10 E-Commerce Design Improvements That Can Get You More Sales


10 E-Commerce Design Improvements That Can Get You More Sales. A customer visits your website, sees confusing designs and outdated graphics, leading to poor navigation, and goes right back, never to return. All of this took 10 seconds only. So even though we should never judge a book by its cover, the cover makes all the difference when it comes to online stores. An e-commerce website provides you the opportunity to reach a wider audience, promote your brand, and share your story. And you need a good website design to make it happen. 


You can elevate your website design by adding elements that are relevant to your business and removing unnecessary ones. You need to create a landing page that entices customers to browse your store. But how do we know what’s good? Trends come and go, but a few elements are evergreen. In this article, we will discuss 10 fool-proof design improvements that can help you increase sales and conversions.


Ways to Improve Website Design


1.  Smooth Navigation


Blucactus-Smooth-Navigation - E-Commerce Design Improvements That Get More SalesNavigation is key and honestly the most important tip here for improving the website design. When a customer visits your website, they should be able to browse and search for products they are looking for.


If you add unnecessary content and graphics to your landing page, your customers won’t know where to look. And a confusing shopping experience will cause increased bounce rates.


Thus, create a landing page with a clear search bar, listing all the important information and pages that you want your customers to visit. Make your products easy to find, enable the sort and filter option, and make the process as seamless as possible. 


2.  Use CTA Buttons, e-commerce design


Blucactus-Use-CTA-Buttons - E-Commerce Design Improvements That Get More SalesAlthough quite basic, CTA buttons play a huge role in engaging your customers and encouraging them to explore your site. Strategically placing call-to-action buttons throughout your site or landing page can have a huge impact on sales.


For example, CTAs like learn more, contact now, buy now, can help in decision-making and urge your customers to take that next step.


Keep in mind that instead of pushing your customers to purchase your service when they are not aware of it is futile, instead allow them to learn more and increase engagement. 


3.  Simplify the Checkout Page


Blucactus-Simplify-Checkout-PageThe less your customers do, the better. The whole point of improving the website design is to make the user experience as simplified as possible, so your customers can be in and out in no time.


The checkout process is the most important step, as it is the last, and the major cause of cart abandonment. Over 70% of consumers abandon their carts because the checkout page is too lengthy, confusing, or complex.


Thus, create a one-page checkout, reduce required fields, and provide multiple payment and shipping options. 


4.  Add Social Proof, e-commerce design


Blucactus-Add-Social-Proof - E-Commerce Design Improvements That Get More SalesAnother element that is great for increasing customer lifetime value and sales is social proof. Social media is a money-making platform, and if you are not marketing your products there and syncing them with your online store, you are making a big mistake.


Social proof works on the principle of scarcity, urgency, and trust. And you can create all this by enabling reviews, trust badges, customer support, etc.


For example, displaying customer reviews and testimonials on your site increases trust and legitimacy. Whereas showing countdowns and limited stock creates urgency.


5.  Use Prominent Colors


Blucactus-Use-Prominent-colors - E-Commerce Design Improvements That Get More SalesColor theory is real, and it works. Colors can have a huge impact on your sales and conversions. Each color has different feelings associated with it. Research says that colors also have a taste when it comes to food-related items.


Now, you can’t just pick your favorite color and go with it. You need to use colors that are related to your brand and convey the message you want your customers to know.


For example, CTA buttons are usually bright red or orange because they have been known to increase sales by 21% which wouldn’t have been the case if they had used green or blue.    


6.  Use High-Quality Multimedia, e-commerce design


Blucactus-Use-High-Quality-MultimediaThis is a no-brainer! Many consumers shy away from online shopping because they can’t trust the brand. There are many ways you can prove your legitimacy to your customers and the best way to do so is by using original product images.


By displaying multiple product images from multiple angles, you can increase customer trust. You can also add user-generated content to show customers how your product is being used.


You can also add high-quality videos. But make sure that these images do not affect your site speed.


7.  Add White Space


Blucactus-Add-White-Space - E-Commerce Design Improvements That Get More SalesSince we are talking about design, let’s discuss the best way to display your elements. Adding loads of elements on a single page and bloating your site is not the best course of action. Not only is this confusing for customers, but they have a hard time navigating your site, and we all know how important navigation is.


That is why it is best to use white space. Leaving white space around your elements gives a sense of freedom and increases reader comprehension.


Moreover, it makes your site look clean, good, and highlights important points.


8.  Optimize for Mobile, e-commerce design


Blucactus-Optimize-for-MobileIt comes as no surprise that mobile e-commerce has surpassed online shopping as compared with laptops or computers.


If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, that means anyone visiting your site from mobile will have to deal with supersize text, images, and pop-ups.


And thus, result in poor customer experience. Mobile optimization is also important for SEO because if your site is not optimized for mobiles, it will get penalized by Google and affect your rankings.  


9.  Add Customer Reviews


Blucactus-Add-Customer-ReviewsAs we pointed out above, customer reviews play a major role in increasing trust and sales.


Did you know that around 90% of the consumers read customer reviews, from which 70% of them don’t make a purchase without reading reviews? By displaying positive and negative reviews, you can increase engagement with your audience.


And we are not talking about generic reviews, instead of reviews with pictures, stories, and impacts, which will help them connect to your brand.


10. Optimize Page Speed, e-commerce design


Blucactus-Optimize-Page-SpeedSince we have mentioned many different elements and tips above, it is also important to mention how crucial page speed is. Many website owners make the mistake of elevating their site by adding multiple plugins and extensions, high-quality images, etc. And we are not saying this is not right, but there is a way you can minimize the content and still make your website stand out. 


By compressing image size, blocking pop-ups for mobiles, creating a minimal design with minimal elements, you can optimize page speed and convert customers easily. Because if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 25% of the consumers will leave, never to come back.




Improving website design is not an easy task, but with these 10 fool-proof tips, you know where to start. Just keep in mind that this is for your customers. Think like them, create for their convenience, and simplify the navigation and checkout process as much as you can. The simpler the better, don’t bloat your sites with unnecessary elements. We hope this article helped!


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Xaviera Khalid is the content writer at WooKeeper.com.


She is an avid reader and uses her creativity to write interesting articles about WooCommerce and its related topics.


She focuses on SEO-optimized content and provides factual writing.


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