SEO audit checklist: all you need so that your website succeeds in 2021

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Unlike in past years, today’s SEO Audit Checklist for 2021 has many kinds of objectives and uses. Thus, much more than working as a fixing tool, auditing is now a vital element for good marketing performance. This way, any web entrepreneur will be able to hire this type of service for different reasons.


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - profesional person workingFor example, you will now be able to update your website while Google keeps changing its algorithm. On the other hand, actions such as the migration of a server have also grabbed the attention of users. Thus, choosing to conduct an SEO audit.


These same types of reasons are in turn, used against other types of variables. These include ranking drops, different types of fines, and the existence of the so-called negative trend or neutral performance.


Each of these reasons will work in line with the new vital aim of web positioning for 2021. So, to make the User experience (UX) that every website offers easier. Next, we will show you the entire set of tasks that are necessary for the good use of the new SEO 2021 audit checklist.


All about the evolution of the Online market in 2021


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationFive key positioning metrics run the web market of the 2020s.


They exist in the digital market since after 2015 and are now very important.


Thus, we can say that Google’s Featured Snippets are the first factor of importance.


It’s an influential factor for the SEO audit checklist 2021. We can also mention responsive loading speed. This is a value equivalent to reading speed for mobile SEO.


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationOn other hand, there are other three important web elements.


First, we have an increase in the use of Long Tail keywords.


Then, we have the introduction of artificial intelligence by Google. It aims to improve the process to recognize the user’s semantic intention. Finally, we get Google’s Core web vitals.


These are the ones responsible for the metrics of the UX User Experience. Thus, this SEO audit 2021 Checklist exists to allow any website to adapt to these elements. This includes both the On and Off-page.


How does BluCactus verify the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - profesional person workingThanks to our decade of experience in the international and global market, BluCactus is qualified to review the performance and health status of any website. There isn’t a specific process that covers every step for a good SEO audit. So, every stage and subdivision of the process mixes a total of 80 ranking factors. We can group each one of these into a logical work system. This, in turn, ranges from four to six stages. All of these depend on the SEO agency’s degree of experience.


The management of these processes involves many kinds of variants. Most often than not, the time required for a full audit is the main feature of all this. Thus, websites of a simple category and a small size need little more than two hours of work. Besides, free SEO tools always accompany this type of work.


On the other hand, other types of projects, such as corporate websites, need several weeks of processing. This work period is much longer, always supported by advanced study and calculation tools. In any case, anyone can personalize the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist based on the following four stages or fundamental elements.


Stage 1: Indexing audit system


BluCactus - computer with important informationThe measurement of the values within the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist has a main objective. This is to assess the rates of web content that the search engine has indexed. This while setting apart those informative sectors that the search engine didn’t index. This used to be a type of activity that was possible through the Google Search Console. Through its main panel, you could divide the audit between the number of indexed pages and the amount of excluded URLs.


The steps associated with the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist make an emphasis on the detection and fixing of such tracking mistakes. Because of this, the SEO audit services for 2021 will deeply study the 3 Google’s algorithms’ indexing stages.


Along with this process, experts also expect an increase in the use of apps such as Screaming Frog or Broken Link Checker during the first half of the 2020s. Besides this, the indexing audit also involves the review and setup of the following elements. We should mention that from October 2020 until the publishing date of this post, Google’s suspended its indexing service. This, because of a platform update.


Analysis of the Sitemap.xml file:


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationMuch of the indexing mistakes considered by the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist come from the Sitemap.xml file. This is the reason why it’s an inescapable factor in any SEO audit for 2021. This item works as an informational incentive for the Google engine.


So, it takes advantage of a detailed data field as a one-way directory. Thus, it offers the SEO spider a general outline of the entire website in question. Among the most usual flaws within this item is the change in the order of the URLs.


At a technical level, we can list a set of up to 5 types of mistakes that this subsystem can show. First, it pays a lot of attention to plugin overload failures. The same thing happens with the non-elimination of positioning alerts. Then errors because of data overload and the wrong use of permanent links in WordPress follows this. The SEO 2021 Audit Checklist also includes important techniques to adapt the user to preventive maintenance tasks. All against this set of technical errors.


