20 Amazing and Versatile Trends in Web Design in 2020


The different trends in web design in 2020 have always undergone an unstoppable process of evolution. A traceable fact from the late 1990s to the present day. Despite the new decade of the 2020s has just begun, its web trends already have strongly defined features. Understanding these features as platforms that are part of all styles within web design. At a general level, the rise of mobile technology represents an important factor in the consolidation of these trends. Entity composed, also, by an interactive platform of devices such as iPads, tablets, and smartphones.


Web designers also predict that the early arrival of the IoT (Internet of Things) is part of the process. A reality that demands more and more web page designs adaptable to any type of support or screen. Finally, the different trends in web design in 2020 will also rely upon the widespread use of the so-called Snack Content phenomenon. A requirement increasingly demanded by a wide audience of customers and users. A characteristic to which every new web page must efficiently respond.


What are the new trends in web design that are part of the global market?: Main tips for its recognition and differentiation.


The web design field is a part of the digital industry imbued with fierce commercial competitiveness. This is the reason why it is always an avidly changing sector.


An element that withstands an evolutionary rhythm that even comes to differentiate itself between one year and another. Faced with this, the experts of the BluCactus Marketing Agency draw on their experience to develop clear criteria that allow offering a clarified vision of at least twenty trends in web design in 2020. This integrates both modalities and visual tools that are part of the daily life of this field.


For the preparation of this article, it was possible to identify three main trend groups. The first of them comprise the trend range with no more than 10 months old. The second group comprises consolidated styles from the past decade. The third, for its part, refers to structural aspects and are identified in terms of their mandatory nature. Each one of them corresponds to the thematic points listed below.


Trend 1: Animation of design elements (dividers, GIFs, and transition phenomena).


BluCactus - example of an animationg design elementeThis modality distinguishes from the other types of web design trends in 2020 recently created. It stands out given its ability to bring dynamism to any web composition, which meets the improvement criterion in terms of user experience.


The diversity of application strategies and methods will depend on the level of creativity of the designer. The goal of a website is another reason adjoining such elements. So, first of all, components such as gifs and animations will be an active part of the new websites.


The most fundamental aspect of this trend is the break with classic web designs, where an important style and freshness are added to the compositions.


The trends in web design in 2020 that are supported by this type of elements offer both visual and mechanical movement. The first of these is achieved through the use of color gradients in fonts. The dynamic separator achieves its effect through the exclusive use of lines. It is always advisable to have the assistance of a graphic designer to identify such occasions. Thus, aspects such as when and which website requires such applications are determined.


Trend 2: Prevalence of web compositions with pronounced asymmetry.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itThe introduction of asymmetry in web design represents a completely innovative field. As a trend, it is consolidated after 2015.


This works as a response vehicle to the compositions defined by balance. Among all the trends of web design in 2020, it aims at providing an air of informality. Some authors define it alternatively as a new type of asymmetric balance, derived from the set of conditions necessary for its effective operation.


Web designers have developed various strategies to build highly attractive designs. Mainly from web pages based on asymmetry to create a permanent visual impact. Among them, the lateral placement of objects stands out.


The representative factor of the sector known as asymmetric balance. Trends in Web Design. In this trend, diverting the user’s gaze allows them to capture their attention. The broken grid strategy represents an important alternative within these web design trends in 2020. A grid refers to the hypothetical line plan necessary for the distribution of elements on the web. Visual rigidity is one of the elements that disappear with it.


Trend 3: Animation and movement in web design. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itDue to its features, this design does not represent a total novelty. What does imply an advance is an increase in its level of acceptance. Thus, it operates on a market previously resistant to its use. Expert web designers can better identify it as a set of trends.


These web design trends in 2020 include page loading effects. Also, animated graphics will allow you to add dynamism to statistical information. Lastly, there are also certain fading effects associated with the scroll movement.


