nouns. Use all those that enter the sector of your brand. For a brand of hair products, it can be nutrition, hydration, shine, softness, movement, and color. For beauty products, it can be gorgeous, glamorous, sparkling, and more.


You can also use and try irreverent words. Enter words that may not come out of your head or that you always remember. This can help you create a more creative and successful tagline. Having a creative list of ideas in hand, it’s time to create that fragment that will represent your brand or product. It’s time for the brainstorming phase and testing the material you already have.


Go linking the words you got to form some short sentences. Don’t limit yourself with the first ideas, it’s important to get a good diversity of options to choose the best without hesitation.


Third: with these rules, your slogan will be a success


Use repetitive sounds.


BluCactus - slogan for your brand - people workingEmotions are very important. Today, every marketing plan needs strategies that cause emotions in the public. In this sense, the slogan isn’t the exception. 


Your slogan should stir emotions, and there are tons of resources to achieve it. For example, use writing resources like rhymes and alliteration.


Besides, you can also use previously studied musical sounds. This way, you will sound so catchy that the public won’t forget them.


Concise, pacing messages are great for taglines and are enjoyable to read as well as to listen to.


BluCactus - slogan for your brand - people workingAvoid exaggeration.


Simplicity is a keyword to consider when creating a slogan.


You need to be honest and not complicate the message. 


That is, be precise and express what your company is.


Don’t get carried away by exaggerations, as these can be misinterpreted, or not understood.



BluCactus -It should be short and simple.


To get to the public’s mind and stay there, the tagline needs to be short.


This way, it will become contagious.


The recommended thing is a phrase of six or eight words.


Thus, avoid making it extremely long because it will be very difficult to remember.


BluCactus - slogan for your brand - people workingBe consistent.


Consistency is key to effective branding.


Because of this, everything must complement each other.


The slogan, your logo, the name of your company, and the image that it projects must be consistent and balanced.





BluCactus - slogan for your brand - people workingMake it durable.


Don’t pick buzzwords that will sound outdated over time.


Everything evolves and times change, make your slogan stick despite it.


Thus, when composing and joining words for your slogan, try to make them last.




Fourth: highlight the following


BluCactus - slogan for your brand - benefitsHighlight a benefit.


A slogan is not just a catchy sounding phrase, it’s what it verbally demonstrates how you stand out from the competition.


It reflects the mission of your company and also the reason why your product should be chosen among many others that resemble it.






BluCactus - people workingConvey good feelings


A good slogan generates good feelings in the public.


Make sure it conveys a positive feeling.








BluCactus - slogan for your brand - kfc

Tells a story


It seems impossible to tell a story in just a few words. But remember that the slogan is part of a set of actions that express the identity of the brand.


So, create a snippet related to that story because all the elements are going to help you get the message across. For example, try to create a final phrase that effectively sums up your advertising campaign. 


Many brands have managed to create several famous slogans in the history of advertising. An effective slogan for your brand can come from a story.


BluCactus - slogan for your brand - graphsExpress the values ​​of your business


It is recommended that your slogan transmit one or two values.


Considering your brand values ​​will make it easier to generate an authentic connection with your customers.


So expressing them in your slogan will help you attract the right customers, those who identify with your brand.




Examples of successful slogans


Apple:  “Think different”, slogan for your brand


BluCactus - slogan for your brand - happy

This slogan first appeared in Apple’s ad for “Here’s to the Crazy Ones, Think Different”. This phrase was created for the IBM campaign, (Think IBM), which was used at the time to promote the ThinkPad product.


This slogan pays tribute to all those visionary people, who challenge the limits and evolve the world.


Later, the slogan “Think Different” became the slogan of many Apple advertisements. Suddenly, the public began to notice that Apple was not like any computer equipment. Apple was powerful and simple. Perfect for any inexperienced person to feel part of the technology world and with the necessary skills to use its products.


A Forbes study showed that Apple’s stock price tripled in the year following the ad’s launch. Although currently the slogan no longer makes its appearances, it left a great mark on the minds of its consumers, showing the value of its brand and making everyone part of it.


Many Apple users still feel that sense of belonging because they are among those who “think differently.”


BluCactus - computer with important informationL’Oreal. “Because you’re worth it”, slogan for your brand


All women want to feel that we are worth a lot. Because of this, L’Oréal makes sure to remind you of this with its slogan. In this sense, they remind you that you are worth too much and that you deserve their products.


However, they didn’t just talk about the product.


They also talked about its quality as a brand, about the image that the product can give you in a much more powerful message.




MasterCard: “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard”, slogan for your brand


BluCactus - mastercardThis two-piece catchphrase was award-winning and launched in 98 countries in approximately 64 languages. It went outright viral before the advent of social media. It made its first appearance as a television advertisement aired in 1997.


MasterCard advertising campaigns show an emotional sentiment. They tell us that important things are priceless, that you may be able to enjoy them, and that MasterCard takes care of others.


An excellent strategy that shows the qualities of the product and what it can offer you so that you can enjoy those important moments without worrying about much.



Airbnb: “Belongs Everywhere”, slogan for your brand


BluCactus -airbnb

Airbnb campaigns are focused on emotions. They show you that with their company you can be part of anywhere and you can feel at home wherever you are.


Airbnb created a series of videos that embody related values. Some of his other campaign slogans are “We accept everyone”, “Paint your pride” and “Let’s keep traveling forward”.



Rexona: “It won’t let you down”, slogan for your brand


BluCactus - Rexona: "It won't let you down"To this day Rexona’s motto continues to appear in advertisements. Thus, this is a catchphrase that has risen to fame.


The phrase is so popular that there are even thousands of memes on the net and is used by many daily.


This slogan expresses the quality of value of the brand and product.


It implies that regardless of the chaos you suffer on the streets, Rexona will always be with you. A perfect phrase because we all look for a trustworthy brand when it comes to intimate products.


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