Configuration of the meta robots and the TXT Robots:


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationTXT bots and their second metadata system work as important regulators of the way every SEO spider acts. This usually happens at the time of listing the content of any website. Besides, most often than not, its setup mode causes errors and problems linked with the way it works.


This happens after the said file fails to show important information. For example, private information, and duplicate, or low-quality content. No matter the case, the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist recommends taking into account these types of events just in case.


Usually, with TXT robots, setup errors cause a website to be fully de-indexed. This then leads to a sudden drop in organic traffic. What happens the most often is the activation of the User-agent code “Disallow”. This is a code that was used during the building process of the website.


As a result, this doesn’t let Google enter the portal efficiently. When it comes to the metadata in the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist, it considers errors such as including “noindex, nofollow” />. Similar to fails, like the past one. One of the best tools that you can use to identify and fix these types of assumptions is the Chrome Redirect Path extension. On the other hand, another important tool is the freemium version of the Screaming Frog analyzer.


Canonicals system main setup:


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationFrequent failures, revisions, or changes in the said algorithm are the cause of the duplication of content. So, when it comes to this, what’s important is not that the content is a copy. On the contrary, the inactivated canonicals system is what makes the reports to Google.


These reports include those websites that comprise variants of the same URLs. Because of this, the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist includes this element in the indexing audit section. The way it optimizes this factor is through the use of Canonicals Tags. These, in turn, distinguish the main URL from its associated content.


By 2021, experts expect to see these canonization errors most in international websites. Thus, this SEO Audit Checklist for 2021 recommends not using the same URL for different languages. Other variants of the process include the use of the rel = canonical tag. This will allow you to specify the user’s native language as the main language. If you don’t decide to not use it, you risk facing different types of penalties or fines. Why? Because by doing this you will neglect the content that is in the rest of the languages.


Study of error codes in the HTTP / HTTPS Protocol:


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationFor HTTP/HTTPS Protocols setup errors, the SEO Audit Checklist for 2021 considers over a dozen different issues. Their existence leads to a loss of user loyalty on the entire web. This, in turn, means a low-quality UX user experience. Usually, we can link these types of errors with the field of communication. To be more specific, between the exchange of information between the server and the domain that hosts the website.


SEO specialists can catalog these groups of bugs between those caused by the browser and those that the server causes. On the former, experts identified around 25 errors. We can list them from Error number 400 to Error 417 and also from Error 422 to 431.


All of these therefore belong to the 4XX family of status codes. On the other hand, and according to the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist, the 5XX family of errors comprises a smaller set of studies. We can tell them apart from the errors that go from the number 500 to 511. Each one of them presents/displays variants regarding the process of the request of the navigator.


Information ranking


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationThis is a substage also known as Content Architecture. This is true in the general plan or how every owner distributes the information on their website. Usually, the services linked with any SEO audit use tools such as Screaming Frog. This application allows them to find tracking errors and come up with a set of solutions for the customer. For the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist, this factor makes up a very important aspect.


The reason for this is that the Google Web Bot can give a wrong reading of any SEO project. This happens when the layout of a website has been carried out in a way that is indifferent to the SEO strategies with which it should position.


To make the understanding of these solutions easy for the client, most people use the Software. What’s great about this tool is that it allows you to organize concepts through an exclusive system of vectors. For this, it uses an ordinal graphical diagramming system.


Many marketing agencies like BluCactus use these types of utility programs when working with their clients. Thanks to this, you can draw up a simple outline of the entire SiteMap for your clients. Thus, improving the UX User experience that your traffic can offer.


Stage II: Content audit


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - profesional person workingThe most important feature of the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist is the way it lists different types of textual data. First, it identifies the Internal Content classification of a website. This is an element that most people link with articles published on a blog. However, it was not that long ago when experts expanded this view. Now, the SEO audit process also considers informational guidelines. For example, the home page, landing page, product descriptions, and even error pages.