There are also other variants of this type of web design trends in 2020. Important effects such as Slo-Mo also belong to this group. Its basic principle is the use of CSS animations in a very particular way. The transition turns out to be subtle in design. It, therefore, represents a very suitable alternative for backgrounds. Trends in Web Design. Finally, scrolling and the rest of the UX effects are an important part of it. Hence, the use of this type of tool will allow an improvement in the user experience. This is achieved thanks to the rise of elements such as HTML5 and CSS3 formats.


Trend 4: Designs in virtual reality and 3D.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itThe feeling of visual depth is the main reason for the birth of this trend. It is estimated that its appearance date coincides specifically with the year 2011, which is why it constitutes one of the trends in web design in 2020 with a modern and recent origin.


Currently, most web pages are in a two-dimensional format. Experts believe that the 3D design will be decisive for the future of all information on the network. The potential that this type of tool has is in its dynamism. An element of this kind favors interaction with the Internet user in a personalized and unique way.


At the moment, the 3D design does not apply to websites. Its application is usually consequently in a fractional way. Thus, 3D characteristics are attributed to each of the constituent elements of the web and not to the absolute composition. A Loading Page is one of the most used elements within these web design trends in 2020. Besides, this includes other elements such as the main or header image and the presentation of the product.


Trend 5: Use of infographics to merge and divide content. Trends in Web Design.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itThis designing technique is characterized by the use of a vertical axis to achieve a clever distribution of the information. Generally, as a result, it is possible to carry out a comparative analysis of the content.


The elements are thus distributed between the left and right areas of the website. In this way, these web design trends in 2020 allow a more detailed examination of the characteristics of information. This movement had the Apple company as one of its pioneers. During the year 2020, its consolidation can be observed.


The content division can work as the following two types of modalities in their entirety. In the first of these, each of the sections obtained shows a particular attribute. In the second one, the same element is achieved through separation by color blocks. Another advantage of these web design trends in 2020 is their ability to create contrast. Another variant of the process involves placing the cutting axis horizontally. Regarding this, its combination with the use of blank spaces is very effective.


Trend 6: The Hover effect. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - an example of a hover eventThe Hover effect is recognized within the web design trends in 2020 by its customization degree. It consists of the dynamic effect obtained after the interaction of the mouse pointer with a certain element. To a large extent, this can be noticed by movement or a specific color change.


In previous years, menu and button designs were an excellent example of this. The great innovation within this trend is its application on increasingly significant elements. Thus, designers now consider their application on blocks of text, images, and background. The main advantage that the Hover effect has is its ability to be combined with other trends. Closely associated with it are the trends of dynamism and movement.


The peculiarity of these elements is the activation of the movement to address the presence of the pointer. The different web design trends in 2020 that make use of the Hover Effect also involve links. Trends in Web Design. The intention is to retain the user’s attention on a specific item. Web design experts point 2016 as the moment of consolidation of this trend. This came after the overall thrust provided by macro companies like Apple.


Trend 7: Content in vertical displacement. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - an example of a vertical scroll contentThe creators of this trend focused on the dynamism of content. In this way, the scroll movement is the main element of this type of web format. It consists of the up or down scrolling of web information. The sensation thus obtained by the viewer is that of being from a fixed point of view.


These web design trends in 2020 are currently going through an evolving process. For the next few years, the slide movement will become a more important element of them thanks to the major role mobile formats play in the market. The slide movement, on the other hand, consists of moving the website’s content by using the tips of the fingers.


Other important predictions about these new web design trends in 2020 can also be cited. The most important of these are web pages with vertical and horizontal scrolling combined. This allows the user to experience a feeling of multidimensionality. Based on its current example of uses, this type of web design has no beginning or end. The structural order will depend on the presentation of the data. A resource complemented by movements such as zoom and drag.


Trend 8: Optimized formats for private browsing.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a different color tabs openThe private browsing trend is born thanks to designers’ need to classify data and information. On a website, this implies that secondary information will be out of the user’s sight.