On the other hand, we also have the category of External Content of a website. Based on this, we can group its features such as the informative expansion understood by emails. This, alongside White Papers, social media content, and Ebooks. Usually, this stage of the new SEO 2021 Audit Checklist identifies the weaknesses and strengths of any company’s online presence. Here, Screaming Frog stands out as the best option to do this process. Besides, for the New Year 2021, no content audit will work if it doesn’t have the following elements.


Headings ranking:


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationHTML headers are a system of tags that distribute hypertext as a document. It will then set the said document up as a system of sublevels of information. Usually, the H1, H2, and H3 labels make up the most popular signs. All this allows the Web Crawler to identify the information sought by all search engines.


To a greater degree, the creation of this type of digital format falls today on the Copywriter or Content Creator. Thus, the errors studied by the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist show up more often during its creation phase.


Changes in the ordinal system of the header have the name of validation errors. These don’t allow the correct indexing of all content at an SEO level. Most often than not, this happens because we left out a positioning keyword in one of them.


Something like this also happens when we left out or skip some middle subtitle. Because of this, with the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist, tools such as the Web Developer extension for Google Chrome are very important. These apps are so important because they allow us to take a look at their particular order. Thus, letting the SEO robot adjust and control their crawling.


Failures in the view and visibility of Meta tags:


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationUsually, we can relate this section with the level of structure of the titles and Meta descriptions of every SEO snippet. This is an informative device that allows the user to get a preview of the website and also works for SEO traffic. We can associate its failures with the visibility branch in the SERP.


In this sense, repetition of titles is very common, as is the presence of very long or very short titles. Besides, the lack of titles is another variant of the process. So, in the SEO 2021 audit checklist, you will find all these errors in the form of a serious functionality failure. This is all because that year will show the apex of the positioning process through Rich Snippets.


The status and format of the Meta description is another factor of the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist. Usually, when this fails, is often for the same reasons as the title. Meaning that it can show problems like duplication and issues in its length. We must also mention that there are a lot of ways to fix these issues. All of them free. For example, the most popular of these is entering the command site: in the Google search engine. Thanks to this, you will be able to track a list of previews and identify, sanction, and fix any kind of emergency.


Original content:


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationEven before the SEO 2021 audit checklist existed, the quality of the content was already very important. This will always be the deciding factor for the success of a marketing strategy. Because of this, every expert ensures that there aren’t any type of content errors such as duplication and penalties.


For this, they focus their whole attention on the early stages of any SEO audit as they are vital. We always recommend doing this before the launch of any positioning campaign. Today, we can use software such as to go through these processes. This is the perfect option to identify duplicated content. No matter if this was a mistake. Thus, by making sure these issues don’t happen, you will be improving your SEO authority and visibility.


Two important competitive features make up the main advantage of this stage in the 2021 SEO Audit Checklist. First, we can fix any positioning error caused by duplicated content in an effective and safe way. These are changes that Google can easily detect. Thus, allowing you to quickly improve your position after a penalty. Second, it allows you to create more broad and useful content strategies. All of this while taking into account the commercial evolution of the public. Let’s not forget that every brand wants to grab their attention for its success.


The user’s search intention and its relation to written content:


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - profesional person workingBluCactus set up this SEO 2021 Audit Checklist with the concept of User Search Intent. An idea whose impact on society increases as artificial intelligence becomes part of SEO engines. By the 2020s, a regular order of keywords in the text of a website won’t be enough. The system of the future will offer the concept of search intent. This, while always considering the traits of every concept that the user has requested.


Now, to optimize a text following the concept of User Search Intent, the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist lists many variants. The first, and maybe the most important element is the famous use of long-tail keywords. They comprise a more grown semantic system compared to the early classic SEO Keywords. This allows Google to offer the data that the user expects to find.


SEO Optimization for Graphic Elements:


BluCactus - seoWith images, some SEO specialists debate on if they are a complement to the text. This is because they are as important as the text for any SEO service optimization measures. For example, they play an important part in a website’s loading speed. On the other hand, its values such as weight, size, and resolution rest on the aspects of its format and server.


From another point of view, SEO images are becoming very important for the general positioning of a website. This stands out for its high competition against organic SEO. Because of this, many specialists now study different standards for the optimization of images before they upload them to the web. Without a doubt, something that will always be present in any SEO 2021 audit checklist is a keyword in the image’s name. Finally, we can break down the optimization of images within any SEO audit into three main stages. These are by format, dimension, and weight control.


Stage III: Monitoring Page Authority


BluCactus - computer with important informationAuthority or popularity is the level of influence that every website has as a reference for its digital market sector. To measure this value, the SEO 2021 audit checklist takes into account statistical insights from major data sources. For example, the number of backlinks that the website got in a certain period. On the other hand, the study of the health of the Dofollow and Nofollow links is also very important. Especially when organically getting them, always in line with White Hat SEO.


Many SEO audit services in the market use different types of tools. Among the most popular is Google Search Console, which is also part of the group of free SEO apps.


The reason why many people use is that it can analyze two types of authority at the same time. Next, we can also find Screaming Frog in the group of the most popular. However, it only covers the internal authority of a website. Finally, in the group of paid apps, we find the Ahrefs app. This is very popular in the market and a lot of people talk about it. Now, to support this type of measurement, we will subdivide the third phase of this SEO 2021 Audit checklist into the following two factors.


Website Internal Authority: What are the main interlinking techniques to use in 2021?


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationThere are many ways to build a website through internal linking. Experts expect that by 2021 interlinking practices will become more popular for the measurement of domain authority value or (DA). The SEO 2021 Audit Checklist shows unique linking methods that everyone must adopt to favor these assumptions.


The most common of them depend on the shape of the website. Thus, landscape layout sites, usually need a simpler URL level. In this case, the web auditor must increase the importance of the domain. This by linking those pages that have the highest organic traffic with those that get fewer visits. This improves the informative reading of a more similar nature.


For vertical category websites, the SILO structure has been implemented. This strategy is based on the start-up of a set of action nodes in a top-down fashion. In this way, the HOME page is only linked to the most authoritative URLs. And as a result, with the least positioned pages. All of this is a prominent part of the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist.


Internal link management techniques to have in mind when conducting an SEO audit in 2021.


BluCactus - link juicAlmost as important as its different types, the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist takes into account the position of hyperlinks as a very relevant SEO factor.


In the same sense, contextual links placed next to links in images are very popular. Both of them Google’s SEO engine to understand the content of the text written through the eyes of the user. What’s more, graphic links are more prone to receive clicks from the visitor. Because of this, any SEO on-page optimization strategy must put first the use of these types of elements. This way, you will be able to build the plan and architecture of a web project in an organized way.


Depending on the context, the verification of different Link juice techniques joins the first area of the SEO audit checklist for 2021. This benefits from the presence of different types of plugins in WordPress designed for such jobs. Thus, 404 to 301 is in a very important place as it allows you to identify, fix, and redirect existing broken links on any website. Here, you can also find the famous Yoast SEO along with alternatives such as Related Posts, Broken Link Checker, and WP No External Links.


External Authority of a Website:


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationThe external authority of a website is a value related to the creation of SEO off-page strategies. This SEO audit checklist for 2021 highlights two of its different factors. First is the set of backlinks that every website can get. This is the basic formula that matches the value known as Page Rank. Next, it is important to look at the different positioning strategies that a website uses on Social Media. Why? Because they affect many factors of the brand among different commercial standards. Some of these are the visibility, reaction, and level of breach.


An external SEO audit in 2021 will allow you to know how many of the backlinks that your website got actually work. Besides this, you will also be able to identify the time, scope, and type of audience that your future positioning campaign may have. For the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist, this means a study of each of these types of growth signals. At the same time, the web owner must also identify those opportunities that allow the creation of links based on the next assumptions.