Its visibility will only be possible after enabling an element that will allow its deployment. Some of these commonly used elements are banners, icons, and buttons. This type of web design trends in 2020 emerged within the world of mobile telephony. A field where the space available for viewing is limited and reduced. The subsequent inclusion of this type of format within the traditional web is given by its characteristic flexibility.


Currently, the most representative factor of this trend is known as the hamburger icon. Element distinguished by three short horizontal bars. Trends in Web Design. Generally, through this you can access important information in the form of a menu. This tool within the trends of web design in 2020 is easy to visualize. This design reinforces the viewer’s attention after the display of a menu that is darker in color than the background. Pop-up or Pop-Out menus are also part of it.


Trend 9: Predominant use of Landing Pages and Sticky Bars.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design- a page of fashin marketing openThe wide acceptance that this tool has is thanks to the advantages it brings to every online store. The reason why it is found to be an active part of multiple product pages. It consists of a graphic element broadly functional within the user-source interaction.


Its functionality complies with following the view of the user during all their scrolling on the website. Trends in Web Design. Classically, these web design trends of 2020 are associated with conversions increase. This also influences an elevation in the sales margin of online stores. This is the technical reason that justifies its recent conversion into a trend.


Traditionally, these web design trends of 2020 stand out for their effectiveness. WordPress even responds to this fact by creating plugins for its building. Just like it happens with Divi Woo modules. Another modality turns out to be its use in Landing Pages. Spaces where they are used for the classification of specific functions. In such environments, the user can be guided in activities such as product reservations. The purchase of tickets and registrations such as registering or unsubscribing is also a very frequent function.


Trend 10: Typography as a base item within the composition.Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design- a page of fashin marketin openUnlike other web design trends of 2020, graphing by including typography is a classic element. The reason why it has been included in this list is due to its level of validity. In addition to its versatility for being combined with other design manifestations.


In this case, the typography is not used textually but graphically and represents just another element of the audiovisual components of the web. Despite its simplicity, the results obtained can be completely surprising and endowed with a wide personality. There are numerous techniques for the effective implementation of these elements.


One of the most used strategies within this trend is the combination of fonts. Understood this as the use of different font styles within a website. Depending on the company’s goal, it is possible to always use two to five proposals. Each of them must have their space and purpose justified. Within these web design trends of 2020, color also represents a differentiating element. The basic point of each of these systems is to ensure that they are complementary.


Trend 11: Depth in design obtained based on the overlap. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itThis phenomenon within web design is born as a branch of 3D trends. It is one of its most minimalist subdivisions. Even so, impressive effects can be obtained through them. The increase in the feeling of depth is the most interesting and important of them all.


Graphic design, in general, has taken advantage of the reception of these web design trends in 2020. All this through the import of techniques to achieve an effective finish. Each type of overlay is classified according to its elements.


Trends in Web Design. Thus, we have permutations such as text-image, image-text, and content on content. Each of which is based on the so-called principle of general proximity.


The advantage of a website that uses this type of web design trends in 2020 is its ease of reading. It is a strategy that uses overlaying to order and classify information. This provides a dataset that can be interpreted in just a few seconds. Generally, this is the measure of time that every user has to determine if a website is useful or not.


Trend 12: Dynamic effect linked to the promotion of products and services.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itThe existence of this type of web design trend in 2020 demonstrates the influence of dynamism on eCommerce. Statistically, 46% of visitors evaluate the quality of a website according to its animation framework. Trends in Web Design.


A process comprising a maximum time of 2.5 seconds. Regarding its influence on the conversion funnel, this is equivalent to 75%. Seen from this perspective, animation effects are not only a purely aesthetic element as they also help to promote sales.


Through the proper use of web design, it is possible to create a link with the user. This factor influences users’ habits and behavior when buying or consuming services.


These web design trends in 2020 comprise a wide variety of tools. These include various operating modules such as Ramjet, CAAT, Animista, Flubber, and Relax. There are also a total of eight types of modules classified according to their objective and function. For the effective operation of this, the web designer must be clever and inventive. Thus, his ability to recognize on what type of web page these trends should be used is highly useful.