Criteria for the measurement and study of Page Rank


BluCactus - happy facesBefore the existence of the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist, off-page popularity was subdivided between domain and page authority. This was an excellent formula for establishing Google Page Rank. A value that is now hidden from the public eye as of 2016. Despite all this, its basic principles continue to work. Each of them represents an important set of traits to follow. All of these for the visibility of the whole web in the middle of the SERPs of 2021.


Getting high-quality backlinks is one of the main reasons behind the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist. In the same way, their recognition and identification for this process are also important. We must also mention that they have 8 quality standards. First, you can always recognize a high-quality link by the relevant content it has.


This is always in line with the informational product that every website offers. At the same time, factors such as a high-level of Page Rank and mentions in Social media are also an important set of characteristics for this process. In addition to textual placement only, and free status of ad links.


Diagnosis of the Social Media profile of any company.


BluCactus - social networksThis subsection is generally the stage of the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist with the ability to save significant resources for any company. The component resulting from this type of effort is nothing more than the well-known SWOT Matrix. This platform works as a health indicator and point of origin for the establishment of an authentic Off-Line marketing strategy.


An offline web audit for Social Media always values ​​your data through a comparative analysis of every social media platform. Demographically, this implies the statistical segmentation of a brand’s traffic through notable age codes and frequency over time.


To increase Social Media traffic the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist involves measurement tools such as Analytics and Sem Rush. The first of these, through the Acquisition-Channels section, it’s possible to see in real-time the evolution of the performance of traffic within a social media platform. Sem Rush, for its part, allows us to see how companies in the field of competition reinvent and develop their positioning techniques. Another very particular approach is the use of analytical tools specifically designed for social media. Here, Metricol is very suitable for platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Stage IV: Study of Web Analytics.


BluCactus - analyticsThis fourth and last section of the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist counts the Google Analytics tool as a formal manager. A technical possibility of great acceptability and advantage for the 2010 market.


For the evolutionary stages of the internet after 2020 there is a clear expansion and evolution regarding the use of these possibilities. In this way, although Google’s analytical tool will not disappear from the midst of different SEO services, it will now have a greater number of tools. These, in turn, will increase the degree of the analytical and statistical precision of any SEO audit on the web.


Along with all these changes, the purpose and mechanism of data collection will maintain important similarities with the traditional methodology. An analytical study will always start from an initial situation capable of offering a functional picture of the entire web at zero moments. Subsequently, the analytics in the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist will combine the information with various monitoring metrics. According to the time frame to be examined and characteristics of the data to be obtained, they can be classified into the following two sublevels.


The study of the base metrics: The 7 most important performance indicators of the process.


BluCactus - computer with important informationSo far, the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist establishes a total of 7 elements that distinguish all high-quality URLs. Essentially, the base metrics correspond to a set of criteria that allow identifying the web pages that have the highest volume of traffic. In this way, features such as the number of exclusive visitors together with the average time they visit constitute elementary factors of this.


On the other hand, among the most important base metrics is the value of the bounce percentage and the exit percentage they may have. This type of base metric allows a clear view of the behavior of users regarding a website. The SEO Audit Checklist 2021 is capable of outlining, based on these data, an entire external marketing reformulation campaign. This allows favoring a better adherence of the user to its services and contents.


Despite all these criteria, specialists confirm the fact that the Base Metrics analytics is the auditing sector that has evolved the most in recent years. This fact is consistent with the change of the object of study on various occasions. In this way, the previously studied hits have given way to more complete conceptualizations such as page segmentation by visits. Something that the future will give way in turn to elements of greater breadth and complexity.


Traffic sources and other important Base Metrics of the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist.


BluCactus - computer with important informationThe SEO market is unlikely to keep the aforementioned Base Metrics as standard. The experts analyze and study other variables of the process that are annexed and placed in importance to the traditional Metrics. One of them is the Mobile format as a source of traffic. Through the segmented study of web traffic, it will be possible to establish which type of mobile device contributes the highest percentage of visits. This represents a competitive advantage allowed to create a Responsive website adapted for such support and element.


Another variant of the Base Metrics in the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist is the estimated time the user stays on the web. A value directly associated with the bounce rate traditionally observed both on certain web pages and Landing Pages. In the Bounce Rate studies after 2020, it is predicted that the time used will be taken into account. Through periods ranging from ten seconds to ten minutes. All this having as a common factor not presenting any type of fundamental interactions such as clicks.


The SEO audit and its relationship with the KPI or Advanced Metrics parameters:


BluCactus - computer with important informationThe acronym KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. They comprise a system of values ​​that recognize the degree of precision and accuracy that every SEO campaign has executed based on time. Unlike the basic metrics above, KPIs do not have a standardized core of characteristics for your research and study. This is because according to the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist, the KPI values ​​vary according to the type of company to be analyzed.


Within this sub-field of study, a total of four types of web pages are identified. Each of these matches the branch of the digital industry that captures its intent and essence. Now, the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist is capable of serving as a utilitarian entity for companies in a wide variety of fields.


For companies immersed in the corporate sphere, the informative to formal e-commerce. The characteristics for the recognition of Advanced Analytics Metrics are established by the following criteria.


Main characteristics of KPI values ​​with content websites and corporate scope.


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationA website that exclusively represents the values ​​of a brand company or commercial house has exclusive positioning motivations. Essentially, each of these motivations is summarized in their intention to attract traffic through user loyalty. Based on all this, the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist establishes three main KPIs. The first of all of them is the calculation of the number of recurring visitors. This is followed by the number of page views to finally narrow down your conversion rate.


For websites where content is of paramount relevance, the order of top KPIs is severely altered. Within this second category of websites enter virtual media such as specialized blogs and news pages. Thus, the three advanced metrics are established by the rate of new visitors.


On the other hand, coinciding with the previous type of websites, the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist assigns the depth of visits and the conversion rate as secondary aspects of the process. A noteworthy feature regarding the last pair of KPIs is that their values ​​depend on the quotient between the magnitudes of the set of page views. All this is divided by the number of subscriptions divided by the number of visits that have been received.


The KPI values ​​established by the SEO 2021 audit about the areas of service offerings and e-commerce.


BluCactus - computer with important informationThe primary focus of the service offering sector is the capture and establishment of new client relationships. Therefore, the first KPI for a website of such characteristics is established at the value of the depth of the visits received. This calculation according to the SEO Audit Checklist 2021 is accompanied by two other indicators which are the conversion rate and the bounce rate. The relationship between them should always show a rise in public interest in the range of services offered by any company.


Online stores count as the fourth and final aspect established by the KPIs of the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist. In this case, their objective is completely obvious: Forge a large number of sales. Thus, its maximum indicator is and will always be the number of total income between the ranges of visits. At the same time, advanced performance indicators of this branch of the industry could not be complete without including aspects such as the average quantity per order and the total conversion rate.


Other important data about the evolution of commerce and trends in digital positioning during 2021.


BluCactus - computer with important informationA particular feature in the history and evolution of SEO has always been to provide the user with quality care. This trait has a level of resonance far beyond what you actually expect to receive after each search. After the 2020 health contingency, the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist will be influenced by an important loop of elements. Events such as social quarantine and home isolation have left their mark on the consumption of information through Google. Creating modes of consumption that will undoubtedly endure in our immediate future.


Experts believe that given these circumstances the local SEO searches have increased in importance. This is because the 2020 user has preferred the purchase and acquisition of products in the area closest to their home. For the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist, the increase in the optimization of profiles in Google My Business and NAP will be observed.


Two other important elements to include in the SEO audit and the UX User Experience of the future.


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationWebsites after 2021 will be forced to reinvent themselves with these latest changes in the digital market. Such a scenario will require that the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist includes video positioning. This feature will remain a priority in the second phase of any SEO audit. Besides, this premonitory measure is based on recent statistics provided by currently expanding SEO Multimedia studies. It is known that video has a 50% higher positioning capacity than plain webs. This allows the audiovisual element to occupy 60% of the current SEO space.