Trend 13: Parallax effect. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - an example of a parallax effectAccording to the history of web design, the Parallax effect represents a classic example of modernization. The businessman Disney created this effect through the multiplane camera.


Initially subscribed to the world of cinema and video games, the web universe has not been immune to this trend. Undoubtedly, these web design trends in 2020 are here to stay. The Parallax effect is recognizable for scrolling both background and content at different speeds. Thus, the scroll movement allows the user a simultaneous sense of depth and dynamism.


Experts emphasize recognizing what type of page is adaptable to these web design trends in 2020. Overall, the Parallax effect favors certain websites where the information distribution is sequential. For this reason, it is a favorable tool for Storytelling, since it is a graphic resource that allows the easy assimilation of content. Trends in Web Design. For its assembling, designers use HTML5 resources associated with CSS3. Javascript Parallax.js library is an excellent alternative for this. Parallax is a term that evokes the mechanical nature of this trend.


Trend 14: Use of audiovisual elements in the background of websites.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itAgainst all the predictions that foresaw its exclusion from the market, the use of videos remains in force. The reason for its permanence within the web design trends in 2020 is its advantages for SEO positioning.


This fact has propelled designers to increasingly efficient usage of them. Its influence on the ROI index is a prominent factor. This resource is increasingly frequent within corporate systems portals. Other statistics indicate the influence of the use of videos in the elevation of 80% of the sales margin of a company.


Another important reason that motivates the development of these web design trends in 2020 is their contribution to companies in terms of brand value. Audiovisual content forms the basis of emotional design.


Trends in Web Design. The joint association between brand and experience thus contributes greatly to engagement. There are important elements for the proper use of a video. Experts recommend the use of clips of no more than 10 seconds with a maximum weight of 5MB. Hiring the right hosting and adapting it to mobile devices is of great importance for the success of the design.


Trend 15: High presence of Chatbots. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - an example of a chatbotThe chatbot is an informative communication unit from the field of Frontend development. Currently, it has been efficiently incorporated into the web design trends of 2020. Its indisputable effectiveness for virtual customer service has not gone unnoticed by the digital business world.


It is, therefore, a tool that allows us to answer users’ questions with great efficiency. Furthermore, the chatbot works as a guide for the buyer to get what they want. Trends in Web Design. The most significant element that allowed this factor to establish itself as a trend has been social networks. Its great performance has allowed its inclusion into globally known applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp.


Essentially, this movement stands out for comprising a set of specific trends. The arrival of 2020 has been the main factor causing this. The future development of these web design trends is closely linked to artificial intelligence. The objective of this will be the development of virtual personalities. Trends in Web Design. Each element of them will be able to execute parameters such as voice recognition and intelligent user identification. Globally, Europe, Latin America, and the US stand out for their high use of chatbots.


Trend 16: Responsive Design.


BluCactus -an example of a responsive designAfter becoming a trend, responsive design has gone from being an alternative to a complete necessity. The objective of responsive design is the proper reading and display of websites on mobile devices. Its creator, Ethan Marcotte, developed this structure based on the concept of OneWeb.


The current trends in web design in 2020 respond through it to the user’s need for mobile Internet consumption. A field that includes the use of items like tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and laptops. The impact of such fact has allowed Google to penalize any non-responsible mobile website. Statistically, a reduction of 20% of visits applies to all non-responsive websites.


For eCommerce stores, these web design trends in 2020 represent a sales strategy thanks to its advantages. On the one hand, it allows a significant improvement in the user experience. On the other hand, it eases content to go viral due to its compatibility with social media. The year 2017 was the beginning of the peak of this trend.


Trend 17: Installation of the HTTPs protocol to favor safer web pages.


BluCactus - a landing page opne of a marketing agencyIn terms of cybersecurity, this trend responds more to the functional field than to the visual or perceptual one. Two reasons have awakened the birth of this movement. On the one hand, there is the adaptation of multiple browsers for the emission of alert messages to unsafe websites.