On the other hand, to finish, it’s possible to ensure that the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist will be influenced by other types of trends. At an early level, anticipating how Google will respond to these elements is complex. However, it is believed that the SEO engine par excellence will end up becoming a conversational chatbot. Thanks to the increase in the use of trends such as Google Home, these will allow a more direct use of voice searches in terms of the main interface of the system.


BluCactus updates its web auditing service for 2021: What other benefits do we offer our clients?


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - profesional person workingIn addition to the four stages mentioned above, the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist involves other types of work ranges. This is because our team knows that the effectiveness of any SEO audit is also found in its degree of customization. This, alongside the ability it has to adjust and solve the needs of each client. For this, from Monterrey in Mexico to Dallas in the United States, we have an unmatched service team. A team always capable of thinking of all the variants of the business expansion process of each company.


The SEO 2021 Audit Checklist, therefore, includes the following four factors. Their presence depends on the characteristics of the project to be worked on and the needs that your web visibility framework may have. But above all about how pragmatic the degree of convenience of these tools is. The latter for the identification and repair of errors in the operation of the entire website and its SEO system.


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - computer with important informationSEO analysis of the competition:


Our services are not intended to serve as a recipe for the competitive displacement of brands associated with your line of business. Instead, we offer data on the web performance of competitors as a healthy vehicle for observation and construction of your SEO campaigns.


To give importance to these elements, the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist involves the use of different applications among its variants.


These include Semrush, SpyFu, Owletter, and Quick Search. The work in this type of field includes a comparative analysis of the results of these tools. Its objective is a better appreciation of how positioning through the keywords of the competition should be used.


BluCactus - web performanceDetailed diagnosis of the WPO or Load speed values:


At BluCactus we know how important a website with fast loading speed is within the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist. All of this is included in our perceptions of providing our projects with all the variables to offer an adequate User Experience (UX).


Our professionals therefore can account for these WPO values. This stands for Web Performance Optimization through the use of specialized tools. These include advanced use of Google’s GT Metrix, Pingdom Tools, and PageSpeed ​​Insights.


BluCactus - crawlOptimization of the Crawl Budget.


This is a concept of advanced technical weight included in the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist. This factor has as an essential criterion the time that the Web Bot or Google Spider will invest in crawling your website in its entirety. The longer this interval lasts, the greater will also be the weighting of value and positioning that your website will receive.


Our experts optimize this criterion through well-known tools such as Search Console. It also includes Google Analytics, Logs analysis, and control through TXT Robots. Of course, the proposition of different internal linking diagrams is also an important part of the process.


Creation and planning of marketing campaigns and positioning of integral characteristics.


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - profesional person workingThroughout the management process of the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist, there are multiple Off-Page variants. Each of them has repercussions and is related to other elements of the web presence. Our team, more than the SEO audit, uses all the data obtained to offer you a marketing plan you can use.


For this, we have professionals such as Community Managers, CopyWriters, and Content Writers.


In addition to a group of Email Marketing Programmers, an important portfolio of advertisers, and web designers. All of them, specialists in different branches of branding in General.


Conclusion: BluCactus SEO audit services ensure professionalism, quality, and durability for your company.


BluCactus - SEO audit checklist - profesional person workingThe internet market is an entity that evolves as fast as the exponential increase in SEO information itself. Thus, unlike in previous years, the entry into a new decade has resulted in the emergence of new visibility strategies. Knowing these strategies thoroughly can make the difference between being well-positioned using the SEO 2021 Audit Checklist or being displaced. The need that businesses have in this area has been the opportunity for which BluCactus has demonstrated its competitive value.


We have an eleven-year market experience with a coverage that spans through different continents. Starting from Latin American within countries like Mexico and Venezuela. In addition to the United States and Canada, until ending in Germany and different regions of the Middle East.


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