On the other hand, this design aims to prevent hacking and ransomware. This movement, besides, involves numerous trends in web design within its subject. By the 2020s, elements such as biometric identifications will replace passwords.


Other important digital operations linked to this trend include cybersecurity in the cloud. An element that represents an initiative of security companies regarding the improvement of their services. Advanced data encryption also belongs to these web design trends of 2020. Particularly useful within websites dedicated to activities such as online shopping and financial performance. The Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate stands out for being mainly free and open. All these tools represent an opportunity for web designers to build fully efficient projects.


Trend 18: Adaptation to the Legal Data Protection Regulation. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - a landing page open to fill informationThe Legal Regulation of Data Protection or RGPD is a mandatory quality within the operation of a website. The priority of this legal system is to safeguard the information of all users on the web. Its characteristics are, therefore, compulsory.


The massification of blogs and online stores has allowed it to consolidate itself within the web design trends in 2020. In general, this involves the protection of information from sources such as cookies, contact forms, and comments.


A web designer is always up to date with the specifications to adapt a website to the said legal system. Data security is an issue that has become a priority for many websites. From blogs and eCommerce to various online service sites. Trends in Web Design. The online legislation is not a simple issue, compliance with this justifies the pragmatic side of web design. Lastly, these standards associated with the web design trends in 2020 also require the compulsory notification of three legal texts, which correspond to the legal notice and the privacy and cookie policies.


Trend 19: Optimization of Loading Speed.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itDue to the short time the user has to process content, the speed of page loading is an important factor. At the structural level, there are two fundamental reasons for complying with this requirement.


Firstly, it is an element prone to favor the positioning of websites. Secondly, any website that loads at a very slow or inappropriate speed will be quickly abandoned by the viewer. In these web design trends of 2020, this also implies a decrease in its usability index. In response to this trend, WordPress has enabled numerous plugins to speed up its operation.


According to multiple experts, the optimal speed of a website should not exceed a single second. Extending this period to a maximum of two seconds corresponds to the average loading speed. Exceeding three seconds is classified as an inefficient or negative loading speed. Trends in Web Design. The designers involved in this type of web design trends use various tools to measure Web Performance Optimization (WPO). These tools are very handy to detect performance problems. PageSpeed ​​Insights, Pingdom Tools, and Chrome DevTools are some of the most popular.


Trend 20: Use of micro-interactions for optimization of full-screen forms. Trends in Web Design.


BluCactus - a landing page open to fill informationDespite its minimalist structure, a form can have countless uses. Precisely, this has been the factor that has led them to become part of the trends in web design in 2020.


This last trend appears as a response to the need to capture information. Its conversion into a trend is based on its usage in a full-screen mode. A fact that has proven to be an effective strategy to improve the user experience.


This good reception allowed its incorporation into other trends. Thus, the inclusion of micro animations, for example, provides an exceptional dynamism effect. In this way, it is common to see the display of transitions, color changes, and submenus during data loading. Trends in Web Design. The user will thus be able to find a more effective way of interacting with your brand. Another factor that allowed these web design trends in 2020 to emerge is form builders. Applications such as Google and Zoho Forms, both completely free, belong to this group. Ninja Forms, for its part, is exclusive for WordPress.


Final Notes: The BluCactus marketing agency team adapts the latest web design trends to your business needs.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itWithin the market of web design trends in 2020 there is an element that is rarely mentioned. Responsive Trends in Web Design. Particular systems that use elements opposed to styles that have exceeded a high degree of use.


The main disadvantage for any entrepreneur non-advised by a marketing agency is the speed with which his web design can be overshadowed by the emergence of new web development trends. Our team aims to make your company’s website timeless through a modern, high-quality design tailored to your business goals.


The different services offered at BluCactus will make your clients perceive your brand as a valid option for their needs. A service provider always at the forefront of every benefit that technology has to offer, capable of taking advantage of the different trends in web design in a unique and particular way. So you have nothing to worry about if you think your website needs change.


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